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 IIS Log Manager

This software is basically built in ASP that performs to calculate the bandwidth of a website in a monthly basis and store the report in a database. Users can easily retrieve the report about usage of bandwidth per domain from the database and also the users can delete the report from the database. The backend log managers works under windows scheduler environment. Features included with this program are, bandwidth per site calculations and bandwidth per reseller, after process users can compress the log files, results are displayed in front end of the web page etc.,
Tags: software , windows , database , web , program , website , delete , site , report , log , compress , page , scheduler , webpage , store , process , bandwidth , domain , retrieve , calculate , usage , users , monthly ,

 Web Application Error Handling in ASP.NET

Every website application should be created along with a seperate error handling application. This tutorial helps the users to know the best ways to find and eradicate errors in ASP.NET. When an error block the flow of the program, then the user should know the three basic answers about what the error is, when and where it occurs. Debugging could be done using the event log, database or some other log file to log errors. As a solution the author noticed and highlighted the main three places about what happens to those unhandled errors. Using different codes the author handles these errors and the sample is given along with this tutorial.
Tags: file , database , website , find , application , log , using , block , error , best , user , basic , tutorial , errors , event , solution , author , flow , sample , logfile , users , codes ,

 Web Application Error Handling and Logging For ASP

ASP programmers can gain more effective solutions to the errors in their ASP application simply by understanding this tutorial. It describes the possiblities of errors with internet server and database while running application and teaches about the ways to create error log file system to trap all errors. From the in-built sample program, you can get the required functions to store the errors in a database.
Tags: internet , file , database , create , server , system , application , log , error , store , errors , sample , functions , logfile , filesystem , trap , solutions ,

 Smart Statistics

Smart Statistics is a PHP script that you can install on your site and get human readable statistics for you pages. This script is very different than regular statistics and logging scripts, both in purpose and in scale. Most statistics scripts and log analyzers offer huge amount of information, but you rarely can find some relevant information in what they provide you, so that you can use it in order to improve your site.
Tags: find , information , site , script , log , scripts , statistics , install , logging , for , improve ,


This is a program where the users can log information with ASP programs. This program allows the users to write syslog messages. This program can store the information to the system event log when the error occurs. This program provide support for the languages which can create ActiveX control or COM enabled languages.
Tags: program , create , control , system , write , information , log , error , store , support , event , languages , eventlog , for , syslog , users ,

 Adventia Chat Server Pro .NET

Using this user friendly communication tool you can increase your sales by means online customer service and it stores all the information about the visitors in the log files. This software increases revenue by banner advertisement and it does not require plug-ins as well as third party component and it can be easily integrated into any custom web application. It has many enhanced features.
Tags: software , web , tool , online , component , information , log , service , sales , user , custom , communication , customer , into , banner , increase , revenue , party ,

 Adventia Chat Server .NET

Using this html- based chat tool you can create distance learning program, seminars, online training etc., This tool stores all the information about the visitors in the log files. Some key features of this tool are it increase your profit by banner advertisement and membership as well as sales. This tool provides seperate panel for the administrators and they save all the chat conversations of the visitors for the later review.
Tags: tool , create , online , information , chat , log , save , key , learning , training , banner , profit , for , features , membership , increase , distance ,

 Advanced web password protection script

NeedLock is a powerful and effective tool for protecting your website directories and managing member areas. It uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict access on a per-directory basis. The script combines a friendly interface with a whole set of necessary features: members control, five admin levels, statistics tool, account expiration facility, log tool, script configuration, registration setup, multi-lingual support etc. NeedLock provides you with the high-grade security, easy and fast installation and operation.
Tags: tool , files , access , website , easy , fast , script , log , statistics , admin , restrict , support , account , set , installation , interface , protecting , for , directories , registration , powerful ,

 Alivesites Banner Ads

This is a program that comes with all functionalities of an enhanced ad management system. This program facilitates administrators to rotate ad banners on their website. Administrators can display number of ads in a single web page and can manage the advertisers details by adding, removing and updating details. This program comes with the ability to log all impressions and click-through which are happened to the advertisements.
Tags: web , program , management , log , page , manage , display , webpage , ads , number , rotate , removing , banners ,

 Guestbook Central

Guestbook Central is an useful online guestbook program designed to fit the requirements of any active website involved in web based services. Using this program site visitors can bring to the notice of the webmasters about their experience, shortcomings, the difficulties faced while surfing through the site etc., As an admin you have the liberty to edit and delete entries from the book. This remotely hosted program also allows you to log all visitors using their IP address.
Tags: web , program , online , website , delete , edit , site , log , using , admin , active , surfing , entries , useful , webbased ,

 ActiveX/ASP Logging system

Hi-performance text file logging from ASP, VBScript or JScript, ASP.Net VB, C#, VBA5 or VBA6. Free-threaded object, can be placed to Application scope Lets you log exact script timing values (up to microsecond or nanosecond), process and thread info and performance values (see LogLineBeginTypes, LineBegin) Writes one or more (any number) string, numeric, date, object (default property), array and other variables with one row of code to the log (Log) Daily/weekly/monthly log filename scheme, lets you specify common log file header and log field names in each file. Other features Custom log field and array separator Custom date-time format, local or global (GMT) time Optional URL encode for logged data Part of ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload, you will get more functionality! C++ source code is available with Distribution license, please see License page for ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload.
Tags: file , text , code , script , log , page , performance , source , process , encode , sourcecode , logging , local , info , object , field , for , names , logfile , filename , available , global ,

 ASP and log files

Several methods to create hi-speed log files in ASP/VBS using Scripting.FileSystemObject and LogFile class of ScriptUtils. VBS Samples and performance comparison.
Tags: create , files , log , using , performance , class ,

 Apex SQL Log

Apex SQL log is a software which analyse the MSSQL server transaction log and allows auditing the content of the database and by displaying the audited messages. It has several features like allowing batch or command files exporting, auditing multiple backups in the transaction log, allowing reconstruction of updated files automatically, exporting XML files, providing filters for sorting and batching log data and more.
Tags: software , database , data , server , files , batch , log , content , multiple , command , analyse , filters , for , features , backups ,

 A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software

Omnistar Live is a dynamic live chat and customer support management solution. You may chat with your site visitors, log support issues in a dynamic help desk and create a knowledgebase of information.
Tags: create , management , help , site , chat , log , support , dynamic , customer , live , knowledgebase , customersupport , desk ,

 A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software

Omnistar Live is a dynamic live chat and customer support management solution. You may chat with your site visitors, log support issues in a dynamic help desk and create a knowledgebase of information.
Tags: create , management , help , site , chat , log , support , dynamic , customer , live , knowledgebase , customersupport , desk ,

 Using the built-in ASPError object

This tutorial offers the solutions to generate an error handler for your ASP coding to log all errors with detailed data. Using ASPError object all errors can be transmitted to 500-100 HTTP error handler page and it tells the ways to use the properties of ASPError object to perform your needs with error handling module. Here, How to use the seventh built-in ASP object to log all errors can be understood quickly and easily.
Tags: log , page , generate , error , tutorial , errors , object , properties , for , solutions , coding ,

 ASP Soft Tools

This component helps you to upload file in any ASP based web application. You can use unicode character set and this component eliminates ascii translation algorithms. Using this component you can log on to the Windows NT / 2000 event log file.
Tags: file , web , component , log , upload , 2000 , translation , unicode , set , event , character , eventlog , ascii ,

 Zip Code Look Up Form

This is a program where the users have the ability to view state, zipcode and city. The users can create minimum lookups to the US portal service since this program can log the zip which is stored in a database. This program allows any users to register them in a form to sign up and validate data. This program can be cutomized and configured by the users. Helpful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: program , create , zip , log , form , view , service , validate , for , portal , register , users , sign ,

 Webby - PHP Web Statistics

Webby - PHP Web Statistics is a PHP based statistics program for tracking website users. Using this script you can log users IP and DNS too. You will also be provided with clients system details like the operating system , browser, referer etc,. A handy tool for webmasters to track their site visitors details.
Tags: tool , program , system , website , site , script , log , tracking , statistics , track , for , users , clients ,

 bonneLab WebSearch

This is a program which can be used by the webmasters for their simple or medium level companies. This program performs searching by phrases, all words, one of the words etc., and sorts results in order to the number of obtained results. Webmasters can find this program more safer and scalable one and can configure well to suit their all demands. More number of websites including .htm, .asp, .aspx etc., can be supported by this program to crawl. Admins can have options to schedule in crawling, log the file etc., This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: file , program , find , schedule , log , words , simple , number , options , websites , searching , for , features , configure ,

 Telephone with iBe

Telephone with iBe provides services to implement a video telephone system in real time. You can talk as well as can watch your friends through video. You can use your friends email addresses to call for them and no need for telephone numbers. You can leave a video message if the required person is not available. It can log all incoming calls. Files can be shared at the time of conversation.
Tags: email , video , time , system , log , message , watch , call , services , talk , telephone , real , for , addresses , friends , shared ,

 ASPWebLog Part 3 - CMS

This tutorial deals mainly with the content management of ASPWeblogs. The author has demonstrated on how to view, update, list, add and delete log entries from your site blogs through ASP from an online database management. You are also provided with some key notes on the functionalities of ASP commands involved in the above said process along with the source codes.
Tags: database , online , management , delete , notes , site , log , source , key , content , process , tutorial , author , entries , contentmanagement ,

 AspEventViewer Component

This is a server based program and a component which enables the users to read log events. This program provide functionality for the users to read the various sources like system, application and security from the remotely located systems and local systems. This program provide sample for handling application log and single record display for the users.
Tags: security , program , server , component , record , application , log , display , read , local , sample , for , users , systems ,


ConversionTrack is a special application to analyze web log. It varies from universal log analyzer, in that it does not give data like daily unique IP or page view. Instead, it give out a whole analysis of visitors' conversion ratio. According to the web service log, ConversionTrack can analyze every user's access path, and give an overall statistic result of visitor's conversion ratio including the referer, time, region, and information of user's software environment. ConversionTrack can help you better understand the behavior of web visitors, be more accurate to evaluate all kind of online advertising ROI including PPC keyword, banner and email, which finally achieve the goal of improving website conversion ratio and return on investment of your online business.
Tags: software , web , data , online , access , website , conversion , help , information , application , log , analysis , service , page , analyze , advertising , banner , investment , daily , accurate , webservice , evaluate , special , out ,

 Counter Stats

Counter Stats script is used in remotely hosted system. Webmasters can access their sites track records. This script track the reports like, how many times the page is loaded, number of hits per page, how many visitors came back to the website, it tracks IP address of the visitors and their country name etc., It monitors the website traffic daily. It shows daily, monthly and weekly report. Users can view a log file which stores the information like, referer url, type of OS, type of browser etc., It supports multiple pages. Country name, time zone and language can also be viewed.
Tags: file , time , access , website , browser , information , script , log , address , view , language , page , track , traffic , multiple , reports , number , name , tracks , type , timezone , sites , country , back , zone , logfile , monthly ,


One of the most important metrics when measuring a site value is the site accesses. InterAKT Online has designed and developed a complex site access storage and retrieval system, allowing detailed access statistics especially for dynamic sites, where normal log analysis is no longer efficient. Using standard tracking methods (cookies), Stats can track visitors return rate and other related information: time spent on the site, referrals, etc. Moreover, detailed statistics are shown, like number of visits, unique visitors and the number of hits. Various tops are extracted from the access information, including most visited pages, most active users and most curious users. Using Stats will improve the way you understand the customer dramatically, because used properly, it will increase the customer return rate.
Tags: time , access , site , log , analysis , tracking , statistics , track , number , dynamic , customer , storage , active , value , rate , for , loganalysis , improve , users , increase , standard , retrieval ,

 ASP Power Widgets - WebHelper

This COM component is an ASP Code which helps you to develop your web applications. Some key features of this component allows base4 encoding and decoding, MBCS / Unicode conversion. Using this component you can read and write log events in the log file and array strings etc.,
Tags: file , web , component , write , log , key , read , events , encoding , features , develop , logfile ,


Sytem allows you create HYIP list, rate and monitor site in 15 minutes. 7 groups (Premium, Noraml, Trial, Free, Games, Scam, Balck List). You can disable any of them. All HYIP listing fields included. Add listing form for specified groups and admin approval. Payouts log with function to import payouts from E-Gold CSV file. Text Ads Manager and News Manager included. Try demo on our site.
Tags: create , monitor , site , log , import , form , demo , admin , disable , function , rate , for , fields , listing ,

 cPanel/WHM Login

This script allows you to put a cPanel/WHM login form on your site for easy login. This script also has the capability to log into different servers from the same form.
Tags: easy , site , script , log , form , into , login , for , servers ,

 Fast Meta Search Engine

Fast Meta Search Engine is an application in PHP meant for setting up a search engine that queries other search engines simultaneously. Feature highlights are, this script uses a fast metasearch algorithm for faster results, auto smart results cache system, option to display highlighted keywords within result, can display optionally sponsored pay-per-click listing from affiliate programs, there is a search queries log file, free add-on modules up to the closer of selling of this software and easy installation.
Tags: software , search , easy , fast , script , application , log , auto , display , cache , engine , smart , searchengine , keywords , faster , for , listing , option , algorithm , engines ,


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