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 .NetAds Ad Server

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to display and manage advertisements on their websites. Advertisers can have real time results of displaying ads and can have the facilities to display their ads in their desired regions, country and group of countries. The repetition of the ads can be decided either by day of the week or hour of the days. Webmasters can customize the number of displaying for each ad to suit their demands. It is possible to display ads with various sized images in gif, jpeg, png formats and to let different types media formats to mingle with each other. It provides admins easy to use interface to let them manage campaigns, advertisers, zones and media.
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 A1- Chat

A1- Chat is a remotely hosted chat program with which you can chat online. The main speciality of this program is that you will be facilitated with media streaming, multiplayer Gaming, battle ship, skrabble, pool etc., during your chat session. Facilities to apply any desired font styles and background colour are available for you to chat dynamically with any online user.
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 IBEEM Content Management System - Enhanced Edition

IBEEM Content Management System - Enhanced Edition is an easy to use content management program that can be used to create and maintain content on the websites. This program can be easily customized according to user's needs. Admin can add, edit or delete different types of files including flash, pdf and other media files. Automatic navigation construction can be added in this program. Other features of this program are, managing newsletter, routine and scheduled notifications, ability to create 200 additional pages, providing detailed site statistics, ability to deploy content automatically and more. An online demo is available on the website.
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WMFEncoder is a streaming media application which allows users to encode media files. This program is combined with OCX and Active X COM, to encode windows media formats. This has features like with flexible platform, reduced development cycle, with reliable and robust feature. This application is very easy for installing in the system. An online demo is available on this website.
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 Agency extragency

This is an active website where you will find flash and graphical designing solutions to design both static and dynamic webpages for your website. This website also offers media support for designing the webpages and helps you to create web pages with cross browseer compatibility. Besides these, you are also facilitated with three different webhosting scheme packages.
Tags: web , flash , create , website , design , find , media , support , dynamic , pages , active , for , webpages , solutions , graphical , static ,

 Power Ad Banner Manager

This is a program using which webmasters can display and manage ads on their websites. It displays and manages advertisements according to the priority of the advertisers. Webmasters can utilize this tool to display more types of advertisements like rich media ads, shockwave ads, banner ads, java ads, flash ads etc., Number of ad displayings can be decided by hours of a week, days of a week and client counting. Webmasters can create zone in tree structure and any number of page positions, compaigns, website tree positions, advertisers and banners.
Tags: tool , flash , program , create , java , website , client , using , media , tree , page , manage , display , ads , number , banner , structure , priority , zone ,


This website provides an one stop solution in flash and web designing, professional 2D and 3D designing for the users. The users can order any thing they want to have to create a multimedia and flash website. This team provides their services in business and ecommerce solution by the specialists. The major services are graphic design, business cards, corporate presentations, product ecatalog, East european focus, Right media emails and promo games.
Tags: web , flash , create , website , business , multimedia , graphic , media , emails , ecommerce , stop , services , solution , product , team , for , users ,

 Aurigma Media Gallery .NET

Aurigma Media Gallery is a more effective information provider about the video files, images on the website. It is completely customized, which helps the users to work easily. It is more flexible, stable media application and helps the user to satisfy their clients requirements. It has a standard file called WebAdmin which helps to create new files, delete files, and have many new administrative functions etc. This can be intergrated into any custom websites.
Tags: file , video , create , images , delete , information , application , media , user , custom , work , into , functions , users , standard , clients ,

 Picture Gallery Pro

Picture Gallery Pro is a simple image manipulation software using which you would be able to create and manage online image galleries. You can upload all images and pictures on your server with descriptions and short foot notes. Facilities to implement rating systems for the images, hit counters, mail a friend etc., are available. The advanced media editon of this ASP application enables you to create thumbnails even for video files.
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 Media Processor

This is a program which can be used by the users for loading the files and media formats. It uses formats such as PNG, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, Adobe photoshop, BMP, TGA, Kodak flash pix image, DIB, 3DMF etc., And it supports BMP or JPEG to store all the results after producing thumbnails, croping, rotating and drawing the text etc., This program can be used by the users to load different varities of video format and to retrieve the information from audio files.
Tags: video , audio , flash , program , text , files , information , format , media , drawing , store , retrieve , load , for , users ,

 Banner Ad Central

This is a banner exchange system that offers exchange ratio of 10:9. This offers webmasters to boost the viewer traffic to their websites easily and quickly. The main features of this system is that it supports all types of media files including flash and allows you to display ads in three different sizes which are standard banner size, button and mini banner size.
Tags: flash , files , system , viewer , media , display , traffic , exchange , ads , button , boost , banner , mini , websites , features , standard ,


Netjuke is an entertainment tool which is used for playing songs. It supports any format songs. Webmasters can use this tool on their website to enable their site visitors to access all type of media and songs online. Features available with this tool are, random play, users can create individual and shared playlists, image management, Ogg tagging, ID3 support, server side playback, alphabetical listings, streaming radio and more. Relational database is taken as backend to store data.
Tags: image , database , tool , create , server , access , website , site , format , media , entertainment , radio , store , random , streaming , songs , type , for , users , available , shared ,

 ASP Turbine 7

This is an effective program which can be used by the users for producing PDF documents and flash rich media using ASP scripts. This application incorporates the contents into rich media (flash rich media) and seperates the content and presentation perfectly. This program is built on media independent architecture. It is possible to output formats including PDF, flash, image and SVG using this application.
Tags: image , flash , program , application , using , media , presentation , content , documents , into , for , users , contents ,

 Electrobug Technologies Limited

It is the leading source of real-time, online pricing intelligence - providing a transparent view of the marketplace for making strategic and tactical pricing decisions in the travel (air, hotel, car rental) and retail (groceries, technology, media products) sectors.
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Websites which have different modules like document library, user accounts, event listings, e-commerce system, media gallery can upgrade them with the help of this remotely hosted application. Features are provided for each module and you can add this all-in-one product into your webstie to manage them easily.
Tags: help , document , media , manage , gallery , user , module , into , event , product , for , upgrade ,

 DART for Advertisers

Web based business people and sales representatives can utilize this hosted software to advance their online sales. Available features are: supports customer service through online knowledge base, gives compatibility for uploading rich media files, increases traffic through powerful marketing features, reports about ad performances, cost effective ad-serving, user oriented interface to enable advertisers to access ad-module and a lot more.
Tags: software , online , access , business , media , service , marketing , traffic , sales , user , reports , customer , cost , interface , knowledge , for , features , powerful , people ,

 Streaming Media Archive

This is a file archiving application that helps users to import audio, video, images, data files etc. Users can extract ID3 tag information from audio files that would help them to manage and share playlists to play files from any remote location and perform advanced searching on media files. This program supports files such as, ogg, mp3, wav, mpg, mpeg etc.
Tags: file , audio , program , data , files , mpeg , play , extract , help , information , application , media , remote , import , manage , advanced , tag , share , location , searching , archiving , users ,


This is a database driven HTML editor that helps developers to generate, publish and organize their site contents. Media libary and content manager using these staff members would be able to become web publisher. This program can also be used by editor who want to generate graphic rich webpages. Users are allowed to catalog and organize any type of media files such as, MOV, GIF, AVI, JPG, MPG etc. This program has other features like, ability to search and filter contents, contents can be previewed etc.
Tags: database , web , search , editor , program , manager , files , filter , site , graphic , using , media , catalog , organize , generate , content , publish , type , staff , features , contents ,


This is a php software and a complete postcard script where an ecard is sent with the voice messages in it. Features like email reminder, my favorites, my account, address book, upload photo and calendar are available in this script. HTML templates and auto thumbnails are used in this script. It supports multiple languages. Additional features like windows media audio, poem, unique skin background, smilies, midi, real audio, play flash and java applet are provided here. It can be integrated with any active websites.
Tags: software , windows , email , photo , flash , java , calendar , play , php , script , address , media , upload , auto , voice , applet , skin , multiple , templates , messages , thumbnails , active , javaapplet , windowsmedia , real , features , complete , available , is a web based entertainment website which helps to share software, ringtones, games and mobile backgrounds with your friends. This website offers facilities to chat with other members through forums and allows to browse through various categories of media library and more.
Tags: web , games , website , library , chat , mobile , media , entertainment , share , browse , backgrounds , webbased ,

 eZ Publish VDS Hosting

This is a PHP based application which provides unique return on investment, reduces risk and gives your business great opportunities. This application easily manages documents, online content, customized data and product catalogues, media files etc., and has a built-in online search utility.
Tags: search , data , online , files , business , application , media , product , risk ,

 Lightbox Photo Gallery

The Lightbox Photo Gallery is a PHP based software which is useful for photographers, artisans and artists and for those who would like to display and sell their work online. Along with the secure online payment processing, the script creates thumbnails of the pictures automatically, allows you to view the images as a slideshow. Other features in this script handles all media type files includeing jpg, gif, mp3, txt, html,audio, wav etc., The script is easy to customize even without knowing any programming skills in PHP.
Tags: software , online , wav , files , images , secure , pictures , easy , script , media , view , programming , display , thumbnails , work , type , customize , payment , skills , for , features , useful , sell ,


Make your professional newspaper, magazine, TV/Radio news center, media website. Features: Fast and easy to use admin area. Fully customizable headlines/categories/frontend view. Full Article management with images and audio/video. User levels, realtime news styles editing for colors/fonts; powerful search by titles or news body, automatic archiving feature with calendar style. Built in Banner Management, comments, user rates, navigation history, automatic meta tag creation, Extremely easy to setup, professional templates like CNN, USAToday. Hosted Solution $59.95/month is already available
Tags: search , images , management , calendar , easy , automatic , media , navigation , news , tag , templates , admin , user , editing , professional , feature , for , archiving , meta , powerful ,


CD-DVD Lock is intended for restricting read or write access to removable media devices such as CD, DVD, floppy and flash, as well as for restricting access to certain partitions of hard disk drives.
Tags: access , disk , write , media , read , hard , floppy , for ,


CD-DVD Lock is intended for restricting read or write access to removable media devices such as CD, DVD, floppy and flash, as well as for restricting access to certain partitions of hard disk drives.
Tags: access , disk , write , media , read , hard , floppy , for ,

 Access Administrator Pr

Controls access to files and folders situated on local media of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP at Windows kernel level, allocates access to files and folders between users according to predefined schedules, and protects system files and folders.
Tags: files , system , access , media , folders , local , users ,


MediaIndexer is a simple PHP based application by which users can construct browsable interface for their media files. It offers various features like allowing users to extract text from the database, storing meta data contents of media files in the SQL lite database. allowing the images to be displayed in thumbnail format, supporting media types like movie, audio, text files, images, PDF and MS word documents.
Tags: data , text , files , images , word , extract , application , media , thumbnail , simple , interface , for , features , users , meta , contents , construct ,

 HardCore Website Manager

This easy to use application has a powerful media library through which you can access any file on your web server. You can easily modify the web pages using the feature-rich WYSIWYG editor of this application. This application also allows you to upload and download HTML and text files. Some key features of this application are Automatic detection of users' language preferences, spell checker, DOM inspector, hyperlink and media managers etc.,
Tags: download , file , web , editor , text , access , library , easy , application , using , media , language , upload , key , detection , pages , spell , webpages , features , modify , powerful ,

 History Destroyer

History Destroyer is an easy and useful tool that can be used to delete the recently viewed sites so that no one can trace your activities. In addition, it is also capable of cleaning or deleting IE cookie folder, recently run programs, windows clipboard, auto-URL complete list, windows recycle bin, media players play list and much more. With this tool, you can also block the pop ups, window title etc.
Tags: windows , tool , delete , play , easy , list , media , block , pop , window , playlist , run , trace , cookie , sites , useful , cleaning , complete , players ,


This is a content management program that can be used to create and maintain contents on websites. This program provides WYSIWYG editor which can be used to edit contents on the websites. Image manager and media manager are available with this software. This program comes with a wide range of design templates and it can also be used with any existing website.
Tags: editor , program , create , manager , management , design , edit , media , content , templates , contentmanagement , maintain , contents , available ,


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