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 3D Flash Animator Ver 3.0

This is a much-improved and debugged version. It is claimed to be much more user-friendly, less memory-intensive, and faster. An important improvement - now includes a drawing tool. Available in a number of languages. 3D Flash Animator also has the power to create 3D animations. 3D models can be imported into a project, or they can be built within the interface. The models can then be animated by using built-in effects. Use this revolutionary tool to make movies and stunning animations.
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 Revisiting the Page Template by inheritance

Revisiting the Page Template by inheritance is a web based tutorial in which author explains the corrected programme of creating the page template over already published article. The author gives the advanced improvement in AddParsedSubObject method to move the control in the page template and the method of accessing the control collection and add it to the template.
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WebChess is an internet gaming programme with various noval improvement features. With this script we can improve our chess playing skills and anyone can master in chess game. Latest version feature highlights are, bug fixes, many small improvements and a significant improvement in checkmate checking, undo moves, no client download or java and will operate through firewalls, move validation including check, pawn promotion, castling and en-passant, displaying of previous moves, choice of board and piece themes. Very easy to install and execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
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 SETI@home progress status

SETI@home progress status is a PHP designed software, using this script you can publish your site statistics and improvement details online. You can install this script easily and can be able to access at once. It displays your online status details accurately. SETI group members can display the statistics of SETI@Home site.
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