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Pixie-ATC can hide file locations, limit the amount of downloads, has different currency support, mailing lists, is easy to install, has a sales history, and can help prevent fraud in Paypal.
Tags: file , easy , help , hide , mailing , sales , currency , prevent , limit ,

 Mailing To Multiple Users

Mailing To Multiple Users is a manual guide with which you would be able to send mails to multiple users on your database. This script uses mail ID's of users when they signup and no need to ask them to join a mailing list. As they give their country when signing up it helps to send multiple mails to users from a particular country alone. Users need to have a basic knowledge of PHP and MYSQL to use this script.
Tags: mail , script , send , mailing , multiple , basic , join , knowledge , country , guide , users , manual ,

 Developer of the Month Contest

Developer of the Month Contest is a website which contains the vast collection of resources like VB tips, VB forums, VB books, mailing lists, etc. It announces the prizes for the developer of the month. RapTier will be awarded for the winner and the RapTier is a .NET code generator such as C#, VB.NET, etc.
Tags: website , code , generator , collection , developer , mailing , resources , for , codegenerator ,

 1-2-All Broadcast E-mail

1-2-All Broadcast E-mail is a 'Rebrandable' mailing list script that can hold unlimited lists and subscribers effectively. Using this script you can send multi-formatted, HTML and or text based e-mails to your customers. This template driven script has web based setup wizard to make your mailling tasks simple and is provided with time-sensitive auto responders. Users are provided with an online demo in the website.
Tags: web , text , online , make , list , script , auto , send , demo , mailing , wizard , tasks , template , simple , mailinglist , lists , webbased ,

 PPP Web Mail

PPP Web Mail is an ASP.NET email utility application that provides mailing solutions on websites. This tool allows user to retrieve emails from pop server and they can store it in MYSQL database. This tool offers various features like providing links to PPP users registrations, logins and address books, support for any number of pop accounts, folders to manage mails, ability to create new folders, integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor and more.
Tags: email , utility , tool , editor , create , server , application , address , folders , manage , pop , emails , mailing , links , store , user , number , support , retrieve , for , features , users , solutions ,

 AmpleClassifieds ® - Amplecom Interactive

Robust ColdFusion classified ads application. Comes with an administration control panel, auto notify profiles, mailing list manager with built in WYSIWYG tool, advanced searches etc.
Tags: manager , control , list , auto , mailing , advanced , administration , ads , mailinglist , notify , searches ,


ListNanny.NET is a web based email application through which users can parse bounced mails and based on the nature of the bounce mails, they can take suitable actions for non existing mail IDs's, Inbox overfow etc thus cleaning up the mail lists and improving the overall efficiency of mailing lists. This program helps the users to delete the fake and unwanted email addresses. It offers various features like avoiding the occurance of NDR, helps in finding the addresses of the bounced messages, original bounced to address, loading NDRs from a file,, from a stream, helps in generating XML reports and more.
Tags: email , web , program , mail , nature , delete , application , mailing , reports , original , lists , for , features , addresses , webbased , users , cleaning , parse , efficiency ,

 Advanced PHPMyCart

PHPMyCart is a PHP+MySQL shopping cart with intuitive web interface and advanced features of product and order management. 100% template-based storefront, unlimited number of products and categories, built-in template editor, mailing service, different methods of delivery and payment options, customizable localization (measurement units, currency, states etc), "What's New" list, Wish list, "Top selling products", export orders facility, full inventory control, reports and may other useful features. No programming required to setup and customize PHPMyCart. Instant download, free installation included.
Tags: web , export , inventory , programming , mailing , advanced , reports , template , number , customize , installation , interface , shopping , payment , product , shoppingcart , orders , features , useful , states ,

 Alivesites Email Blast

Webmasters can utilize this program to have a mail listing manager for effectively managing bulk email lists. This program facilitates visitors to subscribe various or several mailing lists concurrently. Administrators can easily manage number of mail lists and can manage each and every aspect of address lists as they like. It is possible to post emails with attachments and to preview before posting messages by using this program.
Tags: email , program , mail , manager , using , address , manage , emails , mailing , bulk , number , messages , attachments , preview , lists , post , for , listing ,

 Free SMTP Server Software

This is a program that has a set of seven softwares to meet out the users needs in facilitating their sites with mailing application. Users can have their own mail sending applications using these tools without having to use their ISP's mail programmes.
Tags: program , mail , tools , using , mailing , set , applications , sites , users , sending , out ,

 Sending a Email Using CDONTS

Learning as well as implementing an ASP based email system can be done perfectly from this online ASP material. Describes how ASP works together with the server component CDONTS for executing the mailing function through web based interface. Provides the source code seperately that provides the executable syntax of required methods and objects of CDONTS.
Tags: email , web , online , server , component , system , code , source , mailing , sourcecode , function , syntax , for , webbased , objects , executable ,

 Anti spam / anti spider script

As the name suggest Anti spam / anti spider script is an email protector in JavaScript that can protect your email address for being spidered and spammed. The script displays email address in the webpage instead of displaying them as a plain HTML. The script protects your email address from being added to unauthorized mailing list.
Tags: email , protect , spam , script , address , mailing , spider , name , protector , for ,


Mail form is a simple php based mailing form. This script will recieve the delivered variables through POST to the script. This script will mail them to the given recipient. Source code is given in this web based form. It is simple to install and to work. Online demo is available.
Tags: web , mail , code , php , script , form , demo , mailing , install , simple , webbased ,

 :: PixiePro ::

A wide assortment of systems designed for merchants favoring Paypal. Includes digital download delivery automation for both websites and Ebay auctions, a 3 tier affiliate system and membership website subscription automation system all streamlined to work harmoniously together. Ecommerce features such as mailing list, sales history and customer information, download limiting and URL cloaking - Affiliate features tracking and statistics, percentage of sale base commissions and Paypal payouts - Subscription features unlimited membership areas, authentication and instant access automation. Ebay support for "Buy it Now", "Multi-Item" purchase and normal auctions and much, much more. Very easy to install and to use.
Tags: download , system , access , website , easy , digital , history , automation , tracking , mailing , sales , install , instant , support , customer , work , websites , purchase , for , features , base , membership , authentication , sale , systems ,

 :: GrigEbaySuite ::

Offers digital download delivery automation for Ebay auctions. Supports "Buy it Now", "Multi-Item" and standard Ebay auctions. Features download limiting, mailing list, sales history and more. Keeps your file URL's hidden from your customer when they download. Simple to install and use.
Tags: download , file , digital , history , automation , mailing , sales , install , hidden , customer , for , standard ,

 :: AutoHost ::

Account creation and billing automation with Paypal integration for Cpanel web hosts. AutoHost also supports free web hosting and subdomain account creation. Many features like earnings report and mailing list, extremely easy to install and customize.
Tags: web , easy , report , automation , billing , mailing , install , account , creation , for , features , integration , hosting ,

 :: PayDownloadPal ::

Digital download delivery system designed for merchants using Paypal. PayDownloadPal allows you to automate the sales of your digital goods. Supports Paypals shopping cart (Add to Cart), single purchase (Buy Now) and email link purchase options and includes features such as mailing list, sales history download limiting and more. Keeps your file URL's hidden from your customer when they download. Easy to install and use.
Tags: email , download , file , system , digital , using , history , link , mailing , sales , install , automate , hidden , customer , shopping , options , shoppingcart , purchase , for , features ,

 :: NixieAffiliate ::

An open ended affiliate system designed specifically for merchants who wish to use Paypal. Features a 3 tier referral system, percentage of sale based commissions, IP based tracking, administrator and affiliate control panels, mailing list, statistics, hit counter url tracking and much more.
Tags: control , system , tracking , mailing , url , administrator , open , counter , for , sale ,

 :: DryadSubscriptions ::

User authentication and Paypal subscription automation system to offer your visitors instant access to the members only content on your website. Features unlimited member areas, mailing list, sales history, member control panel and much more. Easy to install and use.
Tags: control , system , access , automation , mailing , content , sales , install , instant , authentication ,

 Starter Kit II

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can activate and deactivate user accounts, provides a built-in member mailing list facility, etc. It provides rotating image banner, comments page, support page, contact us page and more.
Tags: security , image , password , program , files , system , access , website , protection , list , folders , page , mailing , contact , admin , user , support , build , mailinglist , login , passwordprotection , cookie , for , features , modify , users , membership , remember , us , option ,

 Mailing list Subscription and Unsubscription

The beginner level ASP programmers can get more details on ASP enabled mailing list management online. The given program comes with several parts that teaches everything step by step to add a new user account with subscription list and also provides functions to eliminate an email address from the email list.
Tags: email , program , management , list , address , mailing , user , eliminate , account , mailinglist , parts , functions ,

 ASP Website Membership

This is a password protecting application and user management system where the users can generate a membership level for their website. The visitors can be allocated with membership level by admin after they register themselves. The users can provide security for any web pages on their websites. This program provide features like internal messaging facility, newsletters, mailing list etc. The membership level of users can be upgraded by admin through administration area.
Tags: security , web , password , program , management , system , list , application , generate , mailing , admin , administration , user , messaging , mailinglist , pages , protecting , for , webpages , features , register , users , membership ,

 Mail-marketing manager

Keep in contact with your customers. Create and maintain your mailing lists with this easy to use web-based mailing list software.
Tags: easy , list , mailing , contact , mailinglist , lists , maintain ,

 BizLink’s Web Services

BizLink’s Web Services are powerful and easier to gain more visitors for your site. Using this site you can advertise your products through banners. Inbuilt mailing list allows to send mails to your visitors. Your website visitors can get your products through provided download link. 'Web directory' consists of several categories and you can insert your links into a desired topic.
Tags: download , website , site , list , send , mailing , links , mailinglist , into , insert , for , powerful ,


BoldFormMail is an email form processor. This script is PHP based script. This script is used for sending email. This is very basic mailing script for the beginners. It is user friendly. It is easy to customize and to use.
Tags: email , easy , script , form , mailing , user , basic , customize , for , sending ,


This is a mail program to extract mails from IMAP or POP mail accounts to a web based mail account. This mailing program supports upload and downloading attachments, TO, BCC, CC fields etc. This program is still in beta development stages and yet to be released.
Tags: web , program , mail , development , extract , upload , mailing , accounts , webbased , fields ,

 BPath's Feedback form

This is a web based feedback form using which visitors can post specific service feedback. Users are allowed to view detailed statistics and to customize form layouts according to their needs. The site visitors can receive newsletters and emails from the user. Users can add, modify or delete mailing list and can integrate this system into their websites.
Tags: web , system , delete , site , list , using , form , view , service , statistics , emails , mailing , mailinglist , into , customize , receive , post , modify , webbased , newsletters ,

 Agent See

Agent See is aphp based programme to list property details online for prospective buyers to view. Listings can be published online just in a few minutes and without any technical knowledge. Agent See provides the power to list the properties without any delay and other features are, searching facility by area, type, price etc. Maps for each property, mailing details, news letter, admin area and a template system to fit with your existing website. An online demo is available in the site.
Tags: online , system , list , news , demo , mailing , admin , template , area , power , technical , properties , property , searching , for , features , available ,


FTMAILER PRO is a PHP based mailing list management software to manage unlimited mailing lists with optimizing tables, HTML tracking and filtering for sending mails. This script also supports tab delimited file imports, e-mail Commands etc,. so that mails can be send at a much faster rate of 200k per hour. This mail sending engine is also featured with livequeue, unsubscriber Importing, member list comparison etc,. There is an online demo on the website.
Tags: software , file , mail , online , management , list , script , tracking , manage , send , demo , mailing , engine , mailinglist , filtering , comparison , tab , lists , rate , faster , for , sending ,

 Mega Sweepstakes Script

This script is useful to build and maintain sweepstakes for your website. It has many enhanced features like multiple sweepstakes and scheduled sweepstakes etc. All types of money transactions can also be handled easily. Email authentication, bulk mailing are also added with this script. Hence, this script is useful for webmasters and promoters inorder to increase the web traffic and revenue. Members can subscribe and unsubscribe themself.
Tags: web , script , money , mailing , bulk , traffic , multiple , build , for , features , useful , maintain , increase ,


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