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This is a software which provides webmasters an one stop solution in creating flash menu system for their flash website. It is a flash template based system and it supports meta tag for optimising search engine submissions. It comes with HTML background color setting and background music. It allows large number of text contents as menu pages and it proceedes an easy insertion of links or popup windows to external URL or files. And it has more features to let the webmasters to develop flash menu for navigation or flash website.
Tags: software , windows , search , flash , text , menu , system , easy , color , creating , navigation , links , tag , background , template , engine , number , stop , searchengine , pages , solution , for , features , develop , meta , flashmenu , contents , Meta Tag Generator Meta Tag Generator is an easy to integrate php program through which users can generate meta tag for their website. Through this application the users can generate meta tag for various information like site title, author name, author e-mail, description about the website, expiry date of the website and more. The created meta tag can attract the search engine robots and hence increase the traffic.
Tags: search , program , website , easy , php , information , site , application , date , generate , tag , engine , searchengine , author , for , users , meta , increase ,

 Get a live chat on your page

This is an article in which ASP users can gather more information about how to create ASP based chat program using VB script. Author says that this provided script can be used with any browser that supports cookies, frame work and meta refresh. This tutorial provides users all details about how to use this program on ASP supported websites.
Tags: program , create , browser , information , chat , script , using , work , tutorial , frame , users , meta ,

 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
Tags: password , online , protect , encryption , website , library , site , list , view , stock , demo , multiple , contact , tag , admin , trial , user , decrypt , account , move , update , numbers , credit , for , creditcard , features , users , meta , books , us , listing , rent , out ,

 Dynamic Submission

Dynamic Submission is a remotely hosted promotion script where users can submit their URL's to 100 major search engines by just clicking few buttons. This program submits user's websites automatically in minutes. This program has features like, keyword library and builder, automatic search engine submission, meta tag generator, manual submission, link popularity check, pay per click(PPC), pay per inclusion (PPI) engines support etc.
Tags: search , program , library , script , automatic , link , tag , engine , support , searchengine , automatically , submit , promotion , keyword , websites , features , users , manual , meta , linkpopularity , engines ,

 MetaGenerator Object

MetaGenerator Object is a tutorial which gives detailed explanation about the object which generates the meta tag. This Meta generator objects allows the users to generate HTTP-Equiv or NAME meta tag, creating custom meta tag and unlimited numbers of tags at a time. Here there are syntax, example usage and source code given for constructing the meta tag.
Tags: code , creating , generator , source , generate , tag , sourcecode , custom , tutorial , numbers , usage , object , for , tags , users , objects , meta ,


Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a .Net Pdf document manipulating component which allows developers to Edit the existing pdf documents, such as appending and inserting pages, concatenating two pdf documents, splitting one file into two sub-files; Show and change the meta information of a pdf file, the information retrieved and changed involves Title, Subject, Keywords, Author, etc; Add Logo and watermark on the each page, the logo is a string of chars, the watermark is a print in Jpg, Gif or Png format; Encrypt or decrypt a pdf file with owner or user's password, the owner can change password and reset the security setting.The last version merged Aspose.Pdf.Form into Aspose.Pdf.Kit;ect.
Tags: file , security , pdf , password , component , print , document , information , change , decrypt , into , watermark , version , string , logo , splitting , owner , meta , pdffile ,

 Business Automated Web Site

Business Automated Web Site is a php based script.In the Business site you can upload documents,images and business files using a custom file uploader, add content and HTML pages to your website. This uploader allows for the files to be searchable. This site can be used by any small, medium or large business to control their online business. Users need not to know HTML knowledge. It includes layout, file uploading tools, meta keyword tools and content tools. It keeps track of the files. New developer can build this site. Administrators can create content online with clicking a few buttons.
Tags: file , create , online , files , control , business , tools , php , site , using , upload , developer , track , content , custom , build , pages , keyword , for , meta , uploader ,

 Mp3 Search Script

Mp3 Search Script is an effective search engine software designed for hunting favorite MP3's with file names as the key word without using meta data. Using this software you can also upload your playlists with the search results by setting MIME types correctly. This script is easy to use and can be integrated in to any websites.
Tags: software , file , search , word , easy , script , using , upload , key , engine , searchengine , favorite , for , names , meta ,

 Bokai Barcode Image generator

This tool is used for barcode generator and which has an ActiveX control for printing barcodes. This tool contains more than twenty five barcode types. This tool supports only ActiveX control programs. Users can customize barcode parameters and design of barcodes etc., It easily transfers a barcode image to other applications and users can save a barcode as an image file. This tool supports Jpeg, png, windows meta files, bmp etc.
Tags: windows , image , tool , control , bmp , design , barcode , generator , save , printing , barcodes , customize , applications , for , users , meta ,

 HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic

HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic is an URl submitting script where users can submit their sites to popular 100 search engines. This program submits URL's every month. It has a meta tag generator and sends email reports every month. Users have a easy to use control panel. Free customer support is offered for this program.
Tags: email , search , program , control , easy , generator , script , tag , reports , support , customer , submit , popular , for , sites , users , customersupport , meta ,

 Using the Site Server Search Facility to Search Custom Meta Tags

Using the Site Server Search Facility to Search Custom Meta Tags is a web based tutorial which teaches the users on searching the meta tag in the users website. Here author describes about restricting searches, searching custom meta tags and retrieving content of those pages.
Tags: web , content , tag , custom , tutorial , author , searching , tags , webbased , users , meta ,


BuildTraffic is a traffic generating program that helps users to increase their site traffic. Many resources are avaliable for generating traffic like check ranking that is used to check your site ranking on the top search engines, meta tag generator which creates tags for your site, banner advertising using which you can advertise your site on the net, checking popularity, exchange links and more.
Tags: search , program , generator , site , using , check , traffic , links , exchange , tag , advertising , banner , checking , resources , for , tags , users , meta , increase , ranking , top ,

 .CO.NR Free Domain Names

Once your register with, you can get a short URL for your website. Other than the redirection service, it offers you with additional features or benefits like URL cloaking which is also called as URL masking, free URL forwarding, path forwarding option for both subdirectories and files, ability to support meta tags and keywords, and displays no banners and pop up ads on member sites.
Tags: pop , ads , support , for , features , tags , register , banners , meta , option , forwarding ,


This is a program which has the ability to reduce load times of the webpages and network traffic. This program allows users to secure meta tags from their competitors and help programmers develop applications that could be compatible with any browser. It saves browser statistics in a secured database. This program has many features like browser can be updated automatically, new browser detection, blazing speed, maximum scalability, detecting wireless devices, detecting devices like palm, iPaq PDAs, TV, web kiosks etc, search engine detection, detecting bots, spiders and crawlers, detecting firewalls, proxy settings etc.
Tags: web , search , network , program , secure , browser , help , statistics , proxy , engine , settings , searchengine , detecting , applications , wireless , load , reduce , features , tags , develop , users , meta , Free Domain Service Free Domain Service is a URL redirection system where you can get shorter URL for the pages of your website that could be easily remembered by your customers and visitors. Once you sign up in this service, your URL will be listed free in the directory, and also listed freely in the top list. In addition, it is capable of supporting search engine meta tags.
Tags: search , system , website , engine , searchengine , pages , for , customers , sign , meta , top ,

 SEOQUICK Search Engine Optimizer made easy

Submitters do not work, meta tagging only goes so far, and guaranteed ranking websites charge thousands of dollars and are unethical. SEOQUICK in 15 minutes will have you optimizing your webpages for fast listings on all the top search engines. Straight foward and no nonsense information and tools for guaranteed and ethical Top search engine placement. Best of all nothing to install, and no programming needed.
Tags: search , tools , fast , information , programming , engine , searchengine , websites , for , meta , ranking , top ,


PHPSiteSearch is a simple search engine program and is a script based on php. This software helps users to make internet or intranet applications searchable easily. It has options to exclude words. Features include files from indexing and indexing can be done by all words or meta tags. It consists indexer to store information in a flat text file database.
Tags: software , internet , file , search , program , text , files , make , information , script , words , store , engine , simple , intranet , searchengine , applications , options , users , meta ,

 I, Robot II

Protecting webpages is an essential process to be done within applications and this tutorial explains the several methods to perform the protection task. It suggests you to implement the meta tags to prevent the robots from indexing and following the link to other files. Syntax are given for the said methods and the author says that those meta tags should be included into each file that needs security.
Tags: file , protection , link , process , into , tutorial , prevent , applications , author , for , tags , meta ,

 Easy Meta Tag Generator

Webmasters can use this program to create meta tages on their website to stabilize their sites web traffic through search engines or by spiders. Users are allowed to create HTML or VRML based script and copy them to the clipboard. This is powerful and simple to install and to use.
Tags: web , search , program , create , website , copy , script , traffic , install , simple , sites , meta , powerful , engines ,

 e-Luminate R-Web

e-Luminate R-Web is a portal website which helps users to develop restaurant websites that can be managed by the staff itself. This offers features like providing demographic information, restaurant location, search engine registration, providing news manager and menu manager for adding / editing and deleting particulars, users manual, meta tag for search engine with both static and dynamic information and more.
Tags: search , manager , menu , website , information , news , tag , editing , engine , dynamic , searchengine , staff , websites , for , features , portal , develop , users , meta , restaurant , static ,

 Good4nothing Classifieds

A comprehensive very advanced PHP Classified Ads program that is 100% administrator configurable.Includes the ability to edit the appearance of board including meta tags.Edit auto-reply emails,choose,subscription times and grace times add categories and sub-categories.Automatic back-ups in Linux.Easy installation in any environment.Users have full control over their ads via their control panel.Automatic deletion of accounts on page click or auto-refreshing script run on a client machine or local machine.Works in all frame configurations and with all browsers(tested with Mozilla,IE,Galeon, and Konqueror).Now offering free distribution to select sites for testing and debugging as well as promotion.As this program develops we hope to include a resume module for it.So soon you will be able to have the most complete Classifieds program available
Tags: program , control , edit , client , board , script , page , advanced , administrator , ads , run , resume , module , testing , click , accounts , distribution , installation , local , frame , machine , deletion , for , sites , select , meta , complete , debugging ,

 Ektron CMS 200

This is a content management solution that can be used to generate and maintain content from any remote location through a web based interface. This program supports meta data and active directory. Users are allowed to schedule content and syndicate them on their websites. This program has other features like, low integration costs, ablity to track changes, providing search functionality etc.
Tags: web , search , program , data , management , schedule , remote , generate , track , content , location , solution , active , features , contentmanagement , webbased , maintain , integration , meta ,

 EMS MySQL Manager

This tool is helpful for administrators or users that allows them to create MySQL database objects and also it allows them to edit database objects as they like. By using this tool one can do the works related to MySQL database like, it allows users to extract and print meta data, users can design databases visually and also they can create database structure reports in HTML format and more facilities are available with this tool. Several features available with this tool are, it supports foreign key for InnoDB tables, visual reports can be built by this tool, HTML report generator in included etc.,
Tags: database , tool , create , print , design , edit , extract , generator , report , format , using , visual , key , reports , databases , for , structure , features , users , objects , meta , foreign , available ,

 9GIF.COM - Free Short url Redirection

Offers free short url redirection service such as with cloaking and meta tags support.
Tags: service , url , tags , meta ,

 FreeURL's Keywords Generator

FreeURL's Keywords Generator is an easy to use online program using which you would be able to create apt keyword meta tags. This program is highly reliable in generating the meta tags and assist webmasters in improving their web traffic and search engine ranking. The main highlight of this remotely hosted application is its ability to retrieve analogous keywords from more than two popular search engines.
Tags: web , search , program , create , online , easy , application , using , traffic , engine , retrieve , searchengine , keywords , keyword , popular , tags , meta ,

 Hard Search

This ASP based application provides it's features to find out web pages instantly. Users can use queries with web search and other searches like meta tags, text based content search, etc., In-built web spider script grabs the info from other websites and allows you to include them into your site source.
Tags: web , search , text , find , site , script , application , content , spider , into , pages , info , websites , webpages , features , meta , searches , out ,

 NewsPHP Value-Pro

This is a software to maintain and run a professional publishing business. The news or articles contents can be maintained from a web based browser with so much of ease. This programme has general facilities like, session tracking, banner management, auto meta tags, customizable site design and layouts, built in polls etc. Has a search engine that allows users to search any content by title or news body. A WYSIWYG editor for text formatting, and facility to upload photos or videos to add with the news article. Has seperate category management and user admin modes. It also has many advanced features like news letters, hostory navigator, user rates, comments and more.
Tags: software , web , search , editor , text , photos , management , design , browser , site , upload , news , auto , content , advanced , admin , user , engine , run , professional , searchengine , banner , publishing , videos , for , features , articles , webbased , maintain , users , meta , contents , session ,


Make your professional newspaper, magazine, TV/Radio news center, media website. Features: Fast and easy to use admin area. Fully customizable headlines/categories/frontend view. Full Article management with images and audio/video. User levels, realtime news styles editing for colors/fonts; powerful search by titles or news body, automatic archiving feature with calendar style. Built in Banner Management, comments, user rates, navigation history, automatic meta tag creation, Extremely easy to setup, professional templates like CNN, USAToday. Hosted Solution $59.95/month is already available
Tags: search , images , management , calendar , easy , automatic , media , navigation , news , tag , templates , admin , user , editing , professional , feature , for , archiving , meta , powerful ,


MediaIndexer is a simple PHP based application by which users can construct browsable interface for their media files. It offers various features like allowing users to extract text from the database, storing meta data contents of media files in the SQL lite database. allowing the images to be displayed in thumbnail format, supporting media types like movie, audio, text files, images, PDF and MS word documents.
Tags: data , text , files , images , word , extract , application , media , thumbnail , simple , interface , for , features , users , meta , contents , construct ,


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