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 AcrossCommunications SDK

This is a communication program which allows the users to handle SDK that provides a set of COM objects to them to utilize the strength of across communication services. This program develops the communication between web services and the users applications. This program has features like changing text to fax, fax transmission, sending messages to SMS device, ICQ and MSN clients, emails, phone, sending messages to pagers, cell phones etc. This program can be integrated with any custom web applications. Demos are available on the website to send messages from website to fax, mobile phone, icq, msn and numeric pagers.
Tags: web , program , text , website , mobile , msn , send , custom , fax , communication , messages , set , services , cell , features , changing , users , objects , available , sending ,

 WAP Chat

This is a simple Flash Text Chat if you launch it on your desktop browser. But try it with your wap-enabled mobile phone or other wap device. The chat allows wap-chatters to talk to other wap-chatters as well as web-chatters. It also allows chatters to speed their typing on phone pad by integrating Internet Slang and Abbreviation Dictionary
Tags: desktop , speed , chat , mobile , phone , launch , simple , typing , talk , mobilephone , wap , pad ,

 Alertra Web Site Monitoring

This is an useful component for the webmasters to monitor their uptime and downtime of their website regularly and gives real time report about the website to the administrator in real time. It monitors servers by using protocol, if any error is found in the server the another station will check the server in few seconds. Alert message will be notified to the user through email, mobile phone, SMS, MSN, Yahoo etc., It monitors page changes, availability of web page access, data performance etc., Protocols supported by this utility are, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 etc.,
Tags: web , utility , data , time , server , component , monitor , website , report , mobile , using , message , check , page , performance , error , webpage , administrator , user , real , for , useful , servers , uptime ,

 MailBee WebMail WAP

Mailbee WebMail WAP is a set of ASP scripts and WML code which organize email WAP-interface for mobile phones and other devices which support WML.
Tags: email , code , mobile , organize , scripts , support , set , for ,

 MailBee WebMail WAP

Mailbee WebMail WAP is a set of ASP scripts and WML code which organize email WAP-interface for mobile phones and other devices which support WML.
Tags: email , code , mobile , organize , scripts , support , set , for ,

 Alliance of Free Customer Support Software

Alliance of Free Customer Support Software is an efficient software program with which website owners can upgrade and enrich their website by extending its apllications with helpdesk softwares. This website currently supports softwares such as customer relation management, customers support softwares and mobile data and scheduling software along with helpdesk softwares. Users are also provided with details regarding freely available softwares and its corresponding website links. Several helpdesk tools are made available for the users to efficiently take care of their helpdesk and customer support needs.
Tags: software , program , data , website , tools , mobile , scheduling , helpdesk , support , customer , for , customers , users , customersupport , available , upgrade ,

 PlaySMS - SMS Gateway

This is a simple tool for sending and recieving SMS messages through mobile phones. This program enables you to send SMS either to a single or multiple recipients at a time and to forward any recieved messages to unlimited number of groups. This communication tool features SMS polling, SMS commands for saving and retrieving details, private SMS inboxes for the users, multiple database engine support etc.,
Tags: database , tool , program , time , mobile , send , multiple , private , engine , simple , number , communication , messages , support , forward , for , features , sending ,

 Working with Mobile Web Forms in ASP.NET

Working with Mobile Web Forms in ASP.NET is an ASP.NET tutorial which deals with mobile web forms, which helps in responding to the request from the mobile devices using the mobile control. Here the author offers certain codes which supports all the devices which take control over all the mobile devices and render the page according to the requests.
Tags: web , control , mobile , using , page , tutorial , author , codes ,

 BBMF mobile games

This is a games and entertaining software where a lot of online games are listed under appropriate categories on a impressive catalog. Several categorized games on mobile platforms like Java, BREW, WAP, and SMS are available for the users. You can search and find for different premium Java mobile games, download and install on your mobile phones easily through a simple interface.
Tags: software , download , games , search , online , find , mobile , install , simple , for , available ,

 BlueMoon Wireless Application Server

BlueMoon wireless Application Server can manage existing complex enterprise systems through mobile devices with an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates. This enables true device independence using XML-compliant markup language and device adaptor technology. Blue Moon uses in-memory session management for performance or database session management for scalability, supports clustered environment to seamlessly manage increases in users and traffic and also supports many other features.
Tags: database , management , mobile , using , language , performance , manage , traffic , true , device , applications , wireless , environment , sample , for , enterprise , users , systems , session ,

 ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Fundamentals

This session will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of building mobile web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls. See how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile web form. Find out what the adaptive rendering and rich customization and extensibility models can do for your mobile web applications.
Tags: web , control , easy , make , mobile , learn , designer , model , models , applications , drop , for , draganddrop , building , out , session ,

 Developing Mobile Web Applications With ASP.NET Mobile Controls

Learn about the basics of building mobile Web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls. See how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile Web form. Find out what the adaptive rendering and rich customization and extensibility models can do for your mobile Web applications.
Tags: control , easy , make , mobile , designer , model , models , applications , drop , for , draganddrop , building , out ,

 CNU 5 Xtra

This is a news management program which can be used to maintain news related information on the websites. Admin can host their site content on other websites by using syndication addon tool and can display news headlines on host's websites. This program displays syndication news in 2 formats like, text display and Java scroller format. This program has PDA outputs and provides mobile friendly news to mobile customers.
Tags: tool , program , text , management , information , site , mobile , using , news , addon , display , content , host , websites , maintain , scroller ,

 Free Downloads for Ringers and More is a web site from which you can get the ring tones for your mobile phones with free of cost. You can easily download the different types of ring tones and other mobile content. You simple need to create an account in this site, they will automatically send you various ring tones.
Tags: download , web , create , site , mobile , send , simple , account , automatically , for , tones ,

 Click Click E-Mail Reports

Click Click E-Mail Reports is a .NET email utility component through which the users can create the reports in the webpage and they are allowed to view the content of the reports. It has dual listboxes which helps in controlling the number of datas to be stored in the email content. User can export the report data to other applications like MS Word, MS Excel etc. This component offers features like providing user interface for sending lists and reports through email, sent to any mobile device via web messaging, capability of sorting the list and more.
Tags: email , web , utility , data , create , component , export , list , report , mobile , view , content , user , reports , number , interface , device , applications , lists , for , features , users , userinterface , sending ,

 Invoking .NET web services from Mobile Devices

This article illustrates about web services and its usage in mobile services based on .NET framework. From this article users can build .NET based web services for pocket PC to access data remotely. Not only it helps users for creating web services also it helps them to build Pocket PC client and gives solution to the users how to install Pocket PC web services.
Tags: web , data , access , creating , client , mobile , install , pocket , build , services , solution , usage , for , users ,


dotNetClipper is a content management solution that can be used to build various types of clip contents on the ASP.NET websites. Users are allowed to implement clips contents into mobile applications as well as online applications. This program also helps others to display clips contents on their websites. Users can also view live train departure times, lottery results, live sports results etc on their web pages.
Tags: web , program , online , management , mobile , view , display , content , lottery , sports , build , into , live , solution , applications , clip , contentmanagement , contents , clips ,

 Building Basic Mobile Web Forms

Building Basic Mobile Web Forms is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about generating the mobile web forms for ASP.NET applications. These mobile web forms can get control from mobile web server. The author discusses about the method to write the codes in a single page through the mobile server control and about the procedure to display this web form in various devices. Here there are few sample codes users can make use of it.
Tags: web , server , control , make , write , mobile , form , page , display , forms , tutorial , author , sample , for , webform , users , method , codes ,

 Email to SMS

PHP script intended to be run every x minutes / hours (can be done by scheduling, eg. cron) to check a POP3 account for email and forward on to mobile. Uses SMS Web Sender class to send the SMS, see to see which sites are supported. Features include Leave mail on server (stores and compares UIDL numbers), Email alias piping (have your email processed the second it arrives), Specify mobile number in subject line (if you'd like to sms others through email, Random SMS site to send through (specify as many accounts as you line in config), Basic filtering of the To: header to reduce Spam
Tags: email , web , mail , server , site , script , mobile , check , send , class , sms , number , run , line , account , accounts , filtering , second , reduce , forward , for , sites , sender ,


This is a simple WAP software based on php. This program consist of a detailed database of top restaurants and dining clubs in indonesia. This information could be accessed and viewed through a WAP enabled mobile device. This software requires Mysql database as backend. This is a very useful program for people entertaining guests or often dining out.
Tags: software , database , program , information , mobile , simple , for , useful , top , people ,

 Fastwap Linkmanager (Hosted Solution)

Fastwap is an easy and fast way to manage WAP-links on a mobile phone. Once signed up you can add and delete links over a www-browser and acces them with your mobile phone using just one link.
Tags: delete , easy , fast , mobile , using , phone , manage , links , mobilephone , is a web based entertainment website which helps to share software, ringtones, games and mobile backgrounds with your friends. This website offers facilities to chat with other members through forums and allows to browse through various categories of media library and more.
Tags: web , games , website , library , chat , mobile , media , entertainment , share , browse , backgrounds , webbased ,

 What is ASP.NET?

In this web based tutorial the author briefly explains about the ASP.NET. This tutorial explains the various features of the ASP.NET such as server controls like validation controls, intrinsic controls etc.,, how to create and register user controls, mobile controls, error handling mechanism, two types of caching methods, global.asx file etc., This tutorial also shows you the software that are needed inorder to run ASP.NET applications.
Tags: software , file , web , create , server , mobile , error , user , run , tutorial , controls , validation , author , features , register , webbased ,


Anybody with a WAP mobile can log in to chat and chat with another person with a WAP mobile.Detailed installation and usage notes included.
Tags: notes , chat , mobile , log , installation , usage ,


indear is an useful java calculator with which you can unlock mobile phones. This script will help you to calculate Dct3 phones, and is enriched with samsung and nokia unlocking codes to enable you to create samsung sections on your calculator. Facilities to either disable or enable ImEi check, to add or delete MSIN, Networks and GID, to select the calculator by searching on nokia models are available for the users.
Tags: create , java , delete , calculator , help , script , mobile , disable , models , nokia , calculate , searching , for , select , unlock , useful , available , codes ,

 VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway

VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway is an open-platform SQL DB driven SMS and WAP Push application suite, that empowers corporate managers to self-deploy Interactive/Concatenated SMS and WAP Push applications rapidly throughout their organization. It has an easy-to-use real-time configurator to connect enterprise applications to the GSM network via built-in APIs. Provides a built-in application testing environment to allow Rapid Application Deployment. Integration components include email2sms, sms2email, sms2sql, sms2http, http2sms, etc. VisualGSM Enterprise's WAP Push delivery mechanism delivers multimedia movies, polyphonic ringtones, pictures and Java application to mobile devices.
Tags: network , pictures , multimedia , mobile , application , components , testing , applications , environment , connect , enterprise ,

 SMS Web Sender

PHP class which connects to a web site offering free SMS sending, logs you in with your username and password and sends your SMS message to a mobile number. Supports various SMS sites like,,,,, Supports multiple login details from different sites, will try different sites if one fails Randomly start with different servers, allows priority on individual sites. Supports Auto translate to SMS text
Tags: web , password , site , mobile , message , class , sms , multiple , start , translate , login , logs , sites , priority ,

 Roaming charges: Taken with BREW

This is a tutorial which focusses on the emerging technologies of Qualcomm's BREW in cell phone transmission market. The author in this article has discussed on some highlighting aspects of BREW SDK and its application in developing mobile network. By reading this article you can even gain knowledge on BREW development tool suite, BREW ecosystems, the centralized model of BREW etc.,
Tags: tool , development , mobile , application , phone , reading , model , tutorial , cell , cellphone , author , highlighting , knowledge ,

 Mediaplazza Affiliate programme

Mediaplazza Affiliate programme is a affiliate partnetship programme for mobile phone content providing like ringtones, videos, games and logos. This programme has many advanced features like, realtime statistics to see sales generated by your site, downloads done by day, week or month, wide range of contents like thousands of ringtones, color and black and white logos, applications, mms etc., promotional tools in 14 languages, more than 2500 keywords and flexible and wide payment solutions.
Tags: games , tools , color , mobile , phone , downloads , statistics , content , sales , advanced , keywords , payment , mobilephone , for , features , contents , mms ,

 MMSSDK Wallpaper Composer

This is a program that provides users a wallpaper composer that allows them to generate wallpapers with ease. These wallpapers will be suitable for mobile devices to place them as a screen saver. This program facilitates users to customize wallpaper as they like. This will be of much use for the mobile solution developers and webmasters to offer their users an attractive interface.
Tags: screen , program , wallpaper , mobile , generate , customize , solution , wallpapers , for , users , composer ,


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