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01Publisher is a remotely hosted website creating program where users can create websites for their use. This program helps users in setting up of message boards, calendars, photo albums, guestbook, email, newsletter, map, polling booth, links etc. This program has features like, html or text editor, displays web page listing, publishing press releases and more.
Tags: html , web , photo , program , create , text , website , creating , message , page , links , webpage , publishing , websites , for , features , users ,

 abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System

abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System is a PHP based shopping cart system with photo equipment and furniture kit. Using this script you can display 'Forced forwarding' features along with group of images for all products. This shopping cart system is designed in such a way that products are to be quoted for its prices.
Tags: photo , images , system , script , display , shopping , group , shoppingcart , for , features , equipment ,

 Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery is a PHP-based photo gallery with a number of advanced features: * Fast, simple installation * Attractive, well-designed interface * Intuitive, easy-to-use administrative interface * Ability to allow multiple authors to manage their own photo galleries, all within one installation * Visitors can submit photos to be added to the gallery * Visitors can post comments on photos within the gallery * Automatic thumbnail creation
Tags: photo , photos , thumbnail , manage , gallery , advanced , multiple , simple , number , submit , post ,

 Active Graphics Engine

Active Graphics Engine is an online photo gallery and search engine which can compute images automatically and create thumbnails. It has lots of features like site statistics, allow user registration to bid for higher placement, user voting, upload Graphic Image to your server etc. It has different acess levels for administrators, members and guests.
Tags: search , photo , create , online , server , images , site , upload , gallery , user , engine , levels , searchengine , automatically , for , features , bid , registration ,


This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have any knowledge on php or html to setup this programme, just approve new members everyday and this programme takes care of the rest. The admin panel is easy and quick to master. This programme has advanced features like, photo uploads, instant messenger, chat, voice and video, multiple languages, hot list and black list, virtual kisses and a simple member registration process.
Tags: html , photo , website , easy , php , list , voice , advanced , multiple , admin , virtual , quick , simple , instant , levels , knowledge , for , features , registration , dating ,


This applet rotates the cubical form of the image in real-time. When the mouse is moved over the applet the original picture is displayed. You can supply your favorite photo of either *.gif or *.jpg. The image height, width, border, border width, background color, maximum angle change, cube scale, URL, delay between animations etc can be customized by setting the parameters.
Tags: image , picture , photo , form , mouse , applet , background , original , animations , favorite ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 IMS Pro (Image Hosting Script)

The IMS Pro is a complete solution for webmasters who want to create their own image hosting service. The script includes many features such as PayPal integration, bandwidth/space tracking, photo albums (public or private), instant user signups/upgrades/cancellations, 3 simultaneous upload slots, PDF support, multiple image folders, image rotate/resize, a built-in support area with FAQ and contact form, customizable payment plans for users, image and folder descriptions, a "get code" feature for generating HTML or bulletin board links to images, a demonstration mode for showing potential customers what they will get, automatic thumbnails, an effecient MySQL/PHP image serving process, and much more. Installation is included for free!
Tags: image , photo , create , folder , board , script , automatic , upload , links , multiple , contact , user , instant , support , area , solution , payment , feature , for , features , customers , mode , albums , complete , hosting ,


SSR Tech is a Web application development and publishing engine. SSR API features: session management, user/group management, template parser, easy application installation, database abstraction, a file system interface, network i/o interface, and Multilanguage support. Available modules include: Text and HTML pages, articles, site map, biography, small dictionary, news, photo album, downloads, FAQ, and Links directory, pricelist, and Internationalization.
Tags: file , database , photo , network , system , easy , development , site , application , template , small , publishing , filesystem , session ,


The FotolioUSER is a script to design a photo gallery. The features in this system helps you in the creation of individual galleries, automatic generation of thumbnails, possible of Uploading resized photographs, adding visitor's comments and also XHTML complied. Customization is made easy using the template sytem. Currently the script is available with four layouts. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: photo , online , system , design , easy , script , using , automatic , demo , template , creation , features , available , generation ,

 Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is a Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation. With Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder you can take your own photo and music, and combine them with animated text to create professional looking advertisements, banners intros and more in just minutes. The Flash Intro and Banner Builder allows you to create simple but also complex animations whereby you can combine different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines in one Flash animation. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder saves your settings. All your personal settings for pictures, URL links, fonts, text ,colors, sound etc. ,are automatically loaded the next time you use Amara Flash Intro and Banner builder. But you can also easily change and update them. No Flash or programming skills are required. Features include: 1) Use an unlimited number of text blocks (lines) 2) Use different font, styles, colors thru out the animation. 3) Create any intro or banner you have ever dreamed off. 4) Automatic skip intro link 5) Position the text exactly where you want it to appear in your animations 6) Many different text effects 7) Make the text freeze as long as you want. 8) Make the text appear and disappear any time 9) Import Gif, BMP, JPEG and PNG files 10) Import music files for background music 11) URL links and Target Frames per text block 12) Background colors 13) Border colors 14) Movie dimensions 15) Easy to update 16) WYSIWYG interface 17) Transition Time control 18) Sound volume settings 19) Insert Background pictures 20) Save as Flash animation (SWF) 21) Compatible with all HTML editors
Tags: web , tool , music , photo , create , text , time , files , builder , design , sound , help , animation , animated , programming , personal , effect , change , effects , lines , links , background , simple , colors , number , designer , professional , settings , update , automatically , volume , banner , animations , fonts , combine , skills , for , banners , intro , out , photo album embedded application service offers free remotely hosted scripts to embed a photo album (aka image gallery) on your page. fully featured with album view, zoom, slideshow, editor and so on. upload via different methods. free accounts available.
Tags: image , photo , editor , scripts , upload , album , photoalbum , accounts , embed ,


PhotoController is an easy to use tool through which you can rotate text or overlapped photo on images easily. This tool provides several enhanced features to process the images. Some key features of this tool are, it supports various attributes such as contrast, brightness, grayscale, invert, transparent, blackwhite etc.,to apply on images and feather any shape of selected area of the images.
Tags: tool , photo , text , images , easy , key , process , area , rotate , features , shape ,

 aeDating 2.2

aeDating has a user-friendly administration interface which you will be able to understand after 2-30 minutes of playing with. aeDating is also designed to consume minimum administration time and efforts, its everyday maintenance is simplified and optimized so that you spend just a few seconds to approve new members and this is it - aeDating will do the rest. Online Dating and Personals Software - Dating scripts, software packages for dating, matchmaking, personals web sites. aeDating - online dating script with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support. Multiple languages, photo upload, audio/video chat and IM, virtual kisses, e-mail verification, ratings, polls, news, and more. aeDating Online Dating site script powered by AEwebworks. aeDating 2.2 - new version of famous php based dating software with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support. New features New templates, password protected photos, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, UK and Australia zip-codes support.
Tags: software , web , password , photo , time , online , php , site , chat , script , virtual , administration , maintenance , version , interface , payment , technical , for , features , protected , famous , dating ,

 ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit

ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit is an ASP based messaging utility that helps your site visitors to send their greetings with messages to their neighbours. Visitors can customize the photo image of the card by changing background, adding sound and flash image with the card. It offers several features like, high quality MIDI music files, set of images and card environments, MS Access database to store images etc.,
Tags: image , database , utility , music , photo , flash , images , sound , site , send , store , messaging , messages , set , customize , quality , features , changing ,

 AspAware Gallery

AspAware Gallery is ASP based online application through which the user can generate their own photo galleries. This program provides attractive features like file manager that gudies the user to create, edit, delete photos etc, thumbnail display, slide show, by providing users options to download image, status bar for displaying information, search option and many more attractive features.
Tags: download , file , search , photo , program , online , manager , photos , delete , application , thumbnail , bar , generate , slide , user , filemanager , options , for , features , users , option ,

 aw3 Gallery

aw3 Gallery is a program that helps the user to generate their own photo galleries by categorizing them. Allow visitors to view the photos in the gallery and through admin access provides single voting system for the visitors. It has features like zooming pictures, providing description and title for uploaded images, protected online administration, add pictures to new category and few other.
Tags: photo , program , online , photos , system , access , pictures , view , generate , gallery , admin , user , galleries , for , features , protected ,

 BadBlue Web Server

This is a php based script that allows users to explore and search their shared folders such as photo albums and see slide shows. You can share excel, word and access files over the internet. It supports uploading and downloading. Using a free domain name you can access your pc from anywhere. It turns your photos into albums or slide shows automatically. You can share business files right from your pc. It has control access with password protection. It is available in two versions which are personal edition and enterprise edition.
Tags: password , search , photo , files , control , photos , access , word , business , pc , php , script , personal , folders , slide , share , name , domain , into , domainname , explore , edition , enterprise , users , albums , available , shared ,

 Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic

This website presents users an interactive cartoon maker which allows users to customize the readymade cartoons available with this site. It lets the users to create their interactive cartoon to send to their friends, relatives or anybody else. In this website the users can have the facility to edit the face of the person of their chosen photographs by using its online photo processor.
Tags: photo , create , online , maker , website , edit , using , send , interactive , cartoon , face , customize , photographs , users , available , cartoons ,

 Simple Gallery

The Simple Gallery is a simple and easy to use script for those who need to publish their photos and digital camera pictures on the web. With this script you are able to upload the pictures in the server and create thumbnail images of the original pictures and place it in the gallery. This is an ideal way to have your personal photo gallery to share and view the pictures with family and friends.
Tags: photo , create , server , images , photos , pictures , easy , digital , script , view , family , thumbnail , camera , personal , upload , gallery , share , publish , simple , original , digitalcamera , for ,


PlainSlash is a PHP based web content accessing script that features you to build a website with admin area in front panel to allow the users to enter into your site with security and also permits them to post their own comments. Categories can be given with numerous links. You can display the forums with comments, stories, latest news on pages. Images and photo albums can be displayed in homepage which are also switched on/off. A guestbook can be included. Supports template system.
Tags: security , web , photo , website , site , script , news , display , content , admin , template , build , area , into , post , features , users , albums ,

 An ASP.NET Application to View and Share Photos Online

To generate an application enabling some photo sharing possibility is the main objective of this article. In this article, the author uses a back-end windows Forms C# application which finds the files to create a database and the next application which helps the users to show and view the photos. The main advantage is that the users could edit the photo album.
Tags: windows , database , photo , create , files , edit , application , view , show , sharing , generate , author , users ,

 Funk Gallery

The Funk Gallery is a photo gallery system available online with multiple categories. This system offers unlimited galleries, unlimited number of photos with easily configurable colour schemes and also to add comments to photos. You can create thumbnail image of photos automatically. You are requested to login for free demo or to download this system.
Tags: download , image , photo , create , online , photos , system , thumbnail , demo , gallery , multiple , number , freedemo , login , colour , for , available ,

 Gallery by SpectraInfo

If you are a professional photographer or graphic artist, you need to present your portfolio in the most eye-catching and dynamic way possible. Using advanced Macromedia Flash technology, you can now do this! This Flash photo / image gallery allows extensive customization, so that you can make your portoflio look almost any way that you want, within certain layout constraints. Eye-catching special effects have been built in to the image loader and thumbnail loader, so you don't need to even though the Flash-side. Just add your non-progressive JPG images to the appropriate directory, and then off you go! If you would like to preview the XML configuration options which are possible in this Flash gallery, click here. The image paths and image captions are settable using the images.xml file, which you can preview here.
Tags: image , photo , images , xml , make , graphic , using , thumbnail , effects , gallery , advanced , professional , dynamic , click , preview , portfolio , layout , options , configuration , now , present , special ,

 Creating Images

This is a simple and easy to learn tutorial which is available to create images using GD library for the purpose of displaying them on your online photo gallery. It guides you to create images in various formats like .png, .gif, .jpg etc and to store them in a simple file so that you can retrieve them whenever required using the normal HTML tag.
Tags: file , photo , create , online , images , library , easy , using , learn , store , simple , retrieve , tutorial , for , available ,


Dreampics Builder is a CMS+Photo/Video Gallery - customizable site engine for photographers or someone who want to easily build own website, manage content even without the knowledge of html, organize and exhibit the photo and video albums! FEATURES LIST: Gallery and Exhibitions: Uploading photos and video files to your gallery via web interface. Unlimited exhibitions. Photo and video exhibitions at the same time. You can easily assign your photos and video files to exhibitions (only exhibitions are visible to visitors, so you can hide some photos or video files). Auto thumbnails creation, you can also assign the thumbnail image for each video file. Manage your gallery easy to modify, delete and add new photos, video files and exhibitions. Customizable categories, cameras, lenses and photographers databases. Easy to use search for uploaded photos and video files by keyword, filter by category. Customizable gallery options. Content Management: Customizable general site design (colors, fonts, footer, header). Customizable pages of your site (home, profile, service, portfolio, contact). Color Picker you can choose color from palette, without knowledge of color codes. Easy to use online WYSIWYG editor. (Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) - you can change the design and content of your pages without knowledge of html, just like in Microsoft Word editor. Copy and paste technology you can just copy text and tables from your Microsoft Word document and paste it to page editor. Easy to upload and place images, add links and tables to the pages. Preview page button have a look at your page before saving it.
Tags: image , video , web , search , photo , text , online , files , photos , design , delete , easy , copy , color , document , filter , site , organize , thumbnail , page , manage , upload , change , hide , gallery , links , content , button , engine , thumbnails , build , paste , pages , knowledge , for ,

 dia (digital image album)

This Java applet contains a photo album and includes search methods of pulldown list, sequential browsing, and keyword entry. This online digital image album has features that include dragging, zooming, brightening, sharpening, contrasting, tinting, saturating, and resetting control on photos. It has customizable parameters like main panel colors, title panel colors, photo panel color, and caption, image files.
Tags: image , search , photo , online , control , digital , album , applet , photoalbum , keyword , features ,

 Photo Gallery Manager

This is an online photo gallery management software that can be used to organize and manage a photo database. This program uses an MSAccess database to store all images. Admin can show or hide images and manage gallery images. This program has several features like, ability to add new photos or delete old photos, ability to activate or deactive photos, managing image thumbnails, ability by customers to update their photo gallerries themselves and more.
Tags: software , image , database , photo , program , online , images , photos , management , delete , organize , manage , hide , show , gallery , store , update , features , customers ,


Dotcommunity is an online community builder that helps friends or other groups to post their files and share their pictures in real time. This program can also be used for generating photo gallery and weblog online. This program supports multiple members. Your photographs can be kept for online sale, data sheets, or other informations. This program has features like, creating a personal or group weblog.
Tags: photo , program , data , online , files , builder , pictures , creating , personal , gallery , multiple , share , group , photographs , post , real , for , community , features , friends , weblog ,


The PHPixie as its name suggests is a script in PHP to create a photo gallery. The main features of this script are: configurable thumbnail size and quality, easy to edit HTML template, an option is provided to specify the maximum and minimum size of the output images, automatic generation of META tags for search engine compatibility and much more.
Tags: search , photo , create , edit , easy , script , automatic , thumbnail , size , engine , name , searchengine , for , features , tags , option , generation ,


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