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 The Last-Modified Header in ASP

The Last-Modified Header in ASP is a tutorial which helps the users to use the last-modified header in ASP files to save the server resources and network bandwidth on their websites. This tutorial is explained with an example code step-by-step. This tutorial guides the users the way to use the last-modified header.
Tags: network , server , files , code , save , bandwidth , tutorial , resources , users ,


ActivComport is a comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any VB, ASP or other COM environment applications. This can control devices like modems and machines that have a serial interface. ActiveComport can be used to control machines via serial interface and to configure network devices like print servers and routers.
Tags: network , component , control , print , serial , interface , environment , for , servers , configure , communications ,

 Active Socket

This is a network tool used to create a large WAN network like internet and also for small network like intranet. It uses TCP/IP protocols for such communication. Protocols supported by Active Socket are, ICMP, HTTP, SNMP, RSh object, telnet, LAN etc., Active socket has built-in MS winsock modules.
Tags: internet , tool , network , create , small , winsock , for , networktool , socket ,

 .NET ICMP & Ping Component

.NET ICMP/Ping Component is helpful for the system administrators to ping the remote server, router or any type of network devices using IP address. This component supports RFC 972. It has ICMP client class which delivers and gets packets alternatively. Reply packet responses the replies for ICMP packet and it offers many enhanced features and facilities for network communications.
Tags: network , component , system , client , using , remote , ping , class , type , router , packet , for , features ,

 .NET ICMP & Traceroute component

This network component is used on network environment to define and trace the route of the network path. This utility contains three different classes such as Traceroute Client- by which the administrators can denote multiple hops number with reverse DNS lookup results, Traceroute reply- it collects reply packet from the execution of trace route and gives result to the Traceroute reply collection and then it transfers those data to data table.
Tags: utility , network , data , component , collection , multiple , number , lookup , trace , packet , environment , route , reply ,


aspNetIMAP is an web email application with IMAP protocal to manage emails present on the mail server. This program provide various functionalities and each of them offers various features seperately. IMAP connection management offers feature like providing complete login facility, allowing network encoding and timeouts, changing server etc., Folder management offers various featutres like create, delete, rename and select folder, provision for downloading folders as data table, dateset, an array etc., Message management offers various features like copy, delete, append message, etc.
Tags: email , web , network , program , data , mail , server , management , application , folders , manage , emails , rename , connection , login , feature , encoding , for , features , select , changing , complete , present , append ,

 Proxy Inspector

By using this tool the network administrator of a private firm can monitor their company employees behaviour with internet connection like which site they have visited, users regular activity in internet, what the users attempted in a blocked resources and many more operation are monitored and reported in a screen in graphical form. It offers many enhanced features like displays reports in chart format, reports can be saved as html format or as MS Excel format etc., Administrators can send reports through email.
Tags: internet , screen , html , tool , network , monitor , site , format , using , chart , send , administrator , private , connection , reports , activity , resources , features , users , graphical , internetconnection ,

 Help Desk software

This is a network utility that allows the users to manage and track technical problems with a web interface for medium and small business. This script permit the members to alter their accounts according to their needs. The tickets can be assigned to members from the department. Features like assigning the staff members for separate departments, admin can get details of ticket status and members, flexible FAQ system, supports email forwarding and more are available.
Tags: email , web , utility , network , script , manage , track , admin , small , accounts , interface , staff , technical , for , users , ticket , forwarding ,

 Asset Tracker

This is a networking utility where the system software and hardware components on network can be audited. This utility provide the detailed report of the network system information to the network administrator. This script is capable of providing the informations of the users workstation like installed devices, user accounts, network shares and adapters, operating system, installed software, processor, hard disk drives information, memory, etc. This tool generate inventory reports for the users such as workstations memory report, software licenses report and more.
Tags: software , utility , tool , network , system , disk , information , inventory , report , script , memory , generate , components , user , reports , hard , hardware , networking , shares , for , drives , users , workstation ,

 BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)

Create your own weblog hosting service! With BlogHoster, you can create a network of weblogs on your website. Each user can create and maintain their own weblog with basic or custom templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest lists, various privacy settings, and more. Your users will be able to write entries with a rich-text WYSIWYG editor and manage entries with an easy to use control panel. BlogHoster is very easy to integrate into your existing website. The script only requires that you have PHP and MySQL on your server. BlogHoster also gives you, the admin, the capability to place ads on your users' weblogs. This product is perfect for web hosting companies or community-focused websites. Come see the demo on our website and have a look over our customer forums!
Tags: web , network , editor , create , privacy , control , website , easy , write , script , manage , demo , user , ads , custom , basic , customer , into , product , for , entries , maintain , users , hosting , weblog ,


SSR Tech is a Web application development and publishing engine. SSR API features: session management, user/group management, template parser, easy application installation, database abstraction, a file system interface, network i/o interface, and Multilanguage support. Available modules include: Text and HTML pages, articles, site map, biography, small dictionary, news, photo album, downloads, FAQ, and Links directory, pricelist, and Internationalization.
Tags: file , database , photo , network , system , easy , development , site , application , template , small , publishing , filesystem , session ,

 AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can accurately identify the geographic location from which visitors access web sites and the network origin of the visitors. It allows you to target traffic on a global basis and will allow you to maximize every hit. This allows the webmasters to redirect their incoming traffic to other sites or URL's based on IP address, countries, and domains. The main feature of this script are, number of hits of users with or without cookies, javascript. It also give screen size statements, browser statements etc.,. It displays Daily, monthly, weekly hits thru MySQL database. It is easy to customize and to use.
Tags: screen , web , network , access , browser , easy , script , traffic , size , number , customize , location , feature , sites , users , maximize , global ,


This program can be used by the administrators to include their .NET applications with SMS messaging and monitor control systems. This program displays users total call costs and audit trail's to the administrators. Admin can also have the facility to manage the user profile by setting limitation for SMS at their own choice. This powerful program also performs as a monitor control to let the admin watch status of each every aspect of the system including health status of both network and systems and more. This program also provides intuitive interface to the admin and supports several GSM models.
Tags: network , program , control , monitor , system , health , manage , watch , admin , user , messaging , audit , call , interface , applications , profile , for , users , powerful , systems ,

 Ad Site

Ad Site is an advertising application which can be easily integrated into users website by which they can run ther own ad network on their website. This utility allows site visitors to buy and sell advertisement space on the users website.
Tags: utility , network , website , space , site , application , run , into , advertising , buy , users , sell ,


Aspose.Network is a suit of flexible and .NET network programming components which includes not only the implementations of most of the major network protocols but also lots of utility classes to facilitate the common development tasks. Complement of System.Net from Microsoft, Aspose.Network aims for providing a more comprehensive and complete solution for professional network application development on .NET platform. Aspose.Network enables .NET programmers to just concentrate on their business logic by hiding the complexities of network programming and other network protocol details.
Tags: utility , network , logic , business , development , application , programming , components , professional , protocol , solution , for , complete ,


BabbleNet is chat system application, which is primarily a cross between Gnutella and IRC. This realtime chat application is a totally decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) program, which can allow users to set up temporary chat network without connecting to a central server or connecting to one. It supports components like: chat user interface, P2P framework for node-to-node communications, simple XML-based P2P communication protocol and multicast peer location protocol.
Tags: network , server , system , chat , application , components , user , simple , communication , setup , protocol , set , location , for , framework , temporary , users ,

 ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server

Comprehensive SMS Gateway. The software supports all major SMSC protocols, like TAP/XIO and UDP. It also supports GSM cellular phones (like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson) and SMS devices (like WaveCom) according to the FBus and PDU standards. Filter all incoming messages and define actions on them. For example, you may filter all messages matching 'notify activexperts' in the message body, reply the senders with a 'thank you' message (action1), write a message to the Windows Event Log (action2) and finally add the message to an Access database (action3). The VBScript scripting language is the default language for defining actions in the SMS Messaging Server program. The ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server has a large install base, and is often used by television stations, radio stations, network operators and e-commerce companies. ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server received the 'Product of the month' award by in 2003 (see also
Tags: software , database , network , write , filter , message , language , radio , install , messages , scripting , television , matching , for , reply , cellular ,

 BK Traceroute

BK Traceroute is an helpful tool for the network administrators that allows them to trace the route of network links between the remote hosted systems either in synchronous form or in asynchronous form. This utility has commented class libraries which has been developed in C sharp codebase.
Tags: utility , tool , network , remote , form , class , links , trace , libraries , for , classlibraries , systems , route ,

 Network Messenger

The Network Messenger is a simple php script with which the user is allowed to send the messages through their local area network. With the Network Messenger it is possible to use unlimited number of users with a high quality world class service. The chief administrator can send messages to any user at any time. It is easy to use and handle. It is also easy to customize.
Tags: network , easy , php , script , send , class , administrator , world , user , simple , number , messages , area , local , quality , users , phpscript ,


phpWordPress is scalable and powerful news and article management solution that helps you create a full article website easily - an ideal solution for your network or website. Not only you will be able to create different layouts easily, you can also have different groups of people to help you manage your content with the built-in privilege system. Features full WYSIWYG editor, SE Friendly URLs, XML/JavaScript syndication, comments/ratings, web browser-based administration interface, full search engine, multi-language support, newsletter and much more. Try the online demo, or visit live tour.
Tags: web , search , network , create , online , management , website , help , manage , news , content , administration , newsletter , live , solution , for , powerful , people ,

 Learning to Love WSDL: Web Services Real-World Scenario

Learn about the contracts that XML Web services describe between systems using standard XML technologies (XML, XSD, WSDL, and SOAP), and dig into exactly how XML Web services are implemented in ASP.NET. Burrow through the layers and understand the complexities of the SOAP protocol, and see how the .NET Framework insulates us from those complexities. Examine the business ramifications of XML Web services, as well as sniff the network to explore actual Web services on the wire. This session is for both the savvy business person and the technical person. Explore new ways to think about enabling your business on the Web, and explore directories and command-line tools you didn't know existed. Hear how Web services enabled communication between internal systems at a top 10 U.S. financial institution. Leave understanding the benefits of XML Web services for your business, having a much deeper understanding about the philosophy and reasoning behind XML Web services, and the tips and tools required to a build a service quickly with Visual Studio .NET.
Tags: network , business , tools , using , service , financial , communication , build , tips , into , services , technical , for , directories , explore , standard , us , top , systems , layers , session ,

 Networking Utilities

The Networking Utilities is a simple script written in PHP which helps you in tracking down common problems on your network or in your client's network. The basic networking tools which are provided with this script are ping tool, a traceroute tool and an nslookup tool. This script is having a web based interface and is very simple and easy to use.
Tags: web , tool , network , easy , tools , script , tracking , ping , simple , basic , traceroute , interface , networking , webbased ,


CNstats is a simple script built in PHP. The extra features is included in later version are, speed and reliability has been increased, last five minutes reports can be selected, IP address or network can be excluded from statistics, data following "?" in the URL can be ignored, number of hits/hosts today can be displayed by means of graphical counter. The statistics will be counted with help of PHP-include. You can add your own networks.
Tags: network , data , speed , help , script , address , statistics , reports , simple , number , version , features , reliability , graphical ,

 Winsock Library

This library function is used to establish network connection between multiple systems. This library is a window based API used in GUI like, Visual Basic and also in system programming like C, C++ and VC++. This API is used to act as a bridge to transfer data between client and server. Winsock library is an essential tool for network administrators to administer desktops connected to the server.
Tags: tool , network , data , system , library , client , transfer , programming , window , multiple , connection , function , for ,

 Publish And Subscribe with C

Publish And Subscribe with C# is a tutorial through which you can know about publishing and subscribing data over a network using the C# language. In this tutorial the author clearly explains about each component of a project. This tutorial also shows the functions that are used for publishing and subscribing data in C#.
Tags: network , data , component , using , tutorial , publishing , author , for , functions ,


WirelessAdmin is more flexible remote application for the users. Using this application users can access the secured files by providing username and password. It provide security for the users by restricting intruders and the other resources. This tool access from command line when it is in Windows Command Prompt. This tool provide start and stop service thereby informing the user wheather the server is active or inactive. A must tool for the network administrators.
Tags: security , tool , network , server , files , access , application , remote , service , commandline , user , start , line , stop , command , active , for , users ,


This is a program which has the ability to reduce load times of the webpages and network traffic. This program allows users to secure meta tags from their competitors and help programmers develop applications that could be compatible with any browser. It saves browser statistics in a secured database. This program has many features like browser can be updated automatically, new browser detection, blazing speed, maximum scalability, detecting wireless devices, detecting devices like palm, iPaq PDAs, TV, web kiosks etc, search engine detection, detecting bots, spiders and crawlers, detecting firewalls, proxy settings etc.
Tags: web , search , network , program , secure , browser , help , statistics , proxy , engine , settings , searchengine , detecting , applications , wireless , load , reduce , features , tags , develop , users , meta ,


Backup4all is an award-winning backup software for Windows. The application was designed to protect your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space. This backup software is feature rich and offers an intuitive interface making all features easily accessible for both beginners and professionals. Our backup software performs all four backup types: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup. Using the wizard you can easily set up any backup configuration you wish. You can define powerful file filters and schedule your backups any way you want. Once a backup is performed, you can see what files changed since the last backup using the explorer-like tree view or you can read the statistics about the next backup execution. You can use the context menu from the tree to run standard actions associated with the file type. This backup software creates standard zip files. This means that your data is not at the mercy of the utility itself. You can access it with any zip compatible utility. Backups larger than 2GB will be automatically split into more individual zip files, making them compatible with both WinZip and PKZip. Our backup software performs incremental backup to keep track of file versions. You can easily restore any version of files or a whole folder. You can filter files to be restored. Backup4all works with any drive letter, including mapped network drives and UNC paths. It comes with its own built-in CD burning support. Just set the destination on CD and execute the backup item. However, if you prefer, you can use UDF format (using products such as DirectCD or InCD). This backup software is compatible with Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP and requires approximately 6MB of free disk space.
Tags: software , file , utility , backup , password , network , data , files , menu , protect , access , zip , disk , restore , filter , schedule , application , format , using , save , tree , view , split , drive , statistics , track , wizard , read , run , setup , backupsoftware , set , into , automatically , version , storage , mirror , burning , interface , protecting , filters , configuration , feature , execute , for , features , drives , loss , backups , context , standard , powerful ,

 PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool

This is an useful component for the web users that allows them to pass their data to others and also they can retrieve their required data from other remote systems via network which is powered with HTTP protocol. HTTPS is used to control security aspects and also they can monitor file transfers. Users will be able to put and get files to and from webservers and also they can generate a site tree. It supports proxy server, COM+ component, multi threaded environment, URL cracking etc.,
Tags: file , security , web , network , data , files , component , control , monitor , site , remote , proxy , generate , retrieve , multi , for , useful , users , systems ,

 Power TCP Telnet Tool

This tool is used to manage telnet, rexec, rlogin and rsh network communication under windows application and also it supports com+ components. Telnet ActiveX control is used by this component to form a real time data source. This utility is included with wrapper class which is used to integrate with C++. This program is suitable for event driven applications and can be used in multithreaded environment.
Tags: windows , utility , tool , network , program , data , time , component , control , application , form , manage , class , communication , event , applications , real , for ,


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