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 AC e-learning System

Ac e-learning is a nice script that provides helps to the students and administrators in the examination process.The versatility makes it easy to upload large number of multi media, images and PDF files.Fully customizable and changable.A password protected admin panel helps to change the user I.D and password,fully customizable front page through easy interface.It also has a html editor,exam result and exam result content page,file management and certificate options,internal account management and author profile feature and editable CSS contents. The online teaching with this programme is so reliable and cost effective.easy installation provides helps to do with in 15 minutes.
Tags: html , password , online , images , management , easy , script , page , upload , change , exam , content , admin , user , number , account , teaching , cost , installation , multi , nice , author , feature , profile , protected , certificate , editable ,

 Staff Online

Staff Online is a software written in PHP. This user friendly programme can manage multiple records of contacts online. Features like use options like adjustable fields, adjustable results interface and email summary option makes this application for faster startup time and a nice management flexibility. Easy to download and install. simple to run.
Tags: software , email , download , time , online , management , application , manage , contacts , multiple , startup , user , simple , interface , options , nice , faster , for , records , option ,

 Easy Slide Show flash component

Easy Slide Show flash component is intended for simply designing slide show and supports flash mx and flash mx 2004 authoring tools. Easy Slide Show flash component allows you to add nice looking animated slide shows to your website in no time.
Tags: flash , slideshow , component , website , animated , authoring , show , slide , nice , for ,

 Building Bricks

This is a wonderful game in java with a nice look and feel. This game is a look alike of original Tetris game. This game has several MIDI compositions. You can run this java game in Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or 1.4. You can start the game by pressing the New Game button provided and can press the Proceed button to continue the game. You can play music if you want by pressing Music off/on button and the score and level will be displayed in a banner in the game window.
Tags: game , music , java , play , button , start , run , original , banner , nice , score ,

 CarScripts Classifieds - your auto classifieds website in 10 minutes

Our idea is to keep things as simple as is possible. You have a nice looking Classifieds and also this software is compatible with all browsers. CarScript Classifieds was designed in a professional way: to look simple but nice, to be easy to use separate or to easily integrate into your website. The only requirements are PHP and MySQL. CarScripts Classifieds supports PayPal as a credit card online payment system. You can build in minutes your own Auto Classifieds Website, very easy to install and use it. Some of the features are: supports bad word filters, PayPal payment, admin panel and user menu, show expired ads, pending options, and many more options. Also the payment scheme is powerful: you can choose between two scheme of payment: payment per a period of time (month, year) or payment per ad. Free ads are supported.
Tags: software , time , online , word , easy , show , admin , install , user , ads , simple , build , professional , into , credit , payment , nice , creditcard , features , period ,

 What's New in PHP4?

What's New in PHP4? is an essay about the enhanced features of PHP4 than PHP3 and a compartive study of both. The author discusses various areas like, output buffering, evaluate for Identical operator, COM support on Windows and displaying portions of raw HTML code with some examples and simple sample programmes which makes it clear to us about the enhanced features of PHP4 and what is new in the PHP4. A nice article to the web developers.
Tags: web , code , simple , support , study , raw , nice , author , clear , sample , for , features , us , evaluate , examples ,

 Bang Calendar

Bang Calendar script uses ASP, MS Access, Jmail and one of the following Persits ASP Upload, Dundas ASP Upload or Simple ASP. With Bang Calendar script you can carry out full dating site solution. The user gets the facility to search through the site for a soulmate, the site has a lot of nice member features and statistics, the admin has full control of the script and users on the site.
Tags: search , control , site , script , admin , user , nice , for , features , users , dating , out ,

 Screen Shake

This script causes a nice visual effect on users webpage and it is easy to use this program on any website. It generates a vibrating effect on the web page of any website. By using this script users can create a funny web page on their websites. It provides users facility to adjust the speed of the shake and also the time duration.
Tags: web , program , create , time , easy , speed , script , using , visual , page , effect , webpage , funny , nice , users , adjust ,

 Dr.Tag Plus!

An intuitive interface, common mode for beginners, advanced mode for professionals and a load of features let you organize your music collection (MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA files) with Dr.Tag Plus! in a nice and easy way. Beside the common features like tagging, renaming, playing, etc. Dr.Tag comes up with some nice special features. With burning of Audio and Data CD's feature you can make backups for any purpose. Ripping and encoding feature let's you easily add new music to your collection. FreeDB support automatically collects all necessary information from the Internet database FreeDB. Restructure tool resorts all music files on your hard disk into folders that you defined before. It uses tag information and current folder information. A tag summary window shows you all the important facts about the current selected file. Common mode hides any difference about tags from you and automatically fills all information into any tag. Advanced mode gives you full control about tags in your files. Ability to define templates for restructure, generate tag, rename and swap features gives you all the power you need to clean up your music collection in no time. Interface for Plug-Ins enables you to use available add-ons.
Tags: database , tool , music , files , control , folder , disk , easy , make , clean , information , collection , organize , folders , generate , window , advanced , tag , rename , templates , hard , support , into , automatically , power , burning , load , nice , feature , encoding , for , features , tags , difference , mode , backups , available , swap , special ,

 Insane Keyfinder

The InsaneWare Keyfinder is a nice utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry. Compatible on systems with 98, NT4, 2000, XP, Office 97, Office XP, and 2003. The utility is handy if you have lost your original installation product key or if your business is being audited. The command line version would be a handy tool for network administrators or if your computer can no longer boot.
Tags: windows , utility , tool , network , business , computer , lost , key , commandline , install , line , version , original , command , installation , product , nice , for , systems ,


This is a php based program and a translation service between english and indonesian languages. This program replaces the regular oxford or websters dictionary on your device. This small program allows users to get difficult words translated between indonesian and english. A nice small application for WAP devices.
Tags: program , php , dictionary , application , english , service , words , small , translation , nice , for , users ,

 Flash Decompiler

This program can be used by the webmasters as a flash extractor on their flash websites to store all resources from SWF files. It stores images, sounds, frames, fonts, texts, actionscripts etc., by a single click. It exports all stored resources in to multiple formats and it gives detailed movie information. It presents nice tag navigation with tracking their placements in frames and sprites for good convenience. And it has more advamced features like presenting a predefined interface layout, displaying SWF files for usage etc.
Tags: flash , program , files , movie , navigation , tracking , multiple , tag , store , extractor , good , interface , usage , nice , resources , websites , frames , for , features ,

 Script and Code Snippet Library

This is a program that allows users to have a nice place to save and manage the entire code snippets and scripts which are downloaded by them. This program is based on ASP and can be easily used by the users. Using this program users can build and run their own library with the downloaded scripts and code snippets.
Tags: program , library , code , save , scripts , manage , run , build , nice , users ,


A unique PHP tagboard that requires no database Along with providing interactively for visitors of a traditional tagboard, EX Talk comes with many features: flood control setting, automatic posts truncate setting, optional smiley conversion & swear-filter, gender select, offline/online status, click-able username that can show posters' date/time stamp, email, website, browser, and operating system. Admin of EX Talk may view user's IP host, ban IP, delete message, pass flood control limit, and can have a unique glowing username. More importantly, EX Talk is easy to setup and customize with a single external CSS file for colors with a nice interface.
Tags: file , control , delete , conversion , easy , automatic , view , show , colors , customize , nice , smiley , for ,

 FarPoint's Spread

This is a spread sheet component for updating and presenting ASP.NET data in a nice way. This program enables for complete modification over data and allows for easier client side navigation. This program comes with the ability to perform effective client side validation and plays several vital roles including displaying data in several levels in depth, perfect user management (permitting or preventing from managing data), enabling for several edits in number of rows, arranging columns in both ascending and descending orders etc.,
Tags: program , data , component , management , client , user , number , levels , sheet , validation , nice , columns , orders , for , complete ,


This script has the ability to cause a visual effect on users website. It produces a nice and funny effect by hiding the half part of the loaded content and release those contents when thye mouse is passed over them. It seems as if there is an x-ray technology inside the webpage and lets visitor to excite.
Tags: script , visual , effect , mouse , content , funny , nice , users , contents , part , visitor ,

 J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook)

This is a php software and a simple guestbook in which you are provided with a nice design and a layout. Features like smilies, bad word filter, supports BBcode, email notification, webmaster comments, IP logging and banning, email and homepage fields, admin functionality, fast, stable and secure code, interface customizable through CSS files, webbased administration including setting readonly or lockdown and multiple stylesheets are included to add and select a different style.
Tags: software , email , word , design , secure , php , multiple , admin , administration , simple , logging , interface , nice , select ,

 Security Protector

This nice free security utility enables you to protect your PC by disabling some features like: use of the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows and real mode DOS applications from within the Windows shell, and disable function keys on boot up like F5 F8
Tags: security , utility , protect , disable , function , keys , command , boot , applications , nice , real , features , mode ,


webINVOICEplus-V2.10 This is an online invoicing program for small businesses. It gives the Administrator and Clients the ability to access billing information on a webserver. One nice feature is the email notification process. You can set the program so that clients are automatically sent a thank-you email when an invoice is paid. And you can also send them notification emails when their invoice is posted online. Clients can view/print invoices when they need, and they can view their invoice history completly online. The administrator records the invoices into the database through a web based admin screens, and can edit invoices and client details. Like it's basic script webINVOICE this has the added features of PayPal payments & administrator reports.
Tags: email , database , web , program , online , access , edit , notification , information , client , script , history , view , send , billing , emails , invoice , admin , administrator , invoicing , basic , small , set , into , automatically , invoices , nice , feature , for , features , records , webbased , emailnotification , clients ,

 HVT 2.0

This tool tracks all the visitors to your webpages. You can have a look at all the ipAddress from which your site and which file was visited. It also has the acurate time and date when the vist happended. The simple and nice HVT viewer makes it so easy to view the reports. The new feature enables the users to set MaxFileLength value. i.e users can set the file length parameter so that whenever the file reaches x entries the oldest y entries will be removed.
Tags: file , tool , time , easy , viewer , site , view , date , simple , tracks , set , nice , feature , length , entries , users ,

 How to create a "Next X / Previous X Records" Navigation

If you start using ColdFusion to build small applications, you will soon ask yourself how to create a navigation system similar to the one found in search engines. When a query returns hundreds or thousands of records, it would be nice to have a "Next 10 records" or a 'Previous 10 records" button instead of displaying all the results in a huge table which takes forever to load. To work on this tutorial, you will need to set up a Datasource called 'Database' in the ColdFusion administrator. The .mdb file used in this example can be downloaded along with the code. This tutorial is very detailed.
Tags: file , search , create , system , using , navigation , query , table , button , small , start , build , setup , set , work , tutorial , nice ,

 Menu Based Template

The program first reads the content of "feature.txt" in an array. It displays the content in a nice table and the name of the book becomes the link. When you click on the link to see the review the program calls itself back and passes the name of the review file in the variable "load" to the called program. When no review is called only the table is printed. Otherwise, the correct review file is included at the end of the table. You click on another book and the present review is replced with the new one. The beauty of the script is that it doesnt matter how many books are there and you can add or remove any number of them without bothering about their order of appearance etc. All you have to do is edit the "feature.txt" file and remove or add the record containing the book. You ofcourse have to add the review file to be included in case you add new books. It doesnt matter what you call the review files so long as they are correctly placed in the record in "feature.txt." and the program will find it for you. Great isn't it ? Thats the power of php and template driven programs. In fact its a very simple example. Templates can make building and maintaining large complex sites very simple. Also the user can concentrate on content building without bothering about changes in the program.
Tags: file , program , files , edit , find , make , record , php , book , remove , script , table , link , content , user , template , simple , number , name , click , call , power , case , nice , for , sites , back , books , present , building , review , changes ,

 The Web services insider, Part 3: Apache and Microsoft -- playing nice together

The Web services insider, Part 3: Apache and Microsoft -- playing nice together is an useful article for the programmers to learn about utilizing SOAP interoperatability while installing web services. The author gives details about method of using Apache SOAP-based Web services and Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Beta 2 for integrating web service inorder to perform cross-border interoperatability.
Tags: web , using , learn , service , services , nice , author , for , useful , webservice , method ,

 Web Services with PHP using XML-RPC

Creating Web Services with PHP using XML-RPC is an article written by John Lim. In this article he explains the uses of XML-RPC, how to access a web service, creating a web service, availability of XML-RPC and future directions of XML-RPC with some examples and references. He also gives some sample programmes for accessing a web service and creating a webservices. A nice article for the webmasters.
Tags: web , access , creating , using , service , nice , sample , for , webservice , examples ,

 Plug-in Chat Room

This is a free, HTML and java-based clients supported tool available in 18 languages with instant translation and sending live chats through e-mail. Features: ·Join the hundreds of other webmasters who sign up each week for their own site. free associates program allows any webmaster to instantly create a co-branded classified, Chat Room and NewsWatch site with the user friendly interface. Sites that allow collect their own user database. ·Whether it is used for advertising items for sale, or simply to promote visitor's sites on the net, people coming to your site will appreciate this interactive service. Your Plug-in Classified Ads page (VIEW DEMO) is completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site. ·Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you've been wondering 'where the others are?', then IRC is what you're looking for. Our Plug-in Chat room (VIEW DEMO) are "real-time" discussions. ·More than 350+ categories of news from difference resources. Plug-in NewsWatch.
Tags: tool , program , create , make , site , page , news , user , instant , collect , interactive , translation , services , advertising , live , info , popular , nice , languages , hands , for , sites , difference , sign , available , room , people , sending , clients ,

 Search engine using Google API

Search engine using Google API. Option to save searched keywords, list online users with some nice details like refferal, page they are browsing and some other stuff.
Tags: online , list , using , save , page , engine , nice , browsing , users ,

 Global Contacts for PHProjekt

This is an addon for PHProjekt and is a small and easy script that helps users to share their contacts to any individual or groups. This addon works only on php4. A nice contact management utility that is simple and easy to use by users.
Tags: utility , management , easy , script , addon , contacts , contact , share , simple , small , contactmanagement , nice , for , users ,

 Mailaform Form building easy form builder requires no CGI bin or PHP / mysql, all you need is a few clicks to build a full nice designed html form with drop down lists, text area's, upload image fields and more... Paid version is only $5 per month and includes auto responder service, custom redirect, the ability to use secure form hosting, (SSL) (180 BIT) and you can build upto 50 forms with upto 99 fields for each form, it takes only a few clicks to build forms here, no html needed..
Tags: image , html , text , builder , secure , easy , form , upload , auto , forms , custom , build , version , drop , nice , for , bin , fields ,

 Memory game with highscore

This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 speed level (0=slowest 9=fastest). The highscore will be saved in a file on webserver (PHP script) or in a local file (shared objects).
Tags: game , file , speed , memory , local , cat , nice ,

 York Online Exam Scripts

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add an exam to your site then you have found it. What's really nice about the scripts sold by York is the documentation. How many times have you bought (or downloaded) a program and simply did not know why a particular page was included? This will never happen when you order scripts form York. In our documentation we include a page list that not only tells you the file names but what each page does.
Tags: file , program , easy , site , list , form , scripts , page , exam , quick , documentation , nice , for , names ,


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