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 Active Trade

Active Trade is a powerfrul ASP application with which you can conduct internet auctions for the products. Just register for the program and you can display your product on any category you wish. Have a look on the bid history and choose the highest bidder as the winner. You can advertise through banners and ads and bidders can search products. It has many features like, advance search feature, most popular links and categories, tell a friend link, site statistics, keyword submitting by advertisers etc.,
Tags: internet , search , program , site , application , history , display , links , ads , keyword , popular , product , for , features , bid , register , banners ,

 :: PixiePro ::

A wide assortment of systems designed for merchants favoring Paypal. Includes digital download delivery automation for both websites and Ebay auctions, a 3 tier affiliate system and membership website subscription automation system all streamlined to work harmoniously together. Ecommerce features such as mailing list, sales history and customer information, download limiting and URL cloaking - Affiliate features tracking and statistics, percentage of sale base commissions and Paypal payouts - Subscription features unlimited membership areas, authentication and instant access automation. Ebay support for "Buy it Now", "Multi-Item" purchase and normal auctions and much, much more. Very easy to install and to use.
Tags: download , system , access , website , easy , digital , history , automation , tracking , mailing , sales , install , instant , support , customer , work , websites , purchase , for , features , base , membership , authentication , sale , systems ,

 :: iSubscribe ::

User authentication and Paypal subscription automation to offer your visitors instant access to the members only content on your website, extremely easy to install and use. Features IP access tracking, unlimited member areas, sales history and members list, and much more.
Tags: access , easy , history , automation , content , sales , install , instant , authentication ,

 :: GrigEbaySuite ::

Offers digital download delivery automation for Ebay auctions. Supports "Buy it Now", "Multi-Item" and standard Ebay auctions. Features download limiting, mailing list, sales history and more. Keeps your file URL's hidden from your customer when they download. Simple to install and use.
Tags: download , file , digital , history , automation , mailing , sales , install , hidden , customer , for , standard ,

 :: PayDownloadPal ::

Digital download delivery system designed for merchants using Paypal. PayDownloadPal allows you to automate the sales of your digital goods. Supports Paypals shopping cart (Add to Cart), single purchase (Buy Now) and email link purchase options and includes features such as mailing list, sales history download limiting and more. Keeps your file URL's hidden from your customer when they download. Easy to install and use.
Tags: email , download , file , system , digital , using , history , link , mailing , sales , install , automate , hidden , customer , shopping , options , shoppingcart , purchase , for , features ,

 esCHAT irc applet

Capable of connection to any ircd server, mIRC like features, Multilang, Double click, right click, left click with different menus, Colors of all elements can be changed from parameters, Smileys, sound, pre-made message support, All ircd commands are supported, Channel topics and modes, users can change it also,Color text support, Text selection, copy&paste,User can change options, Multiple channel support ,Services commands,Hiding user list and disable private chats, Ads by using ticker ,Auto message protection, message history buffer, Auto nick writing by pressing tab key, Channel listing with color, Profile support,Fontsize and font name and much more.
Tags: text , list , using , message , history , change , font , private , user , connection , disable , name , support , click , writing , ticker , tab , users , listing , channel ,


BWChat is written using PHP script, it is a basic chat for the beginners. To use this BWChat, you need not to be a member or no registeration is required. You can give your chat name or screen name and you can start to post message by selecting the color of the text,icons and you can post any message you want. It has an enhanced feature,that you can view the history of the post. It is easy to customize.
Tags: screen , easy , color , chat , using , message , history , view , basic , start , name , post , for ,

 Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System

Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System provides simple features to administer web based user system. Modules support internal lists for outward communications. It includes a library file and helping resource, call loggings, history data about events, FAQs system to clear enquiries, file system to handle hierarchical file structure, customizable color settings, company logo, and still a lot. Admin supports several privileges levels for users. It is fully based on HTML.
Tags: file , web , data , system , library , color , history , user , simple , support , levels , call , lists , clear , for , features , webbased , filesystem ,

 CandyPress Store Administration

CandyPress Store Administration is an e-commerce software designed to assist webmasters in managing their online estores. Through this software you can modify product catalogs, view complete sales and order history for the products, limit product downloads, send HTML newsletters to all the customers etc,. Shopping mall owners would find it easy to manage all their e-stores through this software and the key features include ability to make a product either active or inactive, intuitive interface, unique order management, shipping and tax options etc.,
Tags: software , online , easy , find , make , history , view , manage , send , key , sales , tax , options , active , product , limit , for , features , modify , customers , complete , newsletters ,


Cday PHP is an entertaining PHP scripted programme that allows users to go back in history to see the events that took place on a particular day. For example, events happened on your birthday or events happened on your wedding day. By this you can easily know about the historical events happended in yester years. Plenty of events are available to display and supports RSS (XML feeds) By saying in nutshell you know the events this day that age. This programme adds value and attract visitors to your website and this script works well with original data for a specific subject e.g.Baseball. An online demo is available on the website. Easy to install and run.
Tags: data , online , website , script , history , display , demo , install , birthday , original , day , events , value , for , back , users , wedding , available ,

 Euratlas history and geography of Europe: physical and historical atlas

Historical Atlas of Europe, a sequence of 21 cartographic snapshots showing history of Europe. Mountains, rivers, cities, countries, towns and landscapes.
Tags: history , sequence ,


cpCommerce is a PHP script that contains built-in manuals for maintaining every day tasks of your e-shops. This shopping cart can be used to create stores with unlimited number of categories for your products. This script is completely both template and module driven and hence important announcements can be displayed. Sales and product history will also be provided along with site documents.
Tags: create , site , script , history , tasks , template , number , module , shopping , day , product , shoppingcart , for ,

 cuSell IPS

cuSell IPS is a powerful software that helps you to run your own payment website with all essential commerce background. Site visitors can register themselves and can start transfering funds online through your website securely. This PHP built third party payment software is bundled with efficient algorithms to process and validate customer details. Important features include detailed transaction history for all members, instant account creation through Cpanel and WHM, powerful administration panel etc.,
Tags: software , online , website , history , administration , process , instant , start , run , account , customer , payment , creation , validate , for , features , register , powerful , party ,

 VisNetic MailFlow

Organizations can utilize this interactive software for providing a high quality support to their customers. Using this system, they can get the complete email history of any customer immediately. Using this software, they are able to send the emails sent from their customers to apropriate inboxes such as info, sales, support etc., It performs email routing and work flow processing. This software offers a shared email environment, and a web based interface that is familiar to all and offers powerful security and administration and integrated logging and alerting facilities etc.,
Tags: software , email , security , web , history , send , emails , administration , interactive , support , logging , customer , work , interface , quality , flow , for , customers , webbased , complete , powerful , shared ,

 VisNetic MailFlow

This is an effective program that comes with the ability to let users to build comunication via email with their visitors, customers, clients etc., Users can utilize this as a tool to let their customers to contact them for enquiry, requiring technical support etc., They can provide and manage email inboxes like info@, sales@ and support@ with the help of this program. It allows users to access the whole email history of their customers, clients whenever they want. They can effeciently organize the customer relationship by using this program.
Tags: email , tool , program , access , help , using , history , organize , manage , contact , support , build , customer , technical , for , customers , users , clients ,

 versaSRS HelpDesk

This web based easy to use helpdesk sytem is useful for improving your sales as well as the relationship with your customers. The request from the customer can be handled either through Email or direct chat session. Some key features of versaSRS helpDesk tool are it provides audit trial, history and customizable system labeling and prioritization of calls, fast call logging, call escalations, action escalations, billing module etc.,
Tags: web , tool , action , system , easy , fast , chat , history , billing , key , sales , helpdesk , module , customer , audit , call , for , features , useful , webbased ,


This is an useful application through which you can easily connect to any number of ODBC databases simultaneously and can run the SQL query with the help of this application. This application has some key features such as result formatting, keyword highlightning, statement history etc.,
Tags: help , application , history , query , key , number , run , keyword , databases , connect , features , useful ,

 ES PayPal Storefront Digital

-Downloads protection: hidden files location -Download links expiration after specified period of time (from 1 hour to any period). -Limited number of downloads. -Native PayPal Cart -Dynamic DHTML Drop Down Menus for categories-subcategories -Contact form to avoid spam -PayPal IPN integration to record sales history and clients info. -Advanced HTML WYSIWYG editor for site pages and products description with images and Flash insertion. -Horizontal or vertical products layout -40 styles-color schemes -basic search in titles and descriptions -advanced search by category, subcategory, keywords or price range -intuitive, easy to use admin section -image upload, automatic thumbnails creation -setting thumbnails and large images dimensions - PayPal's buttons generator-add to cart buttons are created when new product is added -Send Newsletter option, subscribe/unsubscribe options. -Store currency can be selected from USD, GBP,CAD or EUR -Editable in any HTML editor header and footer.
Tags: search , editor , time , files , images , easy , record , site , automatic , history , form , links , sales , buttons , admin , hidden , number , thumbnails , keywords , currency , pages , product , vertical , for , integration , period , clients ,

 CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage

Using CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage webmaster can automate link exchange, get valuable hits and boost page rank. Easy add and mantain database of your link partners. Show most valuable link partners first.Allow your visitors to submit new links.Approve submited links. View click through history for all links. Microsoft Access driven.
Tags: database , history , page , link , automate , boost , click , submit , for ,

 DW Work- Color World

This utility is a color wizard for Studio MX which is built-on DW Works API framework that allows users to customize colors into light, bright, saturate or desaturate, mix etc., according to the users preference. This tool displays thirty five complimentary harmonies for all colors. Users can save and export the color history to the color palettes. It offers user interface control and popup menu. Users can import color palettes from paintshop, gimp, photoshop, fireworks etc., and more enhanced features are available with this tool.
Tags: utility , tool , control , export , color , history , save , import , wizard , user , colors , into , customize , interface , mix , for , features , framework , users , available , userinterface , fireworks ,

 eCatalog Order

A web based e-commerce suite that can be accessed without any programming and web desigining knowledge. Spreading sales world wide and gaining more profit can be performed using web based interface. Customer orders can be processed dynamically and purchasing support both credit card and non-credit card systems. Email notification is available. Orders can be printed out. Purchased history can be tracked and can be allowed for viewing.
Tags: web , notification , using , history , programming , sales , world , support , profit , credit , orders , for , creditcard , webbased , suite ,

 Work Progressing

Work.Progressing is a very simple script built with PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend and serves as a very simple online task scheduler and job tracking system. The user can get reminded of incoming deadlines, todo, invoices, clients information and history of the jobs. It has a very simple interface that is very easy to understand. Online Demo available.
Tags: online , easy , information , script , history , tracking , scheduler , task , user , simple , job , interface , taskscheduler , clients ,

 Marketing Manager V2 Standard For X-cart

This PHP based program is an e-commerce software that enables you to sell products through, and shopping carts. You will also be provided with a custom order history and sales report, by tracking the site growth. There are provisions for data mining orders, categories, products and subscription lists etc,. to group your customers on several basis.
Tags: software , program , data , site , history , tracking , sales , custom , shopping , group , lists , for , customers , datamining , sell ,


This is a program that comes with several functionalities which are essential to support the customers to develop administrator's business. This program is capable of performing perfect task management and facilitates administrators to manage each and every aspect of the customers including customer history and activity. With this program administrators can manage sales team and can monitor reports and arrange them in any order to analyze the business progress. This program has features such as lead routing and management, providing enhanced reporting tools, capability to take care about incoming support inquiries etc.,
Tags: program , monitor , management , business , history , task , manage , sales , reports , support , analyze , customer , reporting , team , taskmanagement , features , customers , develop ,


webINVOICEplus-V2.10 This is an online invoicing program for small businesses. It gives the Administrator and Clients the ability to access billing information on a webserver. One nice feature is the email notification process. You can set the program so that clients are automatically sent a thank-you email when an invoice is paid. And you can also send them notification emails when their invoice is posted online. Clients can view/print invoices when they need, and they can view their invoice history completly online. The administrator records the invoices into the database through a web based admin screens, and can edit invoices and client details. Like it's basic script webINVOICE this has the added features of PayPal payments & administrator reports.
Tags: email , database , web , program , online , access , edit , notification , information , client , script , history , view , send , billing , emails , invoice , admin , administrator , invoicing , basic , small , set , into , automatically , invoices , nice , feature , for , features , records , webbased , emailnotification , clients ,


Some Benefits of DonationBooster include: Attractive graphs convert visitors into donors Blends into your existing web site Runs on most browsers (must have JavaScript enabled) Instant satisfaction of moving the meter up with each donation Increase donor participation by featuring fundraising "campaigns" - more effective than open ended donation drives Retain top donors and increase their satisfaction Features Include: Create horizontal or vertical graphs 100% customizable (size, color and text) Easy cut and paste javascript Real time updates via PayPal IPN Unlimited Fundraising Campaigns View payment history online Customizable automatic email messaging to donors Optional "View Top 5 Donors"
Tags: email , convert , web , time , color , automatic , history , open , messaging , paste , into , graphs , payment , vertical , meter , increase , top , horizontal , moving ,

 ICM - Integro Content Manager

This is a content management program that helps users to generate contents and update them without any HTML knowledge. This program uses WYSIWYG editor to update contents on the websites and splits between content and presentation. Rollback functionality and page history are available with this software. Users can access contents from any remote location through a web based interface. This program supports multiple languages.
Tags: web , editor , program , management , access , history , remote , page , generate , content , multiple , update , location , websites , contentmanagement , webbased , users , contents , available ,


Emia4Win is an ASP.NET email application through which users can generate electronic mailing service on their websites with the help of functionalities of SMTP, IMAP and POP3 packages. It offers functionalities like Emia4Win syntax and version history and trouble shooting. This has features like sending emails, editing emails, retrieving emails, checking emails, checking ststistics, etc.
Tags: email , help , application , history , service , generate , mailing , editing , version , checking , syntax , websites , electronic , features , users , sending ,

 Windows and Internet history eraser

Windows/Internet history eraser implements it's security features through deleting all temporary files and cookies data from history folder. It is designed for all version of windows platforms to delete the evidents such as URLs, Images, documents, and many more accessed by you. Removes all content of folders such as recycle bin, cookies, temporary files, history folder, clipboard etc. And the paths like, URL, programs, and windows media player file list of recently accessed can be removed by this module.
Tags: windows , file , security , data , files , delete , list , media , history , folders , clipboard , cookies , content , eraser , version , mediaplayer , windowsmedia , for , features , temporary , historyeraser ,

 Karicart live chat

Karicart chat enables you to add a live chat button on your webiste for your customers to chat with you about your products and get fast answers in real time. Chat-enabeling your webiste is a MUST. Be alerted when someone visits your website, see what pages he is browsing, allow him to chat with you and answer his questions. Help him fill out forms. Pro-active chats (offer him to chat with you) or re-active chat (visitor clicks on a button to chat with you). Canned answers, visitor information(ip address, browser, os..) , browsing history (see what pages he has seen before) , push url(open a window in your visitor's browser to show him your product), customizable chat window (make look similar to your website's theme), totally hosted on OUR servers, means nothing to install or download, just plug'n'play html code to copy and paste them into your website. Free lifetime account, no risk, nothing to lose. Many more features are available, visit our website for more information.
Tags: html , website , browser , copy , fast , code , chat , history , show , window , install , button , paste , into , live , pages , fill , browsing , real , for , features , customers , visitor , out ,


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