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 Filtering Arrays with Filter

A web based string and array module that teaches you online how to abstract words from an array. Live demo comes with source code and explains the process with simple example. Also, it educates you how two values in an recordset of database can be filtered through 'Filter. Filter'. FOR NEXT LOOP is described in this sample to implement filtering functionality.
Tags: database , web , online , code , words , source , demo , process , sourcecode , simple , module , filtering , string , sample , webbased ,

 4n Forum for PHP Nuke

This script is used by the webmasters to get the comments from their site visitors through their sites forum. It is used as PHP nuke addon. User can discuss their doubts, suggestions and problems through this forum. Some features of this module are, it has own admin section, IPs can be blocked, search function, moderators system, FAQ for special tags and codes, it supports multilanguage, news letter system and more.
Tags: search , system , site , script , news , admin , module , letter , for , sites , features , tags , special ,

 88 script 's Event Calendar

This script is a simple event calendar. This is a PHP based programme. This script has the facility of adding important events of users. It is a simple navigator. The main features of this script are, searching facility is available to search your events, administrate module to configure how system works, slick organization etc.,
Tags: search , system , script , simple , module , event , events , searching , features , configure , organization , available ,

 ASPFAQs : Arrays

This ASP article is available online that has several in-built related articles for arrays in ASP module and the FAQ system provides ready-made answers to their problems. Declaring an array, creating arrays with dimensions, storing values into arrays, assigning array references for later purposes, sorting array items, and still lot of processes are demonstrated with proper explanations.
Tags: online , system , creating , module , into , for , articles , processes , available ,

 X-Cart Customization

This shopping cart application module provides an easy platform for you to customize your X-Cart shopping cart through a simple interface. Using this module you can add or remove products, apply any changes in the cart, integrate new payment methods, change the layout and structure of the cart, alter shipping options, SEO, fix security measures etc., This PHP built online shopping cart application uses MySQL database as the backend.
Tags: security , database , online , easy , remove , application , change , fix , simple , module , customize , shopping , platform , layout , payment , shoppingcart , for , structure , changes ,

 FAQ for PHProjekt

FAQ for PHProjekt is a php based addon module and is an archieve of users FAQ's. This program has a chat module that shows which user is online. It also has a beep and highlighting facility. This is a handy tool for webmasters to have a FAQ program on their website.
Tags: tool , program , php , chat , addon , user , module , highlighting , for , users ,


O.B.M. is a server sided client software that gives PHP modules to update user, customer info on database and manage them. CSS stylesheet and javascript modules are included for page customization. Unique user empowers to manage entire entities. PostreSQL supports database for companies, contacts, deals, and users. Searching on multiple category, datasource is enhanced. Contact module is expanded to include categories, marketing manager, tasks, kind of work, datasoruce etc., Time managment gives details all project duration and completed and incompleted projects.
Tags: software , database , server , javascript , client , project , page , manage , marketing , multiple , user , module , customer , update , info , for ,

 Form Hosts

Form Hosts is a powerful form processor program using which you can create online HTML forms for your webservices. This remotely hosted program provides customizable templates with which you can generate forms as per your specifications, logo, text and images. The advanced form submission reporting module available in this online form genrating software will help you to validate, extract all user details from the forms.
Tags: software , program , create , text , online , extract , help , using , form , forms , generate , advanced , templates , user , module , reporting , submission , processor , for , available , powerful ,

 DropMenu PageMaker

DropMenu PageMaker reduces your work to create menus in large number through javascript. Through this module you will be able to create both horizontal and vertical menus with any number of sub-menus. All attibutes of menus can be modified in it's font color, font size, border and many more. Also, allows you to set effets, background and foreground colors. All menus can have unique effect or different. Using copy and paste function you can create you own drop down menus.
Tags: create , copy , effect , font , background , menus , number , module , paste , set , work , function , drop , vertical , horizontal , modified ,

 Agent Zone :: A must have real estate website for all realtors

AgentZone has many sophisticated features to help your real estate business grow. You can list the properties you have for sale, let the internet users list their properties for sale on the internet. You can switch on or off the payment module with a single click. It is fully integrated with paypal and paypal IPN, you can set the listing days and amount from admin panel and you can set your paypal ID as well. Admin panel also provides you with a facility to make your own search shortcut link for your visitors. To see full details please visit the demo site. Our customers receive free upgrades to all the new versions we release in future. Due to an overwhelming response we are creating a new and better script which will help you make more out of internet. We also provide free search engine submission and optimization along with the script to all our customers. Please note that this is a open database for all so there might be some problems with images and data that our visitors and customers try and edit, but we upload the default database once per week.
Tags: internet , database , search , data , images , business , make , help , creating , list , script , note , upload , demo , link , admin , open , engine , optimization , module , searchengine , set , shortcut , realestate , submission , payment , receive , switch , properties , real , for , features , customers , users , sale , searchenginesubmission , listing , paypal , out ,

 User registration

User registration is a secure system for users based on php where users can signup and login to their website. This program features a singup module for users to be added into the database, login module for signedup users to login, logout module that deletes all the cookies and logs out the user. This program has a status feature that indicates the current status of an user and secured areas that could be viewed only by signedup users.
Tags: program , system , secure , php , cookies , user , module , into , login , feature , logs , for , features , users , registration , out ,

 ASP Variables

More information on Variables in ASP is provided in this ASP study module which will be more useful for the initial stage ASP developers. Describes the 'variant' datatype in ASP to contain either string or numeric value. Sample coding shows how string and numeirc values can be assigned to variables and tells the ways to call the variable values to be executed within commands.
Tags: information , module , study , call , string , for , useful , coding ,


From this article CDONTS can be utilized to send entire form values into an email. This tutorial consists of two sessions that explains the steps needed in creating email module for web based systems. Tells about the functions with their syntax format and with optional parameters to include the email information fields. Alos, describes how to send HTML messages with emails.
Tags: email , web , information , creating , format , form , send , messages , module , into , tutorial , syntax , for , functions , webbased ,

 String Handling - Trimming Strings

Beginners in ASP can go through this ASP learning module to get solutions to parse a required data with particular length from a database table using text trimming process. Provided step by step explanation lets you understand the proper implementation on data parsing. And the provided program gives the string trimming and other loop functions with their syntax.
Tags: database , program , data , text , using , table , learning , module , string , length , functions , solutions , parse ,

 ASP World - Knolwedge Base

Webmasters who want to provide cost effective customer service online, can utilize this ASP application. Comes with many features like - user oriented admin section to manage FAQ module content, voting to get feedback about the effectiveness of FAQ, categories to group questions, search engine to find particular info, print and email option, new question submission facility displaying specific number of questions per page and many more.
Tags: email , search , print , find , service , page , manage , admin , user , engine , number , module , searchengine , customer , cost , group , submission , questions , features , question ,

 JavaScript Menu DOOM

JavaScript Menu DOOM is a suitable module for web based systems through which multiple menus can be generated and using CSS style sheet you can modify look and feel of menu display. Effects such as shadow, transparency, etc can be included to access menu items. Default setting can be saved for later purpose. Submenu option supports multiple level with menu items. Object oriented modules can be used for this menu creation.
Tags: web , menu , access , using , multiple , menus , module , sheet , style , for , modify , webbased , option , systems ,

 Advanced Search Engine Pro

Those who want a searching module to their site can access this script on their ASP supported websites. Admin allows users to post their own URLs and it can decide which of them can be included in search system. Email module is included that notifies you when new posts are received. Field validate feature, displaying ilnks with details, sorting data, 2 modes in search engine like pending and approved links, and a lot more are available with this program.
Tags: search , access , site , script , engine , module , searchengine , validate , post , searching , users , available ,

 COM to .NET

COM to .NET is a solution that can be used to migrate COM based codes into .NET codes. Users are allowed to organize their applications and not to register ActiveX objects or COM objects. This program has an ability to create wrappers as C# code and users are allowed to edit C# code on their projects. IEnumerable interfaces can be created for OLE collection classes. This program also supports ASP to ASP.NET migration. This program has several features like, XML documentation can be generated, unions and module functions can be imported, comments with IDL can be created and more.
Tags: program , create , edit , code , collection , organize , module , into , documentation , migrate , solution , applications , for , features , register , functions , users , objects , codes ,

 Bills Image-Uploader & Resizer

Bills Image-Uploader & Resizer is used for PHP based websites to manage image system. It supports uploading a single JPEG file. Thumbnails are created for new files automatically. Code module can be embedded with phpCMS for customization. GD library is included. Truecolor of images can be got while uploading. New image files can have same measurement. File size can be fixed. Uploading a file with existing file name displays messages to stop, repalce, rename the file. CSS based editing is included. Several language files are supported.
Tags: file , image , files , images , library , language , manage , rename , editing , size , messages , name , module , websites , for ,

 BlaBla4U Forums

This user friendly forum module has more advanced features for online communication that is capable of creating and maintaining multiple forum groups. Inbuilt templates can be used to create more forums. Gives compatibility to be accessed in many languages. You can include your company logo, animated banners, ad links with forum display. Searching can be done with posted forums. No java support is needed.
Tags: create , online , java , creating , animated , links , advanced , multiple , templates , user , communication , module , support , forum , for , features ,

 X-Stats 1.9b for phpShop v0.6.1a

Knowing what your users are doing is very important. I looked for other site stats scripts but none did exactly what i wanted. This phpshop module tracks every hit to every page & records the users IP, the page they are looking at, where they came from, what browser/os they use and the time & date. From this information my program allows you to analise the following: track visitors - (lists every visitor & every page they visited), top products - (today, last 30 days, & forever), top pages - (today, last 30 days, & forever), top entry pages - (today, last 30 days, & forever), top exit pages - (today, last 30 days, & forever), top referers - (today, last 30 days, & forever), top user addresses - (today, last 30 days, & forever), browser share - (today, last 30 days, & forever), os share - (today, last 30 days, & forever), AND graphs for hits & page views for days, weeks, months and years. NEW FEATURE! - YOU CAN NOW CHAT LIVE ONLINE WITH YOUR SHOPPERS !!! Very easy to install and use.
Tags: program , time , easy , information , site , scripts , page , install , user , share , module , tracks , stats , pages , graphs , for , addresses , records , users , visitor ,

 Online Dating Service Application

It is a dating software with a user friendly frontend and an elaborate admin panel. The frontend has supports a complete searchable profile databas with any number of images and detailed profiles, it enables the users to update their account information, provides a complete messaging system and free email accounts for users. The admin module offers admin to userj messaging, page content editor, user ban features, ability to approve of images before they are live and accounting functions.
Tags: software , email , images , system , accounting , page , content , admin , user , messaging , number , module , account , update , accounts , live , profile , for , users , complete , dating ,

 ASP.NET Community Starter Kit - Creating a New Module

Every community site will have different requirements to fulfill. Although the existing CSK framework offers a great deal of flexibility, having the entire source code available means you can add additional functionality to a site in an elegant manner. In this chapter, we will concentrate on creating a new module for the CSK. We will see how creating a new module allows you to add entirely new features which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the framework. In this chapter, we will implement a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module.
Tags: code , creating , site , source , sourcecode , module , for , community , features , framework , available ,

 Visual Operator

This ASP enabled module lets the webmasters to allow their site visitors to communicate with their executives in real time. Multiple agents can be created where with any number of visitors are allowed to send messages to any agent at the time. Admin area can display the details about users who engage with live chat. This software will be of great use to customer support sites.
Tags: software , site , send , display , number , messages , module , support , area , customer , agent , live , real , users , customersupport ,

 Online Showroom

This program is driven using ASP programming that offers facilities for automobile agents to sell their products. Showroom module allows you to add as many vehicles with detailed data and images. Deleting and editing vehicles can be done via admin interface. Upto 4 images can be shown for each vehicle. All web content can be maintained through database tools.
Tags: database , web , program , data , images , using , programming , content , admin , editing , module , automobile , for , sell , vehicles ,

 Celoxis Project and Time Management Software

This is an online planning tool that can be used by project consultants or huge corporations, which helps them in managing projects, time and expense, time sheet software, work flow software to define and track your business processes etc. Each software comes with unlimited bundle of features like project management options, task management for developing team work, costing and budgeting, collaboration, resource management, provides you with reports and alerts etc. Features available in time and expense module include online approval with notifications, ability to export the data to Microsoft Excel, integrated PM module, complete audit trial and much more. The collaboration software features offers you a calendar system where you can store important date and time for meetings, document management, email management and has many other features.
Tags: software , email , tool , data , time , online , management , calendar , system , business , export , document , project , task , date , projectmanagement , track , store , trial , reports , planning , module , collaboration , work , audit , resource , expense , sheet , team , flow , for , taskmanagement , features , costing , processes , alerts , bundle , complete , available ,

 Free 3 letter domain names finder

Free 3 letter domain names finder is desinged for PHP based websites that filters 3 letter domain names from a domain name list that may contain any length of domain names. Result can be outputted in HTML format or in normal text format and allows you to store in your database in the format you specify. This module also enables you to search for whois records, link popularity, old archives and allows you to back order the expired domain names.
Tags: database , search , text , list , format , link , finder , store , whois , name , module , domain , filters , length , websites , domainname , letter , for , names , back , archives , domainnames ,

 XForum Module

The XForum Module is a PostNuke module which allows you to create a forum on your website easily with various features. It supports multiple language and you can view the working example in the website. It is originally a port and modularization of XMB forum. You can create tables in the forum with forum type, status, lastpost, description, user list and much more. The script is also very simple and easy to use.
Tags: create , website , easy , list , script , view , language , multiple , user , simple , port , module , forum ,

 The Template class vlibTemplate

The Template class vlibTemplate describes the need to seperate PHP and HTML from an entire source with examples. PHP session can be used for the PHP developers to make modification / updation with it where HTML lets the designers to format the site contents with WYSIWYG / dreamweaver / frontpage editors. 'vlib' is nothing but the template variables that represents header / footer , loops, etc with a HTML section. Online examples with documentation teaches this module effectively.
Tags: make , site , format , source , class , template , module , documentation , for , contents , dreamweaver , examples , session ,


IPB_deletePosts is a PHP oriented module that implements functions to delete posted comments and articles from invision board forums. Features support: Viewing all forums with combo box, displaying posts with user name, posted time and date, optional confirmation for deleting posts and more. This module is suitable for websites which have more than 500 posts on forums.
Tags: time , delete , board , user , module , websites , for , articles , functions , combo ,


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