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 EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT Debugger

EditiX has an XSLT debugger and an XML Differencing support. It provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality within a refined IDE that guides you with intelligent entry helpers. The user can manage remote files from FTP, WebDAV or from an archive file like ZIP or JAR. It includes real time XPath location and syntax error detection. Some content assistants are provided with context syntax popup supporting DTD, XML Schema, and RelaxNG. Multiple templates and project management are bound to editiX. The user can apply XSL, XSL-FO or DocBook Transformation by shortcuts and show the result in a dedicated view. EditiX includes default templates for XML, DocBook, DTD, XHTML, XSLT, XSD, XML RelaxNG, SVG, MathML, and XSL-FO. EditiX is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux.
Tags: file , time , files , management , archive , remote , project , manage , projectmanagement , show , error , content , templates , user , location , shortcuts , syntax , debugger , real , for , users , available ,

 Storing Images in the Database or the Filesystem

After reading this article the developers can take a proper decision to store images on the file system than in the database. The author suggests to take filesystem option while storing images. Further the author explains each methodology with proper examples. The comparison of saving images on the filesysystem and the location and other data in the database brings out the real solution for the developers to choose the best. The sample source code is available for the complete methodology.
Tags: file , database , data , images , system , code , source , store , sourcecode , reading , location , solution , comparison , author , real , sample , for , filesystem , option , complete , available , out ,

 Active Map

Active Map permit you to locate a place on a map when you type the name of the place. The map can be moved to all sides and also has the provision to zoom or resize. For this The Administrator uploads JPG maps into the system then creates categories, subcategories, and location descriptions. Each location description has an x and y map position. When carrying out a search for a particular location he is shown a portion of the map based on the x and y position. Uses Access or MS SQL database.
Tags: search , system , map , zoom , name , into , type , location , for , maps , locate , out ,


This animation button applet is meant to display a blossom effect on an image, which may be one of your favorite photos. The blossom effect is displayed either at random center or at mouse location of the image. The images can be either *.gif or *.jpg. The image height, width, border, border width, rotation angle step in degrees, URL, delay between animations etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , display , applet , button , random , location , animations , favorite , rotation ,


This is a wonderful java applet to show an animation of flag waving effect in the image inserted by you in a selected location or as along with the mouse location. This applet performs this effect in real-time. The images in this applet can be linked to a URL. When you move the mouse over the image the animation pauses and clicking on it can launch to the connected URL if linked.
Tags: image , images , java , animation , effect , show , mouse , applet , launch , move , location , javaapplet ,


aiptwirl is a Java animation button applet in which you can supply any of your images as input image and implement a real-time twirling effect at a random center or mouse location on the image. You can also link it with URL. To execute it try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to reach the linked URL if any. Customizable parameters include size of image, image height, delay of animation etc.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , link , applet , button , size , random , move , into , click , location , input , execute ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 ChatSpace Community Server

ChatSpace Community Server fulfills all your requirements to provide live support to your customers. Supports concurrent users unlimitedly. Oracle database can track all available content, records, etc., Statistics can be displayed with the details - number of users, usage time, location and many more. Messages can be archived to develop business. Schedules are allowed for appointments, meetings, interviews.
Tags: database , track , number , support , location , live , usage , for , develop , users , available ,

 AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can accurately identify the geographic location from which visitors access web sites and the network origin of the visitors. It allows you to target traffic on a global basis and will allow you to maximize every hit. This allows the webmasters to redirect their incoming traffic to other sites or URL's based on IP address, countries, and domains. The main feature of this script are, number of hits of users with or without cookies, javascript. It also give screen size statements, browser statements etc.,. It displays Daily, monthly, weekly hits thru MySQL database. It is easy to customize and to use.
Tags: screen , web , network , access , browser , easy , script , traffic , size , number , customize , location , feature , sites , users , maximize , global ,


phpWeatherReport is a weather forecasting script that requires server and PHP platform. You can set that weather report would be on weekly or daily basis. Weather info are grabbed from specifed server and are displyed for your site vistors. Time of grabbed last report can be shown. Reports for Sarajevo is displayed default. Weather report for various location can be done on request. HTML and CSS supports changes with page appearance.
Tags: server , site , report , script , page , weather , set , location , daily , info , for , changes ,

 ASP.NET Caching Features

ASP.NET Caching Features is a web based tutorial which specially concentrates on cache technique which helps in improving the performance of ASP.NET application. In this article users can get idea about caching ASP.NET pages, caching portion of ASP.NET pages, setting output location and about multiple version of users control for each method.
Tags: web , control , performance , cache , multiple , version , tutorial , location , for , webbased , users ,


BabbleNet is chat system application, which is primarily a cross between Gnutella and IRC. This realtime chat application is a totally decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) program, which can allow users to set up temporary chat network without connecting to a central server or connecting to one. It supports components like: chat user interface, P2P framework for node-to-node communications, simple XML-based P2P communication protocol and multicast peer location protocol.
Tags: network , server , system , chat , application , components , user , simple , communication , setup , protocol , set , location , for , framework , temporary , users ,

 Using location tag in web.config

This is an ASP.NET tutorial which describes you the two methods for accessing the database connection strings of different folders. Using tag is an easy way to perform this operation. Loacation tag is used to mark a location to which all the configuration settings enclosed within will be applied. The author also shows how to access the configuration files using a common routine. The author explains the above procedure with some sample codes.
Tags: database , files , access , easy , using , tag , connection , settings , tutorial , location , mark , author , configuration , sample , for ,

 BFN Counter & IP Logger

Add a graphical or text counter to any web page that logs visitor information such as IP address, time, location (country), host, browser, ISP, and OS. Double counting disabled, so only unique hits are added. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , text , images , information , page , webpage , user , counter , location , match , logs , counting , graphical , visitor ,

 Pitch blue - Hot link protector

Pitch blue - Hot link protector is a PHP based software solely designed with high security measures in mind that provides secured online downloads without any leeches. Using this script you can also hide your file location in the server. This can be achieved by just specifying the refferal URL alone.
Tags: software , file , security , online , script , downloads , hide , link , mind , location , protector ,

 Dynamic Images in PHP 3.0

This simple one page tutorial helps you to write programs for creating dynamic images using PHP 3 and GD image library. You can copy the source code which is available in the website and can edit and place them at the desired location on your website. You can find links on the website to learn more about PHP and GD image library. This tutorial will be useful for beginners in image manipulation.
Tags: image , images , website , edit , programs , find , copy , write , code , creating , using , learn , page , source , links , sourcecode , simple , dynamic , tutorial , location , for , useful , available ,

 Web Wiz Guide - What is ASP ?

What is ASP? is an article which is very helpful for the visitors to gain knowledge regarding ASP. It describes in detail about the advantage of using JScript language, way of running ASP on the webserver, location of IIS for Windows users, expansion and meaning of ASP, creating dynamic websites etc. This is an useful script for the novice programmers.
Tags: creating , script , using , dynamic , location , websites , knowledge , for , useful ,


Using these tool you can even able to know the version of the components. You dont want to know the exact name and DLL or EXE location to extact the version information. This tool automatically finds the corresponding DLL or EXE and extract the version information if you give the progid. You can easily install and maintain this tool in your desktop
Tags: tool , extract , information , install , name , automatically , version , location , maintain ,

 Rosenet Calendar

This is a fast community calendar script that uses PHP and MySQL. Originally called as 'Rosenet calander'. The phpCommunityCalendar is a full-featured dynamic calendaring system for a community calendar. The features are many , but the main features are: Many configuration options from a web-based control panel. Separation of categories so that multiple calendars can be stored in one database and events can be separated by category, location or other dinstinguishing categories. Separate administration privileges can be given for administrators of individual categories. Single entry of recurring events of any type (single events, weekly events, monthly events, annual events, etc). A layout that fits much more nicely on the screen when many events are present - and a cool javascript mouseover effect for IE users that expands truncated event titles. Separate calendars for month, week and day views (including the ability to choose which one to display as the default when people go to the index page). Cleaner database layout that's more flexible in typical ISP and hosting provider environments
Tags: screen , database , control , calendar , javascript , fast , script , effect , display , cool , multiple , administration , index , dynamic , type , event , location , day , layout , events , options , configuration , for , community , features , users , present , hosting , monthly , people ,


This powerful customer support software helps to contact clients, customers, visitors and others over telephone in the call centers, web based systems. Email features is also included to send follow-up notes, product catalogues etc., to the customers. Call report features helps to analyze call logs, timing, customers location details, missed calls, etc., Customers who are waiting for answers can be redirected to sales page that contains more products, offers etc., Phone calls from an IP address can be blocked. No-hold feature helps to save your customers money and time.
Tags: software , web , report , money , address , save , page , send , sales , contact , support , analyze , customer , call , telephone , location , product , feature , for , features , customers , webbased , customersupport , powerful ,

 UFOs and .NET, Constructing a Hand-Crafted Distributed Web Application

This article shows how to generate a web application without paper methods. The main task is to replace paper reports from different locations. The output of this is to give out location - specific reports and feedback or follow-ups to the agencies outside the location. NetUFO is installed to carry out this architecting solution, which could follow MVC structural design pattern. The presentation of this article is good along with its sample source code and pictorial description models.
Tags: web , design , code , application , presentation , task , source , generate , replace , sourcecode , reports , good , location , paper , sample , out ,


The Airsort is an useful script written in PHP for searching an airport and produces the output in a graphic format which displays the location of the particular airport on the world map. The search can be made with keywords related to airport like the name of the airport, city, latitude or longitude, IATA code and ICAO code. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: search , online , code , graphic , script , format , demo , world , name , keywords , location , searching , for , useful ,

 Event Listing Manager

This is an event managing solution to manage infinite number of events and event related datas. Users can add all event infos like, date, time, location and add a map to an event. Any changes regarding an event like, time or venue can be modified in real time by the clients themselves. This program has several features like, ability to activate or deactivate events, ability to divide events into separate categories, admin can manage events, providing search facility by category or by keyword and more.
Tags: search , program , time , manage , map , admin , number , into , event , location , solution , keyword , events , real , features , divide , changes , clients , modified ,

 Streaming Media Archive

This is a file archiving application that helps users to import audio, video, images, data files etc. Users can extract ID3 tag information from audio files that would help them to manage and share playlists to play files from any remote location and perform advanced searching on media files. This program supports files such as, ogg, mp3, wav, mpg, mpeg etc.
Tags: file , audio , program , data , files , mpeg , play , extract , help , information , application , media , remote , import , manage , advanced , tag , share , location , searching , archiving , users ,

 Property Site Manager - ASP Real Estate CMS

This is an online content management program that can be used to add, edit or delete property listings. Property information are displayed with price, location, photograph, description etc. Users are allowed to view and print particular property. Admin can add, edit or delete properties on the websites. This program supports multiple property listings and multiple categories. The site visitors can browse particular property and view search results with price, location etc.
Tags: search , program , online , management , print , delete , edit , information , site , view , content , multiple , browse , location , properties , property , contentmanagement ,


This is a content management program with which users can implement HTML editor into their ASP.NET web pages for editing text contents. This program supports multiple built-in languages. Users are allowed to insert, delete, rename and preview images on their websites. They can also generate HTML contents from any remote location through a web based interface without any HTML knowledge. This program has other features like, tables and their properties can be managed, developers can add style editor into their web pages and can show or hide buttons, no components needed, single page consists of multiple editors etc.
Tags: web , editor , program , text , images , management , remote , page , hide , show , generate , components , content , multiple , rename , editing , into , preview , location , interface , pages , style , properties , for , webpages , features , contentmanagement , webbased , users , contents , editors ,


This is a tool to integrate content management, scalable content and application delivery, resource management, workflow and personalization. It creates enterprise information systems, catalogs, B2B, B2C etc. It manages complex or large site and Intranet and extranets. It provides a web-based content management (ECM) and electronic resource distribution (ERD) for the global enterprise. eContent features unlimited table of contents, built-in security, unlimited resources such as static reports, live reports with drill-downs, executables, all documents types, OLAP reports, Java programs, online forms and legacy integration, unlimites n-level categories etc. Expresso Framework is utilized in eContent. It reduces the cost of location information and thus increases productivity.
Tags: tool , online , management , information , site , application , forms , table , content , documents , reports , resource , distribution , cost , location , live , workflow , resources , for , electronic , features , contentmanagement , enterprise , global , static ,

 effengud Zipper

This is a VB script based program that can be utilized by the webmasters to facilitate their site visitors to find their nearest location through their websites. This program provides users the latitude and longitude details along with United States five digit zip codes which are based on Microsoft Access 97 database format. This program also facilitates the users to export those provided details into the formats of the databases like SQL Server, MS Access 2000 etc.,
Tags: database , program , zip , find , export , site , script , 2000 , into , location , databases , zipcodes , users , codes ,

 Ektron CMS 200

This is a content management solution that can be used to generate and maintain content from any remote location through a web based interface. This program supports meta data and active directory. Users are allowed to schedule content and syndicate them on their websites. This program has other features like, low integration costs, ablity to track changes, providing search functionality etc.
Tags: web , search , program , data , management , schedule , remote , generate , track , content , location , solution , active , features , contentmanagement , webbased , maintain , integration , meta ,

 emagiC CMS Lite

This is an .Net based content management program that helps users to update contents from any remote location on the websites. They are allowed to add, modify or delete documents and images on their websites. This program has HTML templates with which users can design their website with better look and feel. This program has other features like, content can be combined from various sources, ability to eliminate broken links etc. Useful tool for the mid sized companies.
Tags: tool , program , images , management , website , design , delete , remote , links , content , documents , templates , eliminate , update , location , mid , for , features , modify , contentmanagement , users , broken , contents ,


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