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 4AF's Free For All Links

This is a link indexing system that helps you to start and maintain a free for all links page for your website and create multiple categories with thousands of links. Some of the main features offered in this system includes a completely customizable page layout, user friendly interface, ability to check for duplicate URLs, ability to limit the description of links, offers an option to enable or disable HTML tags in the description and much more.
Tags: create , system , website , check , page , duplicate , link , links , multiple , user , start , disable , limit , for , features , tags , maintain , option ,

 PHX Platform

PHX Platform is a php based script.It is used for developing modular php applications. It provides fill-the-blanks method which minimize the time required to start a new php web applictions. It divides project tasks into smaller applications, and divides applications into commands. Complex applications are developed easily. It takes control of how you organize your files and codes. It provides very high performance platform with low overhead. Its objective to provide a platform to maintain and develop web applications easily.
Tags: web , time , files , control , php , project , organize , performance , tasks , start , into , platform , applications , minimize , for , develop , maintain , method ,

 IBEEM Content Management System - Enhanced Edition

IBEEM Content Management System - Enhanced Edition is an easy to use content management program that can be used to create and maintain content on the websites. This program can be easily customized according to user's needs. Admin can add, edit or delete different types of files including flash, pdf and other media files. Automatic navigation construction can be added in this program. Other features of this program are, managing newsletter, routine and scheduled notifications, ability to create 200 additional pages, providing detailed site statistics, ability to deploy content automatically and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: pdf , program , create , online , files , management , delete , edit , easy , site , media , navigation , demo , content , automatically , construction , features , contentmanagement , maintain , available ,


This is a website generating program that helps developers to create and maintain websites. They can build complex websites by using RAD (rapid web application development) tool. This program has a web console which can be used to provide user interface. Admin can generate complete website with context menus, resizable editors, tool tips, drop down menus. This program has other features like, multiple language support, providing complete developer documentation.
Tags: web , tool , program , create , website , application , using , language , developer , generate , multiple , user , build , console , drop , websites , features , maintain , context , complete ,

 Affordable Affiliate program

Affordable Affiliate program is an affiliate program designed to manage affiliate lists with account balance and commission settings with real-time reports on the sales. Using this script you will be able to maintain unlimited affiliate sites on single account with payment records and details. Message templates can be created by the admin.
Tags: program , script , manage , templates , reports , account , settings , payment , lists , balance , sites , records , maintain ,

 ASP Easy Calendar

This is an easy to install, maintain, and use calendar script written in ASP using Access datanase. This will allows admin to maintain events. Events can be single day or multiple day events. The events can be validated with server side validation.
Tags: server , calendar , easy , script , using , multiple , admin , day , events , maintain ,

 phpFaber TopSites

phpFaber TopSites is a feature-packed, reliable and secure Top List coded in PHP and mySQL. phpFaber TopSites has proven its reliability time and time again under the most active server environments. Our feature list is large, including all elements you need to easily maintain your list, and even make money of it. phpFaber TopSites can be integrated with all your favourite applications to save you the hassle of running two separate user systems. phpFaber TopSites includes what you expect from a Top List and much more. It is fully customizable and doesn't require any programming skills! You can create your forms just in 3 clicks!
Tags: create , time , server , secure , make , list , money , save , programming , forms , user , applications , active , feature , maintain , reliability ,

 Termin Planner

Administrative Features· Multiple schedules are supported with unique resources. Blackout times are easy to add and manage to restrict reservations. · User permissions allow the administrator to decide on what resources users can place reservations. This feature can be turned on or off from the configuration file.Reservation minimum and maximum time limits can be set on a per-resource basis. · Administrator has power to add and manage an unlimited number of resources. All which can be toggled active and inactive at any point. Administrator has control over all reservations and can browse, modify and delete any reservation in the system. Mass email feature allows the administrator to send out a system-wide email to notify users of resource downtime or other important information. Administrators can search through the reservation database with a very flexible search tool. Search results can be viewed as HTML, plain-text, XML or CSV. Database data can be dumped to the screen in XML or CSV format. Administrators can view a bar graph showing reservation statistics. Complete logging feature logs all activity through the system. User Features· Users can manage how and when they receive email notifications about their reservation activity. Recurring reservations and reservation summaries are completely supported. Schedule is GUI based with easy to identify reservations. Configuration Options· Time format, email program, announcements and much more can be set in the config file. The code is object-based and there is a strong attempt to maintain complete separation of business logic and presentation. This makes it easy to change the look and feel or functionality of the system. The provided phpDocumentor-generated documentation is complete and easy to follow for any PHP programmer.
Tags: email , screen , database , search , data , time , control , logic , business , delete , easy , code , view , manage , change , bar , send , graph , administrator , number , restrict , logging , set , activity , documentation , resource , power , active , notify , configuration , resources , feature , receive , logs , for , modify , maintain , users , complete , schedules , out ,

 BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)

Create your own weblog hosting service! With BlogHoster, you can create a network of weblogs on your website. Each user can create and maintain their own weblog with basic or custom templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest lists, various privacy settings, and more. Your users will be able to write entries with a rich-text WYSIWYG editor and manage entries with an easy to use control panel. BlogHoster is very easy to integrate into your existing website. The script only requires that you have PHP and MySQL on your server. BlogHoster also gives you, the admin, the capability to place ads on your users' weblogs. This product is perfect for web hosting companies or community-focused websites. Come see the demo on our website and have a look over our customer forums!
Tags: web , network , editor , create , privacy , control , website , easy , write , script , manage , demo , user , ads , custom , basic , customer , into , product , for , entries , maintain , users , hosting , weblog ,

 Alivesites Link Management

This is a program with which webmasters can obtain an effective link management system for maintaining all links present on their websites. This program facilitates visitors to navigate through all the links with ease. Using this program webmasters can maintain categorized links with powerful searching capability.
Tags: program , management , system , link , links , searching , for , maintain , present , navigate , powerful ,

 Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition

Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition is helpful for large private firms or any enterprises to administrate their data from the database. They maintain more than hundred millions of data records per day. These records contain information about the utilization of their customers and flow of data etc. This tool gives solution for their data administration. It has many features and facilities are available.
Tags: tool , data , information , private , solution , flow , for , features , records , customers , maintain ,

 2toads Webmanager

The 2Toads webmanager is made for those who want to be able to maintain their own websites without the help of often expensive web designers and web programmers. There is no special skill required to use the 2Toads webmanager, you do not have to attend lengthy and time consuming seminars or classes to figure out how to use the 2Toads webmanager. we keep things simple, the only thing you need is a computer with a internet connection, and the ability to write, and since you are reading this here, we assume that writing is no problem. :-) In the 2Toads webmanager you can add pages to your web with a click of a button.
Tags: internet , web , time , computer , help , reading , click , pages , writing , websites , for , skill , maintain , special , out ,


This program is completely coded in ASP scripting that allows you to plug a classified manager on your website to earn good profit through displayed ads. Users can respond to ads through email links and advertisers can add any number of ads with customizable picture options. Admin can create new categories for grouping ads and can customize them. Access database can be used to maintain content source.
Tags: email , database , picture , program , create , manager , website , links , content , ads , number , scripting , good , customize , profit , for , maintain , plug ,


This browser independent tool is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with discussion board and to maintain their community online. This tool supports multiple topics, forums and members. Features included with this tool are, it sents email notifications which is used for giving response message to the specific email address, registered members are allowed to send their private messages between them, it uses MS SQL server 2000 database as backend for storing data and many features are available.
Tags: email , database , tool , data , server , website , browser , board , message , send , 2000 , multiple , messages , for , community , features , maintain ,

 aneVe.ESM(eBay Sales Manager)

eBay Sales Manager is helpful for managing any kind of growing business. This tool helps them to maintain their customers, orders and sales of their product. By using eBay manager users can access their top five clients as well as top ten orders. It contains several important features they are, user friendly main menu, users can view who have not paid, who have not left feed back, can customize their database about their customers and orders. Searching facility is available and more features are available.
Tags: database , tool , manager , access , using , view , sales , user , customize , feed , orders , for , features , customers , maintain , users , available , top , clients ,

 Mail Manage EX

Mail Manage EX is a PHP form-mailer with an extensive number of options. It is easy to install that allows web administrators to setup, run and maintain their online forms with minimum effort. Comments have been inserted throughout the script to provide structure. You can send secured email. This script is built with notifier that it functions well even if the user have incorrect ip block or have the incorrect permissions. Some salient features of this programme are, timezone adjustment, auto-adjust display, extensive format validation and commented code.
Tags: web , online , easy , script , format , block , ip , send , forms , install , user , number , run , validation , features , functions , maintain , notifier , Estore Builder

Posses the power of e-commerce through a dynamic e-store builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store. With this user-friendly solution, you will be able to sell products directly from your web site.
Tags: web , builder , dynamic , power , customize , maintain , sell ,

 A Dynamic Shopping Cart Builder

The Omnistar Cart is a dynamic e-store shopping cart builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store. With this user-friendly solution, you will be able to sell products directly from your web site.
Tags: web , builder , dynamic , customize , shopping , shoppingcart , maintain , sell ,

 SMART - PHP Framework

This is an useful development tool that helps webmasters to develop and maintain source codes for their PHP programs. This application framework is completely template driven helping you to modularize the programming codes based on event handlers. This is an useful program for the webmasters in managing their PHP classes and functions with well defined structures.
Tags: tool , program , development , application , programming , source , template , event , for , functions , useful , framework , develop , maintain , codes ,

 AAPT or Ascripts Advanced PHP Topsites

With Ascripts Advanced PHP Topsites users can maintain a rating system for websites. Features include ultra fast search, customizeable Top rankings, lost password retrieval, optional gateway page and customizeable themes. Visitors can rate members. It has advanced and detailed stats. It has separate area with different level for admin. It supports unlimited amount of multiple pages. Admin can create, delete or edit members and edit categories and subcategories.
Tags: password , system , delete , edit , fast , page , lost , advanced , multiple , admin , area , lostpassword , rate , for , rating , gateway , maintain , users ,

 MySQL ASP Content Management

This is an online content managing program that can create and maintain ASP contents for websites. Users can add, delete, edit contents on their websites by using content management system control panel. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters and users. Admin can add, delete or edit users. Users can implement this software into their active websites.
Tags: software , tool , program , create , online , control , management , system , delete , edit , using , content , into , active , websites , for , contentmanagement , useful , maintain , users , contents , contentmanagementsystem ,

 A Brief History of Hypertext

Through this tutorial, you can learn clearly about the part of HTTP protocol to create and maintain both static and dynamic websites. And in this article the limitations in HTML static content are explained with easier sample and it tells about the ASP in detail to carry out dynamic processes via Active-X component to make the site more interactive.
Tags: create , component , make , site , learn , content , dynamic , protocol , sample , processes , maintain , part , out , static ,

 ASP Scripter Easy Portal

ASP Scripter Easy Portal is a portal website providing the entire tools needed to build, maintain and look after webmaster's web site. Easy Portal comes with more special features including complete web based administration. These features helps the web administrators to build an attractive web site and maintain it effectively.
Tags: web , website , tools , site , build , features , portal , webbased , maintain , complete , special ,

 List-It Online Real Estate Manager

Lite-It consists of full-featured property listing scripts that enable realty companies to publish and maintain property listings on the internet. It has two versions: List-It Basic and List-It Pro. List-It Basic is a singe agent tool. It enables agents to post and maintain their own listings on the web site. It contains a mortgage calculator that estimates the monthly mortgage payment. It has a web-based elaborate administrative panel. List-It Pro works with multiple agents. It gives each agent a user friendly address to their listing for their business cards.
Tags: web , business , calculator , address , scripts , multiple , user , publish , agent , mortgage , post , property , for , maintain , listing , monthly ,

 AutoFind Manager

AutoFind Manager is a full-featured application designed for Vehicle listing for both Dealers and End Sellers. It allows an individual or dealer to publish and maintain Vehicle listings on the internet. It features an intuitive web-based administration, ability to upload graphics, admin and user notification system and much more.
Tags: system , notification , application , upload , admin , user , publish , for , features , maintain , listing ,

 Atlant Listings

Atlant Listings is an online real estate programme which is in PHP which provides a path way for the users to create an online real estate business from their website. This software will be helpful for those merchants who like to create real estate listings on their website. This software is easy to integrate and it will be very easy to maintain the e-business.
Tags: software , create , online , business , easy , realestate , real , for , maintain , users ,

 WebContent 4 all

WebContent 4 all is a poweful desktop content management system compatible with all platforms. You can create and maintain websites on the fly with simple text files. Using this tool you can seperate all your HTML codings from the document and when uploading the site through FTP you can integrate those files with all essential templates and CSS. You can maintain your web pages either as a XML, HTML or as a simple text file with the corresponding URL.
Tags: file , desktop , web , tool , create , text , files , management , system , document , site , content , templates , simple , pages , websites , webpages , contentmanagement , maintain , contentmanagementsystem ,


This is a content management program that helps users to add, delete or edit contents on their websites. Admin can keep their site contents up-to-date by using website editor. This program provides ecommerce package with which webmasters can create and maintain shopping items on their websites. Using predesigned templates admin would be able to change design of their website.
Tags: program , create , management , website , design , delete , edit , site , using , change , ecommerce , content , templates , admin , package , shopping , contentmanagement , maintain , users , contents ,

 Mail-marketing manager

Keep in contact with your customers. Create and maintain your mailing lists with this easy to use web-based mailing list software.
Tags: easy , list , mailing , contact , mailinglist , lists , maintain ,

 Client Manager

Client Manager is a handy webmasters tool that helps to generate and maintain a seperate database of their business clients. This PHP application is simple and is supported by MySQL backend where all client's details are stored. You can add, edit and delete, access and retrieve those details easily through this program.
Tags: database , tool , access , business , edit , application , generate , simple , retrieve , maintain ,


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