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 Domainbase - The Domain Name Manager

This tool is helpful for the webmasters or for the hosting company that allows them to manage domain name and to find the status of that particular domain. It tracks the information like, date of expiration of domain name, due date, account status etc., If the times expires, it delivers an alert message to the specific user and it informs them to renew the domain name in due date. Users are allowed to add any facilities within the Domainbase such as, website statistics, web hosting accounts etc.,
Tags: web , tool , website , find , information , message , manage , date , user , name , alert , tracks , account , domain , accounts , domainname , for , hosting , Online Content and Template Management System

Create sites adaptable to change and growth without having to bother about details nor HTML. Featuring: * multi-level categories navigation * layer-based 100% editable template separated from the content (layout is modifiable online in a drag'n'drop/ WYSIWYG interface) * zip-file site(s)- Import/Export any time (for backup and transfer to other servers) * free hosting of your created site(s) It is a simple and powerful tool, able to manage the entire diversity of a web project, without necessary knowledge of programming-languages. The knowledge of HTML, the style sheet language (CSS) and PHP give you further possibilities to influence the content of your site. Uses internet-standards and does not have a proprietary language.
Tags: web , backup , time , online , transfer , language , manage , change , content , template , simple , sheet , style , knowledge , sites , powerful , hosting , editable ,

 EasySnaps is the next generation of image hosting service which allows you to have private, semi private and public image galleries. Customize the galleries change skins, frames, slide shows, editing tools, or add music to provide your personality. Get feedback from your visitors with guestbook option. All these for free
Tags: image , music , service , change , slide , private , editing , galleries , for , public , generation , hosting ,

 BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)

Create your own weblog hosting service! With BlogHoster, you can create a network of weblogs on your website. Each user can create and maintain their own weblog with basic or custom templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest lists, various privacy settings, and more. Your users will be able to write entries with a rich-text WYSIWYG editor and manage entries with an easy to use control panel. BlogHoster is very easy to integrate into your existing website. The script only requires that you have PHP and MySQL on your server. BlogHoster also gives you, the admin, the capability to place ads on your users' weblogs. This product is perfect for web hosting companies or community-focused websites. Come see the demo on our website and have a look over our customer forums!
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 IMS Pro (Image Hosting Script)

The IMS Pro is a complete solution for webmasters who want to create their own image hosting service. The script includes many features such as PayPal integration, bandwidth/space tracking, photo albums (public or private), instant user signups/upgrades/cancellations, 3 simultaneous upload slots, PDF support, multiple image folders, image rotate/resize, a built-in support area with FAQ and contact form, customizable payment plans for users, image and folder descriptions, a "get code" feature for generating HTML or bulletin board links to images, a demonstration mode for showing potential customers what they will get, automatic thumbnails, an effecient MySQL/PHP image serving process, and much more. Installation is included for free!
Tags: image , photo , create , folder , board , script , automatic , upload , links , multiple , contact , user , instant , support , area , solution , payment , feature , for , features , customers , mode , albums , complete , hosting ,

This is website where one can find number of links to the .NET related websites, which will be useful for gathering tutorials, articles and many other ASP.NET related information. All provided links are categorized into several categories for a better convenience. This website will be also useful for the visitors to find ASP.NET web hosting and web service providers.
Tags: web , website , find , service , links , number , into , for , articles , useful , webservice , hosting ,

 Aprelium Abyss Web Server

This is a free personal web server for windows and linux operating systems. It allows features such as access control support, password protected paths, users and groups management, access control rules; SSI support, custom error pages, enhanced CGI execution layer; updated server engine; updated documentation And many more. It supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, SSI, custom error pages, and access control. With its usage hosting of web site and your PHP, Perl, or ASP scripts very easy and fast.
Tags: windows , web , password , server , control , access , easy , site , scripts , personal , linux , error , content , custom , webserver , dynamic , accesscontrol , documentation , usage , for , features , protected , users , generation , hosting ,

 :: AutoHost ::

Account creation and billing automation with Paypal integration for Cpanel web hosts. AutoHost also supports free web hosting and subdomain account creation. Many features like earnings report and mailing list, extremely easy to install and customize.
Tags: web , easy , report , automation , billing , mailing , install , account , creation , for , features , integration , hosting ,

 Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)

This tutorial briefly describes about how to execute ASP.NET within a command line. To perform this action the users have to follow the given three procedures. The author says it supports a hosting framework for execution. Description and steps given in this tutorial are easy to understand.
Tags: action , easy , tutorial , command , author , execute , for , framework , users , hosting ,

 Creating COM+ Aware Components in .NET

The users could now learn how to create COM+ Aware Components in .NET through this online tutorial. The author discusses in detail about the importance of hosting .NET components in COM+. This article proves it by simple programmatic configuraion options through an example. The author putsforth the idea by generating a new project with the help of VS.NET with an example.
Tags: create , online , help , project , learn , components , simple , options , author , now , users , hosting ,

 Creating Dialog Boxes using ASP.NET, JavaScript and IE

Creating Dialog Boxes using ASP.NET, JavaScript and IE is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about the procedure to construct a dialogue boxes in the web form. Users can learn about creating a web form, creating a dialog box in a web form, and about creating a form set which helps in hosting the dialogue box in the web form.
Tags: web , creating , using , form , learn , set , tutorial , dialog , author , box , boxes , hosting , construct ,

 Ultiamte Image Hosting

Incredible image hosting script! Imagine free and paid options, fully fledged membership system and of course, batch uploading. Check it out! That's right, an incredible tempalte driven image hosting website is here for you! Imagehosting can be a great revenue provider and with this bargain script, you will be getting the money you DESERVE from your website. Constructed to be easy to make unique, you will have no trouble blending this script in with ANY site. Image hsoting, at its very best.
Tags: image , system , website , easy , make , batch , script , money , for , membership , hosting , revenue ,


Complete tutorials, free hosting and resources for all your ColdFusion needs!
Tags: resources , for , hosting ,

 Hosting Considerations

This is an article that tells the users about using different hostings. This tutorial provide info that the shared hosting permit the users to own a server portion for recieving disk space, bandwidth and process time. This article teaches the users how to handle dedicated server for hosting multiple domains and optimizing the server according to their requirements. This tutorial tells the users how managed server supports both shared and dedicated server.
Tags: server , disk , using , multiple , process , bandwidth , tutorial , info , for , users , hosting , shared ,

 Chinook Webs

Chinook Webs is a website where visitors can find web hosting service to fulfill their needs in developing ASP supporting websites. This company provides support for Microsoft Access, MySQL and MS SQL databases and Windows 2003 and 2000 servers. From this company users can bring hosting service for E-Commerce websites and for creating effective ASP applications.
Tags: web , website , find , creating , service , 2000 , support , databases , websites , for , users , hosting , - Free Forum Hosting

FORUMMATE.COM - Free Forum Hosting - FORUMMATE.COM provides FREE forum hosting service to all users around the world with their OWN domain name. You get your FREE Phpbb forum/message board activated within minutes. All users can access their forums either via or . ALL FREE FORUMS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FEATURES Personalized Address For Your Forum OR Unlimited Members & Messages Unlimited Space & Bandwidth Customize Your Board With Over 80 Skin/Styles Upload & Use Your Own Logo Unlimited Forum Categories & User Groups Multiple Languages Powerful Search Feature, Find Posts & Threads Easily Private Messaging (PM) System With All Forums Attachments, Profiles & Polls Fast & Realiable Servers Free Search Engine Submission & Optimization No Pop Up Ads Completely 100% Free !
Tags: access , board , service , world , domain , forum , users , hosting ,

 Rosenet Calendar

This is a fast community calendar script that uses PHP and MySQL. Originally called as 'Rosenet calander'. The phpCommunityCalendar is a full-featured dynamic calendaring system for a community calendar. The features are many , but the main features are: Many configuration options from a web-based control panel. Separation of categories so that multiple calendars can be stored in one database and events can be separated by category, location or other dinstinguishing categories. Separate administration privileges can be given for administrators of individual categories. Single entry of recurring events of any type (single events, weekly events, monthly events, annual events, etc). A layout that fits much more nicely on the screen when many events are present - and a cool javascript mouseover effect for IE users that expands truncated event titles. Separate calendars for month, week and day views (including the ability to choose which one to display as the default when people go to the index page). Cleaner database layout that's more flexible in typical ISP and hosting provider environments
Tags: screen , database , control , calendar , javascript , fast , script , effect , display , cool , multiple , administration , index , dynamic , type , event , location , day , layout , events , options , configuration , for , community , features , users , present , hosting , monthly , people ,

 Whois Cart Pro

Whois Cart Pro is a PHP based application that provides a simple to use shopping cart for users purchasing domain names and hosting services. Whois Cart Pro has been designed to be easy for your clients to use. Selecting domains, verifying availability, adding hosting and the shopping cart are all controlled from one page. Whois Cart Pro can be used simply to sell domain names or can be enabled to offer hosting packages and domain transfers as well.
Tags: easy , application , simple , domain , shopping , shoppingcart , for , names , users , sell , hosting , clients , controlled , domainnames ,

 Client Exec Tool

ClientExec is a PHP based software that helps web hosting companies to efficiently manage their clients. MySQL database is used to store data. The supported payment processors of ClientExec tool are, paypal, paysystems,, two checkout, worldpay, internet secure, eGold and more. This is a secured software comes with high customizing facilities.
Tags: software , internet , database , web , tool , manage , store , payment , hosting ,

 Multiple domains on a single IP address

This is an article that can be used by the users to host multiple servers on a single IP address. In this tutorial the author guides users in hosting several domains under single with the help of request.servervariables("HTTP_HOST"). This is an easy to understand and essential article.
Tags: easy , help , multiple , tutorial , host , author , users , servers , hosting ,

 1st Monitor

The main function of this remotely hosted tool is used to checks the functions of the website and also it monitors the users interaction with the website. This utility is helpful for hosting companies, webmasters, marketing people etc., Users can use this tool easily. It gives monthly and weekly report through email. It is an usefull tool for the webmasters to monitor their websites effectively.
Tags: utility , tool , monitor , website , report , marketing , function , websites , for , functions , users , hosting , checks , people ,

 cPanel Gui Windows Client

Cpanel GUI helps its users manage every aspect of their website from their familiar Windows desktop. Cpanel Gui backend is powered by Cpanel, which is the most popular web hosting management software. The Cpanel Gui Client is a fully skinnable Windows client like Winamp. CPanel Gui handles unlimited hosting account, you can even switch from one hosting account to the other with a simple mouse click. It can be installed on your Windows computer just like any other software.
Tags: web , management , website , computer , client , manage , mouse , simple , account , popular , switch , users , hosting ,


BillingOrchard is a complete, online billing application for freelance developers, web design firms, and contract employees. BillingOrchard maintains hourly service billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, such as web hosting or domain registrations.
Tags: web , online , design , application , service , billing , domain , for , hosting ,

 AClass Auctions

The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay. The site is PHP/my SQL and runs on cron jobs for full automation. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation payment options and advertising features. In addition, our auction site features muti currency support and payment processing support from PayPal, Stormpay and 2Checkout all moderated in the admin area, which also allows you to pick which payment processors you wish to use and set processing fees. All scripts are included, you only need a hosting account with mySQL/cron!
Tags: web , control , site , scripts , admin , user , support , account , setup , processing , area , set , currency , auction , advertising , popular , options , payment , for , sites , features , hosting , pick , jobs ,

 mambo hosting mambo web hosting reviews

At mambo hosting review you can access a number of mambo hosting resources including news articles, forums, reviews for the Mambo open source CMS.
Tags: access , news , source , open , number , resources , for , hosting , review ,


This is a simple and effective shopping cart program suitable for hosting companies. You can integrate this program on your website to sell your products online. Several customizable skins are available to enable you to change your site settings and this program is well supported by MySQL database to store all product details.
Tags: database , program , website , site , change , store , skins , simple , settings , shopping , product , shoppingcart , for , sell , available , hosting ,

 Auto Control Pro

This is an useful and efficient online server management tool through which you would be able to automate web hosting solutions for your customer clients. This program can automatically generate instant website pages with control panel, automatic mailouts, billing functionalities, Frontpage extensions, database support etc., depending on the hosting plan selected by your customers. Complete DNS records, user information, server stats, PhpMyadmin etc., will be provided for your reference. This program is available in different versions to suit linux and cobalt RaQ 550.
Tags: database , web , tool , program , online , server , control , management , website , automatic , linux , billing , generate , automate , user , instant , plan , support , customer , automatically , pages , for , useful , solutions , available , hosting ,


dotcampaigns is a website builder where users can create multiple webpages as they wish. You can post bio, issues, campaign news, position papers etc. Builtin award winning WYSIWYG Editor can be included in this program. This program has features like, hosting services, mobilize supporters with a volunteer sign up link, sending newsletters to supporters, building an email supporters list, accepting contributions online and more.
Tags: email , program , create , online , builder , website , multiple , position , post , features , users , sign , hosting , building , sending , newsletters ,

 Host Admin

HostAdmin is a hosting automation software and it is based on PHP. It has been designed to automate your entire account and order management, recurring billing, domain registration, reporting needs and server provisioning. MySQL database is used to store data and it also uses HTML templates and CSS. The main features of this admin programme are, client area features, manager area features, admin area features and general features. This script is highly securable and configurable.
Tags: software , database , data , manager , server , client , script , automation , templates , admin , store , automate , account , domain , area , reporting , features , hosting ,

 php Net Hosting

Php Net is an remotely hosted interactive eCommunity version of industry leader phpNet, the forum software used by millions on web sites across the globe. Don't have your own server? No problem! Now you can enjoy all that phpNet has to offer without the hosting or installation trouble. It uses object-oriented programming and the MySQL database. It's purpose is to act as a fast (and free) alternative to other free hosted communities forum packages which are noticably slow or have everything but the kitchen sink.
Tags: software , web , fast , programming , interactive , version , alternative , installation , forum , sites , hosting , kitchen ,


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