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 Calculating intervals between two dates

Calculating intervals between two dates is a tutorial which helps the users to find the intervals like time intervals, first day of week, first day of year, etc., between two particular dates on their websites. The procedure of the tutorial is explained in detail with an example.
Tags: time , find , tutorial , day , users , dates , intervals ,

 Date Example

Date Example is a tutorial which helps the users the examples for date and time function written using VB Script on their websites. This tutorial also describes about the DateAdd function which is used to include particular time to the date which is present. This tutorial also shows the intervals for years, months, etc.
Tags: time , using , date , tutorial , function , for , users , intervals , examples ,

 Web Assure

WebAssure is used to monitor and to secure the websites function. This tool also monitors DNS misconfiguration, missing pages, hardware failure, FTP, SMTP, News etc., and it notifies the user when any problem found. It also notifies the user if the problem is rectified successfully. It has many enhanced features- unlimited number of URLs can be monitored, fault notification can be restricted, monitoring intervals can be customized etc.,
Tags: tool , monitor , secure , monitoring , notification , user , number , hardware , websites , problem , intervals ,

 osTicket STS

osTicket STS is an open source support ticket system for effective management system of your ticketing tasks. The system has basic features which supports aliases with perl gateway, pop3 login, handles unlimited emails, email intervals to prevent autoresponder loops etc., Administrations features include delete tickets from database, create categories, representatives, define groups, email alerts compatible for pager and much more. User features allows users to login with email and any ticket assigned to them. The system is simple to install and easy to configure.
Tags: email , create , management , system , delete , easy , pop3 , source , perl , install , open , simple , basic , support , login , prevent , pager , for , features , users , alerts , ticket , intervals ,

 Doctor's Appointment Software

This is a program that comes with the ability to let the doctors to organize their appointments. Doctors can create a proper planning for their appoointment hours according to the interval hours, days and date of starting and ending appointments. This program provides facilities to add and delete hour intervals to certain weeks. They can create modules for them and also for the patients and can send emails to the specific patient. It has several enhanced features to be used as a prefect online organizer for the doctors.
Tags: program , create , online , organizer , delete , organize , date , send , emails , planning , for , features , intervals ,


Fast Click is simply script, which counts how many times a link on your site has been pressed and generated detailed statistic. Features Include works on PHP3 or PHP4, under Apache Webserver or compatible webserver, use both local and global links, statistics for some intervals of time (today, yersterday, for a week and total), the administration function allows you to add, delete, rename or change count numbers for you links, count numbers and top link can be included into a HTML document (SSI, JavaScript, PHP), support groups of the links,fast work, the program supports English, Dutch, German, Portugues, Russian, Slovak, Czech and Spanish interface.
Tags: program , time , document , site , change , statistics , link , rename , administration , support , into , function , numbers , local , count , for , top , global , intervals ,

 La funzione DatePart

La funzione DatePart is a tutorial which helps the users about how to implement datepart function on their websites. The procedure is given in detail with an example by using intervals and some of them are explained in this tutorial.
Tags: using , tutorial , function , users , intervals ,

 Force ASP.NET Apps to Keep-Alive

This online article teaches about how to keep the webpage active for long time eventhough there is no hits from the users for a long time. This article helps by creating a GlobalBase class which would hit the site periodically to keep the application alive. The author also tells about how to run a background process with proper time intervals which inturn keeps the site alive.
Tags: time , online , creating , site , application , class , background , process , run , active , author , for , users , intervals ,


PureAgent monitors the performance of the real users on server applications as well as web application. It combines the server-side systems data with the response time data to provide more data to allow monitoring of a complete e-business system. PureAgent replays transactions at specified intervals and thus can monitor the response time from the agent to a server. It can send alarms if the performance and availability goals are not fulfilled. The results are displayed as charts in a standard web browser.
Tags: web , data , time , server , monitor , monitoring , performance , send , agent , charts , applications , real , alarms , users , standard , complete , systems , intervals ,

 Bs StopWatch

Bs StopWatch is a simple script based on php and is a date and time displaying program. With the help of Bs StopWatch, users can measure time intervals in microseconds. Users can reset the stopwatch. Users can declare startTime to start time within class Bs_StopWatch. It is also a class. It returns total time and delta time in ms. Users can declare lastTakeTime for saved intermediate time within Bs_StopWatch.
Tags: time , help , php , script , date , class , simple , start , measure , stopwatch , for , users , intervals ,

 Follow up Autoresponder PRO

Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited messages, Personalisation of Emails, Unsubscribe links in outgoing emails, Html code generation, Multiple File attachments, Export and Import of email addresses, Email un/sunscriptions, Managing bounced email, Advanced subscriber search, subscriber management, one time emails, unlimited custom fields for every autoresponder, message editing like moving up and down the messages and changing intervals between messages, back up the database, multiple form subscriptions, javascript subscriptions.
Tags: email , time , javascript , code , message , form , links , multiple , editing , custom , messages , for , back , changing , fields , moving , intervals ,

 Scheduled Email Reports

The author explains about this email reports scheduler that it runs daily in the user's server to check and send email reports. It also gives the details about to whom these email reports are to be sent. The users could add or erase or change the email report scheduler. They could even modify the schedule and the recipients. This email scheduler could be changed to notify the users according to their convenient intervals or days.
Tags: email , server , report , schedule , check , scheduler , change , erase , send , reports , daily , notify , author , modify , users , intervals ,

 The Slider

The Slider can be used in your web pages to scroll text both horizontally and vertically with professional quality smooth scrolling. It can scroll text in any direction and can specify a different link for each line of text. The scrolling text can have an optional border with adjustable border color. The text required to be displayed can be updated in a text file and specified in the parameters. The speed and delay of the scroll can be adjusted. It supports features like adjustable font, font color, size, and style, pause message or have continuous scroll, target parameter for URL links, optionally input content from text file, re-read text file at specified intervals etc.
Tags: file , web , text , speed , message , link , font , content , line , professional , quality , pages , input , for , webpages , features , scrolling , scroll , intervals ,

 Uniwatcher Monitoring tools

Uniwatcher monitoring tools is helpful for the webmasters which gives them regular report about their server behaviour. This tool monitors their server with regular intervals that mentioned by the user. It monitors the server using any protocols like HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, FTP etc., This program sends report via email or through SMS. Online watching facility also available. It shows the report in statistical format.
Tags: email , tool , program , server , tools , monitoring , report , using , for , intervals ,


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