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 Confusion IRC

This is a very basic, yet fun and somewhat customizable script for mIRC. It includes options such as an away system, fun popups and jokes, a basic mp3 player, flood protection, computer stats, and some other neat options.
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EverMon is the site offers many free Flash intros, movies, mp3 players, buttons, and much more. It also offers custom design service for your projects and Flash intros and or many other Creations.
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 Flash Sound Buttons

Flash Sound Buttons can record audio from Your microphone and move your mp3 audio file into audio button.
Tags: mp3 , file , audio , record , move , into , microphone ,

 Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader

Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader. Loads mp3's from an easy to edit XML file. Title of mp3 as well as the artist included. No need to edit the fla file unless you want to change the looks of it. Everything is included, fla, xml file and sample mp3 files as well as complete editing instructions. Check out the demo.
Tags: mp3 , file , files , xml , edit , easy , change , editing , artist , sample , complete , out ,

 Wav to MP3 Converter & CD Ripper

Wav to MP3 Converter & CD Ripper provides effective solutions to handle music files like wav, mp3, and CD ROM sound files. You can convert your cd files into mp3 and wav format. And wav format music files can be converted into mp3 format which can be recorded with a CD. Inbuilt CD ripper helps you to record digital audio with CDs in encoded MP3 format. It is capable of converting to decode the encoded music files.
Tags: mp3 , convert , cd , audio , music , wav , files , sound , digital , record , ripper , format , into , converting , decode , solutions ,

 WS-MP3 for Web site

WS-MP3 (flash MP3 reader) is especially intended to stream your MP3 in your Web site. History: WS-MP3 is, at the begining, a flash reader I discovered on this site: I find a constraint: 'how to stream a dynamic list of MP3 locate in the same direcory?' With this intention, I developed a small Web application around this reader. This reader offers a great advantage: he accepts parameters in an URL, in particular with ?. In its original version, its code is as follows: The presence of ? was the release of my development. I concentrated myself on this quesion: "I want it but not ten times in the same page, but once only. So how can I modify my list dynamically". To answer it, I used the File System Object so that I only have to put all my MP3s in the same directory and ... its done! But it was not enough: "How can I give informations on the MP3 which is in playing?" Answer: always with the File System Object: by default, all the MP3s have a description. Let us come to the specifications: ASP 3.0 Requirements : Windows with IIS Installation - Extract the files in a directory of your Web site - Open the asp file (MP3_player_A.asp OR MP3_player_B.asp) with a text editor. Files can be renamed. - Edit the MP3 player settings : default song, default directory etc. - Put MP3 files (no limit :-) in your directory - Publish & enjoy! MAKING SOMETHING SPECIAL : GIVE A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MP3 FILES! (Only MP3_Player_B.asp version) - Create a simple htm file. Attention : no '.html', no '.asp', only '.htm' - Edit this file : add text & images if needed - save as NameOfAMp3.htm - Thats's all! EXAMPLE : My MP3 file is 'Sibo.mp3' My .htm file must be 'Sibo.htm'
Tags: mp3 , file , flash , text , files , images , asp , find , code , list , application , save , directory , simple , reader , small , settings , dynamic , original , htm , stream , limit , locate , modify , us ,

 Digital Audio Base

Digital Audio Base is a PHP based script to create and manage database for adding albums, songs, ratings, creating and managing playlists etc,. This musical database also provides users with playlist generator and options to browse by artist, albums, track scoring in various parameters etc,. This script also supports import of mp3 and ogg files on the database, import album playlists etc,.
Tags: mp3 , database , create , files , ogg , creating , generator , script , import , manage , album , track , browse , options , for , users , musical ,

 Wimpy Player

This is a simple and very user friendly programme to play streaming mp3 audios on your website. Just upload the player and mp3 audios to your server and start listening streaming music. Comes with a flash interface and can be setup easily and used. Upload just two files, the player and audio and start listening.
Tags: mp3 , audio , flash , server , play , upload , user , simple , streaming , start , interface ,


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