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 DHTML and JavaScript Download Center

This is a collection of javascripts from which the user can select a particular script given in freescripts and script specials according to their needs. In this website there are free scripts categorized into text, image, background, game and much more. And also there are few script specials like code generation, dirty trickletter, script forum etc. In each script the user can get details of category, description, browser, author, web site, test scripts for their perusal.
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 Events in JavaScript

Events in JavaScript is an excellent tutorial dealing with javascripts events. Software programmers and java professionals would be able to improve their technical knowledge in various events, their concepts, what they are and how to handle them in a a javascript. The author has given a brief note on various topics of events like object models, event objects, variations, target elements, capturing, redirecting, bubbling etc.
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 Smtp-Mailer .NET

Smtp-Mailer .NET is a web based email application that can be integrated into user website and allows users to send MIME encoded emails. It offers various features like allowing messages in HTML format and plain context format, provision for including attachments, provide base64 encoders, supporting authentication, provision for downloading contents, attachments and includes, provision for downloading XHTML, included images, style sheets and javascripts and more.
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 XML Login

In this tutorial administrators can find information about using XML file for user validation. The author explains that a disadvantage of the ASP form is that it performs verification against the users information on a database which takes longer time to process, so here the author uses ActiveX Objects and javascripts to give a quick response to users when they login.
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 Coding Ground - JavaScript Tutorials

Here people intrested in learning javascript can find plenty of tutorials for them to use. Through this tutorial the beginners can learn to create some useful scripts for their webpages. This site has a big collection of other javascripts tutorial sites.
Tags: create , javascript , find , site , collection , learn , scripts , learning , javascripts , tutorial , for , useful , tutorials , big , people , is an online active website focussing its attention mainly on PHP and its resources. You will find some interesting articles on PHP along with easy to understand tutorials for learning PHP. You can subscribe yourself as a member for this website to make use of some of the advanced PHP scripts that will help you to enhance your tasks in developing PHP applications. Besides hosting some useful PHP scripts and programs for the members, some javascripts are also available in this website for the users.
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JavaScript Section at is a website which gives detailed about the client side javascripts, core side javascripts, and server side java scripts. This site gives information about client side javascripts like 1.3 PDF Guide, And tutorials for Total Non Programmer and more. And also has information about the sponsored ads and the reference book.
Tags: server , java , website , information , client , site , ads , javascripts , reference , for , tutorials ,

 Liquid Developer Platform

Liquid Developer Platform allows you to open any file and let it run as an embedded application from the browser. It finds great utility in case of databases that run on browsers as embedded applications. Any number of elements can be made in one go behave as inline javascripts instead f being linked. Using this, javascript functions can be used again and again with multithread while ensuring that they do not conflict with existing scripts on the page.
Tags: file , utility , javascript , application , scripts , open , number , run , javascripts , case , databases , functions ,


This is the right utility to generate knowledgebase. The main advantage is that it needs no other additional installation and more content in a single page could be downloaded along with data uploading to databases. It also supports Stylesheet, Form creation, linking documents within the library, building dropdowns in javascripts and more. In a nut shell, this NexCMS fulfill the exact need of webmasters for their content management system.
Tags: utility , data , management , page , generate , content , documents , javascripts , installation , for , contentmanagement , building ,


This is a simple and useful ASP article from which you can learn to script codes for changing headers of your website through the flexible include files of ASP. The author has dealt on issues like the varying meta tags of javascripts and advertising codes that would trouble while changing the headers of your website. You are also provided with some tips to update all existing website pages through a single ASP command.
Tags: files , website , script , learn , simple , tips , javascripts , update , advertising , pages , author , for , tags , changing , useful , meta , codes , has many script based on PHP, asp, javascripts and more. It allows users to download for free. Forum is used to share your ideas and suggestions through this site. This site is useful for you to view the news like, updates and latest release. Users can also post their articles to this site.
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 Snowrentals Search Box

Webmasters can add this tool on their websites for their website visitors to locate their winter rentals. directory provides the updated content to the users. This search box can be easily added on any website just by copying and pasting the javascripts code into the users document. This tool can be used by the users to place their winter rentals in any part of the world.
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 Visibone Webmasters Color Lab

Visibone Webmasters Color Lab is a web based website design application which can be used by webdesigners and webmasters to generate colours from the color palette available on the site. This site also offers a fontcard for webmasters. This site also offers a number of HTML cards and javascripts for webdesigning needs. There are also other programs available like a typing tutor, color chart for color blindness etc. It has various features like provides 64 font sample paragraphs, provides special charactors like size, style, letters etc., provides data from automated font survey and more.
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