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 Ace Helpdesk Software

Ace Helpdesk Software is an easy to intergrate PHP based help desk application by which the programmers can construct helpdesk in their website inorder to give support to the site visitors. This application offers various features like allowing the members to exchange information through emails, facilitate the provision of editing the knowledge base, allowing ticket to be added along with email sections and more.
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 Alliance of Free Customer Support Software

Alliance of Free Customer Support Software is an efficient software program with which website owners can upgrade and enrich their website by extending its apllications with helpdesk softwares. This website currently supports softwares such as customer relation management, customers support softwares and mobile data and scheduling software along with helpdesk softwares. Users are also provided with details regarding freely available softwares and its corresponding website links. Several helpdesk tools are made available for the users to efficiently take care of their helpdesk and customer support needs.
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 Bankoi Helpdesk Software

This is an applet where the users have the ability to manage emails and helpdesk application using web based browser. This program is suitable for the organizations with single or multiple staff members for managing client support. Features like submission tracking, requesting ID numbers, direct and web based email submission form, knowledge base and templates design, etc are available. This program is helpful for the users and the visitors. Customization and configuration can be done easily by the users.
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 BE Technic Customer Tracking System

The BE Technic customer tracking system is a PHP script which allows the user to record the customer information, view, modify and delete the records whenever necessary. This helpdesk system will be useful for small and medium size organizations. The program administrator feature allows the user to assign different access rights, thus enabling access to different options like adding, changing or deleting the data in customer records by multiple users.
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The Boldchat is a live customer support program written using PHP and MySQL. This system helps you in achieving more results by solving the customer's queries at the same instant through online chatting. It also helps you in monitoring customer traffic which leads you to understand your customer better than anyone. The screenshots available in this website allows you to improve ppc conversion, helpdesk solutions, ecommerce site conversion etc.,
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 CorporateVisions HelpExpress Enterprise

A web-based helpdesk based on tickets to cut your company costs and boost your techniciansí efficiency. It has many features including assign technicians, technician notification, advanced printing, live support, knowledge base etc. This is also Accessible anywhere in the world Help Express requires no client no installation, no programming, no downloads to interfere with your current computer configurations just a web browser.
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 versaSRS HelpDesk

This web based easy to use helpdesk sytem is useful for improving your sales as well as the relationship with your customers. The request from the customer can be handled either through Email or direct chat session. Some key features of versaSRS helpDesk tool are it provides audit trial, history and customizable system labeling and prioritization of calls, fast call logging, call escalations, action escalations, billing module etc.,
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The EXO PHPDesk is a helpdesk system written using PHP for the use of business organizations. With this system they can interact with their customers with an easy to use interface. The features available in this system include Trouble tickets, responses adding; editing; deletion and closure; allows unlimited members, administrators and staffs, Powerful live chat with customers and also you can fetch mail through POP3 or IMAP protocol etc., An online demo is also available in the website.
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The ezyhelpdesk is an online helpdesk system which is an ideal solution for companies who likes a professional and elegant way of solving customer queries regarding technical, sales and other departments. The system is suited to any industry. The system supports multiple language and other features include web based and email based file attachments, assign priority to tickets, supports unlimited number of users as well as staffs, searchable knowledgebase etc., Staff section features performance tracking, assign requests to other departments or staffs, easy call display, showing emergency etc., The admin section includes user management, staff management, manage software configuration, view online or active staff members, email notification of new tickets and much more.
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FlexSupport is an online helpdesk application supported by MySQL database. Visitors can submit their tickets through an online form and you have the facility to notify ticket updates through instant mails. All your site visitors will be provided with random ticket numbers ID's to avoid spam ticket generation. Some of the key features include support for avatar, user friendly interface, staff wage calculator etc.,
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 Virtual HelpDesk

The Virtual HelpDesk is a customer support program which allows the user to setup a pleasant looking knowledge base or helpdesk. With the assistance of this system, the users are allowed to search for the popular help questions. To maximise the search capabilities, use keywords for every question entered. The system is more useful for those who are having a technical website. An online demo is also available in the website.
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 Helpdesk Suite

Helpdesk Suite is an online helpdesk system useful for business organizations to provide effective, outstanding and timely support to their customers. The features of the system includes ticket management which enables to track, route and manage customer requests; knowledge management allows the customers to get information stored in a knowledgebase; email management provides quick and quality responses to customer's requests; workflow management makes the business process simpler; Report management can be used to find, track and measure data; lead tracking management and contact management also available.
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This is a powerful utility that offers cost and time effective solutions for communicating online. This program is capable of easing your online communication and helps you to organise live training programs, collaborate with team members, share ideas, interact with other online users, helpdesk solutions and to build your own online communities through an advanced collaboration server.
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 Bankoi Web HelpDesk

Bankoi Web Helpdesk Software is a fully featured browser based helpdesk/email management application designed to streamline the operation of managing emails or support requests, with built in tracking and response logging it is an ideal solution for companies with one or more members of staff or for those who want to organise client support.
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 @1 Helpdesk XP

An intelligent web-based helpdesk system. It adopts a more effective ticket sorting/ranking method on top of a new "closed ticket" feature.
Tags: helpdesk , ticket , top , method ,

 YUDO The Ultimate Web Desk for the ASP

The YUDO is an ultimate helpdesk system for the ASP world. The system uses the ACCESS database to store and retrieve data of customers etc., The system provides various client area features like multi-language support, to assign priority for request, submission tracking without logging in, unimited number of users etc., The staff area features allows performance tracking of staffs, assign requests to other departments or staff members, ticket notification by email etc., Administration features provides user management, staff management, ticket overview, to create unlimited number of support departments, and much more. An online demo is also available in the website.
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 Ticket Talk

TicketTalk is an online helpdesk that provides live customer support. It manages your support via web interfaces, generates FAQs automatically from support threads, and creates and manages FAQs. The integrated control panel makes it is easy to customize client facing pages so TicketTalk integrates seamlessly with your existing website. Since no dllís or plug-ins are required, TicketTalk is suitable for websites in shared as well as dedicated hosting environments. A fully working online demo is available.
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 Tix Support

This is a PHP based customer support application capable of comforting your site visitors with online support for their queries through ticketing system. You can set unlimited number of departments for the help desk and whenever a new ticket has been issued for a visitor, instant notification will be provided regarding the type of support needed from relevant department. Visitors can directly submit their message to the helpdesk through a form and they have the facility to check the status of their ticket by logging on to their site.
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 SitePanel 2

The SitePanel 2 is a helpdesk system written using PHP and is useful for business enterprises to provide a structured management support for their clients. The system allows the clients to send their support tickets through email or the visually pleasing layout. Some of the key features provide complete admin control panel for easy editing of accounts, tickets can be new, opened, closed, deleted or printed, knowledgebase provides information and guides for clients as well as staffs, seperate logins for clients and admin staffs, completely secured login systems with 3DES and BLOWFISH encryption, 3 levels of admin staffs etc., The system is easy to configure and works on all browsers.
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 Online Work Order Suite

The Online Work Order Suite is an online helpdesk system written in PHP with MySQL database. It provides powerfull access to the information required by you. The major features of this system are data checking or validation; users are allowed to view data in different formats and get the data depending on requests; notification by email is possible when changes in the work orders occurs; allows printer friendly reports; fully searchable fields; more statistics option available for building, technician, computer, room and status etc.,
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 OSS - Oveas Support System

The OSS-Oveas Support System is an online web based helpdesk system. The system allows you to create the message file in your own language. Apart from the basic features like FAQ lists and built-in user management etc., there are also new features like added option to upload files, added external contact persons, email texts configurable using the text files, added file uploads and security fixes.
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The InfinityForge is a helpdesk system that provides the users to track customer information, customer support requests, assignments and team members, project goals and progress etc., InfinityForge contains several modules and also developing new modules. The TicketForge module can communicate either through web interface or email addresses and tracks communications, response times and general statistics. ClientForge can be used in conjunction with ProjectForge to manage projects for a particular company. ProjectForge allows team members to keep track of their assignments, report their progress, log expenses etc., FileForge serves all the files involved from a central location. TeamForge can create and manage specific teams within your company. An online demo is available in the website.
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 TrackSolve Inquiry Resolution Software

The TrackSolve Inquiry Resolution Software is a helpdesk system with which you can improve your customer support. The system is also very much flexible so that it provides results for even more than 20 departments with hundreds of custom attributes. The major features of the system consists of ticket timing system based on ticket priority; each department can be assigned with its own ticket settings, knowedgebase etc; membership system to control access to departments; messaging system with ticket linking and notification on tickets; file management system and much more. TrackSolve also processes your tasks quickly and is well secured. It also comes with 3 levels of users. An online demo request is also available.
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 Comdev Customer Helpdesk v2.0

Comdev Customer Helpdesk is the most advanced helpdesk ticketing system that allows you to establish an online support centre for customers on your website. Your customers can create support tickets if they cannot find the answer online or from FAQ support. They will appreciate the service thus increasing loyalty to your company and products. This is the best way to employ 24/7 support to your customers and fast resolution without breaking the bank. Tickets are easy to lookup with priority levels set by the customers. Key features: automatic reply to support tickets, e-mail notification, ticket replied acknowledgement, customers view, add comments and upload attachments to ticket on the website, all-in-one view of support tickets listing with status, sortable list, ticket history and tracking, set ticket status, flag and unflag ticket, add support issues and customizable email contents. Common help desk requests are replied quickly using the preset canned messages. It is easy to integrate the support questions with Comdev's FAQ Support since they compliment each other. Replys to help desk tickets can even be directly added to a FAQ knowledgebase, with a simple mouse click. Customer Helpdesk comes in the One Admin Suite (web based interfacing system specially designed to provide centralized access to all of your Comdev modules from a single point). The Installation Wizard eases your pain from complicated configuration. Plug it into your web design pages is so easy with just a PHP snippet, and you are ready to provide helpdesk ticketing system on your website. OSCommerce compatible. Take advantage of our FREE Installation Support. Get your copy today!
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SupportExpress is a customer support system which is written in PHP and MySQL. It is also a professional helpdesk system for your organization with more new features like new design, optimized code, database backup, restore database backup, free text searching box, activate and deactivate users, warning message for every new tickets and every modify tickets to the admin etc., and also you can automatically send data by email to new users. An on line demo is available in the web site.
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 Zen PHP Help Desk

This is an easy to use helpdesk ticketing system that allows you to establish an online support centre for your customers. Using this program you can provide quick and efficient service to your customers online. This progam can be easily integrated on your web sites.
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 peerTranet Help + Business Tool

peerTranet Help + is helpdesk / project management system that is designed to help you solve your customers queries. It can greatly improve your customer relations as you will be able to track their issues in an organised way. The system can also track bugs, defects or any kind of problem that needs tracking as you can assign tasks to a individual or to group of individuals. Licensing is £49.99 per computer/domain. You DONT have to purchase any client licenses as all client licences are FREE. peerTranet Help + supports the following features: Email Notifications so that you get informed when a task/project/issue has been updated automatically. An advanced query interface which enables you to perform complex boolean queries against the database of issues. Web-Based application so it can support multiple users at once. Very user friendly. Support for attachments. You can upload files (Microsoft Word documents, pictures, etc.) and associate the files with an problem. Unlimited Users Allowed !!!!! as licence is per computer/domain.
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 VanillaSoft Helpdesk

Now the users can get a new quality based company helpdesk at an affordable price. VanillaSoft Helpdesk comes with the MS Access or MS SQL backend and also as a hosted edition with MS SQL. The main highlight of this company helpdesk software is that it is language independent and supports multiple companies.
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