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 Search And Monitor Expired Domain Names Today

This is a tool which books any domain after its expiry and search for soon to expired domains. This tool search Dmoz and Yahoo for expired domain names. It has many features like, deleted and soon-to expired domain names are searched for free, domains are booked when it found expired, for every expired domain name it checks for alexa rankings and whois details, no downtime, it checks the link popularity, domain digger is used to extract all expired domains. It is easy to use and to customize. This tool is useful for the webmaster to check or monitor their domain name.
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 isAlpha for ASP

This ASP tutorial provides soltutions to examine a string to verify if it is made of only with alphabets. In-built program iterate through each charater and compares it with A-Z and simply outputs the result whether the given string is alpha or not through which you will obtain the functions and methods with syntax. Very useful to let the users to input unique names without special characters in ASP forms.
Tags: program , tutorial , verify , string , input , characters , names , functions , useful , users , special , alpha ,

 Use prefix notation when naming your variables

This ASP article explains the ways to declare the variable names in web applications. It guides you to define the variable name in a way that itself makes others to understand the usage of that variable name and the data type it is assigned so as to reduce the complexity while reading the code. Given list provides the prefixes that can be added with varialbe names.
Tags: web , data , list , name , reading , type , usage , reduce , names ,

 Make use of a sensible directory structure!

This is a simple ASP article related to file management techniques. The author has provided his valuable suggestion and guidelines on how to improve readability of files and folders by giving simple yet descriptive ASP formatted names for your website directories. Novice programmers and software developers working on ASP will find these tips to be useful in managing all their files and folders of their website directory.
Tags: software , file , files , management , website , find , folders , simple , tips , filemanagement , formatted , author , for , names , improve , useful ,

 Make use of a sensible directory structure!

This is a simple ASP article related to file management techniques. The author has provided his valuable suggestion and guidelines on how to improve readability of files and folders by giving simple yet descriptive ASP formatted names for your website directories. Novice programmers and software developers working on ASP will find these tips to be useful in managing all their files and folders of their website directory.
Tags: software , file , files , management , website , find , folders , simple , tips , filemanagement , formatted , author , for , names , improve , useful ,

 myPayPal History Parser Module

myPayPal History Parser Module is a PHP and MYSQl based software that creates a strong database for individuals possesing a paypal payment account. This software will help you to email all your customers, search details of the transactions, obtain overall transaction reports, etc,. This database software enhances features like combining Date and Time fields in TIMESTAMP, intelligent parsing of names and addresses into seperate database etc,.
Tags: software , email , database , search , help , into , payment , for , names , features , addresses , fields , paypal , parsing ,


This program is specially built for the DSN management through which users can manage each and every aspect of the DSN and edit names in ODBC datasource. It uses entire ODBC using databases like MS Access, MS SQL servers, Oracle and MySQL ODBC drivers. This program also displays all DSNs and installed ODBC drivers on users systems. Users can take its flexibility as an advantage to use this program easily.
Tags: program , management , edit , using , manage , databases , for , names , users ,


This program can be used by the users in managing registry, also it allows searching the value data. It never filters simply keys and value names but also the value of the data. Users can view all list of all keys and values, values in respect to provided registry branch and type and value. It is possible to view the list in both ascending and descending orders. Users can effectively handle the registry management using this basic operations.
Tags: program , management , registry , list , using , view , basic , type , keys , filters , value , searching , names , users ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 Imageless Horizontal Bars

Imageless Horizontal Bars is a graphing tool in JavaScript to display data in your webpage graphically without using any images. The script is suitable for use as an email attachment. The script can also sort the data alphabetically, ascending and descending orders. The horizontal barís font color, body background color, value scale, names of header and columns etc. are customizable in this script. You can define infinite number of rows in this script; the names and corresponding values of these rows are configurable in the array list.
Tags: email , tool , data , script , using , display , font , background , number , sort , value , columns , graphing , for , names , horizontal ,

 @lex EBS Poll

@lex Poll is fully written using PHP modules which is used to manipulate polling function on websites. Intuitive admin interface allows user's login under security. It is capable of handling several survey info. Defining table names is done on your own. Publishing surveys online is possible. Multi-skins features to modify graph layout. POP-up and flat file types are used for voting. Database is compatible with MySQL, MsAccess, MsSQL, Oracle, PostGreeSql 7. A Live demo is supported.
Tags: file , online , using , table , graph , demo , admin , function , login , interface , survey , for , names , features , modify ,

 Expired domains registered in Yahoo, Dmoz with built-in traffic

This script is helpful for finding the expired domains and ought to expire soon domain names in the directories like yahoo or Dmoz daily. Users can find any domain names through service. Every second this software will check the status of the domain names and also members can search daily to view daily expiring domain names with daily expired search engines. It also gives the details like, total number of domain names that are registered, deleted and which are in service at present and more facilities are available.
Tags: software , search , find , script , view , check , service , yahoo , deleted , number , domain , daily , second , for , names , directories , present , domainnames , - Free redirection without ads

We deliver a locjt of free subdomains liker,,,,etc provides free domain names that are free subdomains of .net/.be/.nl free web domain name. domain name includes free URL redirection with path forwarding and URL cloaking to redirect a free domain name to an existing web site. We also provide powerful statistics and emailforwarding.
Tags: web , statistics , name , domain , domainname , names , powerful , forwarding , domainnames ,

 Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL - 1

This is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on building an online subscription form to allow the visitors to submit their details for receiving newsletter. This tutorial will be useful for the webmasters to learn about saving names and emails of the people. The author guides users about utilizing both MySQL database and PHP to perform this process.
Tags: database , online , form , learn , emails , tutorial , submit , author , for , names , useful , users , building ,

 .DR.AG URL Redirection

.DR.AG is a URL redirection service provider which allows the user to get a domain name in their own name or in the name of their choice. They can select a domain name extension from a list of domain names like,, and many more. All the domain names will be protected with a secured password.
Tags: list , service , user , name , domain , extension , domainname , names , select , protected , domainnames ,

 ActiveX/ASP Logging system

Hi-performance text file logging from ASP, VBScript or JScript, ASP.Net VB, C#, VBA5 or VBA6. Free-threaded object, can be placed to Application scope Lets you log exact script timing values (up to microsecond or nanosecond), process and thread info and performance values (see LogLineBeginTypes, LineBegin) Writes one or more (any number) string, numeric, date, object (default property), array and other variables with one row of code to the log (Log) Daily/weekly/monthly log filename scheme, lets you specify common log file header and log field names in each file. Other features Custom log field and array separator Custom date-time format, local or global (GMT) time Optional URL encode for logged data Part of ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload, you will get more functionality! C++ source code is available with Distribution license, please see License page for ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload.
Tags: file , text , code , script , log , page , performance , source , process , encode , sourcecode , logging , local , info , object , field , for , names , logfile , filename , available , global ,

 Domain Inspect

Domain Inspect is a useful tool that can be installed on your website to provide your users to perform whois lookup for a domain name required by them. It returns the result whether the domain name entered is available or not. It is capable of checking the availability of domain names for multiple domain names at a same time and allows you to save the results or to export them to other formats like HTML or excel sheets etc. You can also search for domain names with keywords in three kinds of modes like manual mode, wizard mode and advanced mode. It also supports proxy servers including HTTP and SOCKS proxy.
Tags: tool , search , time , excel , website , export , save , proxy , wizard , advanced , multiple , whois , name , lookup , domain , keywords , checking , domainname , for , names , mode , useful , users , servers , manual , available , domainnames ,

 ASP Database Errors

ASP Database Errors is an article deals with error trapping and error coding in databases. This tool offers various error trapping functionalities that have been occured while developing the database programs. And also offers various constant names for error codes in ADO. It is an useful article for the users to trap errors and handle them.
Tags: database , tool , error , errors , for , names , useful , users , trap , coding , codes ,

 SmartWin Professional

SmartWin is a resource manager.It gives you quick access to your favorite applications ,files, folders and web sites through a smart prompt used without mouse clicks or through keyboard shortcuts. Resources are inputed by drag and drop, their names can have spaces in them. You can group them. You can schedule them. It comes with features for fast batch changing names or deleting resources making it easy to access and manage your resources.
Tags: web , access , easy , fast , batch , schedule , keyboard , folders , manage , mouse , quick , smart , resource , applications , group , favorite , resources , for , names , sites , features , changing ,

 PHP Text

PHP Text DB is a database program that lets you to provide content without using mySql or ODBC. This database text allows to edit/delete/display all current records, add new records, display all records. With this we can allow or disable HTML too. Just through one simple text file, the appearance and field names of the database are customizable. You can use this script as much as you like on a single domain. Online demo is available. Very simple to install and run.
Tags: database , program , text , script , using , display , demo , content , install , simple , disable , field , names ,


Adding shopping to your website is now easier than ever with CF Merchant. CF Merchant is a shopping cart program designed for ease of use and unprecedented power. With our step-by-step guide you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet today. Store Front Features: Cookie-less and Java-less ColdFusion driven storefront. (No client dependencies other that a standard web browser) Upsell/Cross-Sell, Assign discounts on a per user basis, Product pages optimized for search engines, Intelligent product search engine, Automatic delivery of electronic goods, Shipping, Flat fee for entire order, Base price plus weight. Allow returning customers to login, and account data is automatically retrieved from a previous registration, Email customers their forgotten user names and passwords, allows your customers to track their orders 7 days a week/24 hours a day via the web with their login and password. This will allow your customer to be informed and reduce the number of phone calls. Administration Features: Update order status to be viewed by your customer, Top selling months, days and products reports, Set the number of products to display per page in storefront, Customizable messaging settings such as the home page, order complete, invoices, etc. Set your own colors and fonts for a customized look, Use our included graphics or define your own images for all navigation buttons, Define sales tax rates, Unlimited number of categories, Assign category header and tree images, Assign name, product code, weight, taxable status, description, keywords, images and more to a product and many features
Tags: web , search , program , data , images , graphics , website , secure , digital , client , phone , tree , navigation , page , home , display , track , sales , user , process , messaging , tax , colors , number , account , build , settings , customer , automatically , login , shopping , day , pages , fonts , product , shoppingcart , now , forgotten , orders , reduce , for , names , electronic , customers , distribute , guide , sell , standard ,

 Mp3 Search Script

Mp3 Search Script is an effective search engine software designed for hunting favorite MP3's with file names as the key word without using meta data. Using this software you can also upload your playlists with the search results by setting MIME types correctly. This script is easy to use and can be integrated in to any websites.
Tags: software , file , search , word , easy , script , using , upload , key , engine , searchengine , favorite , for , names , meta ,

 All About Variables Part 1 : Defining and Using

By reading this online ASP article, you can understand many things on variables which guides you to declare a variable and to name a variable to make it sense. Limitations lets you define the variable names properly. How variables can be called to perform functions is demonstrated with a little sample code that lets you obtain clear idea on variables.
Tags: online , make , code , name , reading , clear , sample , names , functions ,


The Whois is a simple domain checking script which can be used for checking the availability of domain names in any of the top level domains available globally. It uses one method and two optional properties to search a domain name.The script cannot search for domain names for .tv, .name and .pro which require an account to do a whois query search.
Tags: search , script , query , whois , simple , account , domain , checking , properties , for , names , available , top , method , domainnames ,

 PHP/MySQL Database Script

PHP/MySQL database script is a tool for managing data's. It permits the users to open MiniSQL database. This script is used to add, delete and update the database contents. It determines the names and types of fields in the database field after the communication with the MSQL server. The database table need unique string in the first field to use it as key for changes.
Tags: database , tool , delete , script , key , table , open , communication , update , string , field , for , names , users , fields ,

 Simple Greeting Cards

you can have any number you want. A visitor previews the cards by selecting a radio button. They select one, then they enter email addresses and names and their personal message. They click Preview, and they can see their chosen card with their message in it. Then they click Send. The recipient recieves a plain text email with a URL to their greeting card. When they view it, the anchor tags and the placeholder message are replaced by whatever message the sender entered.
Tags: email , text , message , view , personal , radio , number , click , names , greeting , select , addresses , tags , sender , visitor ,

 GetRows NOT BY THE Numbers

Through this online tutorial the author explains about a new approach of accessing GetRows array with the help of names and not by numbers. Test Script is given at the end of this article along with an example. The main advantage of this method is it is very fast and scalable.
Tags: online , fast , help , tutorial , author , names , method ,

 Expired Domain Names Searcher

Expired Domain Names Searcher is powered on PHP language using that one can find out the domain names from the listed expired / expiring domain names. To search , you can fix a number of characters with conditions more, less, or exactly for domain names and you can include top level domain (TLD) extensions, hyphens for advanced search. Text file can contain the results. Supports templates for customization. Lists can be sorted either by alphabeticaly or expired date.
Tags: file , search , find , using , language , fix , advanced , templates , number , domain , characters , for , names , top , out , domainnames ,

 Free 3 letter domain names finder

Free 3 letter domain names finder is desinged for PHP based websites that filters 3 letter domain names from a domain name list that may contain any length of domain names. Result can be outputted in HTML format or in normal text format and allows you to store in your database in the format you specify. This module also enables you to search for whois records, link popularity, old archives and allows you to back order the expired domain names.
Tags: database , search , text , list , format , link , finder , store , whois , name , module , domain , filters , length , websites , domainname , letter , for , names , back , archives , domainnames ,

 Free Yahoo & DMOZ expired domain names finder

Free Yahoo & DMOZ expired domain names finder helps one to search all the domain names which are expired and are to be expired. It helps you to gain high traffic domains on your own site. This script allows you to sell your domain name or to order back the expired domain name. It gives maximum of 5 categories to put your domain names with your own expiration offer. Ability to view whois details, link popularity, and alexa ranking and still more a lot.
Tags: search , script , view , link , traffic , finder , whois , name , domain , domainname , names , back , sell , ranking , domainnames ,


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