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 Asset Tracker

This is a networking utility where the system software and hardware components on network can be audited. This utility provide the detailed report of the network system information to the network administrator. This script is capable of providing the informations of the users workstation like installed devices, user accounts, network shares and adapters, operating system, installed software, processor, hard disk drives information, memory, etc. This tool generate inventory reports for the users such as workstations memory report, software licenses report and more.
Tags: software , utility , tool , network , system , disk , information , inventory , report , script , memory , generate , components , user , reports , hard , hardware , networking , shares , for , drives , users , workstation ,

 JWIRC applet

The applet is multi-channels programm which consequently allows you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you at number of channels. It is possible due to good optimization of memory usage . Users can send and recive files by DCC. Appearance of the java applet completely customized. Webmaster can change any colors, make menues, enter limitations on usage for some fields and commands, make a language pack for any countries, set up changing from words to an images (smile to image) and more.
Tags: files , images , java , make , memory , language , change , words , send , applet , number , optimization , setup , pack , set , good , usage , javaapplet , limit , for , changing , fields , conversation , irc ,

 RUHuman (Are You Human?)

RUHuman is an ASP.NET component. This tool will produce images using obstufication method and store them in memory or disk in the web server. This utility restricts unwanted registrations from other external sources. The generated images can be in any format like PNG, JPEG, GIF etc. It has many enhanced features like image size can be resized, images are generated randomly on the server, random generation of words etc. It is an useful tool for the webmasters to have a spam free database.
Tags: image , web , utility , tool , images , disk , spam , format , using , memory , words , store , size , random , for , features , useful , generation , method ,

 AcroRd32.exe - Prevent from staying open

This simple technique prevents Acrobat reader from occupying memory space even after being closed. The author explains the steps to be followed with screen shots.
Tags: screen , space , memory , simple , reader , author ,

 Reference counting and Aliasing

This article teaches you about reference counting and aliasing. Reference counting will reduce the memory consumption of your php programmes. Performance of PHP application is improved. It gives you some tools for programming. Reference counting handles data differently like a composite data type or number of string. Variable function is used to access data from memory. Arrays are used for storing number variable. Reference counting is used for eliminating memory allocations. The main advantages of using reference counting are improve the performance, memory consumption savings, automatic resource control. Aliasing is an added flexibility for PHP. It aliases short name to a variable of longer name.
Tags: data , access , tools , php , application , using , automatic , memory , number , name , type , resource , function , reference , reduce , for , improve , counting ,

 Cache Expiration Callbacks In ASP.NET

This is an ASP tutorial which describes about callback function in ASP.NET framework. In this article author describes about triggering a function which fires if any item from the catch memory gets expired. Here there are few step by step procedures which can be uilized by the .NET programmers to execute the call back function. This article offers sample codes and examples for easy understanding.
Tags: easy , memory , tutorial , call , function , author , execute , sample , for , back , codes , examples ,

 Caching ASP.NET Pages

Caching ASP.NET Pages is a web based tutorial which deals with output caching, which initally executes the page for the request and it store the page in the memory, for subsequent call it will serve the page from the memory directly. The author explains about the response.cache object and HTTP cache policy.
Tags: web , memory , page , cache , store , tutorial , call , object , author , for , webbased ,

 Application Cache Viewer

Application Cache Viewer is a web based article through which users can gather information about cache viewer application which shows the current item stored in the cache memory with the help of ASP.NET application. This article will be helpful for .NET programmers and the web developers.
Tags: web , viewer , help , information , application , memory , cache , for , webbased , users ,


This is a program where the users can determine the memory available, system operating system and virtual memory with ASP. This program is capable of working on MS windows operating system. Features like troubleshooting, file support, users can have an activeX DLL registration facility etc. This server application is compatible with PWS, IIS 3, IIS 4 and IIS 5.
Tags: windows , file , program , server , system , application , memory , virtual , users , registration ,

 ASPSoftware Engineering

This article offers the software engineering of ASP projects. This produces an efficient and powerful code and it uses various principles such as encapsulation, consistency and organization for the development of ASP applications. Consistency helps the developers to easily update and understand your code. Encapsulation helps for the reusability of the code and thus minimizes memory space.
Tags: software , development , code , memory , update , engineering , for , organization , powerful ,


afterBURNER*Cache is a PHP based script that allows to speed up processing PHP scripts. It is a very useful utility for heavily accessed websites. The PHP file is cached in the Webserver, so when it is accessed the second time, it is returned to the user instantly since it is not processed again for a second time. It consumes less server memory too.
Tags: file , utility , server , speed , script , memory , user , processing , speedup , second , for , useful ,

 Introduction to ASP.NET

Introduction to ASP.NET is a reference guide which gives introduction to ASP.NET. It describes about the features such as cross-language integration, object-oriented programming support, automatic memory management, etc. It also discusses about the ASP+ platform, page framework, web services, deployment, ADO+, etc., and are more helpful for the users.
Tags: web , automatic , memory , programming , page , reference , for , features , guide ,

 Creating a Login User Control

Whenever the webmasters develop any User Control, they should keep it safe for future access. This article highlights the importance of keeping those user controls by creating a login user control. In web applications these User controls helps in partitioning and UI functionality could be called out for using it again whenever needed. The server memory could store these usercontrols and could be retrieved at any time.
Tags: web , server , creating , using , memory , safe , store , user , login , applications , controls , for , develop , out ,


cASPer.BinaryString is an ASP based string component allowing users to manipulate the snippet of the internet technologies extensively with binary files. This offers various features like allowing the user to open the binary files and they can even save the content into the memory files, processing with the individual bytes of a string, allows the user to perform with binary string object, plain text string and offers binary string objects to manipulate with the binary files.
Tags: internet , text , files , component , save , memory , content , open , user , processing , into , binary , string , features , users , objects ,

 ChilkatZip - Zip ActiveX Compression

ChilkatZip - Zip ActiveX Compression is an high performance compression component that helps in compressing the files directly from the memory buffer and also offers the zipping archives. It offers various features like accessing XML format from zip archive directory, providing wild card string for searching the files in the zip, allowing streaming technology for customizing the content of the zip and unzip files with the help of memory foot prints, add / delete / modify files with in the zip and more.
Tags: files , component , delete , zip , help , format , archive , compression , memory , performance , content , streaming , unzip , string , searching , for , features , modify ,

 Chilkat XML.NET

Chilkat XML.NET is an ASP.NET based non-validating component which provides significant memory and speed increments over validating parsers. It runs faster with a high performance than the MSXML. Moreover it is a non-validating parser and converts the XML files from one language to any other. The key features are, encryption, character encoding, zip conversion, etc.
Tags: files , component , zip , speed , memory , language , performance , key , character , parser , faster , features ,

 Chilkat XML

Chilkat XML has an Auto fix property and fixes errors in XML. This parser is non-validating, less memory intensive and the API is much simpler. Even though it uses less memory Chilkat XML is 300% faster than MSXML4. When you link to Chilkat XML it helps us in providing more free components in the future.
Tags: memory , link , fix , components , errors , parser , property , faster , us ,

 Garbage Collection in .NET

This article is helpful for the learners which offers them detailed information about the usage of Garbage collection in .NET framework. This Garbage collection plays a vital role in freeing memory without removing all references to that memory location. Example code has been given in this article and the users can drag and drop on their codes for testing.
Tags: code , information , collection , memory , removing , usage , drop , for , users , draganddrop , codes ,


Concentration is a web-based gaming script that entertains you well. This script tests your memory capacity. All you have to do is to click the same type of diagram that is invisible in the screen and gain points. Feature highlights are easy installation and easy customization. This game is liked by all age groups. Downloading and running this programme is simple and easy.
Tags: game , screen , easy , script , memory , simple , tests , gaming , click , type , invisible , diagram , installation ,


This is an open source servlet, which can be used to display random images in normal HTML pages, JSP pages, Server Side Includes (SSI). CSRandomImage can handle multiple image collections via text files. It caches the image collections in memory for maximum speed. The outputs can be made available in different formats for use in JSP/SSI pages or plain HTML pages.
Tags: image , text , images , memory , source , display , multiple , open , random , pages , for , available ,

 ASP Power Widgets - Fupload

ASP Power Widgets-Fupload is an ASP based COM component which helps you to upload unlimited files. This tool supports uploading file type control and it uploads even large files with low memory space. You can easily install this component on your existing website.
Tags: file , tool , files , component , control , memory , upload , install , type ,

 The PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool

PowerTCP Zip is an ASP based zip component that provide various functionalities for zipping and unzipping the files with single line of code. It has file store object which helps in transferring datas from the memory buffer to the zipping files, helps in retreiveing single file from the zipped file, displaying content of the file with in the zip file and also provide searching facility to find a particular file in the zip file. It offers features like providing standard zip facility for zipping and unzipping the applications, providing AES encryption and decryption for data security, supporting COM+ component and spanning for multiple disk etc.
Tags: file , data , files , component , encryption , zip , disk , find , memory , content , multiple , store , line , object , decryption , searching , for , features , standard ,

 System Stats (2)

This is a software based on php where system statistics for several hosts using rrdtool, bash and awk are displayed for users and data is displayed using php, rrdtool graphs and apache. This script gathers load average, processes, uptime, memory usage, swap Usage, files and directory sizes, lm sensor data and disk Usages. It provides internet Connectivity using tcp and icmp polling and hop count.
Tags: software , internet , data , files , system , disk , php , script , using , memory , directory , statistics , tcp , graphs , load , for , users , swap , icmp ,

 HSQL Database

HSQL Database is used for editing and entering data inside the database. It offers in memory and disk based tables users can use any one of these types of tables and also this database tool offers in embedded and in server modes. Extra tools like, management tools, minimal webserver and in-memory query are available.
Tags: database , tool , data , server , management , disk , tools , memory , query , editing , for , users ,

 .NET Data Caching

.NET Data Caching is a web based tutorial which deals with data caching technique using ASP.NET application. This tutorial tells how to utilize the memory to store data that aer requested repeatedly which automatically increases the performance of the application. Here author also discusses about the session objects and application objects and their uses.
Tags: web , data , application , using , memory , performance , store , automatically , tutorial , author , webbased , objects , session ,


KUpload+ is ASP.Net File Upload component with Pure HTML Progress bar. KUpload+ allows great control over the upload of huge files (Up to 2GB) from client browser to web server through HTTP. Features Advanced Upload Technology KUpload+ operates on totally deferent Upload technology from standard ASP.Net Classes. KUpload+ do not utilizes the server memory rather it usage disk memory to store uploaded files. This means for large upload, KUpload+ utilizes small amount of server memory. Hence new technology provides ultimate flexibility on the upload size. Pure HTML Progress Bar KUpload+ utilizes a Pure HTML Progress Bar. It keeps track of every upload and allows you to watch how much of your file has been uploaded with absolutely no components installed on the client Estimated Time Left : Shows how much of upload completed and what time left to complete upload. Transfer Rate : Shows average transfer rate. Started @ : Show time when upload was started. Current File : Shows name of current file being uploaded. Information : Shows status of current upload.
Tags: file , web , time , server , files , component , control , disk , browser , client , transfer , memory , upload , watch , track , components , store , webserver , small , name , usage , rate , ultimate , for , standard , complete , average ,

 A DropDownList, EditItemTemplate, using Access, and HttpSessionState...Part 4

A DropDownList, EditItemTemplate, using Access, and HttpSessionState...Part 4 is an article for the .NET programmers which gives the method for adding the data from the Access database into the list of the dropdownlist control. This article also demonstrates how to update the alterations performed in memory resident dataset in HttpSessionState. Author also clearly explains with sample code.
Tags: database , data , list , using , memory , into , update , sample , for , method ,

 Saké Mail web-mail servlet

Sake Mail is a very high-performance carrier-class Web-based email system, designed for scaling to large numbers of concurrent users. It takes advantage of the Java Servlet API's memory-resident architecture and multi-threading HTTP response model. It avoids file system accesses through memory caching at every possible point, and never needs to touch the file system at runtime at all if coupled with an IMAP server. It supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP, including authenticated SMTP. It also provides an extremely sophisticated message rendering system that can easily handle even complex HTML encoded messages with attachments that have been forwarded multiple times.
Tags: email , file , system , message , memory , multiple , messages , attachments , numbers , for , filesystem ,

 Master Memory Management

Master Memory Management is an online tutorial in which author elaborates the procedure involved in generating codes for .NET framework in VB.NET and C# with better memory management. In this article author discusses about management of memory, methods involved in eliminating the common mistakes done while coding the programs in .NET framework and also methods that have to be adapted for maximizing the performance of that application.
Tags: online , management , programs , memory , performance , tutorial , author , for , framework , coding , codes ,

 IIS Application Pool Recycler

IIS 6.0 uses the IIS 6.0 process model (w3wp.exe) and introduces a new isolation feature called application pooling. Application pooling allows applications to run together in one or more processes, as long as they share the same pool designation. But sometimes IIS worker process crashes, hangs or stops due to memory leakage, bad script codes, and cannot be recovered or recycled by IIS 6.0. The recycling application pool allows you to recover the system recourses. When IIS cannot recycle the application pools, all the web sites in the crashed pool cannot respond to web user requests. Recycler creates test web sites for every application pool and reads them continuously. When it cannot read the test web site, it recycles its application pool. Recycling application pool protects websites against down time. Recycler is the most powerful application against crashed, hanged or stopped application pools. Recycler is a must have if you offer Windows hosting with Windows Server 2003.
Tags: web , system , recover , script , application , test , memory , user , share , process , read , run , model , pool , applications , feature , websites , for , sites , powerful , hosting ,


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