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 .NET Screen Scraping in depth

How to use the webclient and webresponseclasses are the two main categories explained in detail in this article. The author leaves the choice of selecting the best method to the users itself. The article states that screen scarping is simple by just draging down a webpage to the difficult issues. In a nut shell, this article is one in which the author discusses about the screen scraping in depth.
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 Marc's PHP Debugger

With the help of PHP Debugger users can debug their newly written php scripts. At execution time it enables you to trace everything that happens in your php script. You can take some actions using php debugger when in interactive trace mode. It reformats your source with correct indentations, controls loops and has a listener. You should start the listener before testing your script. The trace can be a interactive trace which leaves control time.
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 Fully Developed Exit Exchange Website

You can build a fully featured traffic exchange website through this PHP built script. Whenever a visitor leaves a website this program opens a new website randomly on the visitor browser to drive traffic for the member sites. This exchnage program supports MySQL database and features the combined features of banner exchange and popup technology. Some key feaures include automated HTML code creator, instant registration submission, real time stats etc.,
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 Firestorm Remote Edit

Firestorm is a true WYSIWYG Remote editing suite which makes website updates and amends hassle free. Designed to work along side professional HTML authoring software such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage, Firestorm is the perfect tool for quick online editing. Firestorm Remote Edit allows the user to easily connect to multiple FTP accounts (websites) and make any changes and amendments, as if they were editing a local file. Editing is done through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode, and for advanced users, changes can also be made directly to the source code. Firestorm will manage all of your accounts automatically, which leaves you to simply edit and update your wepages.
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 Live help chat - VenusValley Live Support

VenusValley Live Support enables you to chat live with people visiting your website. Answer questions from potential/existing customers in real-time and provide better customer support. You will find chatting with visitors smooth and fast. No ugly flickering and refreshing. More features: User is typing status shown like AOL, MSN, Yahoo chats, push webpages to visitors, include images in the chat window to provide a very rich appearance to the visitor, use Canned responses/Actions feature to quickly send frequently-typed messages and images while chatting with the visitor, send transcripts of your entire chat conversation with visitors via email with full time and date stamp, monitor your page traffic by viewing the list of visitors who come to your page in real time, sound notification when any visitor arrives or leaves and pro-active chatting(inviting casual visitors for chatting).
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MailboxCleaner is an easy to use utility. When Mailbox Cleaner is used, it leaves tons of spam and junk behind and reads your legitimate mail through a web interface. It Gets a mailbomb which fills your mailbox with useless junk. There are several features available in Mail box Cleaner such as from POPmailbox,it clears out all messages. Execution of this utility is socket based and very fast and it has three types of configuration.
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PopupWiz allows you to generate popup after popup so that you can adjust your campaigns as necessary to maximize the revenue. This is offered at a reasonable one time charge. The popup are just like the one generated by an expert programmer. It offers full control on the position, size and style of the popup window. It also allows you to launch the popup window when the visitor enters or leaves your page.
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