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This is an online tool bar that can be used to download music files, images, movies from any website to their local desktop. Users can filter unwanted images like, advertisements, banner etc by using image filter. This program has the ability to preview pictures and to capture movies and other content from MP3 files, Zip files etc. This program creates galleries for grabbed images automatically. This program has several features like, ability to organize movie playlists, ability to download files etc.
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 X Video Converter

X Video Converter is an useful and powerful converter using which you would be able to spilt, edit and join movie files easily through a simple interface. This program works with all AVI file formats and support batch file convertion process. You can join small video files to create a new movie or spilt large movie files, convert file fomats, extract audio track from movies etc.,
Tags: file , convert , video , converter , audio , program , create , files , edit , movie , extract , batch , using , movies , track , simple , small , support , join , useful , powerful ,

 Axis Spectrum Analyzer

Axis Spectrum Analyzer allows you to record audio along with sincronized 31 band spectrum analyzer readings from any audio source to be inputed into Macromedia Flash movies in an easy to integrate way. It records a wave file and an action script file for that wave file to be included in your Flash project. It allows you to set the frames per second used in the Flash movie. It comes with a full example, visit the web site, there is an example there. The software can also be used to display real-time audio with customized visuals on your desktop or on video devices such as projectors, tvs,etc..., the software comes with special features for making it appropriate for music performances (such as karaokes,shows) . For video device output capability you will need a machine with an audio board and a video board with an s-video or composite video output (quality is a differential in both audio and video hardware).Help included.
Tags: software , file , desktop , video , web , audio , music , action , easy , record , board , script , movies , wave , source , display , analyzer , set , into , device , machine , second , frames , for , features , records , special ,


Galleristic is a web based application which is specifically designed to create image gallery containing any number of pictures. Using this applciation you can easily upload flash movies to your image gallery as well as you can create thumbnails. This application contains several templates which are customizable. This application is easy to install on your web sites.
Tags: image , web , flash , create , easy , application , movies , upload , gallery , templates , install , number , webbased ,

 ASP and Flash Christmas Ecard

This is a very simple greeting card utility built with flash and ASP. Site visitors can enter their name and greeting message which will be included in the generated flash file. Users can use their own flash movies to include more cards.
Tags: utility , flash , message , movies , simple , name , greeting , greetingcard ,

 DivX Player

DivX Player is a powerful video player that enables end-users to watch movies on their PC. There are several skins to personalize and turn your home PC into a home theatre. This video playback application enables you to watch movies in DivX file formats and can even support movie files in other popular audio and video formats. Some of the key features of this utility include variable screen sizes, remote control compatibility, multiple monitor support etc.,
Tags: file , screen , video , utility , audio , files , control , monitor , movie , application , remote , movies , home , watch , key , multiple , skins , support , remotecontrol , into , popular , features , playback , powerful , personalize ,

 ImTOO DVD Ripper SE

ImTOO DVD Ripper SE is a DVD ripping tool easy to use with high ripping speed. It can backup your favorite DVD movie into almost all popular video formats such as VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI etc. You can select subtitle language or movie size for targeting video files. Frame rate including PAL and NTSC, audio volume, bitrate, frequency, or whether enable Dolby Surround are all selectable. Also ImTOO DVD Ripper can check your CPU type automatically, that ensure you can rip your DVDs with the best ripping speed. You can preview the movies before you begin ripping them, you even can watch the movies at the same time when you are ripping DVDs. And using ImTOO DVD Ripper, you will get the movie formats you want with excellent image and sound quality. Note: The SE version of ImTOO DVD Ripper doesn't support ripping CSS-protected DVDs.
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 ImTOO DVD Ripper

ImTOO DVD Ripper is a DVD ripping tool easy to use with high ripping speed. It can backup your favorite DVD movie into almost all popular video formats such as VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI etc. Compare with other DVD ripper, ImTOO DVD Ripper has more settings you can customize and it is easier than ever. Whatever you are a veteran or a beginner, you will feel it's developed for you! If you are a veteran, you will find there are so many options you can set, if it's the first time you rip DVDs, you don't have to consider these options, just use default settings and rip DVDs in a few clicks. You can select subtitle language or movie size for targeting video files. Frame rate including PAL and NTSC, audio volume, bitrate, frequency, or whether enable Dolby Surround are all selectable. Also ImTOO DVD Ripper can check your CPU type automatically, that ensure you can rip your DVDs with the best ripping speed. You can preview the movies before you begin ripping them, you even can watch the movies at the same time when you are ripping DVDs. And using ImTOO DVD Ripper, you will get the movie formats you want with excellent image and sound quality. The new version adds the function of ripping by chapter(s).
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 Hello World Remoting

Flash Remoting is a technique that allows commmunication between the flash movies and the remote server side applications using remote procedural calls. In this tutorial, a new AMFPHP project has been discussed which allows the Flash developers to use Flash remoting in a PHP environment, and here, developers create an open source library to port flash remoting to PHP. This tutorial also describes how to install flash remoting for PHP.
Tags: flash , create , server , library , using , remote , project , movies , source , install , open , port , tutorial , applications , for ,


Flashbase is a new website which lets you create your own movies for download. Select and configure your own flash menus or create a dynamic flash banner in no time at all.
Tags: flash , create , time , website , movies , menus , dynamic , banner , for , configure ,


FlashMash offers a way to build a Flash movie on the fly with an easy-to-use Web forms wizard. You can use MashCard, an easy-to-use, online interface to create your own Flash movies that can be pressed onto business card-sized CDs.
Tags: create , online , business , movie , movies , forms , build , interface ,


This is a script which acts as a editor and allows the users to replace the text area with html editing component in their content management system. This program provides a API which can perform the process of disabling image uploading, setting layout options, hiding tabs and buttons. Features like users can upload flash movies in their content, disabling Flash delete functions, users can build and edit html contents through their web browser from any remote locations at anytime, has the option to disable the new image creation, This program provides a graphical user interface for the users.
Tags: image , html , web , flash , editor , program , text , component , management , delete , browser , edit , script , remote , movies , upload , replace , content , user , process , editing , disable , build , area , webbrowser , interface , layout , for , contentmanagement , tabs , users , contents , option , userinterface , graphical ,


SWFText is an author tool of Flash text animation. It embraces 150+ text effects and 20+ background effects, and users may also customize all the properties of a Flash, including font, text color, and layout, etc. With SWFText, a user without any experience of Flash development can easily create a Flash banner or an introductory page within a few minutes. And all you need do is to input text, select font and animation effects. Major features include: Extremely easy to use. Enter text and select effects and you can create a Falsh movie in 5 minutes. Even a user without any experience of Flash development can easily create various complicated Flash text animation effects. Supports customized setting of the size and playback speed of a Flash movie. Disables right-click context menu of a Flash movie. Produces Flash movies in compressed format, saving your disk space and download bandwidth of your web site. The background of a Flash movie can be filled up with solid color, gradient color, and image. Better animation effect is achieved by flexible grouping of 150+ text effects and 20+ background effects. More animation results are possible by customizing properties of the effects. A Flash movie may contain more than one page, and each page may have more than one line of letters. Has the ability to use all the fonts you have installed in your computer. Supports comprehensive customization of text properties, including style, color, size, transparency, position, and spacing, etc. Specific page may be opened automatically in web browser with left-click over the movie or upon the end of its playback. This option is useful in creating Flash banners and introductory pages. Current settings may be saved up for later use. While creating a Flash movie, you may choose to create the HTML page which includes the movie at the same time. Preview Window will be automatically refreshed upon any property change of the Flash movie you are working.
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 3D Flash Animator Ver 3.0

This is a much-improved and debugged version. It is claimed to be much more user-friendly, less memory-intensive, and faster. An important improvement - now includes a drawing tool. Available in a number of languages. 3D Flash Animator also has the power to create 3D animations. 3D models can be imported into a project, or they can be built within the interface. The models can then be animated by using built-in effects. Use this revolutionary tool to make movies and stunning animations.
Tags: tool , create , make , animated , using , movies , drawing , number , into , power , models , now , improvement ,


PowerMovieList is a powerful php-script to manage your movie(z) collection. It lets you catalog your movies with detailed information, that it downloads from the hugest movie-database in the internet. Features: *multi-list-support *multi-user-support *filter and sort the list *enter the format and the language for every movie *enter links for every movie - so it can work as e.g. a e-donkey-link-list *cover-download-script for easy cover-downloading *script to create simple covers (to save ink) *counter that creates usage-statistics *download-statistics *complete script still works if JavaScript is disabled *complete installation per browser *GPL-License (free for you!)
Tags: create , easy , movie , script , format , catalog , save , movies , language , downloads , manage , links , simple , work , installation , sort , for , powerful , covers ,

 Pipey's Flash Chat

Pipey's Flash Chat is a web-based chat system based on Macromedia Flash and Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies. It overcomes the problems of many HTML-based chats by using interactive Flash movies as the user-interface. And what's more, it is very easy to customise. This allows to configure back ground graphics. Provides Multiple Rooms. Supports prviate rooms with password protection. Allow the user to choose from a selection of backgrounds. Special users who can kick or ban other users from the chat. Supports Multi-language, simply can change the interface text to any language. Provides 'Mood icons' to express expressions. Full Flash source to modify as you please. Users can print out a transcript of their chat session.
Tags: password , text , system , print , easy , chat , using , movies , change , source , express , user , interactive , interface , modify , back , users , configure , out ,

 Proxus FLV video Pack

Proxus FLV video pack is a script built by using PHP which can be used for running movies and flash program. With the help of this program the users can run several type of files like Mov, Mpeg and Avi by converting it into SWF. This program provides a simple user control wizard to allow users to control picture motion as they prefer.
Tags: video , picture , flash , program , files , control , help , script , using , movies , wizard , user , simple , run , pack , into , converting , type , motion , for , users ,

 Sothink SWF Decompiler

Sothink SWF Decompiler is a tool used for browsing, viewing and parsing Shockwave Flash movies (.swf files). It can extract sounds, images, movie clips from Flash movies. SWF Decompiler can also decompile the action scripts in a Flash movie and turn them into neat and readable code. It has a built-in Flash viewer to view and play the Flash movies you selected. It can display all movie components in groups, such as Shape, Image, Sound, Font, Text, Sprite, Button and Frame. Using Sothink SWF Decompiler, you can find out almost everything in a Flash movie. Besides SWF format, the resources can be exported in several formats so you can use them in other applications
Tags: tool , action , play , viewer , find , movie , extract , movies , view , scripts , swf , display , components , into , resources , for , clips , parsing , out ,


This program helps the users in converting their flash movies in to a stand alone projector executable. And also it helps to burn their flash movies straightly to CD ROM and to convert their flash movies in to windows screensaver. It lets users to combine flash movies to define playback options and playing order. The users can have the options to select the windows from various windows styles including windowless and transparent background. It allows the users to display about box for their flash movies by selecting the context menu items.
Tags: windows , convert , flash , program , menu , burn , movies , display , transparent , converting , options , combine , box , for , select , playback , users , context ,


FLASH INTRO TEMPLATES is a online flash application that can be integrated into users website. This template has various flash headers each having individual source FLA files and also allows the users to edit the files. This flash template offers several flash movies where users can select their desired images to suit their websites and attract more visitors
Tags: flash , online , files , images , edit , application , movies , source , template , into , websites , select , users ,

 Pretty Screen Saver

Congratulations on choosing Pretty Screen Saver, the fastest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use FLASH screen saver tool available for Windows! Make screen saver with your favorite flash movie! No programming skills needed! Make your own screen saver with your favorite flash movies in senconds with Pretty screen saver! The popular Web animation format lets you to create beautiful and powerful vector animations with sounds, collision detection, text effects and more.... What you need to do is adding flash movies to your screensaver with a point-and-click. Flash is the most popular animation format on the Web. Now you don't have any limit to your imagination! A professional tool must be Powerful and Easy to Use.What you need to do is adding your favorite movies to magic movie collector. A built-in well designed movie collector to manage your movies, a powerful explorer with thumbnail preview to explore your hard disks or CD. All flash movies in movie collector and in thumbnail preview mode play quickly.You can easily know what the movie is.So,you will care nothing about the file icon,file name and so on! What you see is what you get! Flash mute play mode,single play mode,play list mode and background music playing will give you much much more fun in making screen saver. * Manage you movie collector easily. * Single movie mode an play list mode. * Playing movie orderly or random at your pleasure . * Mute mode. * You can add your favorite music into Background music list. * You can arrange music playing order by drag&drop. * Mp3 and Wav format compatible. * Play music with built-in multimedia player. * Arrange playing order at your pleasure.Orderly or Random.
Tags: screensaver , file , screen , tool , music , saver , flash , create , text , fun , play , explorer , multimedia , movie , animation , list , format , movies , thumbnail , programming , manage , effects , magic , background , playlist , random , vector , beautiful , name , hard , professional , into , preview , animations , popular , favorite , limit , skills , for , explore , collector , mode , available , powerful , is a vast library with a collection of numerous graphics and Flash templates. They provide their members with lots of icons, photos, logos, 3d animations, mascots, buttons, banners, presentation templates, website templates, Flash intros etc, for using them on their Flash movies and presentations.
Tags: 3d , graphics , website , library , using , collection , movies , presentation , for ,


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