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This program is completely coded in ASP scripting that allows you to plug a classified manager on your website to earn good profit through displayed ads. Users can respond to ads through email links and advertisers can add any number of ads with customizable picture options. Admin can create new categories for grouping ads and can customize them. Access database can be used to maintain content source.
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This is a database which lets the webmasters who are looking after the deaf peoples or any disabled peoples such as small hospitals, assisted living centers etc., to make an instant access about their members. Active access can organize data by computer and location. Active access has several departments as Hot plug-ins, so the users can view any department through that hot plug at their choice. This system has a powerful menu for easy use.
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 Free Lotto Lottery Game

Free Lotto Lottery Game is an online games and entertainment software designed to create an attractive traffic generating program by placing an online lottery plug and play script on your website. End users would be able to have fun by taking part in this free lottery game without any restrictions to emerge themselves as a winner of million dollar price money. Despite of being a funny software this online lottery script is capable of increasing your website traffic to a greater extent by attracting lot of website visitors. Key features includes every day lucky draw, easy to use, maintenance free, heavy traffic increase, database independent etc.,
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 XFlows - XML and XSLT Manager

XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data with your database using XML Files, converting your HTML documents to XML... XFlows runs in Batch and User Interface modes. Xflows manages various tasks (DB export, DB import, XSLT, FO, DocBook, HTML to XML, Concat, Copy local or remote...). You can plug your own parser or JDBC driver for a custom database. Several logs levels and platforms are available in batch mode including Mail support.
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EditiX is an useful software that can validate XML documents against DTD, XML schema, and relaxNG. Using java swing components available on the software webmasters would be able to edit XML documents through XSLT editor, XPath builder and research tools. Users are provided with real time tree and text synchronization with online syntax error and document location. Some of the important features include template support, project management, tag delimiters, plug in toolkit etc.
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 Kirux WebEnabler

The WebEnabler is a tool that helps all users to host their own website and change their system into a web or e-mail server. This tool consists of best components that help all user applications. This is a plug and play software, hence it is easy to install in any computers. The Content Management and Web Authoring System that is present within the package will help the beginners and webmasters. This software contains Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server, phpMyAdmin, PHP, Antivirus for eMail Servers, eMailServer, WebMail, Mambo Content Management System, phpShop, Nvu, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and an e-commerce module.
Tags: software , web , tool , system , website , play , easy , help , change , components , best , install , user , into , package , host , for , users , present , plug ,'s Advanced Cart's Advanced Cart is an e-commerce software with which you can create and manage web based store fronts with all essential features. This cart can support multiple product items with plug and play simplicity and also enables you to generate detailed transaction records for the sales. Online transactions are done either through paypal and gateway and can even process customers credit cards in realtime. Key features include easy implementation, simple configuration, support for credit cards etc.,
Tags: software , web , create , play , easy , manage , generate , multiple , store , process , simple , support , credit , product , for , features , records , customers , gateway , webbased , paypal , plug ,


This is an utility that has the ability to store the users bookmarks, MP3 play lists, project files, to-do-lists and appointments. The search function permits the users to locate entries. The users can store and access multiple informations. Features like more space for storing informations, embeds plug ins, reminder can remind the users for their appointments and schedules dates, print preview facility, reminder size can be changed, small icons for the reminder and calender can be turned off and more are available. This tool provides backup and recovering facility.
Tags: utility , tool , backup , search , access , print , space , play , reminder , project , icons , multiple , store , size , small , preview , function , appointments , remind , for , locate , users , plug ,

 Chat Room

This is a chat application, built with HTML, ASP, and a dash of client-side JavaScript. No software to install, no upgrades to download; a totally thin client. The key to making this so simple is the use of Application variables. Not only is data storage as simple as reading and writing from the Application() collection, but since everything on the server is in memory, processing is lightning-fast. This is completely plug and play. Nothing to configure if you don't want to; just unzip it on your web server and it's ready to go. users can customize their "look" for messages. Everyone seems to want an identity, and this is one way to get it. You can easily add more style features by adjusting the list. A configurable window (IE only; adjust the height from input.asp) in the menu frame now shows the current users; those in gray will time out in five minutes.
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 Comdev Photo Gallery v2.0

Comdev Photo Gallery is our flagship product and one of our most popular components. Simplicity and sophistication are what our customers like about this best selling component. Comdev Photo Gallery, the advanced image gallery administration system making your website rich and fresh looking with easy-to-update image archive. Comdev Photo Gallery is extremely easy to use, and is packed full of features, including: top notch support, multi level categories, shows random thumbnails block, display latest photos block, run a slide show, photo submission with admin approval, auto thumbnail creation with preset size, auto photo resizing, add copyright text, show or hide photo, EXIF info, order photo display sequence, bulk uploads via zip file or multiple photos upload, preset photo details. Browsing through the image gallery, your visitors can view enlarged photo, hit counter, post comment, download file and rate the photo. Photo Gallery comes in the Comdev One Admin Suite (interfacing system specially designed to provide centralized access to all your comdev plugins from a single platform). The web based Installation Wizard eases your pain of complicated configuration. Easily plug it into your web design pages with just a PHP snippet and you are ready to upload all your photos online. Also, Comdev Photo Gallery can integrate with OSCommerce. Take advantage of our FREE Installation Support. Get your copy today.
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 Comdev Geo Traffic v2.0

The most advanced web traffic analyzer and it is more than just a hit counter. This component is session based with the "unique visitor" in mind for accurate tracking to improve your online marketing efforts as well as maximizing your advertising dollars. Key features that make Comdev Geo Traffic different from other web statistic tool: Daily Hits - tracing unique visitors and page views, Last 30 Days, 6 Months Or 12 Months; Country Traffic - where your visitors came from, Top 10, Top 20 to all countries, 'drilling' down to selected month and selected country; Referers (sites and search engines) - from where visitors entered your site, Top 5 to all referer, statistic for selected month and specific referer; Page Views - tack where your customers are visiting or not visiting to improve traffic flow for optimal performance, shows traffic for Top 30 or all pages, of selected month or specific page for last 30 days. Trace Web Browser and Operating System popularity, shows percentage of each web browser and OS, respectively. One click report clearance to reset tracking. Without giving you all the junk web logs, Geo Traffic provide you with the site traffic reports in simple bar and line graph format. Thus, you will see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and the results of every investment you make online. Geo Traffic comes in the Comdev One Admin Suite (provide centralized access for all Comdev plugins from a single location). The Installation Wizard makes everything so easy for you without complicated configuration. Easily plug it into your web design pages with just a PHP snippet and you are ready to monitor and analysis the audience of your website. Can integrate with OSCommerce. Take advantage of your FREE Installation Support. Get your copy today.
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 AliveChat SERVER

This remotely hosted online support software offers integrated solutions to handle your customers enquiries in real time. Any number of operators are allowed and technical support can be provided upto 10 hours. Support high customization with chat system to fit your site and customer needs. Chat activities can be controlled / stored via admin interface. Can be added as plug and play software. And several features are provided to access admin, operator and customer modules individually.
Tags: software , online , system , access , play , site , chat , admin , number , support , customer , technical , real , features , customers , solutions , activities , plug , controlled ,


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