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 123 Flash Chat server

This is a website which presents a chat program for the flash users on any website. 123 flash web chat is a Macromedia flash which comes with good loading speed and interface. It enables the users to use for eleven languages to suit their needs in handling powerful chat system. The webmasters can post their web chatrooms in others forums also. Installation is very simple for this program.
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 Abarcar SiteEngine

Abarcar SiteEngine is written in php and is a content management tool for creating websites. It has several features like testimonials and image gallery. It controls the content through web browser. Each user is password protected. It reduces maintenance costs while you create the website. Email export, download manager and today special tools are included in this program. Additional features like text fields and style sheets. There are three versions of product available which are LE, Pro and Multilanguage. With the multilanguage version websites built in different languages at the same time.
Tags: download , image , web , tool , password , create , text , manager , management , tools , php , creating , content , user , maintenance , version , downloadmanager , style , controls , product , languages , websites , for , features , contentmanagement , fields , available , special , multilanguage ,

 Active Data Online WebChat

It is a text-based software used to have a wireless dialogue with your associates. Using this user friendly live chat utility you can handle unlimited number of messages and visitors. You can chat with the languages that supports unicode charaterset. This software is written in C# language and it is works like the messageboard. You can easily integrate this tool with ASP.NET based websites.
Tags: software , utility , tool , chat , language , user , number , messages , unicode , live , wireless , languages ,


This is a program where the users can log information with ASP programs. This program allows the users to write syslog messages. This program can store the information to the system event log when the error occurs. This program provide support for the languages which can create ActiveX control or COM enabled languages.
Tags: program , create , control , system , write , information , log , error , store , support , event , languages , eventlog , for , syslog , users ,


ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. Its feature include: asynchronous operating mode and event firing, anonymous email, sending mass email, embedded picture, customized header, CC, BCC, multiple Attachments, ESMTP Authentication, file import to email body, multiple languages charset and UNICODE, ConvertHTML function for HTML/ TEXT automatic conversion, import html file and embedded pictures to email, lookup DNS MX record.
Tags: email , file , html , pictures , easy , automatic , import , send , mass , multiple , lookup , function , event , applications , anonymous , languages , feature , environment , for , mode , sending ,


ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. Its feature include: asynchronous operating mode and event firing, anonymous email, sending mass email, embedded picture, customized header, CC, BCC, multiple Attachments, ESMTP Authentication, file import to email body, multiple languages charset and UNICODE, ConvertHTML function for HTML/ TEXT automatic conversion, import html file and embedded pictures to email, lookup DNS MX record.
Tags: email , file , html , pictures , easy , automatic , import , send , mass , multiple , lookup , function , event , applications , anonymous , languages , feature , environment , for , mode , sending ,


This is a content management program that helps users to create and manage dynamic contents on the web pages. They are allowed to generate complex web pages by using RAD (rapid web application development) tool. This program supports multiple languages and web console is used to provide user interface capabilities. Users can complete their website with toolbars, drop down menus, context menus etc and can ensure maximum interoperability by using XML files. Javascript and XSLT library are available with this software.
Tags: web , program , create , management , website , library , application , using , manage , generate , content , multiple , user , menus , dynamic , interface , pages , console , drop , languages , webpages , contentmanagement , users , context , contents , complete , available , userinterface ,

 !Professional Notepad

Professional Notepad is a powerful editor that allows you view and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Delphi, C++ and other languages source code. It is a advanced tool supporting syntax highlighting, Code Templates, unlimited text size, etc.
Tags: tool , editor , text , edit , code , view , source , advanced , syntax , languages , powerful ,

 Creating a Multilingual Web Site

This is an online tutorial that covers about building a multilingual website. The author of this tutorial elaborates that, creating website with at least two optional languages (English and French) becomes an essential one in countries such as USA, so here the author helps users by providing a simple code to be saved into the file as default.asp.
Tags: file , online , website , code , creating , simple , into , tutorial , author , multilingual , languages , users , building , covers ,

 First ASP Script

This web based ASP tutorial lets you learn how to integrate required scripting languages with ASP to access server side scripts. And the given program shows how to include ASP functions into HTML coding using . And displaying current date and time on ASP pages can be learnt simply. This tutorial is more useful for the ASP coders to create scripts in ASP through different scripting languages.
Tags: web , program , create , time , server , access , using , learn , scripts , date , scripting , into , tutorial , pages , languages , for , functions , useful , webbased , coding ,

 ASP Bootcamp : What is ASP?

ASP Bootcamp : What is ASP? is an article which helps the visitors to get knowledge about ASP. It discusses the standard HTML language, supporting other languages like Javascript, Perl, etc., its variables, conditional statements, procedures, functions, types of built-in ASP objects with their functions, file system object and more.
Tags: file , system , object , languages , knowledge , objects , standard , filesystem ,

 ASP File Finder

You may use this code in your own programs (and may compile it into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it) freely and with no charge. You may link to this code from another website, but only if it is not wrapped in a frame.
Tags: program , programs , code , format , link , into , languages , for , distribute ,

 Using Scripting Languages

This ASP tutorial provides descriptive explanation for HTML, programming and scripting languages and describes their relation among them to perform web based tasks. You can learn how to set any scripting language including VBScript as primary scripting language to implement server side scripts in your ASP applications. Also, gives solutions to manage languages that support and do not support Object.Method Syntax which is used to access in-built components of ASP. And still a lot of information are provided in an easier understadable way.
Tags: web , server , access , information , learn , programming , scripts , language , manage , components , support , scripting , set , tutorial , languages , for , webbased , solutions ,

 AWS-Webtools WebCalender

This is an ASP based calendar script which is used on web pages by the webmaster to display a custom monthly calendar on their website. Date picker and easy customization of calendar designs and layout are permitted to the users. It supports multiple languages and CSS. This tool works under server side.
Tags: web , tool , server , calendar , easy , script , display , multiple , custom , pages , layout , languages , picker , webpages , monthly ,

 Comments in ASP.NET

Comments in ASP.NET is a tutorial which helps you to know about the use of various comments in ASP.NET. Some of the comments that are explained in this tutorial by the author are single quote character, rem keyword, triple slash characters, double slash characters, multiline comment block etc., These comments are used in the languages such as VB.NET and C#.
Tags: block , tutorial , quote , author , languages ,

 Babylon Pro

This script is used to translate a word from one language to another languages. It supports thirteen types of languages. It offers webmasters dictionary that helps your site visitors to find accurate meaning for particular word. This script converts currencies, measurements and time zones. This is a remotely hosted system. Each languages contains three million words and phrases etc. It also supports wav files.
Tags: time , wav , word , find , dictionary , site , script , language , words , translate , languages , accurate , for ,

 Phpmail 2

Phpmail web based email system with paypal, paypal recurring, clickbank, and 2checkout auto payment gateways to collect money from every email sign up. It also has unlimited user groups and attribute categories you can assign to any group. Other features include a dynamic calendar, search, user defined folders, auto trash emptying, limiting sent emails per email sent or per day, RTF editor for both IE and non IE browsers, Empty trash button, printer friendly email, forward email attachments, previous and next email links from within the email view page, 20 different charecter encodings for composing and sending email including russian, and many other non-english languages that can be invoked by the user themselves. Account management payment gateway. Image signup verification included. There is a full set of professionally designed custom templates that come standard with the script.
Tags: email , web , editor , management , system , money , view , printer , auto , emails , links , templates , user , custom , collect , dynamic , set , payment , languages , forward , for , features , trash , webbased , composing , sign , attribute , standard , paypal , verification , sending ,


This HTML editing suite gives an easy platform to authorize text contents with a spell checker. Using this editor you can generate, edit and format HTML, XHTML and CSS codes for almost all programming languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, SSI etc., Some key features include readymade code templates, multi item clipboard, instant HTML preview, syntax highlighting, FTP connectivity, code library etc., This program comes in two different versions as standard 2004 and enriched 2004 Pro editions.
Tags: editor , program , text , library , edit , easy , code , format , programming , key , editing , instant , platform , syntax , spell , multi , languages , for , features , standard , contents , codes , suite ,

 Bocazas WebChat

This is a web chat client built on java, which can be used with any familiar registered IRC network. It supports text colours and most of the IRC commands. Users can have the facility of direct connection for chat between them and it is possible to exchange files to each other. This system supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch etc.,
Tags: web , text , files , system , client , chat , multiple , exchange , connection , languages , for ,

 Bocazas Light

This system is built on java and it can be used by the users to have chat system with any IRC registered network. Users can have facilities to intregrate a chat program on their websites by allowing both public and private to converse at the same time. It supports most IRC commands including mode, map, links etc., and multiple languages including English, Deutsch, Turkish etc.,
Tags: program , java , system , chat , links , multiple , private , languages , websites , users , public ,


Progsys is a support system script for programs. It supports multiple languages and instances in one data base. It has more features like own footer, admin interface, change logs, Todo lists and reference lists. It has bugtracking facility also. Ability for users to request for features and it has download counter facility also. Very easy to understand and user friendly. Online demo is available.
Tags: download , data , system , easy , script , change , demo , multiple , admin , user , support , counter , reference , languages , lists , for , features , users ,

 Bravenet Live Java Chat

Bravenet live java chat is a tool which has the advantages like forming your room, choosing the language options among the available languages and so on. The various features lf this tool are, Form your own room, Choose from various room color options, Choose from various language options, Visitors can change the font style and font size, Surf from room to room, Private chat, Audio alerts, Web touring (make URLs clickable).
Tags: tool , java , color , chat , language , change , font , live , options , style , languages , features , available , room ,

 Website Translation Kit

Website Translation Kit is a website language tool that helps users to translate their english language websites into 8 different languages like, spanish, portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, German and French providing access to more people. This program provides 21 ASP redirect pages for each language. Nine GIF's are provided with this software to use as links for the translation.
Tags: software , tool , program , access , website , english , language , links , translation , into , translate , pages , languages , websites , for , users ,


PDF v1.5 Support PDFTextStream supports all versions of the PDF document specification, including v1.5 (used by Adobe Acrobat 6). We are agressively keeping pace with Adobe's changes to the PDF file format, so you don't have to. Unicode Supports Unicode within Latin character sets (support for 2-byte languages [Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc] may be included in future releases), and provides optional ASCII approximation of Unicode characters (ideal for search and indexing systems that cannot or do not handle Unicode character sets). Familiar API PDFTextStream subclasses the class, which ensures a simple, familiar interface, and easy integration opportunities for existing components expecting a instance. Accesses PDF Document Metadata PDF files can contain many different kinds of metadata, including who created them, when, what the source document(s) were, and what application was used to generate them. PDFTextStream automatically loads all metadata found in a PDF file, and provides a simple, java.util.Map-like API for retrieving these properties that can prove very useful when indexing and searching PDF documents. Nothing Else is Faster PDFTextStream is the fastest library available for Java for reading text out of PDF documents. Since it was built from the ground up to read text out of PDF files, PDFTextStream delivers measurable performance advantages compared to other Java PDF libraries. Jakarta Lucene Integration PDFTextStream provides a convenient component allowing for easy integration with Jakarta Lucene, the leading open source text indexing and searching library for Java. Full Encryption Support PDFTextStream seamlessly decrypts documents encrypted with 40- or 128-bit encryption technologies. Decryption support extends to PDF document text and document metadata, providing a full view of the contents of encrypted PDF files.
Tags: file , search , text , files , component , java , encryption , library , easy , document , application , view , performance , source , generate , components , documents , open , read , support , reading , automatically , encrypted , character , metadata , languages , characters , properties , searching , for , useful , integration , contents , available , systems , approximation , out , changes ,

 Word Jumble

Another one of the internet's "favorite" games. Word jumble will keep your users playing and on your pages longer. You choose how many points/entries each word is worth, the number of times a day players can play and how many words to show at a time. Game is fully configurable. Rules are simple to follow. No JavaScript or other browser scripting languages to interfere with the players fun. Everything is handled on the server.
Tags: word , play , browser , words , show , simple , number , scripting , day , pages , languages , users , players ,

 Cpanel XP 2004

This is a tool which allows the users to provide control panel skins for their customers to place the difference from other control panels. Features like autodetecting source matrix and fantastico scripts installers, adding the users own language to skin, adding flash tutorials, facility of migrating user accounts, feature enabled, supports multi languages etc are available. This tool is easy to install and customize.
Tags: tool , flash , control , easy , scripts , language , source , user , skins , matrix , multi , languages , feature , for , customers , difference , users ,

 SMTP Internationalization

The author of this article comes out with a new idea of sending e-mail in languages other than English also. The author narrates that it is also possible through ASCII encoding. Using System.Text.Encoding the users could communicate to source text encoding scheme. This article would be a gateway to email in your regional languages.
Tags: email , text , source , author , languages , encoding , gateway , users , sending , out ,


drTRANS is a simple and effective translator intended for international net surfers. You can translate the text from any language to the other using this PHP transalting tool. This program supports both oriental and western languages and thus you can traslate text between any international languages like spanish, german, chineese, japnese, russian, korean etc.,
Tags: program , text , using , language , simple , translate , translator , languages , korean , for , international ,

 User Directories for IIS

User Directories for IIS is an ASP based user management software for IIS web server for managing the accounts of users with the help of ISAPI filter DLL. It has benefits like providing webspace for all the workers in an organisation. This has features like providing high speed processing with ISAPI filter, supporting single website with IIS configuration, supports all languages running under IIS.
Tags: software , web , server , management , website , speed , help , filter , user , webserver , processing , accounts , languages , for , features , users , highspeed ,

 20 20 Auto Gallery

20/20 Auto Gallery is a full featured web site add-in which allows you to control your inventory of vehicles online through easy-to-use forms and web pages. This system was designed for use on many different web sites: New or Used Car Dealers Vehicle Appraisal Organizations Car Clubs and Collectors Farm Machinery and Heavy Equipment Dealers and more...20/20 Auto Gallery is versatile and may be a useful tool for any auto organization. 20/20 Auto Gallery provides you with the ability to manage a database of vehicles using powerful forms that are easy to use and also provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search your database through attractive, customizable web pages. Whether you're a seasoned computer veteran or a new user, we are certain you will find 20/20 Auto Gallery affordable, simple, and a powerful addition to your growing web site! 20/20 Auto Gallery provides car dealers, car collectors, even marine and RV sales agencies with the ability to add vehicles to their web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search those vehicles through attractive, customizable web pages. The company focuses on creating and marketing web-based database applications using standard web design languages with Microsoft's Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Script (VBScript) technologies. With affiliated organizations, 20/20 Applications also offers other web-related services such as graphic design, web site design, web site hosting, database design, and digital-panoramic photography.
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