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aldap is a opensource PHP script that merges all user admin controls on a intranet or internet sites. Supports include multiple user administration, searching functions, Layout customizing components, creating announcements, and more. User access level is categorized into 4 levels of user, power user, super user and administrator. you can add multiple groups and can move one group to another. Entries supports single quotes and multiple character set. Importing contact into LDAP server is possible via perl modules. Gives support for multi-language.
Tags: internet , server , access , creating , script , perl , multiple , contact , admin , user , support , levels , intranet , move , into , quotes , power , group , character , controls , opensource , searching , for ,

 Active Graphics Engine

Active Graphics Engine is an online photo gallery and search engine which can compute images automatically and create thumbnails. It has lots of features like site statistics, allow user registration to bid for higher placement, user voting, upload Graphic Image to your server etc. It has different acess levels for administrators, members and guests.
Tags: search , photo , create , online , server , images , site , upload , gallery , user , engine , levels , searchengine , automatically , for , features , bid , registration ,

 .NET Email & MX Component

.NET Email & MX Component is a web based email application which offers four methods for validating email addresses. This software runs on server side and analyse the emails whether it can be stored in the server or not. This analysis can be done through four different methods for validating the emails for storing. In syntax level email address syntax are checked, in MX Record level it checks whether the email address has MX records, in SMTP level it checks about the server existance and in mail box levels it will check whether the server will accept any emails.
Tags: software , email , web , mail , server , application , address , analysis , check , emails , levels , syntax , analyse , box , for , webbased , checks ,


This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have any knowledge on php or html to setup this programme, just approve new members everyday and this programme takes care of the rest. The admin panel is easy and quick to master. This programme has advanced features like, photo uploads, instant messenger, chat, voice and video, multiple languages, hot list and black list, virtual kisses and a simple member registration process.
Tags: html , photo , website , easy , php , list , voice , advanced , multiple , admin , virtual , quick , simple , instant , levels , knowledge , for , features , registration , dating ,

 Need Secure

Need Secure is a PHP based program and by using this program the system administrators or webmasters can protect their member areas by using password. It helps them to secure their data from hackers. The features included in this program are, it offers three levels of administration, email templates and language files can be customized by the administrators, users can disable pre-register members and new registrations and many more features are available.
Tags: email , program , data , files , system , protect , secure , using , language , templates , disable , levels , features , users ,

 pp spider version

This PHP based online spidering script recognizes all connection errors on your site by extracting the contents of your site. This script can crawl your web pages either on or off line and indexes every word of the content by frequency, double initials, character types etc., While indexing, words less than 3 characters are automatically bypassed and provides a detailed report on the frequency levels of the words.
Tags: web , online , word , site , report , script , words , content , connection , line , levels , automatically , errors , pages , character , characters , webpages , contents , frequency ,

 Drop Down Menu Bar.

A drop down menu bar, similar to the menu bar of your browser. The script works in Internet Explorer, in Netscape 4 and 6. You can create the menu with 4 levels of depth, and the submenu with up to 20 links. Its menu generator allows you easily to change style of the menu.
Tags: create , menu , generator , script , change , bar , levels , style , drop , menubar ,

 ASP Membership Subscription

ASP Membership Subscription is a powerful online membership management application written in ASP. Using this program you would be able to manage all customers and their account details in a seperate MS access database. Whenever an user registers for your services, instant notification is sent through your mail with thorough details of the user. There are five different member levels for all your customers and as an admin you can upgrade the accessing levels of the members as desired.
Tags: program , mail , online , management , access , notification , application , manage , admin , user , instant , levels , account , for , customers , membership , powerful , upgrade ,

 Award TreeView

Award TreeView is a wonderful JavaScript navigation tool to implement a tree menu, which can be used in site maps, online documentation and intranet applications. The styles of the menus can be changed very easily. It supports unlimited nodes and hierarchical levels and the nodes are loaded dynamically. The script doesn’t require Java or cookies to function and you can supply as many tree menus you want in a single page.
Tags: tool , online , site , script , tree , navigation , cookies , menus , levels , intranet , documentation , function ,


BBClassifieds is a PHP classifieds script that allows site owners to easily integrate database-driven classified ads application into their web sites. It uses SQL-type database (mySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle etc.) at the back-end in order to deliver increased performance and it has numerous features that can be easily configured. One of the goals when designing BBClassifieds software was a seamless integration with your existing web site. This classified ads script is designed as an external object and can be simply plugged-in to your existing page—anywhere you see fit. Customizable Directory Structure—create any directory structure that best fits your needs, starting with top level categories and going up to 16 levels down. Category specific custom fields—create any number of custom fields in any category based on your needs, e.g. in cars category enter make and year, in computer category CPU speed and RAM size. Field type can be either text or checkbox. Search—allow your site visitors to perform a keyword search on classified ads. Any word, all words or key-phrase options are available. Listings Control—you are in control: allow or deny HTML in posts, limit number of characters, enter the list of "bad" words you want to replace or filter out, allow users to edit their postings, approve/deny each listing or let them appear immediately. Appearance Control—change the style sheet in order to customize the look-and-feel of the system so that it matches your web site, decide what characters to use as a category separator in the "tree" and more. Renewal and Notification—notify ad owners when their listing is about to expire, have copy of each posting mailed to the administrator, allow ad listing renewals, limit number of renewals...
Tags: software , database , web , search , text , system , edit , make , copy , computer , speed , filter , site , list , script , application , directory , performance , words , replace , best , ads , custom , number , levels , into , type , customize , sheet , cars , keyword , options , style , object , limit , characters , structure , features , users , integration , fields , listing , top ,

 Understanding Access Modifiers in VB.NET

Understanding Access Modifiers in VB.NET is a web based tutorial in which the author gives details about basic principles of Access modifier, which offers various methods to access class and class member in .NET framework. Here the author gives details about various accessability levels in VB.NET like private, protected, public access, friend and protected friend access.
Tags: web , access , class , basic , levels , tutorial , author , protected , webbased , public ,

 Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System

Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System provides simple features to administer web based user system. Modules support internal lists for outward communications. It includes a library file and helping resource, call loggings, history data about events, FAQs system to clear enquiries, file system to handle hierarchical file structure, customizable color settings, company logo, and still a lot. Admin supports several privileges levels for users. It is fully based on HTML.
Tags: file , web , data , system , library , color , history , user , simple , support , levels , call , lists , clear , for , features , webbased , filesystem ,

 Top Navigational Bar III

Top Navigational Bar III is a collection of javascript classes that are widely useful to create navigation tools such as dropdown menus. Menus supports multiple categories and sub-categories of 2 levels depth where size can be set for each category individually. Menu items can be displayed at the center / left / right postions in menu bars. Background and text color setting can be reset. And several effects can be inclued for submenu display.
Tags: create , text , menu , javascript , tools , color , collection , navigation , effects , multiple , size , menus , levels , set , dropdown , for , useful ,

 Value Account

Value Account is a financial sofware designed for club investment participants providing add-ons for setting action levels for their stocks. Using this script clubs can also monitor their stock movements. Users would be able to view all real time club activities on the club's websites. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: time , monitor , action , script , view , stock , demo , financial , levels , investment , real , for , available , activities ,

 Bug Squasher

Bug Squasher is a JavaScript game, which can be downloaded for free to implement a game that resembles the Minesweeper of the windows. To play the game all you have to do is unravel the bugs and keep yourself from being bitten by the bugs. Supports three levels of plays namely Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Displays the time taken by you to complete the game and displays the score. Works fine on both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Tags: game , time , play , levels , for , complete ,

 Caching and State Management in ASP.NET

Caching in Web applications can provide dramatic improvements in performance. ASP.NET provides caching at several levels for you to leverage and improve the responsiveness of your application.
Tags: levels , applications , for , improve ,

 Phantom Cycler - The Matrix

You can enhance your online business and earn more money through this program. You can add several money making scripts to your website and create member subscription pages with several levels and matrix structures. This program supports points as well as twisting system and deals the transaction securely through popular payment processors. Some key features are banner rotations, link exchange, reserve funds, instant sign up, unlimited matrix lines etc.,
Tags: program , create , online , system , website , business , money , scripts , lines , key , link , instant , levels , matrix , banner , enhance , pages , popular , payment , points , features , sign ,


ReviewCast is a powerful self contained review and rating engine that can be easily integrated into existing web site designs to create feature rich review sites about any subject matter such as products, services and entertainment. Featuring three levels of authentication, (with forum integration to come), user banning and bad word filters, the ReviewCast control panel and simple to use templates give you great control over the appearance and flexibility of this powerful product.
Tags: web , create , control , word , site , self , templates , user , engine , simple , levels , into , services , feature , forum , sites , rating , integration , powerful , review ,


This software gives affordable computerized maintenance solutions for the users to keep in control of their business equipments. Through this powerful PHP application you can manage your products and business equipments online under different categories and sub categories. This MySQL backend program supports two user levels and you have the facility to export equipment info on an excel sheet.
Tags: software , program , online , excel , control , business , export , application , manage , user , levels , maintenance , info , for , users , solutions , powerful , equipment , affordable ,


CompactMenu is a java menu navigation applet that can build a very compact menu system in your web pages and at the same time by having multiple levels of menu. This menu saves space on the web page by displaying only the top level of the menu. It includes customizable parameters like: fonts, font size, font color, image, color, spacings, paddings, frame settings, links etc.
Tags: web , time , menu , java , system , space , navigation , page , font , applet , links , webpage , multiple , levels , build , frame , pages , javamenu , compact , webpages , top ,

 Cool Focus Elevator

Elevator is a powerful, compact multi-level menu. Items can be nested up to 8 levels deep, each linking to its own URL and frame target. Two buttons at the top of the menu lead to the next lower level or to level 1. Non-reactive separators can be placed anywhere on the menu. Mouse-tracking selector bars and dual lines can be added, removed or recolored individually, as can the scrolling arrows and vertical "shaft" lines. Elevator is also fully searchable and supports sound effects.
Tags: menu , sound , lines , buttons , levels , frame , vertical , compact , scrolling , top ,

 Cool Focus Classica

Classica is a 4-level menu in the classic drop-down menubar style. Menu labels can act as links, or can lead to up to 3 levels of fly-out menus. Each menu item can display an icon. An optional selector bar highlights menu items: the selector can be bordered, filled or both. Menu shadows and XP-style menu tabs can be used and menus can be partially transparent. Classica provides a wide range of color, font, style and behavior options, letting you customize the menu to exactly fit your site-style.
Tags: menu , classic , bar , display , menus , levels , customize , labels , style , tabs ,

 Cool Focus Nexus

Nexus is a powerful unlimited-level tree menu. Any item can act as a link and contain further levels of items; items can be scrolled. Nexus has many other features: the menu can be animated; Nexus is fully user-searchable; any item can use a custom text-color, which can optionally be inherited by its child nodes; Separators can be placed on the menu; choice of scrollbars styles; choice of flat or 3D items. Colors and styles of items, item-selectors, and toggle-boxes can be set individually.
Tags: menu , tree , link , custom , child , levels , set , powerful ,

 Courser WebTreeview Builder

Treeview is a type of user interface that can be used in desktop program. It allows you to generate a tree view without having intimate knowledge of programming languages. It allows representation of multiple levels that can be customized in terms of font, color, icon, button, line style and more. It save a lot of time and has been tested on most primary browsers.
Tags: desktop , time , save , tree , view , programming , generate , multiple , user , line , levels , type , interface , style , knowledge , userinterface ,

 Crazy soft's Bug Tracking Software

Crazy soft's Bug Tracking Software is an online debugging software designed to help webmasters in identifying their application bugs through customizable filters. All recognized bugs are saved on a seperate database and allows different levels of access for the developers. Some of the key features include bug classification, bug sorting, auto task assignment, customizable filter etc.,
Tags: software , database , online , access , help , filter , application , task , auto , key , levels , bug , for , features , debugging ,


This is an online time tracking software in PHP with MySQL database support. You can ban IP's, manage and calculate over time through a calculator, backup database, customize timesheets specifically for every user etc., A detailed performance report for every individual user is generated based on the expenses and these reports can be exported to a seperate excel sheet for convenient procedures. This time management system supports project branching levels with unlimited user levels.
Tags: software , database , backup , time , online , excel , management , system , report , project , tracking , performance , manage , user , reports , levels , timemanagement , timetracking , customize , sheet , calculate , expenses , timesheets , for ,

 Email Builder with real-time tracking

E-Mail builder is a software that is used to send unlimited number of messages and newsletters to their customers or associates. This software runs in any single or multi server. The administrator can easily upload new lists, edit the log-in members, view previous lists, track undelivered and unsubscribed messages. The inbuilt real-time campaign tracking system offers the administrator to view the statistical performance of the mail. The important features of this software is, it provides good performance, adjustable environment, many levels of controls and online feedback and comment forms to support customers.
Tags: software , online , system , builder , edit , view , tracking , performance , upload , send , forms , track , administrator , number , messages , support , levels , good , controls , multi , features , customers , newsletters ,


MiniShopper is a PHP built shopping cart script for single web pages alone. This script is designed in such a way that it does not support product categories but provides users with different levels of access. This software is small in its size but is efficient in ordering products by accomodating different payment gateway systems. Online demo is available in the website.
Tags: software , web , script , demo , size , small , support , levels , shopping , pages , payment , product , shoppingcart , for , webpages , gateway , users , available ,

 Magia SiteControl

Magia SiteControl is built in PHP that gives features for interface system which allows to add, edit, delete and access list of employees and gives rights to them to utilize the in-built applications. Company information and all contact information can be included. A filtering system maintains the content pages with needed data. It supports seperate levels for empolyee, department and team managers. It is fully editable to suit to the client's desires.
Tags: system , access , delete , information , list , content , contact , levels , filtering , interface , pages , team , for , features , editable ,

 Secure Login Manager

This is a server based program which permit the users to access the restricted areas of their webpage. The admin can change, add and remove the informations which include username and password. The users can save their file contents in a folder. This program provide security access levels for the users. Features like provide login page which is customizable, user friendly admin webpage, MS-Access database etc. The clients and any person can be a site security manager with basic internet knowledge.
Tags: internet , file , security , database , program , manager , server , access , remove , site , save , page , admin , user , basic , levels , login , for , users , contents , clients ,


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