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 isAlpha for ASP

This ASP tutorial provides soltutions to examine a string to verify if it is made of only with alphabets. In-built program iterate through each charater and compares it with A-Z and simply outputs the result whether the given string is alpha or not through which you will obtain the functions and methods with syntax. Very useful to let the users to input unique names without special characters in ASP forms.
Tags: program , tutorial , verify , string , input , characters , names , functions , useful , users , special , alpha ,

 ActiveState Komodo

ActiveState Komodo is an award winning interface that allows users to test, debug and edit their applications. Source code control integration allows you control your development safely. Syntax checking and coloring gives feedback which makes it easier to write correct code. Visual interface can be added to create and debug regular expressions. You can find problems in both input code and data using cutting edge XSLT debugging technology. You can produce a quality code using this program. Supports Tcl, Php, XSLT, perl and python. Features include remote debugging, toolbox, templates, perl dev kit integration, activeState GUI builder and recordable macro capabilities.
Tags: data , create , control , builder , edit , development , find , write , code , using , remote , perl , macro , interface , quality , checking , input , debug , coloring , kit , users , integration , cutting , debugging ,

 Visual XSLT

Visual XSLT is a powerful XML software dealing with the techniques of XML transformations. You can use this software to convert XML documents with XSLT development plugins designed specially for visual studio .NET. This online software is bundled with unique visual schema mapper and just in time (JIT) debugging tools with which webmasters would be able to test all XSLT codes embedded in other .NET applications and libraries. Using this software you can compress all XML input files, XSLT transformation files and the generated output files in a group with the ability to access them at any time. Key features include template browser, intuitive drag and drop interface, ability to build and test XPath expressions, synchronized debugging etc.,
Tags: software , convert , time , online , files , access , tools , development , test , compress , visual , documents , template , visualstudio , build , studio , applications , group , schema , drop , input , for , features , draganddrop , powerful , codes , debugging ,


aiptwirl is a Java animation button applet in which you can supply any of your images as input image and implement a real-time twirling effect at a random center or mouse location on the image. You can also link it with URL. To execute it try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to reach the linked URL if any. Customizable parameters include size of image, image height, delay of animation etc.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , link , applet , button , size , random , move , into , click , location , input , execute ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 Drop Down menu with the months between two dates

By using this program the webmasters can create a combo input box on their website through which the web visitors can select their input to enter into their required page. Open source code has been given for the users for better understanding.
Tags: web , program , create , website , code , using , source , sourcecode , into , input , box , for , select , users , combo ,

 Haneng Charts

This is easy to use tutorial that provides source code to generate the bar charts for your input data. You can easily download this bar chart generating code on your applications. These bar graphs can be displayed with different colors.
Tags: download , easy , code , chart , bar , source , generate , sourcecode , tutorial , charts , graphs , input , for , barchart ,

 Vdaemon - Web Form Validation

VDaemon provides several custom HTML tags (VDaemon tags) to allow developer define form validation rules and some PHP functions to define validation behavior. VDaemon is intended for web developers who have at least basic PHP experience. VDaemon gives mechanism for all common types of standard validation - for example, testing for valid dates or values within a range - plus ways to provide custom-written validation. In addition, VDaemon allow you to completely customize how error information is displayed to the user. You enable validation of user input by adding VDaemon tags to your form as you would with other HTML tags. Each validation tag references an input tag on the form. When the user's input is being processed (for example, when the form is submitted), the VDaemon tests the user's input and set a state to indicate whether the entry passed the test. If any of validation checks failed, the entire form is set to invalid.
Tags: web , information , form , developer , error , tag , user , custom , basic , testing , tests , set , customize , validation , input , for , tags , rules , functions , standard , checks , dates ,

 Vdaemon - Web Form Validation

An important aspect of creating Web Forms pages for user input is to be able to check that the information users enter is valid. VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user. VDaemon provides several custom HTML tags (VDaemon tags) to allow developer define form validation rules and some PHP functions to define validation behavior. VDaemon is intended for web developers who have at least basic PHP experience. VDaemon gives mechanism for all common types of standard validation - for example, testing for valid dates or values within a range - plus ways to provide custom-written validation. In addition, VDaemon allow you to completely customize how error information is displayed to the user. You enable validation of user input by adding VDaemon tags to your form as you would with other HTML tags. Each validation tag references an input tag on the form. When the user's input is being processed (for example, when the form is submitted), the VDaemon tests the user's input and set a state to indicate whether the entry passed the test. If any of validation checks failed, the entire form is set to invalid. You can test the state of the form in your own code. For example, you would test the state of form before updating a database with information entered by the user. If you detect an invalid state, you bypass the update. Typically, if any validation checks fail, you skip all your own processing and return the page to the user. VDaemon then produce an error message that appears on the page.
Tags: database , web , library , information , creating , message , test , form , check , page , display , developer , error , tag , user , custom , basic , messages , testing , tests , detect , processing , set , errors , customize , pages , validation , input , for , tags , rules , functions , users , standard , powerful , checks , dates ,

 EBA: Grid Control V2.5

The EBA Grid Control is a JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing control designed to render data asynchronously from a remote database (or unbound) in a familiar Microsoft Excel style interface. Multiple control types including checkbox, combo-box, drop-down, date, text, etc. Languages supported include ASP, JSP. EBA:Grid V2 integrates seamlessly with MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, DB2, and more! Free download! The lightweight nature of the Grid distinguishes it from similar products. It downloads quickly, requires no preinstalled software or action from the user to install, and features a robust and full-featured user interface. V2 is the spreadsheet and data-entry solution for financial applications, point of sale systems, and database management tools. The control is delivered seamlessly with the web page as a JavaScript attachment. This means your application will not require prior installation of any software, and will be Windows Service Pack 2 compatible. Feature Highlights - Column Freezing. Freeze n columns to the left while preserving the scrolling ability on other columns. Useful for viewing complex recordsets. - Asynchronous Paging. Quickly scroll through large datasets without reloading the page. - Databound Comboboxes. Specialized input type with type-ahead autocomplete. Eg: Bind a cell to a remote database containing a list of clients which is loaded on demand from the server. Type the first few letters of the client's name and the combobox will attempt to guess which you are typing. - AutoSave. Save all changes to the Grid asynchronously in real time as the user types without interruping workflow or reloading the page. - Predefined Visual Styles. - Formatted data entry. - Multiple cell types including: Text, Number, Dates, Boolean, List boxes, Combo Boxes.
Tags: software , database , web , data , time , control , action , management , nature , list , application , remote , page , downloads , spreadsheet , webpage , user , financial , name , type , databasemanagement , pointofsale , installation , cell , solution , style , workflow , columns , input , real , for , features , scrolling , scroll , sale , letters , point , combobox , combo , changes , clients ,

 Display Date and Time in Many Formats

Display Date and Time in Many Formats is a script which describes the users how to show the date and time in several formats on their websites using Formatdatetime function. It shows how to display VB general date, VB long time, VB short date, VB short time, etc. An optional date format and a required date variable are the two input parameters which are taken by the Formatdatetime.
Tags: time , script , format , using , date , show , display , input , websites , users ,

 Date Input with PopUp Calendar

Here we want to introduce our version of date input control with visual input from calendar. This control is based on JavaScript code and was tested on Netscape and IE platforms. It is fully customized through CSS file. It visualized date input and prevents users from date format mistakes.
Tags: control , code , format , visual , date , version , input , users ,

 Dynamic Drop Down Box To List Years

This is an helpful tutorial for all the programmers. This tutorial explains users about how to create the dropdown list box and displays the list of years in it. It displays the year you input till the current year and takes out the hassle of constant updation for every consecutive year. This dropdown listbox is very useful for all the applications. You can copy the sample code on your applications.
Tags: create , copy , code , list , tutorial , dropdown , year , input , box , sample , for , useful , users , out ,

 Age and Stardate Calculator

Script to calculate age as on date and birth sign. This scripts takes the current date as default and caculates the age and sign. You can also input a required date. Inputformat is dd-mm-yyyy Outputformat is: $age[sterrenbeeld]; $age[jaren]; $age[maanden]; $age[dagen];
Tags: scripts , date , calculate , input ,

 Text Input Validation

Text Input Validation is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about validating the users input in the form field and the method to allow the user to enter acceptable amount of characters into the form field and to reject the form if the inserted character exceeds the acceptable characters. Here the author explains the above said procedure with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: help , form , source , user , into , tutorial , character , author , input , field , characters , users , method , examples ,

 RegularExpressionValidator Control

RegularExpressionValidator Control is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information about regular expression validator, which helps in detecting any match occur with the input control over the regular expression. The above said process can be executed with the help of validation expression property and also the author explains this process with the help of example and source code.
Tags: web , control , help , information , source , process , tutorial , detecting , match , validation , author , input , property , expression , webbased , users , regularexpression ,

 ASP.NET Morph Controls

ASP.NET Morph control is used for allowing the programmers to morph textbox to label or from dropdown to a label control. It helps users to create their website with form to get input from others. Users can change the layout of form using different templates and designs.
Tags: create , control , website , using , form , change , templates , label , dropdown , layout , input , morph , for , users ,

 Barry Wright's Link Shield

Barry Wright's Link Shield implements javascript function that is capable of protecting any number of links you want to keep safe. Provides you an text bar where you can input the links such as URL addresses, web page links etc., and a click on 'shield my link' button encodes your link in an encrypted format which can not be accessed by any fradulent softwares / users. In this way, you can also protect your tracked email addresses. You can use the encoded formated links directly to access the links using cut and paste function.
Tags: email , web , text , protect , access , javascript , format , using , page , bar , link , links , webpage , button , number , paste , click , function , encrypted , shield , protecting , input , encodes ,

 "Echo" Form Field into another Field

Originally written for a website design company that required users to firstly input a domain name choice and then to choose their primary e-mail address, this little script 'echoes' or duplicates the domain name value, copying itself to the end of the E-mail address, which then cannot be changed.
Tags: website , design , script , name , domain , duplicates , input , domainname , for , users ,

 Check if Image Exists with PHP

This little script will 'look' to see if an image file exists before displaying either the input image file or an 'error' image of your choice. I found it usefull when working with large datafile of ather merchants, as when their website images go 'missing' it stops the error image placemats in explorer.
Tags: file , image , images , website , script , error , input ,

 BFN Feedback Form

Create a custom feedback form that will be mailed to up to 4 email addresses, custom response, anti-SPAM security, flood protection, input validation, successful submission URL, No Ads.
Tags: email , form , custom , submission , input ,

 Quote Changer

Quote Changer is a quote changing script based on php. Users can add anything before quote line and after quote line. With the help of quote changer users can change quotes on their web pages. To insert the quote on your web page you either use a php or ssi include. Each admin is password protected. Users can set font type, font color, background color and font size to title. Users are prompted for a password for any input and to run the program.
Tags: web , password , help , color , php , script , page , change , font , webpage , admin , background , size , run , line , set , quotes , changer , quote , insert , input , for , changing , users ,


This script is based on ASP.Net which is helpful for the web programmers who want to create their own forms on their web pages with full controls to get input from the web users. It offers different functions like, focussing error on the text, mask edit to auto complete etc., It can be work with any web pages which uses ASP.NET.
Tags: web , create , edit , script , auto , forms , error , work , pages , controls , input , for , webpages , mask , functions , complete ,

 Search Engine Feeder

The Search Engine Feeder is a simple and useful script that can be used to input specific pages that you like into the various search engines. The script will identify the search engine spider or the bot and assign pages from your website accordingly, for example, when google's spider access your site, a certain page will be served to it. If it is any other spider, a different page is delivered. You can manage the information of the search engines easily.
Tags: search , access , website , information , script , page , manage , spider , engine , simple , searchengine , into , pages , input , for , useful , bot , engines ,

 Auto Keyword Generator

The Auto Keyword Generator is a simple and easy to use PHP based script which helps you in generating keywords automatically from the text content that you provide in the space provided. Depending upon the content, the script creates 15 one word, 4 two word keywords and a single three word string. If you want better results, you should input more text.
Tags: text , word , space , easy , script , content , simple , automatically , keywords , input ,

 Self Validating ASP.NET Text Box

It is a tutorial in which the author explains the procedure for creating self validating text boxes. This text box checks whether there is a blank entry and if the user input exceeds the specified values and also shows you the error message for invalid inputs. The author shows you the method for registering this custom text box control in the aspx page.
Tags: text , control , creating , message , self , error , user , custom , tutorial , author , input , box , for , checks , method ,

 Create Convert Http strings into Clickable links

Useful functions on ASP strings can be obtained from this online educational module that describes the steps to convert a string into clickable web link. To implement this task, the string functions are used on the given input and it simply outputs the string into hyperlink format. Syntax for required functions are provided in the example source code.
Tags: convert , web , online , educational , source , module , into , string , input , for , functions ,

 Web navigation with a ComboBox

This is an ASP based program which is helpful for the web developers by which they can create an useful tool called combo box which can be used for site navigation. If the web visitor select any input from combo box it redirects them to other link quickly. Open source code has been given for the users and they can easily set this program on their code where they want to display combo box on their web page.
Tags: web , tool , program , create , code , site , source , display , link , sourcecode , set , input , box , for , webvisitor , select , useful , users , combo , visitor ,

 ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller

ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller can fit into a specified area and scroll text horizontally. It does not support linking the text to URL. It implements a professional quality smooth scrolling. You can create a text file with the text to be displayed and allow the applet to read it by specifying the name of the text file in the parameter. This can easily display texts of frequently changing information, like news, weekly promotions. Supports other features like customizable fonts, font styles, font colors, and font sizes, optional border (either 3D or plain) and adjustable border color, customizable applet background color, optionally input content from text file etc.
Tags: file , create , text , display , font , applet , content , background , read , name , support , professional , area , into , quality , input , features , changing , scroll ,

 Corrient CRM Suite

This script is helpful for the users to create a custom field to track their business clients in an user friendly mode. This tool is tailored with specialised custom fields and those fields can be changed according to the business processes. Some features of this tool are, customizable reports, technical support via email, automatic email notification, masked entry data input etc.,
Tags: email , tool , data , create , business , script , automatic , track , user , custom , support , technical , input , field , for , features , users , fields , clients ,


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