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CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a CRM software which is a collection of methodologies that helps an organization to build the relationship with their customers in an organized way. With this system, an organization can cater the needs of their customers quickly and efficiently and allow them to contact the right personnel to clear their doubts. The CRM tools will give the support professionals of your organization to access the details of the customers immediately so that they could give a personal touch to the customers who are contacting them. It is in this concept, the more the satisfied customers you get, the more will be your business.
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 Copper 2004

Copper 2004 is a collabration tool between administrator and project team that is designed to support PHP websites. Organisational units are grouped in several numbers and you can set permissions and access levels to them. Management is provided with powers to view project data in real time which include completed works and outstanding works. Teams can share information quickly. Secured user admin keeps data safer. You can directly view your team performances. Your partners, staffs, personnel department are allowed to see project outputs. This code can be run in several languages.
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PortalPro.Net is a script that helps site visitors to improve their business online. The benefits of this program are, redundant routers and switches, multiple internet backbones, multiple OC 3 fiber optic connectivity, rigorous physical, electronic, personnel security measures, IBM certified datacenter and more. This program launches value added solutions.
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 EIOBoard Electronic In and Out Board

This online board helps the personnel department on a company to integrate their communication using in-built features. Supports wireless communication such as PDA, phone etc., Messages can be sent instantly and status of each employee can be displayed. Memo field helps to display brief detail about anything. Calendar and time controls are available. Search engine helps to find particular entry with database. Various colours can be set for easy identification of in / out status.
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 Live Guide

This program can be used by the users to have a powerful flash web banner system on the website or portal. By using this tool the users can communicate with their sales or support personnel when their visitors visit their site. Live Guide can be obtained with both 1-way and 2-way real time audio, video and chat. This system can be used by the users in several way to suit their needs in business including marketing, support and direct sales.
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 PHP Spot the mil intruder

The PHP spot the mil intruder is a useful PHP script for those who are concerned about the security of the United States. With this script you can deny access to any military personnel who is wasting his time and browsing on the web. It identifies them when connecting to your web site from a .mil domain. You can also display an advice message on your site.
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 ZBit ASP Chat

This is a chat application for users website to communicate with their associates. ZBit chat using ASP code can process the personnel data. The process of the ZBit chat is fast and quick. The data of ZBit chat using ASP code are simple and easy to read. It use various type of coding which are used in different forms. It can control the colour variation and different sound created during the process. This chat holds many features like, bad word filters, authenticates user, conversations are logged and it is easy to customize to users need.
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