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 Building database table handlers in PHP using OO approach

This tutorial is particularly aimed for PHP programmers to know the basic OO ideas and SQL. The author discusses about the heading like why table handlers, need for Object Oriented programming, reference implementation, example table handler, example application. The author finally concludes that the methods described in the article gives a possibility to reduce huge amount of work related to database integration through reusability of code offered by OO approach and collecting all the related code in one place. This makes initial writing, rewriting and supporting of the code, a easy task. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: database , easy , code , table , basic , work , tutorial , reference , author , reduce , for , integration , ideas ,

 An ASP Disk Space Monitor

An ASP Disk Space Monitor is an easy to understand article where the author has given his ideas on how to develop an advanced disk space monitoring tool in ASP. You are provided with ASP codings that would display the server resource availability along with the drive letter, drive’s volume name, total disk space used on a drive etc., You will also come to know how to implement graphical interface for the result display.
Tags: tool , server , space , disk , easy , monitoring , drive , display , advanced , resource , volume , interface , author , for , diskspace , develop , ideas , graphical ,

 From PetShop to Production: An ASP.NET and Windows Server 2003 Real-World Scenario

Learn how the team that built the infamous .NET PetShop applied the high-performance ASP.NET strategy to a real customer. See how their ColdFusion site was ported to a new site based on the architecture ideas from PetShop on Windows Server 2003. Get the top 10 list of performance, security and deployment tricks learned on the way. Bonus: free tools with source to help you manage your .NET deployments!
Tags: security , strategy , tools , help , site , list , manage , source , team , real , deployment , top , ideas ,

 PHP/MySQL News with Comments

PHP/MySQL News with Comments lets the PHP beginners to implement a news engine on their PHP oriented website. This tutorial gives the new ideas and concepts about PHP so as to enabling you to create your own PHP scripts. Using this package, you can generate a backend to manage your news articles and can allow your users to post comment on each news item. Storing methods are explained here with examples for easy understanding.
Tags: create , easy , manage , news , generate , engine , tutorial , post , for , articles , users , ideas , examples ,

 Constant Content

Webmasters who wants to build their website with efficient content can get benefits from this Constant Content software. You can design your websites with fast loadable images, musics, text files, reviews, tutorials with the help of HTML, CSS and PHP scripting language. And offers the opportunity to the writers to write content for presenting articles, and as well as ideas to develop content pages. This acts as a bridge between webmasters and authors.
Tags: text , website , design , fast , write , help , content , build , scripting , websites , for , develop , tutorials , ideas ,

 DL's Guestbook

DL's Guestbook is a PHP program by which the webmasters can build their site with guestbook facility through which their website visitors can post their comments, discuss their doubts, share ideas etc., online. Setup of this program is simple and it offers many enhanced features. It works with all major web browsers.
Tags: web , program , website , site , share , simple , build , post , ideas ,


This is a blog system that helps users to allow their site visitors to post their ideas and views on the websites. This program has a visual content management system which can be used to add, edit or delete all blog contents. Feed RSS and permalink are available to share articles and to link to that articles. This program provides inner search facility that can be used to search keywords between the articles. This program has other features like, ability to associate the comments, statistics system, ability to organize photoblog, remote management and more.
Tags: search , program , management , system , delete , edit , site , remote , organize , visual , inner , statistics , link , content , share , keywords , blog , post , features , contentmanagement , articles , users , available , contentmanagementsystem , ideas ,

 ASP.NET Connections

This ASP.NET conference is useful for the beginners. .NET programmers can gather more information from basic to advanced level through these conferences. They can share their ideas about new techniques. These conferences are conducted by Microsoft .NET experts.
Tags: information , advanced , share , basic , for , useful , ideas ,

 Developing a full-text indexer in Python

This column discusses a Python project of mine, the indexer module, and it has an additional purpose: Like you, I am always trying to learn more, and with this installment, I invite comments and ideas from readers. Your contributions will be included in this project and in future columns. I would like this column, in general, to reflect the interests and knowledge of its readers, and not just present my own. Let's see how it goes.
Tags: project , learn , column , knowledge , present , ideas ,

 Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3

In this article, the author gives a demonstration example for realizing an expanding and collapsing table of content menu system completely on your web server with some reference websites. This tutorial also gives ideas of including images and interlinks in this menu.
Tags: web , server , menu , images , system , table , content , webserver , tutorial , reference , author , for , ideas ,

 EB Suite Customer Service Help Desk

This is a groupware tool that helps you to solve the questions or queries of your customers thereby providing them an excellent and professional service. It allows you to view the contacts of all the customers to easily interact and give them a personal touch and each customer will be provided their own BBS styled forum through which they can exchange ideas etc. Other features include allowing customers to file a query which will be directed to your support technician for sending reply immediately, automatic email notification which results in quick communication between the customers and the support staff, contains an LDAP directory, contact management, calendar and much more.
Tags: email , file , tool , calendar , notification , automatic , view , personal , contacts , query , contact , exchange , quick , communication , support , professional , customer , groupware , forum , questions , solve , for , features , customers , ideas , sending , reply , emailnotification ,

 String Manipulation : Mid Function

This is an ASP learning resource that describes in detail about the 'MID' function in strings. Tells the ways to give the parameters within the command to get the output. And instructs you how to give the position to filter the text. More useful for the ASP learners to get basic ideas on strings in ASP.
Tags: filter , learning , basic , resource , function , command , position , for , useful , ideas ,

 Community News

This is the script used to resist your online community from spam email, spammed forum. This script publishes your local news in a spam-free, low bandwidth environment. It has many enhanced features it creates a vibrant, innovative news pipeline, connect your group together, exchange of ideas and informations, add more interactivity to your website, low bandwidth RSS signal, publish news online with RSS breakthru technology, site owner controls creation of all content and more. And online demo is available in the website.
Tags: online , spam , site , script , news , demo , content , exchange , publish , bandwidth , local , group , controls , creation , connect , community , features , owner , available , ideas ,

 InGenApps Portal Software

This is a portal software that can be utilized by the business administrators to enhance their business. This program comes with the ability to facilitate administrators to build portals for every department of their businesses. This will for useful information, ideas and calendar sharing. This program is based on PHP and supports MySQL database.
Tags: software , program , calendar , business , build , enhance , for , portal , useful , ideas ,

 I0fB5 - installing Php, Mysql, Apache on Windows

This tutorial educates anyone and walks through the installation process of php, Mysql and Apache on windows. The installation is done as a CGI binary. There are detailed tutorials on downloading, installing, configuring and test running example scripts. This tutorial is added with a new FAQ, phpMyAdmin, Mysql control centre and ideas from users to make this tutorail better.
Tags: control , make , test , process , tutorial , installation , users , tutorials , ideas ,

 HYIP Cyberinvestment with E-Gold/Springpay

HYIP Cyberinvestment - Operate a site that offers attractive returns or unresistable investment opportunites for your participants, or sell your interest terms to willing buyers that are willing to invest with you. Our CYBERINVESTMENT SCRIPT will faciliate you to operate such a site call HIGH YIELD INVESTING ONLINE (HYIP) with all necessary features and functions to control and to administrate, to collect deposits and to disburse returns. This auction is for the the ready to go script, with preset design templates, you just need 5 minutes to be installed into hosting and you are ready to offer your investment ideas to the market. Equiped with with E-Gold/Springpay. Internal payments system with all history transactions and users.
Tags: control , system , design , site , history , collect , into , call , auction , investment , for , features , functions , sell , hosting , ideas , invest ,

 Stereodreamscene Message Boards

Stereodreamscene Message Boards is an web based online discussion board component through which users can place their topics in board. This program provides the user to discuss or share their ideas related to the topic with their friends and neighbours. This provides various features like full admin interface, moderator set up, bad word filter, customizing the message as desired, member profiles and more.
Tags: web , program , online , component , word , board , message , admin , user , share , set , features , webbased , users , friends , ideas ,

 Marioz PHP Mail

Marioz PHP Mail is used by web site owners to generate their web page with email form which allows their site visitors to post their suggestions, feedbacks about website and their ideas to the web owners. This program has error validation which validates each field in a form for empty and error and it will deliver an error message to the submitters if any error is found. It has thank you page which pass thank you message to the submitters after their successful submission of email form.
Tags: email , web , program , website , site , message , form , page , generate , error , webpage , submission , validation , field , post , for , ideas ,

 WebTalk Forum

WebTalk Forum is a virtual place for webmasters to discuss issues related to programming languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, etc., There are several forums specially for you to converse and chat with other programming experts. You can register yourself for the forums as a member to get cleared your doubts and to give suggestion and ideas on topics you excel. You can even discuss on web hosting solutions and plans, template systems etc., through these forums.
Tags: web , chat , programming , virtual , template , languages , for , register , solutions , systems , hosting , ideas ,


This is a PHP based forum which is helpful for the web visitors, web developers, programmers, web owners etc., through which they can communicate with each other. Novice programmers can clear their doubts that arises related to the programs and also they can post their suggestions and ideas online. It is also a place for receiving news and articles related to the website daily and many features are included with this online community.
Tags: web , online , website , programs , news , daily , forum , clear , post , for , features , articles , ideas , contains several php scripts to download. This site has the facilities like, forums- to share ideas and to discuss doubts, stories archive- it contains different stories, Submit news- it is used to submit the news whatever you have collected related to php. Latest updates and latest release is announced in homepage. This site allows user to create an account.
Tags: create , php , site , scripts , news , user , share , submit , ideas ,


IdForums is an essential program for the webmasters by which they can facilitate their website with discussion board through which they can allow their site visitors to send their comments, suggestions, ideas with others online. Visitors can ask their doubts regarding to program easily. This forum is customizable, simple to install, it uses flat file to store data and many more features are available.
Tags: file , program , data , website , site , board , send , store , simple , forum , for , features , ideas ,

 Popup Email Form

This ASP article lets the developers in ASP to know the easier method to add a pop-up form to enable the website users to send their own ideas and message within the provided form and sends them to an email address and to perform this functionality the JMail / CDONTS component can be integrated with ASP script.
Tags: email , component , website , address , message , form , send , users , ideas , method ,

 PHP Coding Standard

This is a tutorial that teaches the users how to develop a standard codings by using php on their websites. The author says to the users that this tutorial covers php coding style which is the way of improving their programming skills and provides the users with a sample guidelines which can be used by them in their own projects. The author gives ideas for the users who use coding specifications.
Tags: php , using , programming , tutorial , style , author , skills , sample , for , develop , users , standard , ideas , coding , covers ,

 PHP Labs

This site is helpful for webmasters and web developers. This site has several programmes and scripts related to PHP that helps webmasters to build their site in an easy way. Main service of this site is custom programming. Buyers can post their requirements with their ideas through the form that is displayed in this site to get project.
Tags: web , easy , site , form , scripts , service , custom , build , post , for , ideas , has many script based on PHP, asp, javascripts and more. It allows users to download for free. Forum is used to share your ideas and suggestions through this site. This site is useful for you to view the news like, updates and latest release. Users can also post their articles to this site.
Tags: download , site , script , view , news , share , javascripts , post , for , articles , useful , users , ideas ,

 How do you send mail - in VB?

Sending emails to exchange the views and ideas are most common in this world. But through this article, the author narrates the easier way to send emails in VB. The source code is given in the site for the reference of the webmasters.
Tags: code , site , send , source , emails , exchange , sourcecode , reference , author , for , ideas ,


phpMysearch is a search engine like Yahoo,Altavista,lycos and others. In this you can perform boolean search like PHP or Editor or PHP + Editor. This is a powerful tool, you can add in any place in your website. As its easily customizable we can design the look and feel based on the rest of the pages. Documents like doc,HTML,PDF or txt format can also be searched with the help of phpMysearch. This supports the most commonly used protocols like, http,https,ftp,ftps. There is an online forum for the users of phpMysearch, so that they can bring their ideas to light and make use of it.
Tags: search , online , design , make , help , format , txt , engine , searchengine , forum , for , users , powerful , ideas , light ,


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