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 Session State in ASP.NET

Session State in ASP.NET is an article in which the author elaborates the state management methods such as using session events, session objects and session configuration in ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using the two session events such as session_start and session_end. This tutorial explains you the use of the session object with a sample program and also shows how to configure the session state using the tag of the config file.
Tags: program , management , using , tag , tutorial , events , syntax , object , author , configuration , sample , for , objects , configure , session ,

 Smoothing effect in flash

This software lets the users to add a smooth effect to any action at the end like fading out an object or moving it to a particular position, scaling it etc. Users can adjust properties like acceleration, decceleration, scaling, position, alpha, rotation etc., of the movie clip. It has several enhanced features to help changing the properties.
Tags: software , action , movie , help , effect , object , properties , features , changing , users , adjust , rotation , out , moving ,

 ASP FAQS : Email

Here, the component CDONTS is explained eloborately to help you understand how it's objects and properties are widely used in sending messages, mails, etc without fail. Also, teaches about the ways to attach fields and files in an email using the CDONTS email object within an ASP page. The errors also can be handled easily while sending emails with attachments.
Tags: email , files , component , help , using , emails , errors , object , properties , objects , fields , sending , attach ,

 Events in JavaScript

Events in JavaScript is an excellent tutorial dealing with javascripts events. Software programmers and java professionals would be able to improve their technical knowledge in various events, their concepts, what they are and how to handle them in a a javascript. The author has given a brief note on various topics of events like object models, event objects, variations, target elements, capturing, redirecting, bubbling etc.
Tags: java , javascript , note , javascripts , tutorial , event , events , object , author , technical , knowledge , improve ,

 Active Crypt

This is a powerful multithreaded ActiveX object capable of encrypting data. Using this software you can hash both strings and files through symmetric encryption algorithms like RC5, IDEA, Triple DES, AES, RC4, CAST5, DESX, BlowFish etc., This software is very easy to use and can be applied to support hashes and digital signatures for the data as a means of increasing your security measures for all your online applications.
Tags: software , security , data , online , files , encryption , easy , digital , support , hash , object , for , powerful ,


ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application. . It fully supports asynchronous operating mode and event firing. ANPOP supports all operations of POP3 protocol. It incorporates POPMSG object that parses email structure, abstracting specified stuffs from Message Body, such as Recipients, Subject, Body, Attachment, store mails in local disk and more.
Tags: email , disk , advanced , store , retrieve , event , local , object , environment , mode , parse ,

 Prepare for .NET

Prepare for .NET is a reference guide which describes about introduction of ASP.NET. It gives definition and uses of common language runtime, describes about the visual basic language, uses of XML-based protocols, Microsoft Component Object Model, migration strategy, etc. Visitors can gain more knowledge about inheritance-based object-oriented programming, how to use the system classes in the .NET framework, etc.
Tags: system , visualbasic , visual , language , basic , migration , reference , object , knowledge , for , guide ,


This is an application in PHP script very useful to create a DHTML menu building. Suitable for developing web business. This tool has horizontal or vertical orientation of with hierarchical highlights. Cross-browser support detects and offers a tailored DHTML menu flex menu object automatically to work on Windows. Easy to install and execute this software.
Tags: web , tool , create , menu , script , application , install , support , work , automatically , object , vertical , execute , for , useful , horizontal ,

 MessageCensor Component

MailBee MessageCensor is a COM object which can be used for censoring html texts (primarily e-mail messages). Censoring is a process of removing unwanted or potentially dangerous content, such as embedded objects, javascripts, iframes, which are often used by viruses, spam messages or trojan programs. You may define or alter default censorship rules in any way. MailBee MessageCensor can be used in conjunction with MailBee POP3 object.
Tags: html , spam , trojan , process , messages , removing , object , for , rules ,

 Moebius PHP Library

Moebius PHP Library is a set of PHP classes with most of the common built-in functions of the PHP script. This library provides an object framework for working with PHP. Now the work of a PHP programmer is made easy, one can use the built-in functions and save time and finish work faster.
Tags: time , library , save , set , work , programmer , object , for , functions , framework ,

 EBA: Web ComboBox V2

Web ComboBox V2 (.NET) allows users to choose from long lists through a feature-rich, intuitive interface. It’s designed to help people choose quickly from lengthy lists of data such as customer records, product SKU’s, or even files on a computer. In practice, Web ComboBox will allow web developers to build responsive and attractive dropdown lists, auto complete ‘search boxes’, and more - all with the ability to connect to a database in real-time. EBA: Web ComboBox V2 is an ASP.NET control with a DHTML front-end API designed to render columnar data from a remote database in a familiar Windows-form control style interface. The component can perform remote searches by sending updategrams to the server asynchronously, and in the background. Using this method eliminates the need to reload the entire page by requesting ‘pages’ of data as required. The result is faster access to large datasets. Enable type-ahead (databound) auto-complete for sales-support applications, inventory management systems, or corporate intranets designed to run in the Internet Explorer 5+ browser. The ComboBox can be bound easily to a standard .NET datasource object or list, and users will find that our compressed XML datagram schema enables faster paging of the server for almost seamless client-side control of your web-form. Drag and drop the control directly onto your webform and manage using the convenient VS.NET properties dialogue. No messy code is required. Take advantage of elegant predefined CSS styles including Outlook XP, XP Blue, XP Silver, VS.NET 2003, and EBA, or create your own. Customize every aspect of the control’s appearance with an extensive and fully documented style sheet for a professional look and feel in very little time.
Tags: database , web , data , create , server , files , component , control , management , access , find , help , code , inventory , using , remote , page , manage , auto , run , build , professional , customer , dropdown , sheet , schema , style , object , drop , product , lists , connect , properties , faster , for , users , standard , complete , method , searches , people , sending ,

 Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP

Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP is a group of object which helps to do a desired task with the help of functionalities that it has. This tool has various objects and each has individual functions. HTTP object has features like capability to enter into any URL, provide NTML authentication etc. Command object has features like allowing to execute any command, to customize object security etc. RegExp object offers features like providing expressions in PERL and POSIX. Script object has various features set like is name, is alpha, is password,etc. And also it includes charts and spell check.
Tags: security , tool , help , task , set , into , charts , customize , group , spell , object , execute , for , features , objects , authentication ,

 VB COM Object Automates MTS Administration

VB COM Object Automates MTS Administration is an tutorial through which programmers can gather enhanced information about creating an COM object to observe and execute the MTS explorer using VB. This component make use of several catalog and collection objects of MTS to administer and set properties. The author provides sample code for easy understanding.
Tags: component , easy , explorer , make , code , information , creating , using , collection , catalog , set , tutorial , object , author , execute , sample , for , objects ,

 ActiveX/ASP Logging system

Hi-performance text file logging from ASP, VBScript or JScript, ASP.Net VB, C#, VBA5 or VBA6. Free-threaded object, can be placed to Application scope Lets you log exact script timing values (up to microsecond or nanosecond), process and thread info and performance values (see LogLineBeginTypes, LineBegin) Writes one or more (any number) string, numeric, date, object (default property), array and other variables with one row of code to the log (Log) Daily/weekly/monthly log filename scheme, lets you specify common log file header and log field names in each file. Other features Custom log field and array separator Custom date-time format, local or global (GMT) time Optional URL encode for logged data Part of ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload, you will get more functionality! C++ source code is available with Distribution license, please see License page for ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload.
Tags: file , text , code , script , log , page , performance , source , process , encode , sourcecode , logging , local , info , object , field , for , names , logfile , filename , available , global ,

 ActiveX ASP/VBA/COM Dictionary object

Features Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm (better than Scripting.Dictionary, which is apartment threaded) Unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process (Connect method). Lock and Unlock methods to synchronize multithreaded tasks. Items and Keys enumerators. Other functionality Share Application/Session variables in ASP (see ASP - Share application variables sample)
Tags: dictionary , application , synchronize , process , keys , object , algorithm ,

 ActiveX ASP VBA COM Dictionary object

Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm with unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process. Lock/Unlock methods to synchronize tasks (lookup, application scope). Share ASP Application/Session objects.
Tags: dictionary , application , synchronize , tasks , keys , object , algorithm ,

 Apex SQL Clean

Apex SQL Clean is an ASP based software which analyze the content of database, select the object which is not used and it will erase the content which is not used often. It has several features like providing interfaces to detect the objects that is used and objecfts that is not used, allowing graphical display for unused content, providing automatic drop statement, capablity to analyze all the files in the database and more.
Tags: software , database , files , automatic , erase , display , content , detect , analyze , object , drop , for , features , select , objects , graphical ,

 Changing image opacity

This is an article that informs the users how to alter the image opacity to create some effects over buttons, banners and on linked images. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can alter the opacity of an image from 100 to 0 for setting distinct transparency levels. This article offers details to the users that the object is transparent when the image opacity is set to 0. This tutorial provide simple code for the users which can be handled by them on their webpages.
Tags: image , create , code , effects , simple , transparent , set , tutorial , transparency , info , object , for , users , banners ,

 Caching ASP.NET Pages

Caching ASP.NET Pages is a web based tutorial which deals with output caching, which initally executes the page for the request and it store the page in the memory, for subsequent call it will serve the page from the memory directly. The author explains about the response.cache object and HTTP cache policy.
Tags: web , memory , page , cache , store , tutorial , call , object , author , for , webbased ,

 ASP Bootcamp : What is ASP?

ASP Bootcamp : What is ASP? is an article which helps the visitors to get knowledge about ASP. It discusses the standard HTML language, supporting other languages like Javascript, Perl, etc., its variables, conditional statements, procedures, functions, types of built-in ASP objects with their functions, file system object and more.
Tags: file , system , object , languages , knowledge , objects , standard , filesystem ,

 MetaGenerator Object

MetaGenerator Object is a tutorial which gives detailed explanation about the object which generates the meta tag. This Meta generator objects allows the users to generate HTTP-Equiv or NAME meta tag, creating custom meta tag and unlimited numbers of tags at a time. Here there are syntax, example usage and source code given for constructing the meta tag.
Tags: code , creating , generator , source , generate , tag , sourcecode , custom , tutorial , numbers , usage , object , for , tags , users , objects , meta ,

 Using the built-in ASPError object

This tutorial offers the solutions to generate an error handler for your ASP coding to log all errors with detailed data. Using ASPError object all errors can be transmitted to 500-100 HTTP error handler page and it tells the ways to use the properties of ASPError object to perform your needs with error handling module. Here, How to use the seventh built-in ASP object to log all errors can be understood quickly and easily.
Tags: log , page , generate , error , tutorial , errors , object , properties , for , solutions , coding ,

 Content Rotator Component

This is an useful to learn tutorial through which users can gather information about content rotator object which helps in rotating the content of the HTML in the web page. Here author offers few procedure to integrate this content rotator component in their website.
Tags: web , component , information , learn , content , tutorial , object , author , useful , users ,


OnStartPage is an article through which programmers can learn about OnStartPage method which helps in retrieving the components that are called by the request before execution of the scripts in the ASP pages. This method uses the scripting context interfaces inorder to access the pointer to the built-in object interface.
Tags: access , learn , scripts , components , scripting , object , context , pointer , method ,

 Browser Capabilities Component

Browser Capabilities Component is a web based tutorial in which users can gather idea about browser type object which is created by the browser capability component for collecting information about client side web browser. This component sends HTTP header, whenever a browser links to the web server, this browser type object detects the browser information of the client.
Tags: web , component , browser , information , client , links , type , tutorial , object , for , webbased , users ,

 Ad Rotator Component

Ad Rotator Component is an article in which author demonstrates about Ad Rotator Component which generates the AD rotor object which helps in rotating the images of the add in the web pages, which is specified in the rotor scheduler file. Here the step by step method to utilize AD rotor components and also sample code and examples are presented, users can make use of it.
Tags: web , images , make , code , scheduler , components , object , author , sample , users , method , examples ,

 Counters Component

This article tells us about counter object which is created by counter component inorder to store, create, increment and retrieve any number of count in the website. Here there are few examples and sample code for executing the counter with various methods like get, increment, set and remove.
Tags: component , code , number , retrieve , set , counter , count , object , sample , for , us , examples ,

 Page Templating for Web Applications

In this online tutorial, the author describes about the page templating scheme in web applications. The page templating helps the users providing properties like stylesheet, title, server-side form. With the help of this the clients, readers could view state and participate in object oriented postback task. In a nut shell, this article provides a better solution to the developers while page templating their .NET applications.
Tags: web , online , help , view , page , solution , object , author , properties , users , objectoriented ,


This is an ASP.NET article in which the author shows how to display the information on the client side using the write method of the response object and how to move to any page or URL using the redirect method of the ASP.NET response object. The author also explains about CacheControl and Expires property of the ASP.NET Response object.
Tags: write , information , client , using , page , display , move , object , author , property , method ,

 Enumerating the VB.Net Printers Collection

This tutorial deals with listing the installed printers. In this tutorial the author explains about VB.NET printer object, the author uses the object to enumerate the printers which are installed in the local system. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: easy , printer , tutorial , local , object , author , useful , listing ,


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