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 .NetAds Ad Server

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to display and manage advertisements on their websites. Advertisers can have real time results of displaying ads and can have the facilities to display their ads in their desired regions, country and group of countries. The repetition of the ads can be decided either by day of the week or hour of the days. Webmasters can customize the number of displaying for each ad to suit their demands. It is possible to display ads with various sized images in gif, jpeg, png formats and to let different types media formats to mingle with each other. It provides admins easy to use interface to let them manage campaigns, advertisers, zones and media.
Tags: program , time , images , easy , png , media , manage , display , ads , number , customize , interface , day , group , real , for , country , zones ,

 SWF Extractor Free

This software can be used by the users as SWF decompiler to extract all uncompressed SWF files. It is easy to start its process by using its "Open and Extract all" button. It decompiles MP3 files and images from SWF and the users can have a facility to view all extracted resources by using a grid below the button.
Tags: software , files , images , easy , extract , using , view , process , start , grid , resources , users , decompiler ,


This is an online tool bar that can be used to download music files, images, movies from any website to their local desktop. Users can filter unwanted images like, advertisements, banner etc by using image filter. This program has the ability to preview pictures and to capture movies and other content from MP3 files, Zip files etc. This program creates galleries for grabbed images automatically. This program has several features like, ability to organize movie playlists, ability to download files etc.
Tags: download , image , tool , music , program , online , files , images , website , pictures , capture , movie , filter , using , movies , organize , bar , content , preview , banner , local , galleries , for , features ,

 24 Update Cam portal Script

The 24 Update Cam portal script allows you store digital camera images automatically with multi user interface. The script supports multiple language to run it on any server in the world. With this script you are able to chat with your online visitors and cam members with chatrooms. Other features include bad word filter, selectable custom template, easy to configure admin area to add, change or delete picture information and much more. An online demo of the gallery is available in the website.
Tags: picture , online , server , images , word , delete , easy , digital , information , chat , script , camera , language , change , demo , gallery , multiple , admin , store , user , custom , run , area , automatically , digitalcamera , cam , multi , features , portal , configure , available ,

 Storing Images in the Database or the Filesystem

After reading this article the developers can take a proper decision to store images on the file system than in the database. The author suggests to take filesystem option while storing images. Further the author explains each methodology with proper examples. The comparison of saving images on the filesysystem and the location and other data in the database brings out the real solution for the developers to choose the best. The sample source code is available for the complete methodology.
Tags: file , database , data , images , system , code , source , store , sourcecode , reading , location , solution , comparison , author , real , sample , for , filesystem , option , complete , available , out ,

 abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System

abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System is a PHP based shopping cart system with photo equipment and furniture kit. Using this script you can display 'Forced forwarding' features along with group of images for all products. This shopping cart system is designed in such a way that products are to be quoted for its prices.
Tags: photo , images , system , script , display , shopping , group , shoppingcart , for , features , equipment ,

 Flash Slideshow

Flash Slideshow provides an easy way to add slideshows into your websites. The have many features like provision of configurable height, width and border color for the frames. It also performs automatic scaling of images to fit into the specified area, automatic frame and drop shadow, and fade in, fade out transitions between photos, and displaying playback controls when the mouse moves across a photo.
Tags: images , easy , color , automatic , mouse , into , frame , controls , drop , for , slideshows , features , playback , transitions , out ,


BiTLOG Webstatistics is an online counter and it stores all statistic details of online visitors like, country name, IP address of their system, all countries flag images are included, link checker, email harvester etc., in MySQL database. Robot catching facility is available. It is easy to configure and to understand.
Tags: email , online , images , easy , address , link , counter , country , configure ,


In this javascript webmasters can find a water effect to meetout their animating needs in creating image effects on their websites. By using this script they can easily cause any effect of a lake waterbody with waves. Web owners can use this effect on their images where ever it is necessary.
Tags: image , images , javascript , find , creating , script , using , effect , effects , water , lake ,

 AC e-learning System

Ac e-learning is a nice script that provides helps to the students and administrators in the examination process.The versatility makes it easy to upload large number of multi media, images and PDF files.Fully customizable and changable.A password protected admin panel helps to change the user I.D and password,fully customizable front page through easy interface.It also has a html editor,exam result and exam result content page,file management and certificate options,internal account management and author profile feature and editable CSS contents. The online teaching with this programme is so reliable and cost effective.easy installation provides helps to do with in 15 minutes.
Tags: html , password , online , images , management , easy , script , page , upload , change , exam , content , admin , user , number , account , teaching , cost , installation , multi , nice , author , feature , profile , protected , certificate , editable ,

 IBEEM Content Management System - Premium Edition

This is a content management software that can be used to add, edit or delete contents on the websites. This program can collect scattered contents and deploy them automatically. This program provides workflow and approval capabilities. Advance content search functions are avilable with which site visitors can find specific content on the websites. This program has several features like, ability to create 500 additional pages, managing images and banner, providing security feature, WYSIWYG editor to edit contents and more.
Tags: software , security , search , editor , program , create , images , management , delete , edit , find , site , content , collect , workflow , features , contentmanagement , functions , contents ,

 IBEEM Content Management System - Standard Edition

Business users can add, edit or delete content and deliver them on their websites without any technical knowledge by using this program. Admin can edit contents on their websites by using WYSIWYG editor and can upload images into their websites. This program supports metadata and templates. This program has an ability to publish content anywhere through a web based interface and provides security and permissions. This program has other features like, ability to build 60 additional pages, ability to add, edit or delete text content, pop-up window manager, reports and datasheets etc.
Tags: security , web , editor , program , text , images , delete , edit , using , upload , window , content , reports , publish , build , into , interface , metadata , technical , websites , knowledge , features , webbased , users , contents ,

 Active Graphics Engine

Active Graphics Engine is an online photo gallery and search engine which can compute images automatically and create thumbnails. It has lots of features like site statistics, allow user registration to bid for higher placement, user voting, upload Graphic Image to your server etc. It has different acess levels for administrators, members and guests.
Tags: search , photo , create , online , server , images , site , upload , gallery , user , engine , levels , searchengine , automatically , for , features , bid , registration ,


This is a browser program that helps the users to upload images through a web browser. The users have the ability to load files in several formats. This program allows users to upload image files with optional datas by providing fields in the form. This program has features like onsubmit event, resizing and rotating images, supports HTTP and FTP protocols, formats can be modified, users can upload image as BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF formats, users can apply FX and edit images and more.
Tags: image , web , program , files , images , browser , edit , upload , load , features , resizing , users , fields ,

 Adserver Solutions

This ASP based ad management software is used to generate rotating banners and images for marketing the products of private firms online. This tool really gives solutions for the online marketers for revenue generation and gives real time report to the customers. By using this tool users can generate different models in ads on their web pages like, contextual ads, vertical scrollers, text ads, scratch offs, moving ads etc.,
Tags: software , web , tool , text , time , online , images , management , report , using , generate , marketing , private , ads , models , pages , vertical , real , for , webpages , users , banners , solutions , generation , revenue , moving ,

 Reactor Server

The Reactor Server is an easy to install Apache distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, phpMyAdmin, PHP-Nuke and Zina. You can begin operating a web portal with a streaming music interface in a matter of minutes. View artist images and album covers while you stream or download your favorite music. You can even create custom playlists and listen to songs or albums at random. The Reactor Server Project successfully integrates some of the best open source software available into one simple installation for Windows. No registry changes are made and all of the files are localized. If you need to remove the Reactor Server from your system, just delete the C:/Reactor directory and the shortcut from the desktop!
Tags: software , download , web , music , create , files , images , delete , easy , registry , remove , directory , album , source , best , install , open , custom , simple , streaming , songs , into , shortcut , distribution , installation , interface , stream , favorite , artist , for , portal , albums , available , changes , covers ,

 Autosites AutoDealer

PHP3/MySQL-based database system that allows potential customers to view all of your auto stock of Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and RV's. It has a great interface for both the end-user and the administrator. Upload up to four images per item. Global file included makes it simple to create a new type of car/boat or a new category. End user can search for a specific item or list all the items.
Tags: file , database , search , create , images , system , list , view , stock , auto , user , simple , type , interface , for , customers ,

 Def Gallery

This is a program with which webmasters can construct a full featured image gallery with all basic functionalities. Webmasters can have the facility to manage the images by arranging in any order and by removing the photos whenever they want. This program also comes with slide show and allows users to have zoom in and zoom out functionalities.
Tags: image , program , slideshow , images , photos , manage , show , gallery , slide , zoom , basic , removing , users , out , construct ,


Using this simple component, sending and receiving rich HTML emails become very easier. This component supports SSL encryption of emails and verifies the email addresses sent to the recipients. This component embeds the images along with the emails. this component also performs ESMTP authentication, supports unlimited threads and permits event driving and asynchronous modes. This component consists of two objects, one is IOBJ and the IMassSender.
Tags: email , component , images , encryption , emails , simple , event , addresses , driving , sending ,

 .NET MIME Parsing Component

.NET MIME Parsing Component is a web based ASP.NET email application for processing emails, parsing emails, access headers, email messages, attachments, embedded images etc. This applications has various features like supporting lyrics management and macintosh emails, sending stored emails from the SQL server, providing speedy parsing emails facility, accessing attachments in the emails etc., This tool is useful to manage online communities.
Tags: email , web , tool , online , images , management , access , application , manage , emails , processing , attachments , macintosh , applications , lyrics , for , features , useful , webbased , parsing , sending ,


This animation button applet is meant to display a blossom effect on an image, which may be one of your favorite photos. The blossom effect is displayed either at random center or at mouse location of the image. The images can be either *.gif or *.jpg. The image height, width, border, border width, rotation angle step in degrees, URL, delay between animations etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , display , applet , button , random , location , animations , favorite , rotation ,


This applet supports use of your own images that can be linked to URLs and implements a rotating cylinder effect of the images. The speed of rotation effect, fattening increase factor in the middle, delay between animation in milliseconds can be configured. You can specify image parameters like the position of the image, name of image, URL, color, delay, image dimensions, follow mouse etc. can be customized.
Tags: image , images , speed , animation , effect , mouse , applet , name , position , increase , rotation ,


This is a wonderful java applet to show an animation of flag waving effect in the image inserted by you in a selected location or as along with the mouse location. This applet performs this effect in real-time. The images in this applet can be linked to a URL. When you move the mouse over the image the animation pauses and clicking on it can launch to the connected URL if linked.
Tags: image , images , java , animation , effect , show , mouse , applet , launch , move , location , javaapplet ,


This applet can be used to display a glass effect of an image in real-time. You can supply one of your favorite *.gif or *.jpg images into this applet. The image can have a URL link. By moving the mouse over the image you can pause the animation. The image height, width, border, border width, delay between animation, glass size step, refraction scale etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , images , effect , mouse , display , applet , size , into , scale , favorite , moving ,


This animation java applet displays an image with moving light effect in real-time. The light effect is displayed either at random center or at mouse location. You can supply one of your favorite gif or jpg images into this applet. The image can have a URL link. The image height, width, border, border width, delay between animation, light radius, etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , gif , jpg , images , java , animation , effect , mouse , applet , random , into , javaapplet , favorite , light , moving ,


This applet can enhance your web site by displaying a blur effect on an image in real-time. The blur effect is displayed either at random center or at mouse location. You can supply one of your favorite *.gif or *.jpg images into this applet and also link it to URL. The image height, width, border, border width, delay between animation, blur step etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , web , images , site , effect , mouse , link , applet , random , into , enhance , favorite , blur ,


aipraise is a java animation applet that can be used in your web pages to display a visual effect by raising up random image blocks of an image. You can supply one of your favorite *.gif or *.jpg images into this applet. You can pause the animation by moving the mouse over the image. On moseover the real picture will be displayed. The image height, width, border, border width, delay between animation, block size etc can be customized.
Tags: image , web , picture , images , java , animation , visual , block , effect , mouse , display , applet , size , random , into , pages , favorite , real , webpages , moving ,


aipscroll is a visual effect applet that can be used in any web page to scroll a image left, right, up, down or at random. The applet supports linking the image to URL. You can use any of your favorite images and specify its dimensions in the parameters. The animation pauses on mouseover and displays the original image. You can also control the delay between the animation.
Tags: image , web , control , images , animation , visual , page , effect , applet , webpage , original , favorite , scroll ,


This applet displays a wonderful sphere effect supported with lighting in real-time. You can supply one of your favorite *.gif or *.jpg images into this applet. The image can have a URL link. By moving the mouse over the image will pause the animation and display the original image. The image height, width, border, border width, delay between animation, light color, light direction etc can be customized by configuring the parameters.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , display , applet , into , original , favorite , light , moving ,


aiptwirl is a Java animation button applet in which you can supply any of your images as input image and implement a real-time twirling effect at a random center or mouse location on the image. You can also link it with URL. To execute it try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to reach the linked URL if any. Customizable parameters include size of image, image height, delay of animation etc.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , link , applet , button , size , random , move , into , click , location , input , execute ,


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