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 Antechinus Audio Editor

Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats, and you get to do amazing things with 29 great effects. You will not be left in the dark: the Editor explains in detail why and how to use the sound effects. Experiment without fear of mistakes: unlimited undo is always available. For stereo files, Audio Editor makes it easy to work with each channel at a time. It only takes one click to zoom into the selection when you need more precise selecting. You can then adjust the selection with simple point-and-click to get exactly what you want. Enjoy sound creation based on your intended use (for example, audio for near-CD quality) rather than raw properties (8,000 Hz, 16-bit, mono, 8kbps). Some sound formats are better for games, some for music, some for human speech... Chances are you'll need support for multiple formats, and even more so if you are using different technologies and operating systems. Audio Editor supports over 10 popular sound formats, making it easy to convert from one to another, and tells you which format to use in a particular situation. Save time when editing big audio files, which is often the case. Audio Editor supports the standard Windows Clipboard so you can copy and paste between different programs and sound files. Save time when you edit single audio files by cutting, copying, pasting and mixing using your Audio Editor's internal clipboard, which is optimized and much faster than the Windows Clipboard. Audio CD's can get scratched, or become heat-damaged. Even in ideal conditions, a lower-quality CD can become useless after few years. Your Audio Editor lets you open CD tracks with your important music files individually and save them in one of the highly-compressed formats for safekeeping.
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 Lotto Details

If you have any website or want to run a website and add life to your website, Lotto details programme suits well for you. With this application, you can run your own lotto game in your website. This is a faster game play and has technical support for lifetime. This script is great for affiliate promotion. An online demo is available on the website. Very easy to play. Easy to install and run this script.
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 Web To e-Mail gate

To implement this service we have used CDO library. So it can work only on Windows platform. This library has ability to convert HTML page to HTML e-Mail. It attaches all images and style sheet files as binary files and substitutes references with CID (Content ID). The ColdFusion or .NET code connects to COM library and passes parameters for processing. The service are very useful for organization with strong firewall policy. Please fill free to play with this demo. We consider this service as substitute or extension of standard ColdFusion and ASP.NET mail system. The command line utility is used to implement pure web-to-mail feature. The advantages are obvious. We have passed testing into our company and now are ready to share this code with you.
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 Online Game- Battle Sigs

Battlesigs is a PHP based program by which the web owners can facilitate their website with online game facility. With the help of this program the webvisitors can play game online and earn money easily. Rules to play are so simple and players can easily gain money. It prevents cheating games for security.
Tags: game , web , games , program , online , website , play , help , money , simple , for , players ,

 Online MineSweeper

Users can play this simple and interactive online game, if they are interested. This game can be played by people of any age group, right from kids to the aged. To start this game, users have to press the green button. They have to click on the grids and find out the hidden mines. This game provides the scores and time to the users and they win when they have flagged all the bombs.
Tags: game , time , online , play , find , kids , hidden , simple , interactive , start , win , click , scores , users , people , out ,


Users can play this game if they are interested and this online game takes less amount of time to play. In this game, the users have to select any two digit number. First, they have to add the two digit values and then they have to find the difference between the sum and the number. They have to remember the result and the intelligent cat Alien will display the picture for that corresponding number.
Tags: game , picture , time , online , play , find , display , cat , for , select , difference , users , remember ,

 Browser Soccer

Browser Soccer is a web based java applet that allows you to play Web-based Soccer. The aim of the game is to beat the five teams and win the championship. The distribution file include several audio files including whistle, kick, and goal. You can play it with the feel of real soccer. While you kick/pass the ball, you can set the destination of the player who kicked the ball, by simply dragging the mouse to the desired location
Tags: game , file , web , audio , files , java , play , mouse , applet , set , aim , win , distribution , soccer , javaapplet , real , webbased , beat ,

 Bug Squasher

Bug Squasher is a JavaScript game, which can be downloaded for free to implement a game that resembles the Minesweeper of the windows. To play the game all you have to do is unravel the bugs and keep yourself from being bitten by the bugs. Supports three levels of plays namely Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Displays the time taken by you to complete the game and displays the score. Works fine on both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Tags: game , time , play , levels , for , complete ,

 Building Bricks

This is a wonderful game in java with a nice look and feel. This game is a look alike of original Tetris game. This game has several MIDI compositions. You can run this java game in Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or 1.4. You can start the game by pressing the New Game button provided and can press the Proceed button to continue the game. You can play music if you want by pressing Music off/on button and the score and level will be displayed in a banner in the game window.
Tags: game , music , java , play , button , start , run , original , banner , nice , score ,

 Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame

Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame is a simple entertaining software written in java. A maximum of three to four players can play this game at a time. This simple bunco board game allows users to roll the dice through the button icons and the number appearing on the dice is given as the score of the player. The score board will immediately display the total score of the player and after successful completion of the round players are carried to the next successive levels. Those players getting the maximum score cards is awarded as the winners of this board game.
Tags: software , game , play , board , icons , display , boardgame , button , simple , number , dice , score , users , winners , players , roll ,


ChainReaction can be incorporated into your web page to implement a game in JavaScript that is very similar to the old Atari 1040 ST. The players have to supply stones to the cells on the board to play the game. The stones are distributed to the neighboring cells, which leads to a chain reaction of cells exploding.
Tags: game , web , play , board , page , webpage , into , players ,

 Word Jumble

Another one of the internet's "favorite" games. Word jumble will keep your users playing and on your pages longer. You choose how many points/entries each word is worth, the number of times a day players can play and how many words to show at a time. Game is fully configurable. Rules are simple to follow. No JavaScript or other browser scripting languages to interfere with the players fun. Everything is handled on the server.
Tags: word , play , browser , words , show , simple , number , scripting , day , pages , languages , users , players ,


MP3 player is a software for playing MP3 files. This tool is meant for streaming of tracks sounds. This programme shows the current play running and the stream time. This also displays the remaining time to play. Easy to customize and install. simple to run this programme.
Tags: software , tool , time , play , simple , streaming , run , tracks , customize , stream , for ,

 PHP Multi Meed

This script is basically built in PHP which is a simple multimedia tool. By using this component the web visitors or the developers can create their own multimedia tool. It supports plenty of sub categories and also the users can create their own play lists in different categories. It contains simple functions to play songs and also it has templates to change the model of the player.
Tags: web , create , component , play , multimedia , script , using , change , templates , simple , songs , model , lists , functions , users ,

 DQT.Launchcast Ripper

DQT. Launchcast Ripper is a multimedia component which is helpful for the users to play by accessing the playlist from launchcast server. This tool contains unlimited number of songs to play. Songs can be classified to different categories. Name of the song, artist and album can be listed.
Tags: tool , component , play , multimedia , album , number , songs , artist , for , users ,


This game applet is based on an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game, which is very funny and challenging. All you have to do is connect the dots and try to be the one who completes the fourth side of a square. You can play again if you connect the square. To play the game, click on the applet then press 'P' to play. The game consists of two levels, beginner and expert. It supports 6 background images in JPG format and 5 music tracks in au format.
Tags: game , music , images , play , format , applet , background , tracks , funny , click , au , connect ,

 Using WebRequest and WebResponse classes

Using WebRequest and WebResponse classes is a web based tutorial which helps you to learn about the WebRequest and WebResponse classes. These two classes play an important role in developing network applications. WebResponse is used to send a request for the informatin in the server file and WebResponse class is used to display the requested result on the client side. The author gives you the two example code to know about how to use these classes.
Tags: file , web , network , server , play , code , client , learn , send , display , class , tutorial , author , for , webbased ,

 Free Lotto Lottery Game

Free Lotto Lottery Game is an online games and entertainment software designed to create an attractive traffic generating program by placing an online lottery plug and play script on your website. End users would be able to have fun by taking part in this free lottery game without any restrictions to emerge themselves as a winner of million dollar price money. Despite of being a funny software this online lottery script is capable of increasing your website traffic to a greater extent by attracting lot of website visitors. Key features includes every day lucky draw, easy to use, maintenance free, heavy traffic increase, database independent etc.,
Tags: software , game , database , games , program , create , online , fun , website , play , easy , script , entertainment , traffic , lottery , funny , maintenance , day , restrictions , features , users , part , plug , dollar ,

 Streaming Media Archive

This is a file archiving application that helps users to import audio, video, images, data files etc. Users can extract ID3 tag information from audio files that would help them to manage and share playlists to play files from any remote location and perform advanced searching on media files. This program supports files such as, ogg, mp3, wav, mpg, mpeg etc.
Tags: file , audio , program , data , files , mpeg , play , extract , help , information , application , media , remote , import , manage , advanced , tag , share , location , searching , archiving , users ,


This is a php software and a complete postcard script where an ecard is sent with the voice messages in it. Features like email reminder, my favorites, my account, address book, upload photo and calendar are available in this script. HTML templates and auto thumbnails are used in this script. It supports multiple languages. Additional features like windows media audio, poem, unique skin background, smilies, midi, real audio, play flash and java applet are provided here. It can be integrated with any active websites.
Tags: software , windows , email , photo , flash , java , calendar , play , php , script , address , media , upload , auto , voice , applet , skin , multiple , templates , messages , thumbnails , active , javaapplet , windowsmedia , real , features , complete , available ,

 Chess Club

Chess Club is simple entertaining software where chess players can register themselves to play chess either with computer or with other online players. Users after registering to this program can become a member of online chess community where they would be able to create and delete games of their own. You can play online by making moves on the board with the ability to even save those moves. Website visitors can view the ongoing active games and the lists with the test desk functionalities.
Tags: software , games , program , create , online , delete , play , computer , board , save , test , view , simple , chess , active , lists , community , register , players , desk ,


Webmasters can enable their visitors to play a game with the dice to let them entertain themselves. This program will be essential for the webmasters to keep their visitors on their websites for longer time. This program is built on ASP and it is easy to use this program on existing websites.
Tags: game , program , play , easy , dice , websites , for ,

 Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a game in JavaScript similar to the video game Pong. This is the DHTML version of the Pong game. The game supports different speed levels and skill levels. You can specify a background color of your choice in the script. It supports four modes to play with namely, Play all alone, Human Vs. Human, Computer Vs. Human or Computer Vs. Computer. The script is compatible with IE4+ and NN4+. The Script can be copied into your HTML document to incorporate this into your web page.
Tags: game , video , web , play , speed , color , document , script , background , levels , into , version , skill , videogame ,

 Abc Puzzles

This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using built-in game builder or your own bitmaps.
Tags: game , games , create , builder , logic , play , board , using , puzzles , set , controls , for , skill ,

 History Destroyer

History Destroyer is an easy and useful tool that can be used to delete the recently viewed sites so that no one can trace your activities. In addition, it is also capable of cleaning or deleting IE cookie folder, recently run programs, windows clipboard, auto-URL complete list, windows recycle bin, media players play list and much more. With this tool, you can also block the pop ups, window title etc.
Tags: windows , tool , delete , play , easy , list , media , block , pop , window , playlist , run , trace , cookie , sites , useful , cleaning , complete , players ,

 XboxMediaCenter (XBMC)

This jukebox is a powerful tool for Microsoft Xbox game console which has the ability to play all kind of audio and video files from the hard drive and DVD-ROM of Xbox or even from local network. This multimedia centre is enriched with all essential features and is easy to handle.
Tags: game , video , tool , audio , files , play , easy , multimedia , drive , hard , harddrive , local , console , jukebox , for , features , powerful ,


iic is a java applet that utilizes the TCP/IP client/server socket connection to implement a Java stand-alone application package programmed to play international chess on the Internet. Message window and text fields are used to interact with your competitor and monitor the progress of the game. This supports image files like GIF, JPG for you to add logos, checkers and borders.
Tags: image , text , files , monitor , java , play , application , window , applet , connection , chess , package , checkers , javaapplet , for , socket , international , fields ,

 JahSing MP3 player

JahSing MP3 player is an online music player completely compatible with winamp skins. You can use this program to play even sequenced MOD files and shoutcast audio file streams. Users are facilitated with the ability to create and edit ID3 tags, lyrics view, browse through the web while playing audio files etc., You can even search for the popular MP3's on the net with tracking features. Key features include advanced winmap skins, multi window docking, clipboard captures etc.,
Tags: file , web , audio , music , search , program , create , online , files , play , edit , tracking , clipboard , window , advanced , browse , winamp , popular , lyrics , multi , for , features , shoutcast ,


jlGui is a music player java application which can play audio files in the WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3 and OGG VORBIS format. It has an improved UI for playlist control like Add directory and double click to pay song. The configuration of jlgui.ini has been made easy and supports playlist loading from URL, skin loading from URL and auto start playback. It is also Winamp skins 20.0 complaint and supports drag and drop, minimize popup menu etc.
Tags: audio , music , files , control , menu , java , play , easy , application , directory , auto , skin , skins , start , click , configuration , minimize , for ,

 Japanolle Java Applet

Japanolle Java Applet is a fancy addition to your site. Your visitors will come back soon and invite their friends and relatives to visit your site and to play the game of Japanese Crosswords. There are few hundreds of cyphered images to uncover.
Tags: game , images , play , site , addition , back , friends ,


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