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 Asset Tracker

This is a networking utility where the system software and hardware components on network can be audited. This utility provide the detailed report of the network system information to the network administrator. This script is capable of providing the informations of the users workstation like installed devices, user accounts, network shares and adapters, operating system, installed software, processor, hard disk drives information, memory, etc. This tool generate inventory reports for the users such as workstations memory report, software licenses report and more.
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 Web Assure

WebAssure is used to monitor and to secure the websites function. This tool also monitors DNS misconfiguration, missing pages, hardware failure, FTP, SMTP, News etc., and it notifies the user when any problem found. It also notifies the user if the problem is rectified successfully. It has many enhanced features- unlimited number of URLs can be monitored, fault notification can be restricted, monitoring intervals can be customized etc.,
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 Introducing Microsoft .NET

In this web based tutorial you can find more information about the Microsoft .NET. The main feature of .NET technology is that it operates in a common Language Runtime and thus helps you to create interoperable applications. The author presents you the architecture of .NET in a diagram. Some of the features explained in this tutorial are multi-language support, portablity, hardware independent, CLR, new features of ASP.NET etc., This tutorial is helpful for the .NET beginners.
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 Expert Rating

Expert Rating is the leading organization that conducts various online certification exams. They conducts exams in the areas such as ASP, visual basic, PHP, word 2000, networking concepts, computer hardware etc., It offers some free certification exams also in networking , XML and English language.
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 Choosing the right hosting service for your site

This is an online tutorial that provides more information to the users about webhosting. Here, users can find information about low level to high level hosting services. The author covers on hardware and platform requirements, software and services, bandwidth, scalability, disk space and size, cost, support etc.,
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 Website Live Chat Under $10 A Month

HumanHelper is a customer service tool for your website that enables web site visitors to directly communicate with your company staff. The visitors on your site can simply click on a HumanHelper button and then will be connected with one of your representatives. You then can assist the web site visitor by providing information, web site links, and even help navigate them through your web site. The HumanHelper solution is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis. This means there is no hardware to install and you can start using the HumanHelper solution immediately.
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This is an useful component for the network administrators that allows them to connect their system with other systems through internet. UDP protocol helps them to pave the way for sending and retrieving data from other systems globally. It has error validation facility that validates files for error before sending it to another system and also it supports any unlimited sized files to transfer. Now a days UDP are used in hardware based routers, packet messagers, game servers etc.,
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 Invisionix Remote Personal Computer System

Invisionix Remote Personal Computer System is a simple groupware tool independent of external hardware and software lending itself to online applications. You can access meta computers and multiple databases through this tool, process and devlop web applications on the fly all through a secured admin interface. This program is easy to use and provides complete control over your applications.
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This is an advanced web based application contains multiple forums to post topics for online discussion regarding various issues such as graphics, PC games, DVD writers, music & MP3, computer hardware & peripherals, internet, digital photography, home entertainment systems etc.,
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 Asset tracking Software

Asset tracking Software can be used by users in electronic license management and asset insurane. It consists two main works in it as software asset tracking and hardware asset tracking. The managers can find the nature of the license through the electronic license management database. It allows users to asset insurance perfectly without any fault and keep assets in the optional location to enlarge ROI.
Tags: software , management , nature , find , tracking , hardware , location , electronic , license , asset , users , enlarge , assets , insurance , is a site from where you can view the informations that helps you to manage and maintain your required fields that are found in this site such as, Internet technologies, Programming languages, hardware and operating systems. It allows you to learn and develop your knowledge in programmes, hardware and information technologies.
Tags: information , site , learn , view , manage , hardware , knowledge , develop , maintain , fields ,


This is a server independent program that makes a covalent relationship between ASP web application and Java Servlet application or JSP. Webmasters can use the combined application on JSP or Servlet supporting servers. They can also use the migrated application on any software and hardware platform. It provides field for MySQL time stamp and it generates readable JSP codes. It has several enhanced features for benefit of the users.
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 Hardware Organizer Deluxe

With the help of hardware organizer deluxe users can maintain their hardware related informations and organize them. Their work can also be carried out on any equipment. They are allowed to access, view or modify their hardware related informations. Other features available are, user friendly interface, standard record viewers, viewing data by using browser viewer, modifying database templates, launching email, publishing database to the web etc.
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 Hardware Catalog

This is an easy to use organizing program that helps users to gather and organize computer hardware related information. This program has ability to print data reports along with item name, status, installation date, detailed description etc. Users can search hardware data by using search function easily. They can define filter and export or import data to or from ASCII files.
Tags: search , program , data , print , easy , export , computer , filter , using , import , organize , reports , hardware , function , installation , organizing , users ,

 Hardware Organizer

This is a windows based hardware data management script that can maintain and organize hardware related information. HTML generator wizard, lable wizard and report wizard can be included to create inventory reports, documents etc. Hardware informations can be stored along with item name, email, catalog number, detailed description by using notepad like interface. This program organizes and displays hardware device data. Users can integrate email and WEB site address with their favourite internet web browser and email programs.
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 R-Drive Image

This is an useful tool that can be used to backup the contents in your hard disk so that you can restore them immediately incase your system gets a virus attack or hardware failure. The main features of this tool includes the ability to create image files, contents are protected with secured password, ability to convert the file system, ability to restore data on other existing partitions and much more.
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 Hardware & Software Tracker

This is an easy to use applcation that manages and monitors the hardware and software inventory of the organization. You can get the complete details about all the hardware devices such as network adapter, motherboard, modem, mouse, port, hard disk, printer, processor, floppy disk etc., for any machine with the help of this software. This software includes some key features such as DHCP support, machine master and auto search feature, WAN tracking etc.,
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 Pivo DnsResolver Ccomponent

Dns Resolver is used to queries DNS servers for host information and programmatically query DNS servers for information, without having to worry about complex packet parsing. It easily returns information in a humanly readable form. It allows you to programmatically perform DNS record lookups.It can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The Domain Name System or DNS is a system that stores information about host names and domain names in a kind of distributed database on networks, such as the Internet. Most importantly, it provides an IP address for each host name, and lists the mail exchange servers accepting e-mail for each domain. The DNS provides a vital service on the Internet, because while computers and network hardware work with IP addresses to perform tasks such as addressing and routing, humans generally find it easier to work with host names and domain names, for example in URLs and e-mail addresses. The DNS therefore mediates between the needs and preferences of wetware and of software.
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 Techno Empleo

Tecno Empleo is an userfriendly and helpful site for the computer engineers. This site is provided with various jobs in different field but only related to computer. It offers both computer software programmers and technical support engineers i.e- networking or hardware engineers. Users can design the model of the resume from the site easily.
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This a performance tool is easy to implement thereby no hardware or software tool is required for the users to use it. This techincal tool is capable of storing frequently accessed content in cache. It is an efficient tool which can evaluate and manage all incoming web requests. It has enhanced features like active caching, enables the search engine to traverse dynamic web content, eliminate white space, bandwidth saving etc.
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This tool will not use any hardware or software tool to configure the hidden platform, network, Active server pages and Internet information server settings inorder to provide efficient performance. It has the capacity to perform perfectly even in high traffic and heavy load. Two different servers cannot be configured to the same settings and thereby helping the users to do their performance tuning.
Tags: software , tool , server , information , performance , traffic , hidden , settings , hardware , pages , users , servers , configure ,


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