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 Complete Jobs Web Application

Complete Jobs Web Application is a readymade job searching site using which one can build a job searching site instantly. Webmasters can launch a jobsite with seperate areas for the employers, candidate and jobs. This site could search jobs with required fields and match the criteria which suits with the given fields. Site Administrator has their own features like approving the jobs before they reache for candidates display.
Tags: search , site , using , launch , job , build , match , searching , for , features , fields , jobs ,

 Simple AIM Gateway Script

This simple one page script collects information from your form and submits it to the payment gateway for approval and redirects your customer to either a "Payment Accepted" or "Payment Denied" page based on the response from This script is easy to install and just requires a few variables to match your account. This script is used in conjunction with the latest AIM (Advance Integration Module) Integration methods. Does Not require Curl.
Tags: easy , information , script , form , page , install , simple , customer , match , payment , for , gateway ,

 Mortgage Calculator Plus

Free graphing mortgage calculator. Highlights: * Property tax, PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) taken into consideration * Monthly versus Bi-weekly payments report shows the most favorable payment periodicity * Amortization graph, Repayment chart and Balance graph, as well as, monthly and yearly amortization tables help to understand mortgage mechanisms better * Smarty ( template engine and configurable chart colors allow you to fit the calculator to your website layout * Customizable currency symbol, thousands separator, decimal point, and initial values let you match your website audience.
Tags: website , calculator , help , report , chart , template , engine , colors , into , currency , mortgage , layout , match , payment , amortization , graphing , decimal , monthly ,

 Mortgage Calculators Plus

Mortgage Calculators Plus is a set of 10 mortgage calculators: "Monthly payment calculator", "Additional payment calculator", "How much do I have to earn", "How much can I borrow", "Should I pay discount points", "How much will I save by refinancing my loan", "How much will my tax deduction be", "Bi-weekly mortgage calculator", "APR calculator", and "Interest only monthly payment calculator". Customizable currency symbols, thousands separator, decimal point, and initial values let you match your Website audience.
Tags: save , tax , set , currency , mortgage , match , payment , decimal , monthly ,

 Password and Re-Type Fields

Password is one of the important component in all web applications to stop the entry of any unauthorized intruders. This tutorial gives the detail about creating an application to receive a password from the client and asking them to re-type the same field or password for confirmation. This checks the field with the previous field along with validating its natural properties of a password. If it matches, then the client is allowed to login. If not the client is asked for password checking again for suitable match and verification.
Tags: web , password , component , creating , client , application , stop , tutorial , checking , applications , match , receive , field , natural , properties , for , checks ,

 RegularExpressionValidator Control

RegularExpressionValidator Control is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information about regular expression validator, which helps in detecting any match occur with the input control over the regular expression. The above said process can be executed with the help of validation expression property and also the author explains this process with the help of example and source code.
Tags: web , control , help , information , source , process , tutorial , detecting , match , validation , author , input , property , expression , webbased , users , regularexpression ,

 Babbage Home Page Search Applet

This program is a powerful search engine creator that helps users to create their own searching field on their home page. It displays radio buttons at the bottom of page that asks users to select case sensitive, case in sensitive and match whole word according to their way of searching. If there is no match in the word it will display no matches found at the status bar. You can search upto maximum hundred pages.
Tags: search , program , create , creator , word , page , home , display , buttons , radio , engine , searchengine , match , case , field , searching , select , users , powerful ,

 BFN Graphical Clocks

Add a graphical clock to any HTML document. Customizable time zone. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , time , clock , images , page , webpage , user , match , graphical ,

 BFN Countdown Timer

Add countdown timers to any HTML document, customizable completion date, as well as custom time-zone. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , images , page , webpage , user , custom , countdown , match ,

 BFN Counter & IP Logger

Add a graphical or text counter to any web page that logs visitor information such as IP address, time, location (country), host, browser, ISP, and OS. Double counting disabled, so only unique hits are added. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , text , images , information , page , webpage , user , counter , location , match , logs , counting , graphical , visitor ,

 AD Space

AD Space is used to post their ad links to promote their site to increase their page ranking. This system is faster, easier and reliable management and accounting text ads on your site. It is easy for you to have this system on your website to match your requirements. This script is easy to customize and easy to integrate into any active websites.
Tags: text , management , system , website , easy , site , accounting , script , page , links , ads , into , customize , match , active , post , for , increase ,

 Customizing XML for ASP.NET Web Services

Out of the box, ASP.NET is a very powerful platform for writing XML Web Services. But what happens when you need to format the XML to match an existing XML grammar? Not surprisingly, this can be accomplished using the XML Serialization Engine. In the first part of this two-part article, Justin Rudd shows you the basics of the engine as well as how the engine works with ASP.NET.
Tags: format , using , engine , platform , writing , match , for , powerful , part ,

 Advanced Virtual Search Engine

Advanced Virtual Search Engine is a web search engine that allows users to search the net for their search terms. This program gives choice to search the entire web or specific categories and countrywise. There are even options to select languages, number of results to be displayed per page, family filter, choices of descriptions, ranking and search to match all words, any word and exact phrase.
Tags: web , search , program , word , family , engine , number , searchengine , options , match , for , select , users , ranking ,

 Dating Box

Dating Box is an useful classified ads program that offers optimum solution for the webmasters to launch a successful match making website online. Members can have both audio and video online chat, browse member profiles, rate member photos etc., This professional template driven dating software supports multiple languages, member albums, link catalog etc.,
Tags: software , video , audio , program , online , photos , website , catalog , link , multiple , ads , browse , launch , template , professional , solution , match , rate , for , useful , dating ,


Leadhound is an ultra-fast, feature-loaded service, designed from the group up to be robust and yet very simple to use. Leadhound is absolutely feature loaded! It contains many features that are broken down into three main areas: Affiliate, Merchant and Admin Back office. Further details on each of the areas can found in below on this page. Leadhound is a highly developed, but simple to use interface making site administration easy to learn and maintain. Feature Highlights Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, 22 unique affiliate features, 31 unique merchant features, 19 unique staff features, Almost complete automation of the process. Ease of use - get new campaigns online in just 5 minutes!, Password protected, Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption(Dependant upon your server connection), Review personal information, Subscribe to HTML or text based newsletters, Edit personal information, Country selection. Country field matches to merchants selected countries of promotion - target campaigns, Edit content categories of interest (Fields of interest that match the affiliates website content - target campaigns), List all available campaigns, List subscribed campaigns, List new campaigns, List expired campaigns, Display earnings per click by campaigns, Real-time impression, click, lead, sale tracking and reporting, Auto generated HTML for affiliates subscribing to any campaign, Sub-affiliate IDs. Affiliates can tag the HTML with their own unique affiliate ID codes to track their own members' activity, Ability for affiliate to select automatically generated static, rotating, or text link to promote the campaign, Real-time statistics sorted by month-to-month drop down menus, Real-time statistics for sub-affiliates, Real-time revenue statistics (When an affiliate's end-user converts to a lead or sale on the merchants website, it automatically updates the affiliates account. and more
Tags: text , online , server , website , easy , site , learn , personal , automation , tracking , statistics , track , link , content , tag , administration , simple , into , automatically , click , promotion , interface , group , match , staff , drop , feature , field , for , features , select , broken , sale , complete , available , revenue , codes ,

 Developers Pad

Developers Pad is a development environment that can be used to create codes for ASP, PHP, VB applications. Users are allowed to customize syntax highlighting according to their needs. They can define their own constants, variables and cursor position and length. VC++, VB and .NET projects can be viewed and users can search whole word, match case by using find and replace function. This program support multiple scripting languages and provides templates to design code. Code library is available with this software.
Tags: search , program , create , design , library , development , find , code , using , replace , multiple , templates , support , scripting , cursor , customize , syntax , match , case , languages , position , environment , highlighting , for , findandreplace , users , available , codes , projects ,


This site is reffered to exchange text links in many websites which is written in PHP modules. Admin area supports graphical evaluation. Members, users, sponsors and sites can be approved manually. Exchange allows multiple user and sponsor support banner ads. Refferer system is available to which level and percentage can be defined. Time can be set to show ads in different times. Hits, clicks are counted for seperate languages. Templates are used to cutomise the code to match your site. Proxy server can be disabled. Wrong entries are found automatically. Single account can have multiple site administration. Text links supports numerous link size. Links are counted through view and clicks. Online demo illustrates the features effectively.
Tags: text , server , system , code , site , view , show , demo , link , links , multiple , exchange , user , ads , support , account , area , set , banner , match , websites , for , sites , features , entries , available , graphical ,

 Red_Reservations Calendar

This Red Reservation Calendar is a small and flexible calendar application which shows the reserved dates in red format. (You can also replace the header, footer and navigation with your own code to match your site's design).
Tags: calendar , code , application , navigation , replace , small , match , red , dates ,

 e-Personals (Hosted Version)

This is a classified ads script which allows the users to create advertisements for match making purpose. This script provides several features like personal inbox system and matchmaker search agent for protecting emails. This program has some advantages such as easy maintenance, free technical support, lower startup, free hosting, free upgrades etc. This is a program which has the ability to customize the database fields for every online categories. This program can be optimized with geographical subcategories, database fields and graphical interface, top level sections etc.
Tags: database , search , program , create , online , system , easy , script , personal , ads , agent , customize , match , protecting , technical , for , features , users , fields , inbox , top , graphical ,

 CamDate MatchAgency Dating

This is a program that helps webmasters to run a match making website. This program facilitates members to administer several profiles from a single account and provides support for several languages. It is possible to upload image and to create thumbnails. This program uses MySQL database and comes with an effective WYSIWYG editor for html content formatting. This program comes with several enhanced features including facility for audio and video chats, effective java chat, facility to perform genuine and efficient payment transaction etc.,
Tags: image , html , video , database , audio , editor , program , create , java , upload , content , run , support , account , match , payment , for , features ,

 Flash Slide Show Tool

FhSlide provides several facilities to the administrators to implement the slideshows. It displays the flash images using fade in and fade out effects in a particular folder one after the other. It scales all the images of different sizes to match into the flash movie area. Construction of flash slideshow is easy and simple.
Tags: flash , images , folder , easy , movie , using , effects , into , match , scales , out ,

 Flash Templates by

In this website the webmasters and programmers can find flash templates to match their website needs in flash. All flash templates are compatible with flash MX and easy to download. These flash templates are classified into three packages as Electro packs, Super power packs and Budget templates for the benefit of the users. It is easy to use and customize these templates on any website.
Tags: flash , website , easy , find , templates , into , power , customize , match , for ,

Users can select any template from this site to match their websites developing needs. This site provides professional templates for both websites and Flash websites. It provides website templates as categorised as business, premium HTML, etc. It provides flash templates as catergorised as flash, premium flash etc., If the given templates are not sufficient users can have the facility to use the links to get them all.
Tags: flash , website , site , links , templates , template , professional , match , websites , for , select , users ,


geeeekInvoice - Invoice Creation and Management System is a PHP module that provides a web based user interactive system and allows the users to enter into online store under authentication. It allows you to generate your invoices within seconds with editable functionality and also allows your users to view the invoices online. Paypal system is included for online purchasing. Admin manages client accounts. Entire module can be rewritten to match with your site appearance.
Tags: web , online , system , client , site , view , generate , store , user , interactive , module , into , invoices , match , for , webbased , users , editable ,


The pHpHp is a script written using PHP and requires SNMP into your PHP to run this script. This is a simple script that uses SNMP function to monitor the HP printers. With this script you have to create a text file and place it in the php directory. This script will work only with HP printers. If you want to use it with any other printers, you have to change the code to match it with your printer. The script serves you by finding the number of pages printed, uptime and other details of the HP printer with the help of SNMP.
Tags: file , create , text , monitor , help , code , php , script , using , printer , change , simple , number , run , work , into , function , pages , match , uptime ,

 VBScript 5.0 Objects

VBScript 5.0 Objects is an VBScript quick reference guide that helps beginners and advanced programmers to know about the operators of the VBSript language. class, dictionary, drive, drive collection, files, files collection, folder and folders collections, match and match collections and regstream are some of the operator explained by this guide. This utility is simple and easy to use.
Tags: utility , files , folder , easy , drive , folders , advanced , quick , simple , reference , match , guide ,

 phpWebSite Themes

phpWebSite Themes is powered using PHP modules that provides several type of themes and layouts for building your site pages in a neat look. From this module you can learn how to construct themes using HTML and Flash systems. This software gives services at a low cost. You can customize the free themes to match your site appearance. Suppors images, logos with templates.
Tags: software , site , using , learn , module , themes , type , services , customize , pages , match , for , building , logos , construct ,

 Porter Stemming Algorithm

Porter Stemming Algorithm is a very simple utility that works on a algorithm which can reduce english words to their word stems - without the "ing", "ings","s" etc., This scrpt is very useful for Search engine programmes or for other searches mainly, where the search engine can automatically trim the user input to the original stem word and match them exactly with the keywords. There is no configuration needed, very easy to use.
Tags: utility , search , word , easy , english , words , user , engine , simple , searchengine , automatically , original , match , configuration , input , reduce , for , useful , trim , searches , algorithm ,

 Amazon PageManager Service (Ads)

The Amazon PageManager or the AffiliateSide script will allow you to offer products to your visitors, direct from the (us) website! This script is one line of HTML code which is simply configured and placed into your existing website. AffiliateSide will request up to 10 search results from a search query and display them on your website, formatted with your associate's ID built into the link. The best part is, once the script is placed on your site, the script will update the products being displayed automatically. If adds new products to their website that match your search query, they will appear on your website that day! With AffiliateSide PageManager Service, you are able to keep track of all the pages and display counts (hit counter) of how many times your website has displayed the products for your visitors. By joining our service, you will be able to create new styles for your AffiliateSide script to match your website.
Tags: search , create , website , code , script , display , query , track , best , line , into , update , pages , match , formatted , for , part ,

 KariChat: Live Chat for website sales and customer support

KariChat is a live chat application for providing live customer support and answering pre-sales questions on your website. By using KariChat, you can: Chat in real time, without page refresh or delay Get information about your visitor instantly, like which country he is in and what is his IP address Know which page your visitor came from (referring page) Know which search engine your visitor used to find you, and what keywords. Talk with up to 5 visitors/operator Start with 1 operator, and upgrade to up to 5 operators or more Use online/offline images on your website, which lets your users know if you have operators available for chat Receive offline messages: if your images shows "offline", your users can click and leave a message in a snap, without even knowing your e-mail address. All offline messages are sent to your e-mail directly Recognize repeat visitors, and view previous chats with them instantly Use push technology to open any page in your visitor's browser. Extermly useful if your visitor needs help finding a specific page Operators, as well as visitors, have the option to save the chat session and receive a copy by e-mail Grab your visitor's full name and e-mail address without having to write anything down. Customize your visitor's chat window, by displaying your own company logo and name. Use your own offline/online images, to match your website's look and feel. Change chat text color Totally hosted, requires nothing but a Macromedia Flash enabled browser (95% of browsers already have Macromedia Flash plugin Very easy to use, just copy and paste html code into your web pages Unlimited automatic free upgrades Flexible and affordable pricing
Tags: html , web , search , text , images , browser , easy , find , copy , write , help , code , information , chat , application , using , address , automatic , message , save , view , page , open , offline , engine , messages , name , support , paste , searchengine , customer , into , click , live , match , logo , receive , questions , real , for , country , useful , users , customersupport , option , available , visitor , repeat , upgrade , affordable , session ,


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