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This is a remotely hosted website downtime monitoring tool that helps webmasters to get their websites functional report through email. This tool delivers alert message to the website owners when their site is inactive. It also monitors protocols functions and measures quality of service. Features available with this tool are, it checks any number of protocol, it delivers report through email, pager or by pager gateways.
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 Alertra Web Site Monitoring

Alerta Web Site Monitoring helps you by monitoring multiple stations and checks the status for servers or protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, FTP and TCP. If it finds any problem, connection failure or any error, it will notify the details immediately to you or to your technical person through email, SMS, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Numeric pagers etc and also monitors page changes, specify maintenance schedules and much more.
Tags: monitoring , page , multiple , connection , maintenance , notify , technical , for , failure , servers , schedules , checks ,

 Pipe Viewer

pv - Pipe Viewer - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion.
Tags: tool , data , monitoring , visual , into , estimate , for , processes ,

 HostTracker - website monitoring tool

Website monitoring tool. The service tests the specified sites at the defined time intervals. If there are any problems, you will receive a notification with the description of the problem at the email address, SMS or AIM you specify.
Tags: email , time , monitoring , notification , service , tests , receive , problem , sites ,

 Monitoring your Web App

Monitoring your Web App is a web based article in which author elaborates the procedure involved in writing a perfect code for monitoring the performance of ASP.NET application. In this article author explains about various procedures that can be taken by the users to write a perfect coding by avoiding unwanted objects and other data which increases the execution time.
Tags: web , data , monitoring , write , code , performance , writing , author , for , webbased , users , objects , coding ,

 Monitoring File System Events

Monitoring File System Events is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author gives details about the method of detecting if there are any changes in the file system and folder. Thr author gives explanation about System.IO.namespace, which offers filesystemwatcher class which helps in executing the monitoring process in file system. The author explains about the steps that have to be adapted to create a file system monitor.
Tags: file , create , system , easy , monitoring , class , process , tutorial , detecting , author , filesystem , method , changes ,


The Boldchat is a live customer support program written using PHP and MySQL. This system helps you in achieving more results by solving the customer's queries at the same instant through online chatting. It also helps you in monitoring customer traffic which leads you to understand your customer better than anyone. The screenshots available in this website allows you to improve ppc conversion, helpdesk solutions, ecommerce site conversion etc.,
Tags: program , online , system , website , conversion , monitoring , site , using , traffic , ecommerce , helpdesk , instant , support , customer , live , improve , ppc , customersupport , available ,

 An ASP Disk Space Monitor

An ASP Disk Space Monitor is an easy to understand article where the author has given his ideas on how to develop an advanced disk space monitoring tool in ASP. You are provided with ASP codings that would display the server resource availability along with the drive letter, drive’s volume name, total disk space used on a drive etc., You will also come to know how to implement graphical interface for the result display.
Tags: tool , server , space , disk , easy , monitoring , drive , display , advanced , resource , volume , interface , author , for , diskspace , develop , ideas , graphical ,


xoapWeather is a PHP script that gives solutions to integrate a weather monitoring system on your websites. It can be embedded with several weather channels. XML file manger is used to access error detection. It finds out locations using 'Zip code' facility. XML formatted weather results can be outputted in desired text formats. This script needs no database. Weekly forecasting is included.
Tags: file , text , system , access , monitoring , script , using , error , weather , formatted , solutions , out ,


This is a affiliate program where the merchants can market their products on websites. This program provide options for creating lists and can write reviews on the products. Features like monitoring users sites traffic with visitor tracking system, uploading graphical header, sharing users views with weblog, different color schemes and headers etc are available. This script provides way for configuring the looks of the website.
Tags: program , monitoring , write , color , creating , script , tracking , traffic , market , options , lists , for , sites , users , graphical , visitor ,

 Web Assure

WebAssure is used to monitor and to secure the websites function. This tool also monitors DNS misconfiguration, missing pages, hardware failure, FTP, SMTP, News etc., and it notifies the user when any problem found. It also notifies the user if the problem is rectified successfully. It has many enhanced features- unlimited number of URLs can be monitored, fault notification can be restricted, monitoring intervals can be customized etc.,
Tags: tool , monitor , secure , monitoring , notification , user , number , hardware , websites , problem , intervals ,

 PHP Realtime Weather

PHP Realtime Weather is a weather monitoring script that is operated on XML supported weather servers. Real time tool is included to output required weather instantly. Modules can be added to make it compatible with other servers. It requires and for retrieving weather datas. Weather results are given in HTML files for easy understanding.
Tags: tool , time , files , easy , make , monitoring , script , weather , for ,

 IP Manager

The IP Manager is a script which is written using PHP for the purpose of subnetting, organizing and monitoring your network. This script will be more useful for Internet Service Providers and IT Departments for keeping their netblocks organized. The script is also equipped with a simple router configuration utility which was designed especially for Cisco routers.
Tags: utility , monitoring , script , using , simple , router , configuration , for , useful , organizing ,


MoloTrack is an advanced website statistics program capable of monitoring your site visitors. This PHP built online traffic analyzing software uses MySQL database and enables you to view your customer details like their country, browser, operating system, the referrer URL, their page hits etc., All these user details along with site statistics will be provided in a customizable format.
Tags: software , database , program , online , website , monitoring , site , view , page , statistics , traffic , advanced , user , customer , websitestatistics ,

 Wireless Admin

Wireless Admin is an ASP based component and is a wap server. This wireless admin has many enhanced features and users can enable to reboot machines, cell phones, run custom scripts. It is more flexible for the user to use this desktop application. It helps to inform the user whether the server is processing or not. Wireless admin has the capacity to control the windows server in monitoring and acessing the data.
Tags: windows , desktop , server , component , control , monitoring , admin , user , custom , run , processing , cell , reboot , wireless , wap , for , features , users ,


DPL-Web Tracker tool can be used in a company to manage their internet traffic. It helps their companies system administrator to monitor time consumed for download, employees internet usage in their company in real time, admin can block several web pages which are unwanted, it increases bandwidth and productivity of the company by monitoring employee usage, it provides real time interface to the CEOs, company manager etc., for monitoring their employees usage on internet etc.,
Tags: internet , web , tool , time , manager , monitor , system , monitoring , block , manage , admin , administrator , productivity , employee , bandwidth , interface , pages , usage , real , for , webpages ,

 RadLance - Freelance Auction Software

Freelance Auction Software: - Every field of business uses freelancer talent and freelance consultants to empower business connections with freelance talent the world over. Simple to deploy, one can easily manage every aspect of our freelance software with a few clicks of the mouse, including the payment process between the freelance talent buyer and the freelancing seller, monitoring of all freelance projects, financial records and finally, the paying of your client freelancers for a job well done. Now with two freelance script versions (and a third in production), RadLance is designed to give you the tools needed to rapidly deploy a freelance solution for any given field of business, along with the ability to create a thriving community of buyers and sellers all paying you to help them connect. No lengthy programs program process, no need to hire developers as we'll install our freelance software free of charge, or, you can configure the script and run it yourself in under five minutes.
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ifmonitor is a PHP based script. MySQL is used to store the tracked data. The data will be in statistical format. This script basically does the job like, monitoring network interface traffic logger. The users can view the consumed bandwidth graph in the frontend of webpage.
Tags: network , data , monitoring , script , view , graph , traffic , store , bandwidth , job , interface , users ,

 Elk Monitor Website monitoring

This is a remotely hosted website monitoring tool which monitors the website and internet servers to find is it active or inactive. If this tool determines that the website function is not proper it dispatches alert message to the user in real time through email. This tool is helpful for the ebusiness website owners because it monitors, websites responsive services, notifies the user through email, SMS or through pager if any error found on the website functions and more features are available.
Tags: internet , tool , time , website , find , monitoring , message , error , user , alert , function , active , websites , real , pager , for , features , functions , servers ,

 eLouai's Redirect

eLouai's Redirect is a powerful PHP application capable of monitoring and evaluating the total exit links on your website pages. This simple search engine friendly 3-line redirect script is easy to use and can be easily customized to your own requirements.
Tags: search , website , easy , monitoring , script , application , links , engine , simple , searchengine , powerful ,

 ePhoto Gallery

ePhoto Gallery is an image gallery application which can store lots of images. There are three seperate access levels for the admin, users and the guests. The admin has features like providing configured system setting and license, set pictures to editor's pick, add unlimited categories, auto thumbnail system, monitoring customers account etc. Registered members have features like creating albums, display album to friends, send internal message to registered members and others and rate the photos. The guest area has features to send e-cards, browsing through photo albums and few other features.
Tags: image , photo , system , access , pictures , monitoring , creating , application , message , thumbnail , auto , album , send , display , gallery , admin , store , levels , account , area , set , rate , browsing , for , features , customers , users , albums ,


Webmasters can utilize this program to monitor watch items on their websites. Users can have more optional types such as SMTP, HTTP, POP3, Ping, Port, HTTPS, DNS and FTP to monitor the watch items. They can have the facility to categorize the watch items into several group or types before monitoring them. It displays users real time statistical reports in graphical representations. It comes with the ability to report historical data and to make a better analysis over those data by day of month, day of week and day. It allows users to copy and paste the charts on major windows applications such as MS Excel, MS Word, Notepad etc., Webmasters can customize the GUI interface and entire chart to suit their needs.
Tags: windows , program , data , time , monitor , make , copy , monitoring , report , analysis , chart , watch , reports , paste , into , charts , customize , interface , day , applications , group , real , users , graphical ,

 Eyes On Traffic

Eyes on traffic is a PHP based script that permits, you to see the traffic as it happens on your web site. Its works are, monitoring on real time your site traffic, see where each visitor goes page by page, track multiple visitors at the same time, identify and improve on common exit pages etc., Free trial is available.
Tags: web , time , monitoring , site , script , page , track , traffic , multiple , trial , pages , real , improve , visitor ,

 Wine Glass

This is an online customer relationship management program as well as a groupware and a marketing tool also. The CRM module helps admin to identify and maintain their customers or collaborators. This program has an ability to monitor job hours and to monitor job state. Customers can contact with the plan responsibles and add, edit or delete their own personal profile. They can control the state of their own jobs in every moment. The groupware module monitors the production process at every phase and has features like, identifying and managing customers, monitoring hours of job and expenses etc. The marketing module perceives when a programmed contact is in expiration, filters multiselection for one fast consultation etc.
Tags: tool , program , online , control , monitor , management , delete , edit , fast , monitoring , personal , marketing , contact , admin , process , plan , module , job , customer , groupware , filters , expenses , for , features , customers , maintain , customerrelationshipmanagement , jobs ,

 Download master php script

Download Master php script provides complete download file management system that is easy to set-up and maintain and gives you powerful features for controlling and monitoring your site download files. You will need to have a Unix, Linux or Windows server with PHP & MySQL support.
Tags: download , file , server , management , system , easy , monitoring , php , site , script , filemanagement , for , features , maintain , complete , powerful , phpscript ,

 HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ) Monitor 1

HYIP monitor php script - run your own HYIP listing site like Our script is a package for HYIP listings and monitoring sites. This software helps you to create and manage your own HYIP listing site with ease. Feature rich php script with many advanced options for both members and admin. Predefined for easy members advertising! Banner rotator on top and bottom of all pages and popunder exchange system are both included!
Tags: software , create , monitor , system , easy , monitoring , php , site , script , manage , advanced , exchange , run , package , pages , options , for , listing , top , phpscript , site ranking system

This is an essential tool for every webmaster which helps them to increase their website with maximum number of users. It offers many features which are more powerful like, it provides full security to the websites, users can upload custom logo on their webpage, website tracking utility, monitoring website behaviour, member list can be customized by the administrators and more.
Tags: security , tool , website , monitoring , list , tracking , upload , custom , number , logo , for , features , users , increase , powerful ,

 Live Traffic 5

Live Traffic 5 is an easy to use web traffic system that uses special logfiles instead of MySQL database. This script tracks the users by creating either seperate log files for each page or a single centralized log file for whole of the system. Some of the main features of this script includes auto monitoring of log files, custom displays, auto correction of statements etc,.
Tags: file , web , files , system , easy , monitoring , creating , script , log , page , auto , traffic , custom , tracks , for , features , correction , logfile , users , special ,

 XPulse Free Monitoring

XPulse is an ASP based remotely hosted website monitoring tool that allows webmasters to view their websites real functions i.e- to find whether their site is working well or not and notifies those reports to the user via email. It checks page content through HTTP protocol using any web browser. It performs these actions for every fifteen minutes. Users can provide three designated email address for delivering message and more features are available. This tool can also monitor databases, email servers, protocols, firewalls, routers etc.,
Tags: email , web , tool , monitor , website , find , monitoring , site , using , address , message , view , page , content , user , reports , protocol , websites , real , for , features , functions , checks ,

 HostGuardian Tools

This is a remotely hosted server management and monitoring tool. This utility contains several important tools like, HostGuardian- it verfies ports functions, ContentGuardian entries- it checks the website contents, Process Guardian entry- it monitors the response from the server, Router Guardian entry- it monitors the router communication performance, BandwidthGuardian entry- it verfies the bandwidth of the networks etc.,
Tags: utility , server , management , website , tools , monitoring , communication , bandwidth , router , ports , networks , checks ,


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