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Improve the quality of your support by providing an integrated help desk solution that effectively manages and controls your support traffic. Your visitors enjoy high-level support with fast and accurate support. Enjoy features like an email parser that takes your incoming email and creates tickets or applies them as replies to your existing tickets. It handles all incoming email from any number of POP accounts. Email Filters allow you to filter the route of new emails. SupportTrio includes an impressive set of features including: Advanced Email Parser, Multiple POP accounts. Multiple ticket views/layouts, template system, assign/merge/resolve/close ticket options, central CSS file, graphs of reports, integrated knowledgebase, personalization options, troubleshooters and much more. View our online demo today and learn why SupportTrio is the professional support ticketing choice.
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 Chilkat XML.NET

Chilkat XML.NET is an ASP.NET based non-validating component which provides significant memory and speed increments over validating parsers. It runs faster with a high performance than the MSXML. Moreover it is a non-validating parser and converts the XML files from one language to any other. The key features are, encryption, character encoding, zip conversion, etc.
Tags: files , component , zip , speed , memory , language , performance , key , character , parser , faster , features ,

 Chilkat XML

Chilkat XML has an Auto fix property and fixes errors in XML. This parser is non-validating, less memory intensive and the API is much simpler. Even though it uses less memory Chilkat XML is 300% faster than MSXML4. When you link to Chilkat XML it helps us in providing more free components in the future.
Tags: memory , link , fix , components , errors , parser , property , faster , us ,

 PHP RSS parser

PHP RSS parser is a simple utility for parsing XML. Netscape uses this in their browser for its Channel utilities. This script gives the user a complete PHP interface to read the feeds. It utilizes the XML functions of PHP.
Tags: utility , browser , script , user , read , simple , interface , parser , for , functions , complete , parsing ,

 Down and Dirty Browser Uploading with a VB ASP Component

This is an useful tutorial for the ASP beginners in learning about online file uploads. In this article the author has illustrated on the method of uploading files online through the ActiveX ASP components. The author has summarized on some of the technical terminologies involved in file uploads such as the ASP response method ‘BinaryRead’, raw data parsing and retrieving, HTTP header and file name parser etc., You can gain knowledge on the method of locating and saving file data, HTTP delimiter etc.,
Tags: file , data , online , files , learning , name , tutorial , raw , parser , author , technical , knowledge , for , useful , method , parsing ,


The Xmlarch, written in Python contains XML architectural forms processor which allows you to process XML architectural forms using any parser that uses the SAX interfaces. The architectural document events can be broadcasted to multiple document handlers and this module allows you to process several architectures in one parse pass.
Tags: document , using , forms , multiple , process , module , events , parser , processor , parse ,


This module written in Python contains an XML architectural forms processor which allows you to process XML architectural forms using any parser that uses the SAX interfaces. Architectural document events for an architecture can even be broadcasted to multiple DocumentHandlers and the module allow you to process several architectures in one parse pass.
Tags: document , using , forms , multiple , process , module , events , parser , processor , for , parse ,

 PHP Excel Parser

This script reads MS Excel file and transports its data into Database, or HTML-page, etc. It does this using PHP under Unix and Linux without Windows tools like COM. The parser imports data from Excel files (versions 5.0/97/2000/XP). Imported Excel data type: string, integer, float, date. String can be in compressed unicode (8-bits per character) or uncompressed unicode (16-bits per character) formats. To install and use this script you need installed and properly configured PHP only. Script was tested on PHP version>= 4.0.
Tags: file , data , files , tools , script , using , install , unicode , into , parser ,

 PHP Excel Parser Pro

In the latest version: Optimized date and float numbers processing. Script that reads Excel files (large size) and transports the information into Database or creates an HTML file. PHP Excel Parser Pro works under Unix, Linux, SunOS, Windows using PHP without any additional modules like COM. The parser imports data from Excel files (versions 5.0/97/2000/XP). Imported Excel data types are: integer, float, string (compressed Unicode,8-bits per character, or uncompressed Unicode, 16-bits per character, formats), date, time, percent, formula (returns digits only). Parser Pro supports multiple Excel fonts and MAC files. The Demo & Trial versions are available at
Tags: data , files , information , using , date , multiple , into , numbers , fonts , string , formula , parser , available ,

 XFlows - XML and XSLT Manager

XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data with your database using XML Files, converting your HTML documents to XML... XFlows runs in Batch and User Interface modes. Xflows manages various tasks (DB export, DB import, XSLT, FO, DocBook, HTML to XML, Concat, Copy local or remote...). You can plug your own parser or JDBC driver for a custom database. Several logs levels and platforms are available in batch mode including Mail support.
Tags: database , data , create , files , batch , using , remote , tasks , documents , custom , levels , set , into , converting , driver , local , publishing , parser , logs , for , mode , available , plug ,

 Cerberus Helpdesk

The Cerberus Helpdesk is an enterprise level email management interface with an ability to customize it easily to suit your particular needs. You can view and customize the data of the tickets in different ways. With parser fail-safe files you don't need to worry about lost mails. Cerberus Helpdesk also allows the user to assign masked IDs to the tickets. One of the important feature is the reporting system with which you can find out how your staff is performing by measuring average response time to a customer, replies or comments generated by time period. If you know the PHP programming, then it is easy to customize Cerberus Helpdesk GUI. There is also a template based UI for small and clean templates. You can use your company's logo.
Tags: email , data , time , files , management , system , easy , find , clean , view , lost , user , template , small , reporting , customize , interface , staff , parser , feature , for , enterprise , out , average ,


AntiSpambotMailto() is a freeware JavaScript implementation which can check spams. The script can encode the email address into scrambled ASCII characters that can be very difficult for the spams to interpret. On encryption the ASCII codes are also accompanied by the length of the email address. It can only be cracked it a complete parser is written- but that looks almost impossible.
Tags: email , freeware , encryption , script , address , check , encode , into , parser , length , characters , for , complete , codes ,


This is an RDF parser which is used to collect news from news backends based on RSS/RDF format. Presently it can collect news from RSS/RDF files use keywords in order to include only specific news, import into mysql database, and log all transactions. davrdf is written in PHP4 and uses expat and RAX for RDF parsing.
Tags: files , log , import , mysql , news , collect , into , keywords , parser , for ,


scriptXML is a fast non-recursive xml parser written in JavaScript. It's fully object oriented and modular, and can parse XML 1.0, XHTML 1.0, and XHTML 1.1 markup into a fully functional DOM level 1 object.
Tags: xml , fast , into , object , parser , parse , objectoriented ,

 Advanced Online Genealogy Tool

The Advanced Online Genealogy Tool can be run as part of a website. It gives your website a tree like view. It contains a Gedcom 5.5 parser which extracts information from Gedcom file and creates two delimitted text files; a HTML Pedigree chart with dynamic links, lighting up the tree ahead, and has many other features. With the help of this script you will be able to make a genealogy research faster and easier.
Tags: file , text , website , make , help , information , script , tree , chart , run , dynamic , research , parser , genealogy , faster , part ,

 PHPtunest iTunes Music List Parser

This is a fine parser for converting iTunes music library from XML format to HTML and displaying on the website. The final HTML page can be totally customised with Style Sheets. This script uses very less RAM and so it is very quick in parsing. Can work even without MySQL but takes a little more memory. With compatible browsers it uses gzip compression and so longer lists can load faster too. The coulumns to be included can be decided by the user, like -Track ID, Name, Artist , Composer, Album , Genre, Size, Total Time,, Track Count, Dates, Bit Rate, Sample Rate etc., Installation notes included and configuration is very easy
Tags: music , library , notes , script , format , compression , page , quick , work , converting , load , gzip , parser , configuration , lists , faster , for ,

 NSLookup without additional server components

This is an article that guides users to create a script for making IPlookup. This given code will perform IPlookup without requiring extra special component. This will be only fit for IE 5.0 and above since it XML parser from IE 5.0. The given code snippets can be used for better reference.
Tags: create , code , script , parser , for , users , special ,

 Urban Music News

This javascript program implements functions to build a source of information on your site pages. XML parser has been integrated with javascript to grab the news regarding urban music. All news with up-to-date information can be given on site pages. Supports referral system. Colors and musics can be generated dynamically.
Tags: program , javascript , information , site , news , source , grab , build , parser , functions ,

 Ahha XML Parser XML parser a nice script to parse and display XML content from another site. This script can be customised according to the users preference. Some examples given on the website. We can customize features like terms, keywords to be searched, number of results to be displayed etc.
Tags: script , display , content , number , keywords , customize , nice , parser , features , users , parse , examples ,


Slashwatch is a PHP oriented news grabbing tool that gathers headlines from famous websites and include them on your site pages. It supports some news sites which are lashdot, Freshmeat, WebMonkey, Geeknews, ApacheToday and many other. Administration module helps you to email new and update headlines to your users. It is compatible with any backend. RSS feed news can be grabbed and can be published on your site. It supports XML parser to collect news. Online demo is available for this script.
Tags: email , tool , site , news , demo , collect , module , update , feed , parser , websites , for , sites , famous , available ,


txtShout is an online tag board program with which users can send their messages in real time. This program hyperlinks email address and URL's automatically. This program has smile parser which includes 30 smilies. This program doesn't need any database as backend. This program has several features like smart forced linebreaking, profanity filter, all timezones support and neat inline login. This program shares code with the hosted cbox. Admin can delete user's submitted comments.
Tags: email , database , program , online , delete , code , board , address , send , tag , smart , messages , support , parser , real , shares , features , users , hyperlinks ,

 wodMailbox ActiveX component

WodMailbox is a simple mail parser which can access your mailbox for new mail messages. Programmers can use it in their applications for accessing mailbox, count messages, look at messages, count parts, save attachments, look at headers, delete messages etc., It uses very little memory and is fast in execution. It can also create new messages and send or recieve attachments.
Tags: create , mail , access , delete , fast , save , memory , send , simple , messages , count , applications , mailbox , parser , for ,

 PHP Excel Parser Pro

PHP Excel Parser Pro is a PHP based program used to read Microsoft Excel files. This saves data in database, as HTML pages. This tool is meant for doing PHP under Linux and Unix without using Windows application like com. Only string sand numbers imported from Excel 97/2000 and XP files by this parser and the strings are compressed or uncompressed unicode formats. This tool works with data type, contained in the cell which are float, date, formula, string, integer etc. This application has the debug function supports multiple Excel fonts and formula processing and reads Excel dates prior to 01.01.1970. This newer version supports MAC Excel files also. No PHP programming knowledge is required to create MySQL database from your Excel file. This requires PHP 4.1.x or greater. Easy to download and execute the program.
Tags: download , database , tool , program , data , create , files , application , using , programming , multiple , read , unicode , version , function , numbers , cell , fonts , string , parser , debug , execute , knowledge , for , dates ,

 bibtex php parser

bibtex php parser is a PHP script for the students and researchers to organize documents on e-papers, websites and more. This script helps to categorize your paper collection, allows you to add your comment, to sort, to group your documents and to import or export the data from standard BibTex format and parses into the fields and then inserted into MySQL database. BibTex file contains more file articles.
Tags: file , data , export , php , script , format , import , organize , documents , into , paper , group , parser , websites , for , fields , standard ,


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