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 absolutePPC Search Engine

absolutePPC Search Engine is a simple script based on php and is a powerful search engine program. This program achieves optimal performance on the websites. It requires Mysql database as backend to store data. It uses advanced template engine. It consists powerful system of email notifications. It has listing sources like local database, google, excite and ePilot XML feed. It diplays results in two possible modes which are ordered by source and ordered by price. Features include search, Admin, referral program and affiliate program.
Tags: email , database , search , program , system , php , script , performance , source , advanced , store , template , engine , simple , searchengine , local , listing , powerful ,

 Enumerating Folders in ASP

Enumerating Folders in ASP is an ASP article guiding you in listing the entire structures of your folders using ASP codes. This tutorial is simple in its explanation and illustrates the method of using FSO in enumerating the folders using the Scripting Runtime. The author has given a simple ASP code snippet for your reference that lists all folders from the root and sub directory.
Tags: code , using , folders , simple , tutorial , reference , author , lists , for , listing , method , codesnippet ,

 Active Auction Pro

Those who deal with auction system through web based interface can utilize this ASP supported program. You can customize the auction listing pages using WYSIWYG editor. Gallery manager supports uploading of pictures with listings. Bidding session includes dutch auctions, history, and statistics. Items can be set to expire after certain period. Searching can be done with advanced options. Newsletter helps to notify about offers, listings, etc to subscribers.
Tags: web , manager , system , pictures , using , advanced , set , auction , customize , interface , pages , notify , dutch , webbased , listing , session ,

 AddPro's European search engine submissions

AddPro's European search engine submissions is a URL submitting program that is limited only to search engines in the 13 european countries like, austria, belgium, denmark, finland, france, germany, greece, italy, netherlands, norway, sweden, spain and UK. When the user selects a country from the drop down menu, a popup box appears listing all major search engines in that country. The users can choose the search engines they want to submit their URL's. Most of the search engines in these countries allow site only in their language or in their country domain.
Tags: search , program , site , language , user , engine , searchengine , submit , drop , box , country , users , listing , engines ,

 Agora Lite

Agora Lite is generated in PHP script language that gives easy ways to upgrade your web content pages quickly. Block system and article engine display the content pages and allow you to customize them dynamically without complex steps. Statistic details are included. Articles are allowed with combo box categories. Header and footer information are editable. Publishing forums, listing manager and links can be done. Language file enables you to access this code in your own language.
Tags: file , web , manager , system , access , easy , code , information , script , language , display , links , content , engine , customize , pages , box , listing , combo , upgrade ,

 Alivesites Email Blast

Webmasters can utilize this program to have a mail listing manager for effectively managing bulk email lists. This program facilitates visitors to subscribe various or several mailing lists concurrently. Administrators can easily manage number of mail lists and can manage each and every aspect of address lists as they like. It is possible to post emails with attachments and to preview before posting messages by using this program.
Tags: email , program , mail , manager , using , address , manage , emails , mailing , bulk , number , messages , attachments , preview , lists , post , for , listing ,

 Agent Zone :: A must have real estate website for all realtors

AgentZone has many sophisticated features to help your real estate business grow. You can list the properties you have for sale, let the internet users list their properties for sale on the internet. You can switch on or off the payment module with a single click. It is fully integrated with paypal and paypal IPN, you can set the listing days and amount from admin panel and you can set your paypal ID as well. Admin panel also provides you with a facility to make your own search shortcut link for your visitors. To see full details please visit the demo site. Our customers receive free upgrades to all the new versions we release in future. Due to an overwhelming response we are creating a new and better script which will help you make more out of internet. We also provide free search engine submission and optimization along with the script to all our customers. Please note that this is a open database for all so there might be some problems with images and data that our visitors and customers try and edit, but we upload the default database once per week.
Tags: internet , database , search , data , images , business , make , help , creating , list , script , note , upload , demo , link , admin , open , engine , optimization , module , searchengine , set , shortcut , realestate , submission , payment , receive , switch , properties , real , for , features , customers , users , sale , searchenginesubmission , listing , paypal , out ,

 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
Tags: password , online , protect , encryption , website , library , site , list , view , stock , demo , multiple , contact , tag , admin , trial , user , decrypt , account , move , update , numbers , credit , for , creditcard , features , users , meta , books , us , listing , rent , out ,

 Using the ServerZip ASP Component

Using the ServerZip ASP Component is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmers to learn about generating active server component with several advanced functionalties which work along with existing components. The author explains about executing the above said process by using server zip sample pages, setting file listing properties, setting dotzip options, handling multiple-select list, setting the component properties and more about in component perspective.
Tags: file , server , component , zip , using , learn , advanced , process , work , tutorial , active , author , properties , sample , for , useful , listing ,

 :: BizDirectory ::

Business listings directory with Paypal integration. Includes a wide assortment of built in features such as administrator and visitor control panels, earnings report, search feature, tell a friend form, free and sponsored listings and much, much more. Features complete client listing activation and modification automation, or pending approval of an administrator if you prefer. Very easy to install and to customize.
Tags: search , control , easy , client , directory , install , administrator , features , listing , complete , visitor ,

 Enumerating the VB.Net Printers Collection

This tutorial deals with listing the installed printers. In this tutorial the author explains about VB.NET printer object, the author uses the object to enumerate the printers which are installed in the local system. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: easy , printer , tutorial , local , object , author , useful , listing ,


ASPRealtor is an efficient real estate management software which allows you to add any number of properties with customizable details. Images can be inserted with property information and you can edit it's characteristics. You can build your listing pages in a way you like. It is more compatible with existing website structure. Search engine helps to find specific properties. Admin allows everyone to utilize estate system with password facility.
Tags: software , password , management , system , website , edit , find , information , engine , number , build , pages , realestate , properties , property , real , listing ,

 List-It Online Real Estate Manager

Lite-It consists of full-featured property listing scripts that enable realty companies to publish and maintain property listings on the internet. It has two versions: List-It Basic and List-It Pro. List-It Basic is a singe agent tool. It enables agents to post and maintain their own listings on the web site. It contains a mortgage calculator that estimates the monthly mortgage payment. It has a web-based elaborate administrative panel. List-It Pro works with multiple agents. It gives each agent a user friendly address to their listing for their business cards.
Tags: web , business , calculator , address , scripts , multiple , user , publish , agent , mortgage , post , property , for , maintain , listing , monthly ,

 AutoFind Manager

AutoFind Manager is a full-featured application designed for Vehicle listing for both Dealers and End Sellers. It allows an individual or dealer to publish and maintain Vehicle listings on the internet. It features an intuitive web-based administration, ability to upload graphics, admin and user notification system and much more.
Tags: system , notification , application , upload , admin , user , publish , for , features , maintain , listing ,

 Auction Broker Software

This hosted auction listing application consists of several facilities to manage auction listing and bidding with selling products. Can be run with any language. Auction activities can be informed to the buyers and sellers via emails and phone. Supports four style in reverse auctions. Multiple buyers can bid on a same item at the same time. Several payment accounts are accepted. Profiles can be changed by administrator. Auction time can be extended according to the bidding intense. Large amount of inventory can be uploaded.
Tags: time , inventory , application , manage , emails , run , accounts , auction , style , payment , bid , listing , activities ,

 Auto Dealer Website

Auto Dealer Website is a web based template driven readymade car dealer website that can be customized according to your needs. This application offers various features like allowing your customer to search details like model, price, year of manufacture etc., about specified car and provides contact forms for each listing that helps customers to contact car owners directly.
Tags: web , search , website , application , forms , car , contact , template , customer , year , for , features , customers , webbased , listing ,

 esCHAT irc applet

Capable of connection to any ircd server, mIRC like features, Multilang, Double click, right click, left click with different menus, Colors of all elements can be changed from parameters, Smileys, sound, pre-made message support, All ircd commands are supported, Channel topics and modes, users can change it also,Color text support, Text selection, copy&paste,User can change options, Multiple channel support ,Services commands,Hiding user list and disable private chats, Ads by using ticker ,Auto message protection, message history buffer, Auto nick writing by pressing tab key, Channel listing with color, Profile support,Fontsize and font name and much more.
Tags: text , list , using , message , history , change , font , private , user , connection , disable , name , support , click , writing , ticker , tab , users , listing , channel ,


BBClassifieds is a PHP classifieds script that allows site owners to easily integrate database-driven classified ads application into their web sites. It uses SQL-type database (mySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle etc.) at the back-end in order to deliver increased performance and it has numerous features that can be easily configured. One of the goals when designing BBClassifieds software was a seamless integration with your existing web site. This classified ads script is designed as an external object and can be simply plugged-in to your existing page—anywhere you see fit. Customizable Directory Structure—create any directory structure that best fits your needs, starting with top level categories and going up to 16 levels down. Category specific custom fields—create any number of custom fields in any category based on your needs, e.g. in cars category enter make and year, in computer category CPU speed and RAM size. Field type can be either text or checkbox. Search—allow your site visitors to perform a keyword search on classified ads. Any word, all words or key-phrase options are available. Listings Control—you are in control: allow or deny HTML in posts, limit number of characters, enter the list of "bad" words you want to replace or filter out, allow users to edit their postings, approve/deny each listing or let them appear immediately. Appearance Control—change the style sheet in order to customize the look-and-feel of the system so that it matches your web site, decide what characters to use as a category separator in the "tree" and more. Renewal and Notification—notify ad owners when their listing is about to expire, have copy of each posting mailed to the administrator, allow ad listing renewals, limit number of renewals...
Tags: software , database , web , search , text , system , edit , make , copy , computer , speed , filter , site , list , script , application , directory , performance , words , replace , best , ads , custom , number , levels , into , type , customize , sheet , cars , keyword , options , style , object , limit , characters , structure , features , users , integration , fields , listing , top ,

 HyperSubmit - High Traffic

HyperSubmit - High Traffic is a website submitting software that is capable of generating traffic to user's websites. This program assures of inclusion in search engines for a whole year. It also guarantees listing on google search engines making it more popular.
Tags: software , search , program , website , traffic , google , for , listing , engines ,


This is an advanced intranet program which includes various sections such as PC booking system, event booking system, content management system etc., Using the calender feature of this program you can create calenders for staff training sessions, staff meetings, public computer training classes etc., Some advanced features of this program are noticeboard facility for listing the available shifts, keyword search utility for searching the uploaded documents on the intranet etc.,
Tags: utility , search , program , create , management , system , computer , training , content , advanced , documents , intranet , event , keyword , staff , feature , searching , for , features , contentmanagement , booking , public , listing , available , contentmanagementsystem ,

 BV Topsite

BV Topsite is a topsite listing software which is used to maintain topsite listings. Users can also rate topsites. Rating can be done based on incoming hits. This program has interface for easy customization, IP and Php sessions to avoid frauds. Site visitors vote for the site and site getting maximum votes is placed on the topsites list.
Tags: software , program , easy , site , interface , rate , for , maintain , listing ,

 Displaying Data in a ListBox Web Control

Displaying Data in a ListBox Web Control is a tutorial which shows you the method for listing a column of the database table in the listbox web control of ASP.NET. This tutorial helps you to know how to create objects for the OleDbDataAdapter and DataSet object, how fill method of the DataSet oject is used to fill the DataSet object with the database data, bind the listbox control with the required column with the help of the DataTextField method of the listbox web control.
Tags: database , web , create , control , help , table , tutorial , object , fill , column , for , objects , listing , method ,

 Saving an image with "Web Safe" Colours

In this online tutorial the author contributes to users on storing images with "web safe" colors. This tutorial guides users on setting GIF to perform this process and covers on storing images in a Bitmap that has reference pictures for making a comparison, listing web safe colors by sorting and choosing the nearest color match.
Tags: web , online , images , pictures , color , safe , process , colors , tutorial , reference , author , for , users , listing , covers ,

 :: AJ PPC :: Advanced Pay Per Click Script

The AJ Square Inc has come up with new innovative and revolutionary PPC Search engine is PHP and Mysql based software. So it is fast and easy to use and install. PPC search engine can be easily installed using installer script Show banners in search results. Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, if site's member has enough money on his account. Clicks are counted; the visitor is redirected to that site instantly. Any new listing becomes active or a new listing is not active until admin approves it. It depends on option, which can be changed by admin at any time. Earn extra revenue by using affiliate search results.
Tags: search , easy , fast , site , script , money , using , admin , engine , searchengine , installer , keywords , active , bid , banners , listing , revenue , visitor ,

 Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP)

Users can utilize this program as a tool to locate contacts details. It provides alphabatical listing for the stored contact details for good convenience. It comes with entire source code and lets users to adjust database to suit their needs in organising contacts.
Tags: database , tool , program , code , contacts , source , contact , sourcecode , good , for , locate , users , adjust , listing ,

 Using PHP and MySQL

The author explains the basics of MySql and shows the basics of how to add, edit, delete and list records from a database with some sample PHP code functions and creates simple address book. The author discusses in the areas such as editing, deleting, adding and listing with some PHP programmes for easy understanding. This articles helps to understand how to access a MySQL database using PHP easily. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: database , access , delete , easy , code , list , using , address , simple , author , sample , for , records , articles , functions , listing ,


This is an useful comprehensive online rental business creator script which is helpful to improve your online rental business. This script helps you to create your own customized version of your online rental business. This script also provides you attributes template listing based on the popular rental sites already doing business currently.
Tags: create , online , creator , business , script , template , version , popular , rental , sites , improve , useful , listing ,

 Code Widget's Database Driven Product Listing

Code Widget's Database Driven Product Listing is a powerful ASP application with which webmasters can create a whole directory of all product lists. The products are listed in a HTML page with their appropriate prices and there are also provisions for listing products with their thumbnail images and descriptions. Several advanced features like web based interface, ability to store all product details in a database, support for categories and subcategories, easy page navigation etc., are available to ease the creation of catalog preparation.
Tags: web , create , images , easy , application , catalog , thumbnail , directory , navigation , page , advanced , store , support , product , creation , for , features , webbased , listing , available , powerful ,


This is an useful classified ads software through which you can start a fully featured online listing program specially for boats and watercrafts. Boat dealers can manage their boat inventories online on this classified ads website with image and product info like engine details, fuel capacity, price etc., You can create automatic thumbnails for the boat images, resize images and this program features a powerful search engine to enable visitors to search for watercrafts and boats on your site.
Tags: software , image , search , program , create , online , images , website , automatic , manage , resize , ads , engine , start , thumbnails , searchengine , info , product , for , features , useful , boat , boats , fuel , listing , powerful ,


Sytem allows you create HYIP list, rate and monitor site in 15 minutes. 7 groups (Premium, Noraml, Trial, Free, Games, Scam, Balck List). You can disable any of them. All HYIP listing fields included. Add listing form for specified groups and admin approval. Payouts log with function to import payouts from E-Gold CSV file. Text Ads Manager and News Manager included. Try demo on our site.
Tags: create , monitor , site , log , import , form , demo , admin , disable , function , rate , for , fields , listing ,


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