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This is a user management system that protects the users iBill account with password management system. The admin can control the access of the users accounts through an admin interface. This program provide image or video and .asp protection facility for the users, free upgrading process can be done by the users etc. This program is useful program for password protection and management.
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 Andys Chat 4.5 Gold

This version of 4.5 gold is better than the previous ones with new features and a cool win XP-Design. features like, Smilies, coloring text with a colour bar to select individual colours, Registration (and Reg free versions also available), Profiles with profile manager, password protection capabilities, avatar images, private messaging functions, Login, Admin login, to boot and ban a user, IP blocking system and more.
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 Starter Kit II

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can activate and deactivate user accounts, provides a built-in member mailing list facility, etc. It provides rotating image banner, comments page, support page, contact us page and more.
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 Permission Checker Component

Permission Checker Component is an tutorial in which author explains about this component, which generates permission checker objects. With the help of password protection protocol, this component checks every users if they have neccessary permission to carry out any specified job on the website. Here the syntax and methods to utilize this component is explained clearly for the users.
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 Permission Checker Component

Permission Checker Component is an tutorial in which author explains about this component, which generates permission checker objects. With the help of password protection protocol, this component checks every users if they have neccessary permission to carry out any specified job on the website. Here the syntax and methods to utilize this component is explained clearly for the users.
Tags: password , component , protection , help , checker , job , tutorial , passwordprotection , syntax , author , for , users , checks , out ,

 Easy Password Protection for any page

Easy Password Protection for any page is an ASP tutorial in which author concentrates on how to provide password protection to any ASP pages. Here author describes how to save the script that he offer in the file password_protect, make some changes in the code and place it on the page to be protected. This program can be installed in multiple pages on a site.
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 DB Repair with Data Extractor

This is an ASP.NET based component and it is an useful database tool for the users that allows them to repair the data which have error on MS Access database records. It has password protection facility for full security. Users can easily extract the data using data extractor field and also it is included with command line repair instructions.
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CTCI.LIVE.SALES-P.O.S is a software that provides a complete solution for small and medium size companies. This billing software is unmatched with the features like password protection security, simple integration in "OSCommerce", invoice expressions, orders and order address on the fly. This software is provided with many customizable options for the users to make their transactions easy and simple.
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 Creating a Database-Driven Login Page

Creating a Database-Driven Login Page is an ASP article in which author discusses about how to generate an authentication system using password protection to the users website by using database-driven codes that the author offers for the users. Here the author provides various sample codes through which users can generate login and tracking system in the users website.
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 DS WebStats

This script is a simple and useful website visitors counter tool i.e- it counts number of visitors ever visited the website, it tracks their IP address, type of OS, total number of hits made on the web pages, unique visitors report etc., It has password protection for securing the report.
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 Password Protection Pro Kit(pppk)

This script is a management tool for on-line setting password protection on folders and files of your web site. To set protection you don't have to study Apache access directives and any programming - click only on catalogue tree visual image elements. Table forms are interpreted in Apache access directives which are encased into .htaccess files. Simple using unified web-interface allows you to control user’s access to the restricted web site pages and user groups authentication. It works at the manual regime as well as at the on-line automatic regime. Script may be useful for wide range uses - unprepared in the programming, software development as well as for well skilled professionals. You may employ it for restriction access to the confidential or paid information. When some new access conditions occur - appropriate server directives will be exactly generated in the control access files (.htaccess, htpass, groups) according to all your interactive data manipulations.
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 Adaptive Authentication&Password protection&Membership management

Software combines three tools – visual directories password protection regardless of their content, member management, total user access management; supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. Self-installation, self-settings, no programming skills, no authentication knowledge are required – take and launch at once. Program provides control panel with visual graphical web interface. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management, user account management, program settings. ALADIN supports different user registration scenarios – simple administrative or online registration, with email notification, with email confirmation. It interprets all your data operations and operations with catalogue tree image into the directives of access control files - .htaccess/htpasswd. You will be able create member area, login area within a minutes, unlimited number of protected areas. Easy integrate with web site. One link to the registration form and ALADIN will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional). Control panel allows create and save email templates. Automated backup solution provides security, reliability and user registration-access history. Full featured version with expiration access, forgotten password, registration approval facilities etc. may be generated. Unlimited support is available. Free of charge upgrades every two-three weeks. A wide range of access management tasks. Today you purchase program – today it works on your server.
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 Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator

Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator is a PHP based script with which website owners can manage all files and folders with password protection. As an admin you can also extend the usage of this software to create and manage both manual as well as automated online user registration programs and user access control systems for your website. Key features includes the ability to register and authenticate all members through instant emails, email address confirmations, visual password protection and access control, graphical web interface etc.,
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 Job Board 2.0 IBS

Job Board 2.0 IBS is an ASP.NET application which can be integrated into user website for generating customer services. This tool has various features like providing password protection for all the jobs, provision for the public to interact with the organisation, managing the accounts of the visitors and tracking facility to track the visitors movement, providing popup calender and more.
Tags: tool , password , website , protection , application , tracking , track , user , customer , into , accounts , passwordprotection , for , features , public ,

 DNN Real Estate

This is a program that comes with the ability to let webmasters to create websites for real estate. Admin can allow the people to post listing and to manage their listings by modifying with the help of password protection facility. Webmasters can let their visitors to view the new listings on the main page for their good convenience. Visitors can have the searching facility to search by baths, beds, price range and areas. Date of expiring can be set and can be displayed for the visitors. Admin can permit site visitors to either post or email the page. It has more features to let the users to perform their real estate on websites.
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 SMC Book

This is a guestbook where you can post several entries which can be verified by the webmasters. Features like smiley, emoticons and password protection are provided in this script. This is a good looking script with SMI read facility. Easy to integrate with any website. It is easy to access by the webmasters.
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 Polvero Email list

In Polvero Subscriber List,the admin includes emailer form and a section to delete,add and edit contacts. When users input their name and email, it gets stored in to a databaase. It pulls all the results and sends the email to everyone in your list automatically. Administrator provide password protection for the users to secure the script. You can easily download and install this application.
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 e-novative WAMP

This is a php based program which allow users to install and configure apache web server with php programming language, phpMyAdmin database administration tool and Mysql database on windows systems and together they create platform for websites. Installation takes less than two minutes. This program enables password protection in Mysql and has easy update process which keeps your system uptodate.
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 Nutty Password

Nutty Password is a web based article in which author discusses how to protect the user website with the help of password protection by using file name as password. Here author offers code through which users can create a login system in the users website. This code will search the users directory in the webserver. This article will be very useful for creating user authentication system for download sites.
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 asp password protection

asp password protection is a web based ASP tutorial in which auhtor concentrates on how to protect ASP pages with the help of ASP password protection code. This code can be copy and pasted into the users website. Webmasters and ASP programmers can utilize this code.
Tags: web , password , protect , protection , copy , help , code , into , tutorial , passwordprotection , pages , webbased , users ,

 Absolutely Easy Password Protected Pages

Absolutely Easy Password Protected Pages is an ASP article through which users can get codes to provide password protection to their web pages easily without using any database. This article will be helpful for the webmasters and the ASP programmers.
Tags: web , password , protection , using , passwordprotection , pages , for , webpages , users , codes ,

 Extreme MarketPlace

This is an easy to use online classified advertising program which helps you to add the classified advertisements on your webpages. This program supports and Google AdWords affiliate program through which you can search products, read reviews etc., The admin panel allows you to agree or refuse classified ads, modify, view and delete sellers, send out the newsletters to your sellers and affiliates etc., This program comes with adult filter and it provides password protection to sellers and affiliates accounts.
Tags: password , search , program , online , protection , delete , easy , filter , view , send , admin , read , passwordprotection , advertising , out , newsletters ,

With the help of you can protect your member area and manage your members easily. It doesn't need Mysql database as backend. It is also a fast and secure password protection system. It uses a flat file database. You can generate signup forms which is used to signup accounts. It is available in lite and gold versions. Both versions use .htaccess which is used to protect password. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: file , database , password , protect , secure , protection , fast , help , manage , forms , demo , generate , area , passwordprotection , gold , available ,

 Password Protected Webs

iland's password protection software allows you to restrict access to specific pages on your website by simply including a line of ASP code to your web pages. Users are required to login before being able to view any of the protected pages. All user accounts, passwords, and security level information can be controlled via web-based administration forms.
Tags: software , security , web , password , access , website , protection , code , information , view , administration , user , restrict , line , login , passwordprotection , pages , protected , controlled ,


ezWebReports is a web based application which provides various business oriented functionalties and ad-hoc filter query tool for developing the business management projects. This tool offers various features like providing less time for installation and to administer whole organization, providing password protection to secure all the reports, helps in developing quality based reports and more are the most enhanced features for this customer support application.
Tags: web , tool , password , time , management , business , secure , protection , filter , application , query , reports , support , customer , passwordprotection , installation , quality , for , features , webbased , customersupport ,


Pixel8 is a photo album which acts as an online photo album and it comes as secured one for the benefit of the users. This program provides password protection to the users and it has backup database. It is possible to get the preview of the next photo and it resets the users password automatically. It has several features to let the users to share their photos to their friends.
Tags: backup , password , photo , program , online , photos , protection , album , share , photoalbum , preview , passwordprotection , for , features , users ,


The jTERM is a powerful script written using PHP programming which can issue any type of command to your system. It is similar to an xterm without a colored text. You are adviced not to use this script unless you provide some type of password protection to your system or try to know who can access the script.
Tags: password , system , access , protection , script , using , programming , type , passwordprotection , command , powerful ,

 Kig Image Gallery Plugin

Kig Image Gallery plugin is an online image gallery management script. Users can create password protected albums and directories to upload images and to manage them. Automatic thumbnails are generated for uploaded images and users can add captions to images. The password protection feature helps users to secure their content from unauthorized access.
Tags: image , password , create , online , images , management , plugin , secure , protection , manage , upload , gallery , content , thumbnails , passwordprotection , feature , for , directories , protected , users , albums ,

 Lideo Write Free file uploader

Lideo Write Free file uploader program is built by using PHP. This program uses password protection and code encryption method to secure their website from unnecessary file uploads. Web owners can easily manage file uploads on their portal. This program is easy to install and to use. Exe files cannot run on the server hence the users should modify them. Email notification is available and which is optional and many more features are included.
Tags: file , password , program , server , files , encryption , website , secure , protection , easy , code , notification , using , manage , install , run , passwordprotection , features , modify , users , available , method , uploader ,

 Login Deluxe 2000

Login Deluxe 2000 has Dynamic password protection with administrative capabilities. User can join and get directed to user start page. User chooses own user ID and Password. Easy setup. ASP, HTML, MS Access Database. The user's profile are stored in an Access database.
Tags: password , protection , 2000 , user , start , join , passwordprotection , profile ,


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