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 Eficium TeleFactura

Eficium TeleFactura is a switch billing program designed for the calls and access service providers who are distributing telecom services. With this tool they will be able to create a least cost routing list, ability to process and handle CDR's, easy to manage customer accounts etc. Other features available with this tool include multiple configuration options like billing to nearest seconds, identification of peak hours, VAT, CDR formats, can be used simultaneously on a network, manages 8 types of call costs, apply margin to your basic cost, organize your customers and contains lots of features.
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 dotEtive Socket

This is an ASP.NET networking component which is used for generating a socks enabled program using .NET that allows the users to migrate data to and from socks compatible applications. It supports TCP protocol for network communication. Features available with this tool are, plain text identification for socks 5 servers and binded socks protocols are supported. Users can use this as standard socket.
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Developers can utilize this efficient email component to deliver the applications faster and in an effective manner. This component is easy to install and very fast. This component supports both HTML and plain text formatting. This component performs mail merge and personalization. Using this component, users can embed images, sounds, macromedia presentations etc., This component provides options like logging and debugging that enables easy identification of any type of errors.
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The libdient.php is an Ident Client Class compatible with RFC 1413 and RFC 1340. The identification protocol in this script provides a means to find the identity of a user of a particular Transfer Control Protocol(TCP) connection. When you enter a TCP port number, it returns a character string that finds the owner of that connection on the server system.
Tags: server , find , script , user , connection , port , protocol , character , string , identity , owner , identification ,


xmlBlueprint makes editing XML faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Features include: Unicode aware text editing; validation of any DTD, XML Schema or XML Document against its DTD or XML Schema; XML layout tidying; real-time XML coloring; context-sensitive XML dropdown tips; identification of XML dialects by their namespace; XML tree explorer; unlimited undo/redo.
Tags: text , tree , editing , dropdown , layout , validation , identification ,

 User Account Impersonation

Impersonation is nothing but when a .COM object works out the task with just the identification of the member. An User Account Impersonation is a Web application in which the server is carrying out the work using the client identification and by the client's request. ASP.NET compiler allows the impersonation which requires all read and write accessable accounts should be there in application's Codegen directory. This article is just one more application for the security purpose.
Tags: security , server , write , client , application , using , task , read , work , accounts , compiler , object , for , identification , out ,

 Complete Anonymous Web Surfing

Internet utility to hide your IP address while you are browsing the web. IP address is your internet identification number which is detectable by any web site that you visit.
Tags: internet , web , utility , site , address , hide , number , browsing , identification ,

 Country identification with IP

The Country identification with IP is a simple but useful script which helps you in locating the country of a particulat IP address. The information or data are stored in text files and thus it requires no database. With this script, you will be able to identify and classify your visitors of your website based on their country easily. The script do this by splitting the IP address into two individual numbers and saves it to an array. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: data , text , online , files , website , information , script , address , demo , simple , into , numbers , country , splitting , useful , identification ,

 EIOBoard Electronic In and Out Board

This online board helps the personnel department on a company to integrate their communication using in-built features. Supports wireless communication such as PDA, phone etc., Messages can be sent instantly and status of each employee can be displayed. Memo field helps to display brief detail about anything. Calendar and time controls are available. Search engine helps to find particular entry with database. Various colours can be set for easy identification of in / out status.
Tags: time , online , easy , find , board , using , phone , display , engine , communication , employee , set , wireless , controls , field , for , personnel , identification , out ,


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