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 ChatSpace Instant Messenger

ChatSpace Instant Messenger is an online instant messaging program that allows visitors of users website to share files message among them. The messages can be archieved helping various business and legal needs. This program supports oracle database.
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 Start your free webhosting service

This program is useful for the website owners who need to run their own web hosting service. Members informations will be stored in a database. In the control panel users can find their members report to change, setup or can add their sponsor ads to place on their members top pages. Users are allowed to host legal informations like MP3, business, peripherals and more.
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 Skybound MeetPoint

MeetPoint is a program that allows you to chat live with the people visiting your auction pages and web site. It's the only live chat system that is truely eBay legal and also includes a customizable email form. All the features are present in the free version. The pay versions simply let you chat with more people. It features a very slick looking interface, both on your desktop and on your web site and auction pages. The chat window and chat buttons that you place on your web site couldn't be any easier to install, and they are customizable. Visit the MeetPoint web site for a tour and a full feature list.
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This application package can enable you to play Chinese chess on the Internet. To play this game all that you want is an Internet connection through a TCP/IP client/server socket connection. You can communicate with your opponent and monitor activities through a message window and text fields. You can type a legal movement and a comment and can press the ‘send’ button on this application to play the game.
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