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 Antechinus Animator Professional

Easily create and edit animations, videos, images, and sound files: over 40 formats are supported. Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated. Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together. Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator. Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). Never before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.
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This website provides its services in four aspects, firstly 'components' where the users can find some useful components to be downloaded, secondly projects here the visitors can get online service for getting useful references and guides, template libraries etc., Thirdly it offers its services for games to let the visitors and users to have online games and downloadable games respectively. Finally this website presents more funny and exciting programs to the users.
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 Automatically Upgrade Your .NET Applications On-the-Fly

In this article, the author explains about the built-in installing abilities of .NET Framework and how it is used in generating a perfect .NET application. The main highlight of this article is about using the class libraries to add upgrade abilities to the Windows forms applications. The author also discusses about the AutoUpgrade Class and its Framework. In a nut shell, this is an users guide to auto upgrade their web applications using class libraries.
Tags: web , using , auto , class , forms , applications , author , libraries , guide , users , classlibraries , upgrade ,

 Using Class Libraries to Simplify Code

Through this online tutorial, the author highlights the class libraries to simplify the code while developing ASP.NET Web applications. The main implementation of these class libraries might lead to better code readability and reusage. This class libraries helps the developers to update their web page instantly. The author also discusses about how to create and use them. Through this the beginners could develop their site with the help of these class libraries in a better way.
Tags: web , create , online , help , code , site , page , class , webpage , update , author , libraries , develop , classlibraries ,

 BK Traceroute

BK Traceroute is an helpful tool for the network administrators that allows them to trace the route of network links between the remote hosted systems either in synchronous form or in asynchronous form. This utility has commented class libraries which has been developed in C sharp codebase.
Tags: utility , tool , network , remote , form , class , links , trace , libraries , for , classlibraries , systems , route ,

 Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET

The main objective of this article is to describe about creating a guest book in VB.NET and ASP.NET. The author helps by telling about the creation of ASP.NET web forms, the usage of datagrid, data binding, basic ADO.NET operations, sending emails in .NET libraries and the usage of web.config to save application specific settings. The author generates a data access component which collects the data and process database tasks. This is more useful for the beginners to develop their own guest book using ASP.NET.
Tags: database , web , data , component , access , book , creating , application , using , save , emails , process , basic , usage , author , creation , libraries , for , useful , develop , sending ,

 Create custom attributes for your JSP tags

This program allow the users to handle custom tag libraries on their JSP pages. This program enables the page authors to select the time stamp format of their own. The JSP tag has the capability to accept and respond the data on a page request. This program is useful for the users and the webmasters. This script can be configured and customized by the users.
Tags: program , data , time , script , format , page , tag , custom , stamp , libraries , for , select , useful , users , timestamp ,

 Antechinus C# Editor

This is a program that facilitates C# programmers by providing a C# editor to manage their C# program. By using this program programmers can create Windows programs, add-on modules and libraries with ease. Programmers can have the facilities to manage the C# programs by editing, creating, compiling and accessing by the use of this program. This program supports ASP.NET and comes with several enhanced features and advanced editing functionalities.
Tags: editor , program , create , programs , using , manage , advanced , editing , libraries , features ,


TECFA's PHP Page is a resourceful website that provides various articles, PHP documentations, libraries and softwares etc. for the users. This site has engaged itself in implementing an online PHP virtual resource library. This library is fully equipped with several PHP manuals, specifications, introductory materials, tutorials and printed books on the library.
Tags: online , website , library , site , virtual , resource , libraries , for , tutorials , books ,


Openbibilio is a script for library management system. This PHP based script contains OPAC, cataloging, circulation and staff administration functions. With the help of this script private cand public libraries can get cost effective library automation solution. Having advantages like easy to use and install with minimum expertise, intutive, well documented, and created with common library features.
Tags: management , library , easy , help , script , automation , install , private , administration , cost , staff , libraries , for , public ,

 SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition

SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition consists of Component Object Model (COM) libraries designed for use in scripting languages such as VBScript and JavaScript. The components do not have the inherent overhead of ActiveX controls and implement a threading model for more efficient use with Active Server Pages (ASP) and similar environments. This edition includes support for the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocols which are used to ensure that data exchanged between the local system and a remote host is secure and encrypted. The Secure Editions implement the major secure protocols such as HTTP, FTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS and more. Your data is protected by industrial strength 128-bit encryption, with full support for client certificates. Using the popular SocketWrench component that is part of SocketTools, you can also write your own, custom secure server applications. And there's no need for you to understand the details of certificate management, data encryption or how the security protocols work. All it takes is a few lines of code to enable the security features, and SocketTools handles the rest!
Tags: security , data , server , component , system , encryption , secure , write , code , client , remote , lines , components , custom , support , scripting , model , local , popular , host , controls , languages , libraries , for , protected , dataencryption , edition , certificate , standard , part ,

 HTML Graphs

HTML-Graph is a java based program that helps the users to draw horizontal, vertical and grouped bar graph and progress bars returning to corresponding HTML codes. This program does not need graphics and libraries to create bars. Bar graphs can be created with labels, changing colours and legends.
Tags: program , create , java , graphics , bar , graph , draw , graphs , vertical , libraries , changing , users ,


This is an online survey conducting program that can be used for particular research requirements and to extract the results. Website visitors can post their votes by using survey system. This program supports standard and advanced question types of surveys. Survey libraries are available with this software to store question and answers for further use. Users are allowed to control survey background color, font size, font style etc. They can access, edit, view and download results on their websites. Survey results are represented in tabular and graphical mode. This program supports multiple languages.
Tags: software , download , program , online , control , extract , using , view , font , advanced , multiple , background , store , research , style , libraries , survey , post , for , standard , question , available , graphical ,

 Java Grand Forum

Java Grande Forum (JGF) is to develop community consensus and recommendations for either changes to Java or establishment of standards (frameworks) for Grande libraries and services.
Tags: libraries , for , community , develop , changes ,

 LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting

LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software is an automated video insertion solution that manages content programming. On-demand video content can now be controlled to create a television-like experience through insertion of commercial advertising spots. LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software can be blended with other applications to create powerful hybrid software solutions. Examples may include targeted ad insertion, digital rights management, pay-per-view and subscription services Your administrator can design and customize the Playlist Template any way you desire. Different spots and commercials can be inserted with total control then applied universally to even the largest libraries of video clips! Using LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software, you can customize the Playlist Template any way you want!
Tags: software , video , create , control , design , digital , content , administrator , customize , advertising , automated , solution , applications , libraries , now , commercial , powerful , controlled ,

 C++ Server Pages

C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++. Existing C++ projects can be ported to the Web by simply including the C++ source code, or by importing the C++ libraries to CSP scripts. It is similar to ASP and JSP, but instead of VBScript, JScript, or Java it uses C++, giving an incredibly high processing performance to your web applications. It supports automatic script compilation and provides the developer with a complete Web programming framework. It works both with IIS and Apache.
Tags: web , script , using , automatic , programming , performance , source , developer , build , processing , applications , libraries , complete , projects ,

 Structuring a .NET Application For Easy Deployment

.NET provides more flexibility in installation process. But it mainly depends upon the planning and designing of the user's application which is the main theme discussed in this article. The author tells about the architecting process of class libraries and assemblies which helps the installation more simply and quicker. The article shows the importance of proper namespaces and planned usage of attributes. This article clearly shows the merits of good usage of attributes in classes and good usage of application domains. At the end of this article, the deployment differences between VB and .NET is shown.
Tags: application , class , process , planning , theme , good , installation , usage , author , libraries , deployment , classlibraries ,

 Microsoft Office and .NET Interoperability

From this tutorial programmers can get solution over the interoperation between .NET and Microsoft office. This tutorial represents architectural design about interoperation to the learners to make them understand easily. How to call the .NET framework class libraries from VBA, how to call office VBA object libraries and more topics are discussed in this tutorial.
Tags: design , make , office , class , tutorial , call , solution , object , libraries , framework , classlibraries ,

 Exposing Class Libraries through Web Services

This is an useful guidance article for the webmasters through which they can generate web applications using different class libraries through web services. It also helps the users to know how to expose the codes using class libraries and what are the steps that the users have to follow. This article has been provided with complete definitions with example codes for quick reference.
Tags: web , using , class , generate , quick , applications , libraries , for , useful , users , complete , classlibraries , codes ,

 Class pages

Class pages makes PHP programming easier when the programmer wants to print records from MySQL backend. This class can aid page navigation or separation easily. There are several propeties for this script like :- start, lim (limitations), Script, Vars, Title and Center. These functions are very unique and very few other libraries provide this type of class.
Tags: print , script , programming , navigation , page , class , type , pages , programmer , libraries , for , records , functions ,

 ADOdb: Making MySQL Efficient

In this article, the author explains that ADODB is a set of libraries or classes that standardizes the PHP database functions and it hides the differences between different databases and gives you with simple method to query MySQL, Access(ODBC), PostgreSQL and other databases with some little changes to your code. The author describes the features of ADODB, configuring the ADOdb cache Directory with some code functions. This is helpful to learn how to use ADOdb and MySQL for building efficient websites.
Tags: database , code , learn , query , cache , simple , set , author , databases , libraries , for , features , functions , method , building , changes ,

 Small Library Organizer Pro

Small Library Organizer Pro is a solution for private or public libraries to maintain their databases. The intuitive interface helps users to efficiently organize and manage members data, circulation data, patron details etc. The browser, table, form viewers helps users to access datas and process for library reports, labels, member lists etc. The designer module helps users to modify or build their own management solutions.
Tags: management , access , library , form , organize , manage , private , process , designer , module , build , interface , solution , lists , libraries , for , modify , maintain , users , public ,

 The .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is an article that shows you an overview of .NET technology. .NET is platform independent and it contains common set of libraries known as the .NET Framework. The .NET framework contains various classes which are used for, creating Web and Windows applications, working with network protocols, accessing databases etc.,
Tags: network , creating , set , platform , databases , libraries , framework ,

 ArchCommerce eCommerce Framework

ArchCommerce ASP.NET eCommerce Framework is a scalable business-to-consumer (B2C) shopping cart software that supports unlimited product catalogs and multi-languages. It has easy to use backoffice tools that allow you to manage your catalogs and orders anytime and anywhere in the world. Its code base is 100% written in C# and it uses the latest server-based Microsoft technology -- ASP.NET. ASP.NET is the next generation version of classic Active Server Pages (ASP) and is considered to be more robust, secured, and easiest to deploy. KEY BENEFITS:>It allows to you display unlimited number of products and services along with detailed information such as specifications and pricing.>It provides an easy to follow checkout process that guarantees engaging shopping experience for your online shoppers. It also provides intuitive self-service account management tool to keep your customer's account information up-to-date.>It comes with reusable sets of class libraries of the eCommerce Framework Framework and all of the presentation layer source files. This allows your developer to easily customize the functionalities and look and feel of your online store.>With multi-languages feature, you can change the language of the user interface with your native language.>With strong support for search engine, you can configure the product page to dynamically generate Html tags such as title, meta name and description. This makes your product catalogs more search engine friendly.
Tags: software , tool , search , online , server , management , easy , tools , code , information , classic , presentation , language , page , manage , change , source , display , developer , class , generate , user , process , engine , number , name , support , account , searchengine , version , services , customize , interface , shopping , product , libraries , native , shoppingcart , orders , for , tags , base , configure , meta , classlibraries , userinterface , layer , generation , easiest ,


ExcelExplorer is a PHP based database program. This program works on any PHP platform. Without using ODBC or COM, this script can read Excel files. Particulars about colour, cell, used fonts, alignment can be read by this program. No need for extra classes, modules or configurations. This script supports Mac Excel files and windows files. Uses to read multi-worksheets files immediately. This program requires only basic PHP programming skills. No other classes or libraries are needed to this program. Easy to install and execute this program. There are two options available in this programme Excel Explorer and Excel Explorer Pro. Online demo is also available on the site.
Tags: windows , database , program , files , script , using , programming , demo , install , read , basic , options , libraries , execute , for , available ,


ExcelExplorer is a PHP based database program. This program works on any PHP platform. Without using ODBC or COM, this script can read Excel files. Particulars about colour, cell, used fonts, alignment can be read by this program. No need for extra classes, modules or configurations. This script supports Mac Excel files and windows files. Uses to read multi-worksheets files immediately. This program requires only basic PHP programming skills. No other classes or libraries are needed to this program. Easy to install and execute this program. There are two options available in this programme Excel Explorer and Excel Explorer Pro. Online demo is also available on the site.
Tags: windows , database , program , files , script , using , programming , demo , install , read , basic , options , libraries , execute , for , available ,


FSGuide is a software where the web user has a privilege to access files and perform actions like displaying, copying, removing any file or subdirectory. Features like file uploader, file editor, to report file operation errors, does not depend on third-party libraries or extensions, two-panel display, a one line navigator on both panels by clicking on parts of the navigator results in opening that subdirectory in the panel.
Tags: software , file , web , files , access , report , user , line , removing , libraries , parts , navigator ,

 Tax Table Library SDK

Tax Table Library SDK can easily carry out payroll tax calculations to your development project. Many companies rely on Tax Table Library SDK tax table libraries and in-depth research for unique payroll applications as well as routine payroll processing.
Tags: development , table , tax , research , applications , libraries , payroll , for , out ,


This is .NET program that help users to save and manage bookmarks, favorites, code snippets, shortcuts etc. This program maintains these users links at a centralized location, that can be retrived from any where through a web based browser. Code libraries of VB, C++, coldfusion, ASP, PERL, PYTHON etc are stored. It does not use expensive database to store, just an XML data file .
Tags: file , database , web , program , data , help , code , save , manage , links , shortcuts , libraries , webbased , users ,

 Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 (DocKIT)

Document Import Kit for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (DocKIT) is a simple tool to import documents from multiple file systems & sources into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SQL Store). Our latest release supports SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document & Picture Libraries in SQL store. Note: DocKIT latest release v6 supports SharePoint 2003 SQL store only and does not work with SPS 2001 and SPS 2003 backward compatible document libraries. Also, DocKIT previous versions and the current version cannot be installed on the same machine. Please read the system requirements carefully prior to installing DocKIT.
Tags: file , tool , system , document , import , multiple , documents , store , read , simple , work , into , version , libraries , for , systems ,


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