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 Coldtags suite

This suite provides 200+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. Coldtags suite comes with a wide range out of the box ready-to-use the most common control components that are repeatedly required for the development of J2EE applications. They include standard user interface components like buttons, lists, edits, grids, menus, tables, tree views, calendars, ajax etc. With this suite developers and web designers no need to worry about writing browser-specific HTML or JavaScript. All controls are carefully written and tested to operate equally well on major Internet browsers as well J2EE servers. Find out more here:
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 How JSP Works: Servlets and JavaServer Pages

How JSP Works: Servlets and JavaServer Pages is an article for the beginners of JSP and Servlet. Implementation of jsp is done through servlets, which receives request from url, which is loaded in the jsp container, it process and compile the content of the request and the response is displayed in the HTML page. From this article users or beginners can make any type of scripting using Servlets and JSP.
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