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 Prepare for .NET

Prepare for .NET is a reference guide which describes about introduction of ASP.NET. It gives definition and uses of common language runtime, describes about the visual basic language, uses of XML-based protocols, Microsoft Component Object Model, migration strategy, etc. Visitors can gain more knowledge about inheritance-based object-oriented programming, how to use the system classes in the .NET framework, etc.
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dbQwikSync2 is a lightweight easy-to-use data migration wizard that will save you hours of frustration trying to move data to your mySQL server. Supports: Access, Excel, dBase, Froxpro, Paradox and MS SQL
Tags: data , save , wizard , migration , move ,

 FmPro Migrator - Migrates FileMaker to Oracle

Through creation of 5-7 files, FmPro Migrator converts FileMaker Pro database structure and data to an Oracle database. Some of its salient features are it migrates CSV files and TAB delimited to Oracle, documents FileMaker Pro database structure, migrates text fields and image data to Oracle, processes up to 50 FileMaker Pro databases, supports FileMaker Pro stand alone solution files, container field data is migrated without manual data entry, has an efficient graphical interface to support easy migration and many more.
Tags: image , database , data , text , files , easy , documents , migration , support , interface , solution , creation , field , structure , features , processes , manual , fields , graphical ,

 7 Reasons Why PHP is Better than ASP

The author supports PHP is superior on techinical and popularity over than ASP in long run because PHP runs on multiple OSs. The author compares and gives seven reasons for accecpting PHP is better than ASP. He gives some stats of speed. The notable features are, speed, superior memory management control, no hidden costs with PHP, MySQL database makes it work smoothly, closer to java/c++ style of programming and cross platform migration strategy. With all the above features the author recommends PHP is superior than ASP in all respects.
Tags: database , management , memory , programming , multiple , hidden , run , migration , work , stats , platform , style , author , for , features ,

 Vaman DataServer

Vaman DataServer is a multifunctional data server platform that incorporates a fully functional enterprise strength RDBMS, Web and Email server. Vaman DataServer is ideal for Enterprises looking for platform independent, robust and scalable data management solutions. Vaman DataServer is the result of several years of intensive R&D into the core areas of data and database management, and application development. The features seek to address the growing concerns of corporations, solution providers and developers and hence seek to provide incremental advantages to all stakeholders in the IT value chain. Key Technological breakthroughs Universal Data Server platform supports popular vendor technologies and formats. Universal parsing technology Powerful data migration utility Integration of database, web and mail servers Low resource utilization Cross platform support Database server (RDBMS) features Open Standards Support Data Reliability Security Management Database Administration Extended Relational Database support Search engine Distributed Database Support Advanced Storage Management Data Migration Utility across RDBMS Data Migration Utility for Legacy and non-relational databases to RDBMS Multiple Protocol support Integrated Additional Functional Servers
Tags: database , web , data , mail , server , management , application , address , migration , into , resource , platform , solution , popular , value , databases , for , features , enterprise , parsing ,

 SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS

This MS Access database migration tool is very easy to use and is very handy for the developers. It helps the developers to convert their MS Access reports from their legacy applications to ASP or .NET applications in no time which otherwise would have consumed a lot of time to do in other methods. It is a good alternative to Crystal Reports.
Tags: convert , database , tool , time , easy , reports , migration , good , alternative , applications , for ,


Webmasters can utilize this program to create skins for their existing websites. This program is built for ASP.NET and provides multiple layouts to suit webmasters needs in skinning websites. It is based on the format of XSLT and it has the ability to perform a perfect migration from current XML into XSLT solutions. It supports all usual web controls including data grid. This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: web , program , data , create , format , multiple , skins , migration , into , controls , for , features ,


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