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 2Checkout Pro

This is a program that helps users to have multiple return URL through This program is easy to use like just create your recurring product, set the return URL to the script installation page, enter the product number and desired return destination after a successful payment and collect the money. This script helps users to increase their membership site business.
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eBusiness is the art of selling via a Virtual Subsiduary. This program helps to minimize overheads in engaging staffs and setting up an office. It helps to efficiently increase market share for any business by establishing virtual subsidaries. This program helps a business with Quote systems, auctions, shops, sweepstakes, coupons and classified systems.
Tags: program , business , art , virtual , share , market , minimize , for , increase , Meta Tag Generator Meta Tag Generator is an easy to integrate php program through which users can generate meta tag for their website. Through this application the users can generate meta tag for various information like site title, author name, author e-mail, description about the website, expiry date of the website and more. The created meta tag can attract the search engine robots and hence increase the traffic.
Tags: search , program , website , easy , php , information , site , application , date , generate , tag , engine , searchengine , author , for , users , meta , increase ,


This is a hosted feedback program that helps companies to improve their product quality and service. This program helps users to build feedback form with multiple questions using which site visitors can post comments. This program gives business process automation and promotion to increase your site traffic. Users are allowed to download data and to protect their data. This program has other features like, ability to view reports, customizable URL, ability to publish data online and more.
Tags: download , program , data , online , protect , business , site , using , form , view , automation , multiple , process , publish , build , promotion , quality , product , questions , post , features , improve , users , increase ,


With Adremover JavaScript you can catch clicks on the ads on the webpage and create cookies on the visitorís computer. The ads are again shown only after the expiry of the cookie. The expiry time of a cookie is 24 hrs in default. By this Adremover JavaScript program you can increase the number of clicks in your ads. It is very easy to install and use this program.
Tags: program , create , time , easy , cookies , install , ads , number , cookie , increase ,


This is a classified ads script where the ads are created by the users for trading purposes like, services and products. This program has the capability to provide service through classified ads on websites owned by the user for the visitors. This script allows the customers to sell and buy services according to their needs. This system increases more traffic to users website and thereby increase the revenue.
Tags: program , system , website , script , service , traffic , user , ads , trading , services , websites , buy , for , customers , users , sell , increase ,

 Adventia Chat Server Pro .NET

Using this user friendly communication tool you can increase your sales by means online customer service and it stores all the information about the visitors in the log files. This software increases revenue by banner advertisement and it does not require plug-ins as well as third party component and it can be easily integrated into any custom web application. It has many enhanced features.
Tags: software , web , tool , online , component , information , log , service , sales , user , custom , communication , customer , into , banner , increase , revenue , party ,

 Adventia Chat Server .NET

Using this html- based chat tool you can create distance learning program, seminars, online training etc., This tool stores all the information about the visitors in the log files. Some key features of this tool are it increase your profit by banner advertisement and membership as well as sales. This tool provides seperate panel for the administrators and they save all the chat conversations of the visitors for the later review.
Tags: tool , create , online , information , chat , log , save , key , learning , training , banner , profit , for , features , membership , increase , distance ,


This applet supports use of your own images that can be linked to URLs and implements a rotating cylinder effect of the images. The speed of rotation effect, fattening increase factor in the middle, delay between animation in milliseconds can be configured. You can specify image parameters like the position of the image, name of image, URL, color, delay, image dimensions, follow mouse etc. can be customized.
Tags: image , images , speed , animation , effect , mouse , applet , name , position , increase , rotation ,

 Al's Email a Friend

This programme is used for sending an email to your site visitors. This script triggers your current visitors to send a pointer to their neighbours or friends. This helps you to increase your site visitors. It permits you to pass simple parameters like title and URL. The main feature of this script are, the page returns to the original topic page, script in the referring page looks like a link, not a form. Online demo is available.
Tags: email , site , script , page , send , demo , simple , original , feature , for , increase , pointer , sending ,


Tool for training estimating skills, can show plan and reality. It introduces possibility to forecast release date or possible features included. In addition it can prepare various weekly and project reports automatically. This is indispensable tool for practicing the personal software process. If you want to be in time for working tasks, while learning something new this tool for you. DevPlanner is best suited for people who want to speedup work and career opportunities. It can save time and radically increase productivity. DevPlanner is a best tool for manager who looking for easy but comprehensive organizational mechanism.
Tags: software , tool , time , manager , easy , project , save , personal , date , show , learning , training , best , reports , forecast , plan , work , addition , for , features , increase , people ,

 PHP Affiliate Pro

PHP Affiliate Pro is a PHp based affiliate software that is integrated with almost all shopping carts so as to increase your sales and profits. This script is easy to install. Using this script you can approve or decline commissions for the affiliates, view details on the performances of individual affiliates, add or remove text and adverts for the usage of affiliates etc,.
Tags: software , text , easy , remove , script , view , sales , shopping , usage , for , increase ,

 Service level manager

This is a program that has the ability to provide entire solution for the administrators to perform an extensive internet applications. Admin can utilize this program to serve according to the priority of their clients. This program facilitates the admins to manage their web services in various platforms. They can also manage all processes, operational data and entire business with the help of this program. This program comes with the ability to protect from the service problems by proceeding earliest warnings, diminishing the action timely and by making better analysis. Admin can also have the facility to make an usage analysis to know about the trends and thereby to increase the income. It has several enhanced features like displaying detailed service level views, visualizing the system health and objects, providing reports about service level health in both HTML and pdf formats, across HTML, HTTP, SOAP/XML, non SOAP/XML, .NET, java, JSP, JMS and servlets, coming with enterprise level architecture etc.,
Tags: internet , web , pdf , program , data , action , system , protect , business , make , health , help , analysis , service , manage , reports , services , solution , usage , for , features , priority , enterprise , increase ,

 AGTC PHP Click Counter v1.0a

If you want to keep a track of how many people are clicking on your links, photos or downloads then you need PHP AGTC-Click Counter v1.0a. Very easy to install, will require myqsl. All you need to do is replace the original URL of your link with a Click Counter Link ID and each time somebody clicks on your link the Link ID will increase by 1. View the counter admin panel and see how many clicks you have. You can add as many links as you like. Easy to install, some HTML knowledge required.
Tags: time , photos , easy , downloads , track , link , replace , links , admin , original , counter , knowledge , increase , people ,

 Site Crush

Site Crush is a PHP based script capable of compressing all site outputs in gzip format and can also increase the speed of your website. This easy to install software is simple in its integration and can be easily configured to own your website requirements. This is an useful tool for the webmasters.
Tags: software , tool , website , easy , speed , site , script , format , install , simple , gzip , for , useful , integration , increase ,


This is a php guestbook software where webmasters configure parameters of visualization like color table, background, edge table, color text and number of comments for the page. Features such as support for emoticons through code, IP logging for one greater emergency and inserts smilies in whichever point of the comment, It also provides wordwrapping comments in order to prevent problem of the increase of the guestbook, Redefining messages for partial localization and pagination of the comments.
Tags: software , text , color , php , number , messages , support , logging , prevent , emoticons , visualization , problem , for , smilies , configure , increase , point ,

 AShop for Downloads

AShop for Downloads is a file downloader shopping cart and affiliate sales software package. The shopping cart and file downloader software provide a secure method of selling software, music, e-books, information, and any other digital file. Affiliate sales software will increase your sales tremendously with very little effort by automating affiliate sales sign-ups, generating link code, and tracking commissions earned. The AShop shopping cart software integrates to Authorize.Net for real time credit card processing and uses a unique verification system to guard against unauthorized downloads.
Tags: software , file , time , system , secure , digital , tracking , downloads , link , sales , downloader , processing , guard , shopping , credit , shoppingcart , real , for , creditcard , increase , method , verification ,

 Optimization Tips For ASP.NET Applications

Optimization Tips For ASP.NET Applications is a web based tutorial which deals with tips and tricks that have to be adapted to execute the ASP.NET application in an optimized way. Here author elaborates about various functionalities and objects that should be implemented and avoiding several concepts inorder to increase the performance of that application.
Tags: web , application , performance , tips , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , objects , increase ,

 Ad Mentor

Ad Mentor is an ASP program which is helpful for web site owners to cover their site with banners for increasing web traffic through their site. It helps business persons to increase their revenue by giving ads to the website. It uses different image formats to build rotating banners on the web pages. Users can use this tool easily and it is understandable.
Tags: image , web , tool , program , business , site , traffic , ads , build , cover , for , banners , increase , revenue ,

 ASP Developer Connections

This conference is conducted by the web programming experts. You can increase the web programming skill through the conferences. These conferences helps you build attractive and dynamic web sites with using the lateset techniques.
Tags: web , using , programming , build , dynamic , sites , skill , increase ,


Aspose.Email is a pure C#, fully managed, robust and reliable component, allowing you to send email from your applications.It has zero reliance on CDONTS, on which System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail is built. Using of Aspose.Email allows you to absolutely avoid using of unmanaged code in your aplications, increase reliability and decrease costs for debugging. Aspose.Email is feature rich and provides services, that System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail does not. For example, Aspose.Email offers user authentication, mail merge and much more.Aspose.Email has compact and intuitive object model, that along with complete documentation and featured examples allows you to quick start using Aspose.Email in you aplication, avoiding usual "learning curve".The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.
Tags: email , mail , code , using , send , merge , quick , user , start , into , documentation , object , mailmerge , feature , compact , for , features , reliability , increase , complete , examples ,

 AutoLinksPro Manager

This AutoLinksPro is a PHP script to increase your sites ranking and popularity. It gets popularity to your site by linking with related websites and increasing web traffic thereby increasing the search engine ranking. It has many enhanced features, handles unlimited number of links and link partners, good looking interface, manage and organize links, spiders the URL submitted by the user, email your link partners, unlimited categories can be added, for every new link you will be notified by an email. It has powerful admin control panel, it functions are, edit / add / delete categories, templates can be edit and email, add / edit /check the links from the directory and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: email , web , search , online , control , delete , edit , site , script , organize , directory , manage , demo , link , traffic , links , templates , admin , engine , number , searchengine , good , websites , for , sites , functions , increase , ranking , available , powerful , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,

 Board 2003

Board 2003 is a powerful discussion board utility script that can be easily integrated in to active websites to increase their online interaction. This online message board supports unlimited light weighted forums and folders to post topics for online discussions. Admin are facilitated with multiple identities through a single account with independent scores and ranks and are provided with silent lurkers for all postings and posters. Key features include intuitive interface, easy customization of forums, complete control over the forum postings etc.,
Tags: utility , online , control , easy , board , script , message , folders , multiple , account , active , forum , websites , post , for , features , scores , increase , complete , powerful , light , identities ,

 Creation and Maintenance of Appealing ASP Pages with Dynamically Generated Contents

This is a tutorial that comes with the ability to allow web developes to build ASP pages using dynamically generated contents. Here the author presents a passage from FAQ section section that contains this subject related questions and answers. The author says that this tutorial will be useful for the web developers in adding apostrophes and pipe characters in database, managing CRLFs and BR tags and spaces to increase the look of the text etc.,
Tags: web , text , using , build , tutorial , pages , author , questions , characters , for , tags , useful , increase ,


This is a fun and entertaining script that presents bogglers on user's websites for their site visitors. These are brain teasing, riddle and puzzle solving visual entertainments for visitors. Visitors are presented with hints of popular phrases, words, sayings etc that they have to guess. Pressing the answer button, displays the correct answer. This script helps to increase site traffic by getting repeated visitors.
Tags: puzzle , fun , site , script , visual , traffic , brain , popular , websites , for , increase ,

 Complicated preloader

Preloader is a tool which can tell the average and current speeds, the remaining time while the movie is being loaded. But, these features increase the loading time of the preloaders, hence, this tutorial advises the users to use the advanced preloaders, where the size of the preloader is not very important. This tutorial enables advanced users to create advanced preloaders of their own.
Tags: tool , create , time , movie , advanced , size , tutorial , features , users , increase , average ,

 AD Space

AD Space is used to post their ad links to promote their site to increase their page ranking. This system is faster, easier and reliable management and accounting text ads on your site. It is easy for you to have this system on your website to match your requirements. This script is easy to customize and easy to integrate into any active websites.
Tags: text , management , system , website , easy , site , accounting , script , page , links , ads , into , customize , match , active , post , for , increase ,


BuildTraffic is a traffic generating program that helps users to increase their site traffic. Many resources are avaliable for generating traffic like check ranking that is used to check your site ranking on the top search engines, meta tag generator which creates tags for your site, banner advertising using which you can advertise your site on the net, checking popularity, exchange links and more.
Tags: search , program , generator , site , using , check , traffic , links , exchange , tag , advertising , banner , checking , resources , for , tags , users , meta , increase , ranking , top ,

 Real-World Tips for Real-World Web Applications

Creating a flexible Web application is more than just putting together a bunch of ASPX pages. Learn the top 10 things to do to make an ASP.NET application sizzle! See demonstrated techniques such as: configuration management, creating a base page class, and creating a data-driven menu system. See how to benefit from User Controls and effective exception management. Learn how optimizing your architecture will increase your code reuse from one ASP.NET application to another, and how it will reduce your development time! See how this worked in the real world at a major insurance company's Web site.
Tags: menu , development , make , code , creating , application , page , world , configuration , real , reduce , base , increase , top , insurance ,


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