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aldap is a opensource PHP script that merges all user admin controls on a intranet or internet sites. Supports include multiple user administration, searching functions, Layout customizing components, creating announcements, and more. User access level is categorized into 4 levels of user, power user, super user and administrator. you can add multiple groups and can move one group to another. Entries supports single quotes and multiple character set. Importing contact into LDAP server is possible via perl modules. Gives support for multi-language.
Tags: internet , server , access , creating , script , perl , multiple , contact , admin , user , support , levels , intranet , move , into , quotes , power , group , character , controls , opensource , searching , for ,

 Wizard Form

This dynamic link library tool is based on ASP.NET which is helpful for the web developers to create their own HTML based wizard forms quickly and it requires any programming knowledge and also the users can edit and generate XML form definitions. Users can easily move to and fro from the form. It stores entire data into the XML data server. Querying data from the data server is easy and simple and it offers many features.
Tags: web , tool , data , create , server , library , edit , easy , form , programming , forms , generate , link , wizard , simple , dynamic , move , into , knowledge , for , users ,


This is a wonderful java applet to show an animation of flag waving effect in the image inserted by you in a selected location or as along with the mouse location. This applet performs this effect in real-time. The images in this applet can be linked to a URL. When you move the mouse over the image the animation pauses and clicking on it can launch to the connected URL if linked.
Tags: image , images , java , animation , effect , show , mouse , applet , launch , move , location , javaapplet ,


aiptwirl is a Java animation button applet in which you can supply any of your images as input image and implement a real-time twirling effect at a random center or mouse location on the image. You can also link it with URL. To execute it try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to reach the linked URL if any. Customizable parameters include size of image, image height, delay of animation etc.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , link , applet , button , size , random , move , into , click , location , input , execute ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 ReviewPost Pro

ReviewPost Pro is a reviewing system and is a simple script based on php. It provides ability to amass collection of users opinions about products. Users can enter pros and cons for products. Users can also review existing or new products. Features include user, admin, other and registration system features. It supports multiple languages. Admin can set the size of thumbnail images. Admin has unlimited categories and sub categories and can move products from one category to another. It allow users to change passwords.
Tags: system , script , collection , thumbnail , change , multiple , size , simple , move , set , for , features , users , registration , review ,

 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
Tags: password , online , protect , encryption , website , library , site , list , view , stock , demo , multiple , contact , tag , admin , trial , user , decrypt , account , move , update , numbers , credit , for , creditcard , features , users , meta , books , us , listing , rent , out ,

 PHP MySQL Paging

How to use PHP to implement MySQL paging and split your query result in multiple pages. Plus how to create the navigation to move from one page to another
Tags: create , split , navigation , page , query , multiple , move ,

 .NET Applications on UNIX?

In this article, the author creates a new concept of building and running .NET in UNIX platform. The author tells about the initiative steps taken to move the compilers, the CLR, CTS and the Class Libraries for the processing of ASP.NET. This article shows the development made by the author in bringing the .NET Framework to work in cross platforms. This is just a spark for the developers to contribute their part also in developing such new concept.
Tags: development , processing , move , work , author , for , part , building ,


This is an ASP.NET article in which the author shows how to display the information on the client side using the write method of the response object and how to move to any page or URL using the redirect method of the ASP.NET response object. The author also explains about CacheControl and Expires property of the ASP.NET Response object.
Tags: write , information , client , using , page , display , move , object , author , property , method ,

 CCXI XML Data Island Library

Take the Strain off Your Server. Use the CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control to allow users to interact with an entire dataset--without having to constantly contact the server for processing. When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want to avoid server round trips for operations like paging, sorting and searching, then CCXI makes it simple to set up. The CCXItable control allows you to create a table that binds--on the client machine--rows from an XML data island with a template that you define. CCXItable makes it easy to define templates and create XML data islands. What is the best way to present two or more pages of data to users? The most common approach is to dynamically generate html that contains the first page then, when the user wants the second page, dynamically generate the second page too. Then regenerate the first page when the user wants to see it again! And, of course, do this for each user who accesses the data. Obviously, all this processing can put an unbearable strain on your server. One way to solve this problem is to generate a single (long) static page of scrollable data. But, what about sorting and searching? What if many of the data items contain image tags, making the page-load time unbearably long as each graphic is fetched? XML data islands provide a way to incorporate into a web page a moderate amount of data (even html) without forcing the browser to render all of it at once. They also make it possible to move processing of paging, sorting and searching commands to javascript on the client side. Unfortunately, there are many "gotchas" in dealing with XML islands. Inner tags cannot be the same as other valid html tags. Different browsers have different requirements and quirks. And it takes quite a bit of javascript to successively navigate, extract and format data for display. And, you have to format your data to fit these requirements in the first place. CCXI makes it easy.
Tags: image , html , web , data , create , time , server , control , browser , javascript , easy , make , extract , client , graphic , format , page , display , table , generate , webpage , best , contact , templates , user , template , simple , processing , move , set , into , pages , second , problem , searching , solve , for , tags , users , present , island , bit , static ,

 Introducing .NET Data Management

The .NET Framework includes a series of classes that implement a new data access technology that is specifically designed for use in the .NET world. We'll look at why this has come about, and how it relates to the techniques used in ASP. In fact, the new framework classes provide a whole lot more than just a .NET version of ADO. Like the move from ASP to ASP.NET, they involve fundamental changes in the approach to managing data in external data stores.
Tags: data , access , move , version , for , framework , changes ,


CFFileManager is a Coldfusion custom tag that facilitates manipulation of files and folders in any application. It allows you to browse a folder, select some sub folders and files, move to a different folder and paste the selected objects. It is secure, scalable and easy to use for the developer. Its user interface is based on the looks and feel of Windows. Some of its features are right click context menu, browse directories, upload multiple files , download files to your computer, edit files, copy/add/delete/rename folders, copy/delete/rename/edit files, sort files/folders by name/type or size, administration restrictions available, deletion and copying of folders and many more.
Tags: download , files , folder , edit , easy , folders , upload , multiple , tag , administration , user , browse , custom , paste , move , click , interface , sort , deletion , restrictions , for , features , select , context , userinterface ,


dbQwikSync2 is a lightweight easy-to-use data migration wizard that will save you hours of frustration trying to move data to your mySQL server. Supports: Access, Excel, dBase, Froxpro, Paradox and MS SQL
Tags: data , save , wizard , migration , move ,

 Count Click Throughs (Without a DB)

This tutorial really paves the way for the new developers to create their own click throughs program to use on their website. It is used for finding which link is selected by the visitor to move from their website. This tutorial has given sample source code for the users to guide them for making a web counter to count click throughs but it does not use database to hold data.
Tags: database , web , program , create , code , source , link , sourcecode , move , click , tutorial , counter , count , sample , for , guide , users , visitor ,

 iScroll Applet

This is an online text scroller that can scroll the text horizontally on the web pages. When user move the mouse pointer accross the applet, it changes the link color. Users can set font style, font size, font color, font face to an applet as they wish. This program has ability to set the text which will appear in the status bar. This program has several features like, adjusting applet height, vertical text adjustment, ability to set link and target for a mouse click, automatic text sizing, speed control, text and mouse over link colors and more.
Tags: web , program , text , online , speed , automatic , mouse , link , font , applet , user , colors , face , move , set , vertical , for , features , scroll , pointer , scroller , changes ,

 Code That Tab

Code That Tab is a javascript based tab control program with windows Graphical User Interface specifications. It offers customizable options to control tab fonts, tab background colors and tab colors using CSS classes. With the help of this program users can create multiple webpage in one window and display overlapping webpages with distinct information. Ability to move the tabs to right, bottom, left and top of the webpages.
Tags: windows , program , create , control , javascript , help , using , display , window , multiple , background , colors , move , options , tab , tabs , users , top ,

 CV Voice Chat

CV Voice Chat is a communication tool that allows you to chat interactively with anyone online. It includes various features like user friendly interface, customizable template design, allows one-to-one private voice chat communication, one-to-all text message, Mic order, ability to move from one room to other in the same category, short hand abbreviations, contains an admin control panel to add or delete users from Mic list and has many other features.
Tags: tool , text , control , delete , list , chat , voice , admin , private , user , template , communication , move , hand , features , users , room ,

 Horizontal Scroller Pro

This is an easy to use java applet scroller that displays text or images with scrolling effect. Users are allowed to specify background color, font color, font size, font face etc according to their needs. They can adjust speed of the scrolling and set target for the links. This program has ability to stop execution when user move the mouse pointer over the applet. Other features of this program are, manual scrolling, highlighted URL links etc.
Tags: program , text , images , java , easy , speed , mouse , font , applet , links , background , user , stop , face , move , set , javaapplet , for , features , scrolling , manual , adjust , pointer , scroller ,

 File Manipulation Made Easy with ColdFusion

This is a tutorial which tells the users how to manipulate the file system with the coldfusion support. This article allows the users to generate, delete, copy and move files and directories. This tutorial teaches the users about listing and creating directories.
Tags: file , files , system , copy , creating , move , tutorial , users , filesystem , listing ,

 File Manager User Control

File Manager User Control is a file management tool with enhanced features. Using this web control you can create, delete, rename, copy, upload and move files and folders easily. Users can delete and move multiple files at a time. Some key features of this utility are, it displays error message when the deletion operation fails and it gets confirmation from the users before deleting a file or folder.
Tags: file , web , utility , tool , files , control , management , delete , message , folders , upload , key , error , multiple , move , filemanagement , deletion , features , users ,

 Flash DS ImageScroll

This is one kind of image scrolling software developed from Flash that helps to move images and texts anywhere in the screen. We can scroll different images filled with different texts on it. The scrolling effect found in the image is an attractive feature for the visitors. We can make to move the image or the text in any direction of our desire.
Tags: software , image , text , images , make , effect , move , feature , for , scrolling , scroll ,

 Flash DS ImageScroll

This is one kind of image scrolling software developed from Flash that helps to move images and texts anywhere in the screen. We can scroll different images filled with different texts on it. The scrolling effect found in the image is an attractive feature for the visitors. We can make to move the image or the text in any direction of our desire.
Tags: software , image , text , images , make , effect , move , feature , for , scrolling , scroll ,

 Flash DS ImageScroll

This is one kind of image scrolling software developed from Flash that helps to move images and texts anywhere in the screen. We can scroll different images filled with different texts on it. The scrolling effect found in the image is an attractive feature for the visitors. We can make to move the image or the text in any direction of our desire.
Tags: software , image , text , images , make , effect , move , feature , for , scrolling , scroll ,

 DW Work- Gutter Bar

This utility allows users to move to dreamweaver MX from home site quickly. They can open the documents from any web pages. It displays list of open documents. Users can view previous, next and last documents as they like. It toggles code inspector, hidden characters, line numbers and full screen. This tool is embedded with API and placed anywhere on the MX IDE. Users can open or close all active documents easily.
Tags: web , utility , tool , code , site , list , view , home , documents , open , hidden , line , move , numbers , active , users , dreamweaver ,

 DW Work- Script Walker

This utility is basically for finding and replacing code wrap for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. By using this tool users can replace blocks of code, import code snippets and to navigate users to move up or down from current place. Totally users can control whole codes easily. It offers several important features like, it supports linked files, folders, sites, projects, current documents etc., and many features are included.
Tags: utility , tool , control , code , using , import , replace , documents , move , for , features , users , navigate , codes ,

 Stock Chart

Stock Chart is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this powerful tool you can create stock charts and indicators. This tool uses external datas to draw charts. You can easily resize and move the charts. You can easily download and install this component on your web applications.
Tags: download , web , tool , create , component , easy , stock , resize , install , draw , move , charts , powerful ,

 Eufrates BBS

This is a message board program that allows the communication between the admins, moderators and users. The users can search for messages in the message board. The admin have rights to move the users post to another topic and forum. This program has features like, topics can be locked by admins, upgrading facility, provide web interface for controlling the BBS view, posts can be archived and removed by the admins, word filter, fast page loading, new post indication and more.
Tags: web , search , program , word , fast , board , message , page , admin , communication , messages , move , interface , post , for , features , users , locked ,

 Dynamic Tree Menu of your site

This is an ASP based tree like menu list generator and this program can be used by webmasters on their website. It displays the menu in tree form and it shows the result in another frame in the same page without allowing the web visitors to move away from the current page.
Tags: web , program , menu , generator , list , form , tree , page , move , frame ,

 Floating Sidebar Menu

This program is helpful for web developers to create their web page with side menu bar. When the visitor of the website click that menu bar it will open from leftside and when the visitor scrolls the web page up and down the menu bar will also move up and down. Users are allowed to customize the menu bar content and they can design and build their own menu bar easily.
Tags: web , program , create , menu , website , design , page , bar , content , webpage , open , build , move , click , customize , for , menubar , visitor ,


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