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 Building up a Page Using User Controls Dynamically Loaded at Runtime

Building up a Page Using User Controls Dynamically Loaded at Runtime is an easy to learn tutorial in which ASP.NET programmers can gather information about Page.LoadControl method to build the content of the page by using user control. The author discusses about the ways for customizing the content of the page according to desire of the customer, database result and logged-in-user.
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 Replace text string in single record

This is an online tutorial which can be used as a guidance and reference to learn about replacing a text string in a single record of a database. This will be of much use for the users to update the data present in a single database record. Readers can easily understand this discussed topic by the use of provided sample codes.
Tags: database , data , text , online , record , learn , update , tutorial , reference , string , sample , for , users , present ,

 Use Option Explicit

With the help of this ASP tutorial, you can learn how the variables in ASP applications can be declared to be used by the commands. This ASP lesson suggests to define the variables above the coding so that you can detect misspelled variable names. Using other articles provided in this tutorial you can develop your coding skills in ASP.
Tags: help , learn , detect , tutorial , applications , skills , articles , develop , coding ,

 Round UP

This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author shows you how to round up a number and displays it on the client side by writing your own function in PHP. You can copy the function defined for this operation from this tutorial.
Tags: easy , copy , client , learn , number , tutorial , function , writing , author , for ,

 Dynamic Content - Flash and ASP

This is an article using which readers can learn about building dynamic image gallery with the combination of ASP and Flash. This is basically about generating dynamic content with ASP and Flash. The author of this tutorial demonstrates about using new MovieClipLoader of Flash and FileSystemObject of ASP to create dynamic image gallery. The author clearly explains this concept by providing sample codes.
Tags: image , create , using , learn , gallery , content , dynamic , tutorial , author , sample , building ,

 Universal Link Checker

Universal Link Checker is an online tutorial through which users can learn about validating the submitted URL. Here author gives deatails about the three functions check.asp, checkasp.url and checkdone.asp that have to be utilized in validating the correct URL. This article has codes that can be used by the webmasters and the webdevelopers.
Tags: online , learn , tutorial , author , functions , users , codes ,

 Universal Link Checker

Universal Link Checker is an online tutorial through which users can learn about validating the submitted URL. Here author gives deatails about the three functions check.asp, checkasp.url and checkdone.asp that have to be utilized in validating the correct URL. This article has codes that can be used by the webmasters and the webdevelopers.
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 Email Wizard

This online utility provides you a web based form and enables you to feed the data in the form fields and 'generate code' button will provide you the required source code that can be used to send emails. From this, you can learn which functions of CDO component are used for sending message through ASP page.
Tags: web , utility , data , online , component , code , message , form , learn , send , source , sourcecode , button , feed , for , functions , webbased , fields , sending ,

 AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial

AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial is an efficient article dealing with PHP introductions. Software developers and programmers can enhance their PHP programming skills and knowledge through this tutorial and can make use it in their applications. The author has given a brief introduction on the basics of PHP along with a comparative analysis with other programming languages. You can learn about variables, constants, control structures, method of using MySQL database etc., through this program along with the corresponding syntax and codings.
Tags: database , program , control , make , using , analysis , learn , programming , tutorial , enhance , syntax , author , skills , knowledge , method ,

 Contents of Text File to Web

This is a tutorial that can be used by the users to learn about how to stream contents into the browser from a text file. In this tutorial the author demonstrates about using StreamReader class to succeed this process. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: text , browser , easy , using , learn , class , into , tutorial , stream , author , useful , users , contents ,

 DSN-less MS Access connection

At the end of this tutorial the developers can learn about the procedures to connect an Access database with the help of a DSN Less connection. The author gives the reason why to use a DSN Less connection instead of DSN connection. As an example the author displays the data of a database using the same concept to which the sample source code is given.
Tags: database , data , help , code , using , learn , source , connection , sourcecode , tutorial , author , connect , sample ,

 What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET?

What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET? is an online tutorial dealing with IBM's tivoli techniques. In this article the author has explained about the usage and functionalities of IBM tivoli access manager products for websites running on Microsoft .NET environment. You can learn how to intergrate and apply these products in arriving at an optimum security solutions for the huge enterprises. In this article the author has given a brief note on the functions of IBM's tivoli manager in providing securities for websites on .NET environments.
Tags: security , online , manager , access , learn , note , tutorial , usage , author , websites , for , functions , solutions ,

 Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL - 1

This is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on building an online subscription form to allow the visitors to submit their details for receiving newsletter. This tutorial will be useful for the webmasters to learn about saving names and emails of the people. The author guides users about utilizing both MySQL database and PHP to perform this process.
Tags: database , online , form , learn , emails , tutorial , submit , author , for , names , useful , users , building ,

 Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C

Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C# is a tutorial through which you can learn about how to test the output of the wordbreaker component. wordbreaker is one of the fundamental pieces of Full-Text Search. It is necessary to create instance for the classes such as CWordSink, CPhraseSink, IWordSink, and IPhraseSink before using the wordbreaker.
Tags: create , using , test , learn , tutorial , for ,

 SQL Transactions with the SqlTransaction Class

SQL Transactions with the SqlTransaction Class is a simple tutorial through which you can learn about the use of the SqlTransaction Class and its three methods such as commit method, save method and rollBack method which helps you to implement the transaction. Commit method is used to save the changes made to the database. Save method is used to place the checkpoints which helps you to rollback to a certain point of the transaction. Rollback method is used to undo the changes made to the database.
Tags: save , learn , simple , tutorial , point , method , changes , undo ,

 Complying with IT's Security Requirements for Web Applications

Complying with IT's Security Requirements for Web Applications in which users can learn more about securing their ASP application. Here author gives various security requirements, what are all the requirement that the users has to be adapted to protect against cross-site scripting and more information about security requirement.
Tags: security , protect , information , learn , scripting , author , for , users ,

 Counting How many users you have

From this tutorial the web developers are allowed to learn and know about the generation of online tracker on their website. This tutorial has been provided with sample code for creating a webcounter quickly. This tutorial also suggest users to know more about session, global.asa, application before building their tracking system on their website.
Tags: web , online , system , code , creating , application , learn , tracking , tracker , tutorial , sample , for , users , generation , building ,

 Using the ServerZip ASP Component

Using the ServerZip ASP Component is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmers to learn about generating active server component with several advanced functionalties which work along with existing components. The author explains about executing the above said process by using server zip sample pages, setting file listing properties, setting dotzip options, handling multiple-select list, setting the component properties and more about in component perspective.
Tags: file , server , component , zip , using , learn , advanced , process , work , tutorial , active , author , properties , sample , for , useful , listing ,

 Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS

Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS is an online article that deals on ASP file uploadings. The author of this article has provided ASP codes for the webmasters to upload their files using VBS alone without using an IE. You can learn to upload the files using HTTP and multi form-data document and further you will also learn how to read binary data from the files using ASP objects like 'ScriptUtilities', ADODB etc.,
Tags: file , data , online , files , document , using , learn , upload , user , read , binary , multi , author , for , objects , codes ,

 Upload - to database, or not to database

Upload - to database, or not to database is an online tutorial in ASP dealing on file manipulation techniques. You will learn to test your stored files to MS SQL 2000 using ADO recordset, to disk, to MS SQL 2000 using SQL UPDATETEXT command, to MDB file using ADO recordset etc., The author has given seperate ASP codings for all the above mentioned tests along with a detailed description and instruction.
Tags: file , database , online , files , using , test , learn , 2000 , tests , tutorial , author , for ,

 Using ID property

Using ID property is a java based tutorial dealing with DHTML concepts. Here in this tutorial you can learn about the ways and means of generating ID's for all your HTML pages with which you can have complete control over the webpages. The author has given some example codes to guide you in the process of creating unique HTML ID's along with the working principle. You are also provided with a working demo of how to alter the same codings to convert the text parameters as desired.
Tags: convert , text , control , java , creating , learn , demo , process , tutorial , pages , author , property , for , guide , complete , codes ,

 Bulletin Boards Ideas

How to build successful online community? What scripts and services there are avialable to create meaningful and featured message board? How to optimize your forum to rank higher with search engines? What are the benefits of vBulletin, phpBB, invisionboard? How do these community scritps differ? Bulletin Boards Ideas covers these questions and provides meaningful and detailed discussion of bulletin boards software based on php. You can also learn about development, promotion and optimization ideas, tips and advises.
Tags: software , search , create , online , message , optimize , learn , scripts , optimization , build , tips , promotion , services , forum , questions , community , covers ,

 Convert MDB database to another format

Convert MDB database to another format is a web based tutorial in which users can learn more about converting to Access 2000 database format from MDB database format. In this article author offers few codes, users can copy and paste it in their website to execute this process in their website.
Tags: database , web , website , copy , format , learn , 2000 , process , paste , converting , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , users ,

 Introduction to GDI+

This is an article where ASP.NET users can find information on the basic functionalities of GDI+. This tutorial starts with a simple introduction to GDI+ and explains about its three parts imaging, 2D graphic and typography. In this tutorial users can also learn about using GDI+ and its fundamental classes. This will be an useful article for generating graphs and charts.
Tags: find , information , graphic , using , learn , simple , basic , tutorial , graphs , parts , for , useful , users ,

 News Service 2: Reading the DB

News Service 2: Reading the DB is a tutorial through which users can learn more about the reading of data from the database with the help of ADO.NET recordset application. This article gives detailed description about the connection, command, SQL query and query string which helps in constructing a programme regarding with reading of data from the database.
Tags: database , data , help , learn , query , reading , tutorial , string , users ,

 First ASP Script

This web based ASP tutorial lets you learn how to integrate required scripting languages with ASP to access server side scripts. And the given program shows how to include ASP functions into HTML coding using . And displaying current date and time on ASP pages can be learnt simply. This tutorial is more useful for the ASP coders to create scripts in ASP through different scripting languages.
Tags: web , program , create , time , server , access , using , learn , scripts , date , scripting , into , tutorial , pages , languages , for , functions , useful , webbased , coding ,

 WebSiteSearch Object

WebSiteSearch Object is an online ASP tutorial in VB, through which webmasters can learn more about generation of search engine with all the properties and call method to exexcute the multi-word searching of any text based files from the website. This programme offers features like providing search facility for the regularly expressed text based files, dispalying the updated results, providing search fmulti file search facility, and more.
Tags: file , search , text , online , files , learn , engine , searchengine , tutorial , call , filesearch , properties , searching , for , features , generation , method ,

 A Brief History of Hypertext

Through this tutorial, you can learn clearly about the part of HTTP protocol to create and maintain both static and dynamic websites. And in this article the limitations in HTML static content are explained with easier sample and it tells about the ASP in detail to carry out dynamic processes via Active-X component to make the site more interactive.
Tags: create , component , make , site , learn , content , dynamic , protocol , sample , processes , maintain , part , out , static ,

 Writing ASP Scripts

It is an effective online tutorial from which you can gain the ways to write your scripts in ASP. How delimiters, statements, expressions, HTML and script tags work combined to create fucntions in ASP are illustrated with samples. And tells in detail about how to include file keyword, virtual keyword and external files are described clearly. And from the sample program you can learn how to modify a client script via server side scripting.
Tags: file , program , create , online , server , files , write , client , script , learn , scripts , virtual , work , tutorial , keyword , sample , modify , tags ,


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