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 1-2-All Broadcast E-mail

1-2-All Broadcast E-mail is a 'Rebrandable' mailing list script that can hold unlimited lists and subscribers effectively. Using this script you can send multi-formatted, HTML and or text based e-mails to your customers. This template driven script has web based setup wizard to make your mailling tasks simple and is provided with time-sensitive auto responders. Users are provided with an online demo in the website.
Tags: web , text , online , make , list , script , auto , send , demo , mailing , wizard , tasks , template , simple , mailinglist , lists , webbased ,

 AmpleClassifieds ® - Amplecom Interactive

Robust ColdFusion classified ads application. Comes with an administration control panel, auto notify profiles, mailing list manager with built in WYSIWYG tool, advanced searches etc.
Tags: manager , control , list , auto , mailing , advanced , administration , ads , mailinglist , notify , searches ,

 Starter Kit II

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can activate and deactivate user accounts, provides a built-in member mailing list facility, etc. It provides rotating image banner, comments page, support page, contact us page and more.
Tags: security , image , password , program , files , system , access , website , protection , list , folders , page , mailing , contact , admin , user , support , build , mailinglist , login , passwordprotection , cookie , for , features , modify , users , membership , remember , us , option ,

 Mailing list Subscription and Unsubscription

The beginner level ASP programmers can get more details on ASP enabled mailing list management online. The given program comes with several parts that teaches everything step by step to add a new user account with subscription list and also provides functions to eliminate an email address from the email list.
Tags: email , program , management , list , address , mailing , user , eliminate , account , mailinglist , parts , functions ,

 ASP Website Membership

This is a password protecting application and user management system where the users can generate a membership level for their website. The visitors can be allocated with membership level by admin after they register themselves. The users can provide security for any web pages on their websites. This program provide features like internal messaging facility, newsletters, mailing list etc. The membership level of users can be upgraded by admin through administration area.
Tags: security , web , password , program , management , system , list , application , generate , mailing , admin , administration , user , messaging , mailinglist , pages , protecting , for , webpages , features , register , users , membership ,

 Mail-marketing manager

Keep in contact with your customers. Create and maintain your mailing lists with this easy to use web-based mailing list software.
Tags: easy , list , mailing , contact , mailinglist , lists , maintain ,

 BizLink’s Web Services

BizLink’s Web Services are powerful and easier to gain more visitors for your site. Using this site you can advertise your products through banners. Inbuilt mailing list allows to send mails to your visitors. Your website visitors can get your products through provided download link. 'Web directory' consists of several categories and you can insert your links into a desired topic.
Tags: download , website , site , list , send , mailing , links , mailinglist , into , insert , for , powerful ,

 BPath's Feedback form

This is a web based feedback form using which visitors can post specific service feedback. Users are allowed to view detailed statistics and to customize form layouts according to their needs. The site visitors can receive newsletters and emails from the user. Users can add, modify or delete mailing list and can integrate this system into their websites.
Tags: web , system , delete , site , list , using , form , view , service , statistics , emails , mailing , mailinglist , into , customize , receive , post , modify , webbased , newsletters ,


FTMAILER PRO is a PHP based mailing list management software to manage unlimited mailing lists with optimizing tables, HTML tracking and filtering for sending mails. This script also supports tab delimited file imports, e-mail Commands etc,. so that mails can be send at a much faster rate of 200k per hour. This mail sending engine is also featured with livequeue, unsubscriber Importing, member list comparison etc,. There is an online demo on the website.
Tags: software , file , mail , online , management , list , script , tracking , manage , send , demo , mailing , engine , mailinglist , filtering , comparison , tab , lists , rate , faster , for , sending ,

 Magic List Pro

This is a mailing list software where the users can maintain and generate mailing lists for their websites and can build custom questions of their own. This program allows the users to create multiple additional questions which can also be viewed through demographic reports. The users have the ability to target their email messages in two forms like demographic information where the users can have their mailings in larger impact and in interest group users can create the list where the members can choose the type of information for receiving. The users can send HTML and plain text messages to getback their members to their site often.
Tags: software , email , program , create , text , information , site , list , send , forms , generate , mailing , multiple , custom , messages , build , mailinglist , type , group , lists , questions , websites , for , maintain , users ,

 Smart PHP Subscriber

Smart PHP Subscriber is an automatic mailing list manager software that is provided with password protected admin panel to send emails to your customers. Using this script you can manage a customers email address without a database. This script also provides options for adding and editing the address files.
Tags: software , email , password , manager , list , script , address , automatic , manage , send , emails , mailing , admin , editing , mailinglist , options , for , customers , protected ,

 SafeList or opt in mailing list

This is a mailing list program which provides users the ability to email their members from admin. This script initiates the users to sell the advertisements on their own safelist. Features like offering referral payouts to the members, users having unlimited members, users getting total control over their safelist etc are available. This script allows the users to set price for upgrades.
Tags: email , program , control , list , script , mailing , mailinglist , set , for , users , sell ,

 Cobra Scripts

Cobra scripts has collection of PHP based scripts to download. This site offers downloads in PHP category alone. The three scripts that are available for downloads are, mailing list script, message board script and guestbook script. There is a message board and a forum for users to post their views and discuss on programming issues. There is a news display that announces latest script listings, bug and code updates.
Tags: code , site , list , board , script , collection , message , programming , scripts , downloads , news , display , mailing , mailinglist , bug , forum , post , for , users , available ,

 Code4Design Contact Manager

Code4Design Contact Manager is a PHP based mailing list script that provides web based access to manage contacts and emails. You can send mails both in text and HTML formats containing informations about your company, products or services. You can also generate notification emails to staff employees. Mail merge and reporting filters are also provided for the ease of customers in using this script.
Tags: web , text , access , notification , list , script , using , manage , contacts , send , merge , generate , emails , mailing , mailinglist , reporting , staff , filters , for , customers , webbased ,

 Code4Design Email Marketing Tool

Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is a mailing software that assist website owners to implememt flexible mailing list subscription program for their clients with the options to unsubscribe. This program allow users to personalize their mails, archive newsletters automatically, create HTML templates etc,. This email system script is capable of reporting the website owners about the the total number of opened emails, bounces and clickthroughs.
Tags: software , email , program , create , system , website , list , script , archive , mailing , templates , number , mailinglist , reporting , options , for , users , personalize , clients , newsletters ,

 Code4Design Email Marketing Tool

Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is an mailing script designed to support email campaigning tasks on the website. Using this script you will be able to launch flexible mailing list program with subscription and unsubscription options on your website. Key features of this script includes personalized emails, automatic newsletter archives, generation of HTML templates etc., This online script is capable of reporting the website owners about the total number of opened mails, bounces, and click throughs on the sent mails.
Tags: email , program , online , website , list , script , automatic , mailing , tasks , templates , launch , number , support , newsletter , mailinglist , click , reporting , options , features , personalized , generation ,

 The Bunghole

The Bunghole is a script written using PHP programming which is a category index of links. It is a type of link indexing system with no sub-categories. The links in this script can be viewed in many ways and also consists a voting system. The script offers you a newsletter mailing list and comes with a sample database of three hundred links from the Bunghole database. The layout of this script is designed in a more user friendly interface. The script is also easy to customize if you have some knowledge in PHP programming.
Tags: database , system , easy , list , script , using , programming , link , mailing , links , user , index , newsletter , mailinglist , type , customize , layout , sample , knowledge ,

 Direct eMailer mailing list management

This is a mailing list program which permits the users to publish newsletters of their own and keep contact with their clients to follow up their prospects. This script provides advanced tracking system to track the status of follow up messages. Features like broadcasting facility, announcements, reports, newsletters, follow ups, ezines, providing software design templates, measuring marketing work, multipart messages etc are available. This script acts as a web based mailing list manager.
Tags: software , web , program , system , design , list , script , tracking , track , marketing , mailing , advanced , contact , publish , messages , mailinglist , webbased , users , clients , newsletters ,

 Affiliate Lite

Affiliate Lite Lets you include any number of affiliate program on your website with password protected facility. Profiles are allowed for each affiliate program. Statistics shows total number of affiliate programs, hits, sales and commission for individual program. You can use your own currency and Symbol. Admin maintains unlimited products and services. Member module allows them to view profiles, signup date, hits, commission etc., per product. Incorporated mailing list helps you to send emails to all members. And much more tools on this module lets you conduct an easier and effective affililate program.
Tags: password , program , website , tools , list , view , send , emails , mailing , sales , number , module , mailinglist , currency , for , protected , Mailing List

This is a mailing list script which allows the visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe newsletters and users can send newsletters through web browser. The users can send emails to the subscribers. This script stores newsletters in an archive. Features like password protected mailing list, no limits on number of subscribers, archive, antispam guidelines etc are available.
Tags: web , password , list , script , antispam , send , emails , mailing , number , mailinglist , protected , users , newsletters ,

 Team Mailer

Team Mailer is a simple and flexible mailing list script that is used to send common e-mails to members of a group. You can also hold discussion with selected members and can even send personalised greeting messages. This software is built in PHP to keep in touch with all team members.
Tags: software , list , script , send , mailing , simple , mailinglist , team , greeting ,

 E's Bulk Email Marketing Software

E's Bulk Email Marketing Software is a PHP based mailing list manager script that assists you to broadcast important news and updates for your products and services, to provide news alerts to all subscribers etc., This advanced marketing software is highly featured and supports coupons and special offers for customers, public relations campaigns, reunion of families etc.,
Tags: software , manager , list , script , news , marketing , mailing , advanced , mailinglist , broadcast , for , public , alerts , special ,

 Site Builder

This is a remotely hosted service with which users can easily meet out their needs in developing a full featured website for their businesses. Web pages, Image gallery and email links will be provided and users will be able to construct websites with facilities to organize and manage articles, guest book, mailing list manager, event calendar, discussion board etc., Websites can be built with separate contact page, links and feedback form.
Tags: email , website , list , board , organize , service , manage , gallery , mailing , links , contact , mailinglist , event , websites , for , users , out , construct ,


EMailer mailing list manager lets your site visitors subscribe to and unsubscribe from your mailing list. Admin is notified on subscription and unsubscription. Features: Browser-based admin, multiple lists, unlimited subscribers, send email to each list, and easy setup.
Tags: email , manager , easy , site , list , send , mailing , multiple , mailinglist ,

 eMail List Manager Pro

eMail List Manager Pro is a simple PHP built online newsletter cum mailing list manager by which you can launch a successful online mailing list campaign, to enhance your product sales. You can generate and send bulk targeted emails in text, HTML or even in multi-part formats through the online email and image editors. This mailing list program features powerful scheduler and autoresponders to support your online intraction with the visitors.
Tags: email , image , program , online , manager , list , scheduler , send , generate , emails , mailing , bulk , launch , simple , support , newsletter , mailinglist , enhance , product , features , powerful ,


eMailShadow is a PHP based mailing list software that provides a complete b2b solution for maintaining an online mailing lists for all your customers and clients. Using this script you would be able to send and receive mails with statistical details like total number of sent mails, open rate analysis, who and when opened the mails etc,. Users can directly unsubscribe from the lists automaticaly through the forms. This mailing list script is enriched with antispam universal solutions.
Tags: software , online , list , script , antispam , send , mailing , open , number , mailinglist , solution , lists , receive , rate , for , customers , complete ,

 An ASP Tutorial to create your own News Letter

An ASP Tutorial to create your own News Letter is a tutorial that clearly explains about building a full featured mailing list manager. Author guides administrators by providing simple four steps, one is generating HTML page to collect vistors email addresses, second one is generating MS Access database to save the visitors email addresses, thirdly a simple ASP admin page for sending email to the visitors after picking addresses from the database and finally generating an ASP page to give an option to the visitors to remove their email addresses if they wish.
Tags: email , database , create , remove , list , save , page , mailing , admin , simple , collect , mailinglist , tutorial , second , for , addresses , option , building , sending ,

 FanBlast Newsletter

FanBlast Newsletter is a web based online application for managing newsletters and mailing list of the subscribers. Using this tool you can remove duplicate emails. You can download all the subscribers list instantly. Online admin is easy to use. Subscribers are added to the list only after double opt-in confirmation.
Tags: download , web , tool , online , easy , remove , list , application , duplicate , mailing , admin , mailinglist , for , webbased , newsletters , is a PHP based website offerring web based chat programes on the net. Every user must register for the live chat programs through the free signup forms. Website users and registerd members are provided with TFA (tell a friend) programs and mailing list programs. Here in this website you can enjoy online chat with four different vrtual assistants. Both commercial and free chat programs are available for the users.
Tags: web , online , website , programs , list , chat , mailing , user , mailinglist , live , for , register , webbased , users , commercial , available ,

 WebJeff's Diff

This is a mailing list script written in PHP. It supports multi mailing lists, and includes a script to send out mass mails. WebJeff's Diff is written in French.
Tags: list , script , send , mailing , mass , mailinglist , multi , out ,


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