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This utility can be incorporated into your web pages to implement an encryption/decryption capability to your web pages. You can protect your text files through the encryption and decryption feature that this script offers. You can encrypt with a set of encryption keys of your own and can only be decrypted if the same encryption keys are available. This transforms the text files into ASCII strings that are scrambled to prevent manipulation.
Tags: web , utility , text , files , protect , encryption , encrypt , script , set , into , keys , pages , prevent , decryption , feature , webpages ,


This program can be used by the users in managing registry, also it allows searching the value data. It never filters simply keys and value names but also the value of the data. Users can view all list of all keys and values, values in respect to provided registry branch and type and value. It is possible to view the list in both ascending and descending orders. Users can effectively handle the registry management using this basic operations.
Tags: program , management , registry , list , using , view , basic , type , keys , filters , value , searching , names , users ,

 JMPieChart Applet

JMPieChart Applet is a java based pie chart script that allows hot keys handling other features.
Tags: java , script , chart , keys , pie ,

 Poor Man's Zope

This poor manís zope (PMZ) is small script which helps you to combine HTML and Python script. This tool which can be easily integrate Python into your HTML pages is very much similar to Microsoft ASP or PHP3/4. How does PMZ works? All your HTML files with embedded Python statements must have the extension .pmz. all files with this suffix are handed from the web server to the script (see installation description below). Any Python code between and is executed with the Python exec() function (or RExec.r_exec when configured for restricted execution). Error handling: In the case of an error during the execution of Python code inside a .pmz file the script will display the error including its Python traceback. Configuration: All configuration settings are stored in the dictionary _settings at the beginning of the script. The keys represent the locations where .pmz are allowed to reside. These paths components are treated as regular expression and are matched against the path of the .pmz file. For every directory or path component we have a set of variable that are stored in a list. At the moment we support the following variables
Tags: file , web , tool , server , files , component , code , dictionary , script , directory , display , components , error , webserver , small , support , settings , set , into , function , keys , extension , installation , pages , case , combine , configuration , for , expression , regularexpression ,

 ActiveX ASP/VBA/COM Dictionary object

Features Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm (better than Scripting.Dictionary, which is apartment threaded) Unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process (Connect method). Lock and Unlock methods to synchronize multithreaded tasks. Items and Keys enumerators. Other functionality Share Application/Session variables in ASP (see ASP - Share application variables sample)
Tags: dictionary , application , synchronize , process , keys , object , algorithm ,

 ActiveX ASP VBA COM Dictionary object

Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm with unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process. Lock/Unlock methods to synchronize tasks (lookup, application scope). Share ASP Application/Session objects.
Tags: dictionary , application , synchronize , tasks , keys , object , algorithm ,

 PHP MySQL Table manager

PHP MySQL Table manager is a php based database script. This program brings an easy administration of MySQL database. Without any difficulty you can create, drop or rename database tables. Altering table structures by adding or dropping keys and indexes can be done with this program. This script helps to add, remove or alter the properties of coloums and edit, add, search or delete table records. Requirements are PHP4.1.0 or greater and a MySql databse to use this system. Easy to download and execute this program.
Tags: download , database , search , program , manager , delete , easy , php , remove , script , table , rename , administration , keys , drop , execute , properties ,

 Registry for .NET

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to keep track of the registry data which is collected during system operation. Registry can be expanded as Registry key and registry root key. It is possible to rename keys and values and to generate registry sub key with event. User can have the facility to retrieve the last write time in what the last modification has occurred to the key or value. This program allows users to export data into XML and has several enhanced features for the users.
Tags: program , data , time , system , export , registry , write , key , generate , track , rename , retrieve , into , keys , for , features , users ,

 Btt-License [pro]

BTT-License is a license management system for developers. It allows you to generate complex Logic code keys and logic licenses to bind to your applications for developers. You can set expiration date, domain, email, database, etc, etc limitations for your applications you are developing. Complete Admin and User interface allows for client support and management. Works on all platforms. Uses a MySQL database to store all infomration. A Non-MySQL database version is also available as well.
Tags: database , management , system , logic , code , client , generate , store , support , set , version , keys , interface , applications , for , license , available ,


RegCool is a full-featured Registry editor and manager. In addition to all the standard features, RegCool adds a variety of powerful features that allow you to work faster and more efficient with registry related tasks. It allows you to cut, copy, paste, move, delete, and rename keys and values. It offers an explorer style; interface remote Registry editing; .reg and hive (Regedit and RegEdt32 compatible) file editing; import, export, backup, and restore functionality; and flexible property pages for setting keys and values.
Tags: file , editor , explorer , restore , registry , remote , rename , work , keys , interface , pages , addition , property , faster , for , features , standard , powerful ,

 Cookies with Keys

Cookies with Keys is an ASP based tutorial through which users can get detailed explanation about how to create cookies and how to store number of informations about multiple users in the cookies with the help of keys. This is an useful article for the cookie builders and they can utilize the code that the author offers for them.
Tags: create , help , code , cookies , multiple , store , number , tutorial , keys , cookie , author , for , useful , users ,

 verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, content management systems (CMS) or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. VerveJEdit has been extensively tested under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will work on any platform that supports java. VerveJEdit requires the java plugin version 1.4 or better. Key Features * Rich support of HTML 3.0, including images, tables, lists, and indents. * Easily integrated into any custom project. * Fast loading times (up to 4 times faster than the competition). * Saves to any web page via POST method for easy integration with database backends Intuitive, Attractive, WYSIWYG Interface VerveJEdit is built with an attractive, intuitive interface immediately recognizable to anybody who has worked with industry standard editors like Microsoft Word. VerveJEdit allows anybody to jump in and start creating or changing content, freeing the web developer from mundane site updates and empowering the users themselves to shape and contribute to the site content. The interface familiarity even extends to keyboard shortcuts. Familiar combinations like ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-x (cut), ctrl-v (paste), and ctrl-z (undo) are handled under Windows and Unix. For Mac OS, the shotcut keys use the standard command key combinations. Screenshots: Windows Mac OS X. Easy, Flexible Integration VerveJEdit is independant of any web scripting software. It can be integrated into a project built on any platform including ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, or even CGI scripts. VerveJEdit posts it's content to any form on any webpage. From there, the data is easily routed to whatever backend database is being used for the site. Being based on Java makes this WYSIWYG HTML editor platform/browser independant - freeing the web developer from having to worry about client compatibility and thus simplifying the developer's job. Rich HTML 3.0 Support Without any knowledge of HTML Programming, the user can create and edit content that includes: * Bulleted Lists * Images * Tables and nested tables * Indents * Links and anchors * Different fonts and font sizes Fast, Effective Support Codeverve offers 24 hr email support for any issues that crop up during integration of our product with your project. Your questions will be answered directly by one of our developers. Most importantly, for a very fair price, the product can be customized to your particular needs. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like to see. Distinguishing Features There are a few good browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editors available but we believe that we provide the best balance of features, capabilities, and price. Unlike all the active-x components and javascript scripts out there, verveJEdit will run on any client platform. All that is required is the java plugin. Unlike the ASP or PHP solutions, verveJEdit is not tied to any particular server platform. VerveJEdit has been heavily optimized for quick loading times - the applet is only 40 KB in size. Compare this to our java competitors who weigh in at over 150 KB. This makes a very noticeable difference in loading times - and nobody wants a page that takes 30 seconds to load. VerveJEdit is well priced and flexibly licensed. It can be integrated into your project for as little as $299 USD.
Tags: email , database , web , editor , data , create , online , server , java , management , plugin , edit , javascript , easy , creating , client , site , application , project , form , keyboard , scripts , page , developer , key , font , applet , components , content , webpage , best , contact , quick , user , custom , start , run , support , scripting , work , into , good , version , keys , command , crop , interface , platform , fonts , product , questions , balance , faster , knowledge , for , shape , jump , contentmanagement , difference , changing , users , integration , standard , us , available , userinterface , systems , method , out , editors ,

 PowerTCP FTP Tool

This tool is basically for transferring data like uploading and downloading files, folders and subfolders to and from FTP servers. MPUT and MGET keys are used to upload and download those files. It captures directory listings as objects and hence no need to parse the listings. It supports COM+ component, multi threaded environment and also it can be used in both scripted and event driven applications.
Tags: download , tool , data , directory , folders , upload , keys , event , multi , environment , for , objects , parse ,


The strength of this package is to index all sorts of things (websites, file systems, files, databases tables, ...). feed the indexer with information, and later query it. Features: Boolean search operators like + - (and, not). Search for "fixed names" (eg "Bill Gates"). Stemming, metaphone, soundex, fast part-word searches like foo*, foo*bar AND *foo. Foreign keys (for db-related indexes). Stopword lists (multilingual). built-in mime-type handlers for html, pdf, doc and xls, a generic interface for custom mime-type handlers
Tags: file , search , fast , doc , query , custom , index , package , keys , feed , interface , databases , lists , for , searches ,

 HTML Encryption

Using this advanced security software you can create password protected web pages for your website. All your website pages are encrypted with HTML codes through the 448-bit encryption keys of blowfish encryption algorithm and supports javascript decryption algorithm for compatibility. Key features are multi-page protection, ability to store passwords through cookies etc.,
Tags: software , security , web , password , create , encryption , website , javascript , passwords , cookies , advanced , store , blowfish , keys , encrypted , pages , securitysoftware , decryption , for , webpages , features , protected , codes , algorithm ,

 Security Protector

This nice free security utility enables you to protect your PC by disabling some features like: use of the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows and real mode DOS applications from within the Windows shell, and disable function keys on boot up like F5 F8
Tags: security , utility , protect , disable , function , keys , command , boot , applications , nice , real , features , mode ,


The Subscriptio is an enterprise tool which can be used for sortware rental or leasing solutions, assigning licenses to identify each copy of your software, or for allowing you to remotely specify the number of users for a site license. The features includes complete web based administration for creating new license keys easily, store useful, application-specific attributes in each key file, built-in support for the expiration of license keys etc. In addition, it also provides you benefits like cost effective solution, offers full range of technical support services, including strategic consulting, design, deployment, site hosting, technical support, training and more. Additional features are availale in the enterprise version.
Tags: web , tool , copy , creating , site , key , training , store , administration , number , support , keys , cost , rental , technical , for , features , license , webbased , enterprise , users , complete ,

 VBScript 5.0 Methods

This online quick reference guide helps beginners and advanced web programmers to know about all the methods of the VBScript language objects. Methods such as copy, move and delete of the file and folder objects are enumerated clearly with example code and output by this tutorial. Other methods such as skip, raise, remove, replace, items, keys etc., of the appropirate object are also showed in this tutorial.
Tags: file , web , online , delete , folder , code , language , advanced , quick , move , keys , reference , object , guide , objects ,

 MySQL to Oracle

This tool is basically for converting MySQL data contents into Oracle server. This tool converts individual tables and all MySQL datatypes but it does not convert foreign keys and stored procedures. It converts indexes with all necessary attributes. This converter tool is supported with command line. This tool is easy to setup and converts data very quick.
Tags: convert , tool , converter , data , easy , into , converting , keys , command , for , foreign , contents ,

 Upload Files From an ASP Page

Webmasters can utilize this efficient tool to manage their files and folders on their websites efficiently. It offers some enhanced features like iteration of the form using the keys and values. It also fixes bugs which protects the uploading of text files which is in the '-' form. This is an efficient Dynamic link library that provides the uploads for the ASP applications in an effective manner.
Tags: tool , text , files , library , using , form , folders , manage , link , keys , applications , websites , for , features ,

 Displaying foreign keys as list boxes

After reading this online article the webmasters can understand about displaying values of the fields. In the example the author shows how the values of the fields in the table are displayed. The author uses the Relationships tool in Access which links the field by which the foreign keys are created to access from ASP page.
Tags: tool , online , access , table , links , reading , keys , author , field , fields , foreign ,


JIniFile can obtain and as well store the application-specific information and settings from INI files. The INI is a standard text format file that was first introduced with Windows3.x for accessing and storing application settings. In Windows, Desktop is a section of WIN.INI file. Each section contains named keys with the actual data values.
Tags: file , data , text , information , application , format , store , settings , keys , for , standard ,

 KaaBlitz Crossword!

KaaBlitz Crossword is a wonderful new game that allows you to easily add crossword games with special effects to your website. Just click on the crossword to highlight a row, then use the arrow keys to move up or down and type in your answer. Type in your words and clues, and you have a crossword. The full version of this game supports total customization for colours, sounds, scoring and much more.
Tags: game , games , words , effects , move , version , click , type , keys , crossword , for , special ,

 Complete Web page PATH

It is one of the ASP tutorial that provides an useful tip to the ASP developers to know about the path of the running page. It describes the keys like HTTP, PATH_INFO and QUERY_STRING and SERVERNAme to be accessed to recover the page information and it integrates them with JScript to output the required result.
Tags: recover , information , page , tutorial , keys , useful ,

 HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor

HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor as the name indicates is a simple and effective ASP syntax highlighter designed with all essential functionalities of a BASIC HTML editor. Using this program you can store the contents of all ASP and HTML files and enables you to perform all basic operations on the files like undo and redo, line - column display, mapping quick keys to tags, and tag insertions etc., Some of the key features include ability to highlight comments and HTML attributes, basic editor functions, ability to save the whole content of both ASP and HTML files etc.,
Tags: editor , program , files , save , key , content , tag , store , quick , simple , basic , line , name , keys , mapping , syntax , column , features , contents , undo ,

 List Transfer

List Transfer is an useful component for the webmasters to build their site with reordering form selection component by which the web users can reorder their listed data from the main list box. This tool is provided with navigation keys by which the users can easily transfer whole list or selected list from one box to another box by using the arrow keys like up, down, left and right. It supports bubble events, duplicate events can be controlled, list items can be moved or copied from source and many features are supported by this utility.
Tags: web , tool , data , component , site , list , using , transfer , form , navigation , source , duplicate , build , keys , events , bubble , box , for , features , useful , users ,

 Real SOAP Security

This is an online library which is helpful for the webmasters and for the developers that allows them to gather more information about SOAP and the methods to follow by the users are given easily. This tutorial can also be used for learning how to secure XML web services with XML, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, public keys etc.,
Tags: web , online , secure , library , information , learning , tutorial , keys , services , for , users , public ,

 How to create keys by using Visual Basic .NET for use in Forms authentication

This tutorial contributes to administrators on creating keys for security purpose in ASP.NET. This tutorial deals with generating keys with Visual Basic.NET. This will be useful for the readers to create keys for decryptionKey and validationKey attributes. Using this tutorial administrators can learn about preserving users password.
Tags: security , create , creating , learn , tutorial , keys , for , useful , users ,

 MS SQL Database Explorer

MS SQL Database Explorer is a web based tutorial in which the author offers guidelines to the programmers to get details about the Explorer of MS SQL Servers database structure. In this tutorial the author offers source code through which users can view the list of tables present in the database, list of tables present in the database, list of primary keys used in the data structure and viewing field name, position in database, allow null, Max length and more from the database.
Tags: database , web , data , code , list , view , source , sourcecode , tutorial , keys , author , position , length , field , structure , webbased , users , present ,

 PHP Generator For MySQL

phpBackend is an online tool that accelerates databases forms and script development. It converts your database structure definition into a PHP application and helps you to define a database. It features enhanced HTML (colored text) fields, large file (>100mb) management, foreign keys and integrity constraints and sorting administration. You don't have to write PHP script. It can work with your SQL definition (existing database) from scratch, creating a new database with the interface. You can create your database online and try phpBackend on the vendor's server before buying anything. It includes a version for PostgreSQL. Many ways to navigate data are available (one to many in one page, long listing of titles, etc.). Future developments includes a skin template.
Tags: file , database , tool , data , create , online , server , write , creating , script , application , forms , skin , work , into , version , keys , databases , for , structure , features , foreign , listing , available , navigate ,


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