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 WAP Chat

This is a simple Flash Text Chat if you launch it on your desktop browser. But try it with your wap-enabled mobile phone or other wap device. The chat allows wap-chatters to talk to other wap-chatters as well as web-chatters. It also allows chatters to speed their typing on phone pad by integrating Internet Slang and Abbreviation Dictionary
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 Fastwap Linkmanager (Hosted Solution)

Fastwap is an easy and fast way to manage WAP-links on a mobile phone. Once signed up you can add and delete links over a www-browser and acces them with your mobile phone using just one link.
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 Mediaplazza Affiliate programme

Mediaplazza Affiliate programme is a affiliate partnetship programme for mobile phone content providing like ringtones, videos, games and logos. This programme has many advanced features like, realtime statistics to see sales generated by your site, downloads done by day, week or month, wide range of contents like thousands of ringtones, color and black and white logos, applications, mms etc., promotional tools in 14 languages, more than 2500 keywords and flexible and wide payment solutions.
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 Netwhistle website monitor

Netwhistle is a website monitoring tool which is a remotely hosted system that allows webmasters to test their websites performance from any where in the world. This tool also helps them to send report about the website function through email, SMS, mobile phone etc., and they will receive report with description about the error.
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 webmasters sms nokia ringtones

This remotely hosted service allows you to offer free ringtones for your nokia mobile phone visitors. You don't need any scripting language support for your website, and its ringtones can be installed even in an tripod account.
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 OmniChex Web

Manage info on your website in a linked checklist web, with a browser, mobile phone or Pocket PC. Ideal for all checklist types: task, to do, shopping, meeting notes, travel, packing, bookmark, wish, wedding registry, recipe, direction etc. Increase the value of your hosted, personal or corporate website with interactive OmniChex products. OmniChex enables you to manage your information in account(s) with hyperlinked checklists. Access OmniChex online securely from your web browser, or on the go using your mobile phone. Also access OmniChex accounts offline with your Pocket PC powered device, and sync later with your website. Rapidly setup your OmniChex accounts by browsing and optionally importing and customizing templates. Interactively format your checklists to create custom emails that you can send to contacts. Preview and interactively format your checklists for color printing. Customize the look of OmniChex Web with your colors and logo icon for seamless integration into your website. Perfect for clubs, groups or families with shared checklists. Linux, UNIX and Windows website installations supported. IIS and Apache web servers supported. Installs on websites with Perl/CGI-BIN or ASP support, and MySQL, CSV, or Windows DSN / DSN-Less databases. OmniChex Manager Windows application bundles the OmniChex product suite, and provides easy install. Manager enables deployment to either local or remote website using FTP. Request evaluation and license keys using OmniChex Manager. OmniChex Web works on Internet Explorer version 5 or above. OmniChex Pocket PC installs on Pocket PC powered mobile devices including PDA's and smart phones. OmniChex Mobile Phone works on any phone with WAP / WML 1.1 support.
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 The OmniChex Product Suite

This set of products comes with the ability to let the webmasters to organize and manage their information on their or their company's website by storing them in a set of CSV files or in a database. It brings users three products as omnichex web, omnichex mobile phone and omnichex pocket PC. Omni chex web helps users in managing their personal or business information through their web browser and it supports Access, MySQL, CSV files or other windows DSN or DSN less databases. Both Omni chex mobile phone and omnichex pocket PC can be used as add-ons to omnichex web to help organize information.
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 Microsoft SMS Sender

Microsoft SMS sender is a simple and easy to use online communication tool with which you will be able to create and send SMS messages using your GSM mobile phone to the email address of anyone. It also supports to enter any characters from any international languages. The tool is very simple and easy to use as well as to customize.
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Users can use this tool to remodernise the look of their mobile phone with background, wallpapers and screen savers or logos. This application provides an option for the users to upload any picture to mobile phone with a shortcut in the right click menu. The users can have the facilities to use their personal photos in the place of wall papers.
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The IP phone enables the user to contact any phone number and make unlimited number of calls. It has no member limits. It has many features like call forwarding, roaming, conference call, webfone and video phone etc. This tool has other options like messaging, calling any mobile phone and PC's, landlines, download software to PDA and etc. Thus, this tool acts like a globally accesible tool with amazing technology.
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