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 ActiveWidgets Grid - Cross-browser DHTML widgets toolkit

ActiveWidgets is a tool that has been designed using Javascript and XML and this tool can be easily integrated with JSP, ASP and other backends easily. This tool supports both graphical user interface and data binding interface. The Grid widget displays all the data in the format of tables and it offers a fixed header with resizable columns and the clients can arrange the tables as they desire.
Tags: tool , data , format , using , user , interface , columns , userinterface , graphical , clients ,

 Actual Counter

ActualCounter is a script written in PHP. This script does not use database. The eminent feature of this programme is, it has ability to get statistics individually for every visit. ActualCounter use only for the pages with low traffic but not over 1500 hits a day, where more deep analysis of statistics are needed. Actual Counter stores detailed information about each visit during last 10 days. The main features of this programme are, statistics for visitors, reloads, hits, graphical view of statistics on page, multi page support, invisible mode etc.,
Tags: information , script , analysis , view , page , statistics , traffic , invisible , pages , multi , feature , for , features , mode , graphical , deep ,

 phpGD Bar Graph

PhpGD Bar Graph is a graphical programme that lets you to create colourful, customizable bar graphs for your web pages or for web applications. You can customize according to your own needs. Has facility to insert your own logo to the bottom corner of the graph. Feature highlights are, easily add the graphs to your pages using the html image tag, changing structure of amount of numbers to display in y axis, easy changing of width and height of the graph, easy installation, etc. Easy to execute this programme.
Tags: image , html , web , create , easy , using , bar , display , graph , customize , numbers , pages , insert , graphs , logo , execute , for , webpages , structure , changing , graphical ,

 Proxy Inspector

By using this tool the network administrator of a private firm can monitor their company employees behaviour with internet connection like which site they have visited, users regular activity in internet, what the users attempted in a blocked resources and many more operation are monitored and reported in a screen in graphical form. It offers many enhanced features like displays reports in chart format, reports can be saved as html format or as MS Excel format etc., Administrators can send reports through email.
Tags: internet , screen , html , tool , network , monitor , site , format , using , chart , send , administrator , private , connection , reports , activity , resources , features , users , graphical , internetconnection ,

 Agency extragency

This is an active website where you will find flash and graphical designing solutions to design both static and dynamic webpages for your website. This website also offers media support for designing the webpages and helps you to create web pages with cross browseer compatibility. Besides these, you are also facilitated with three different webhosting scheme packages.
Tags: web , flash , create , website , design , find , media , support , dynamic , pages , active , for , webpages , solutions , graphical , static ,


ConceptRTE is an online text editor through which you can edit your website content. You can use this rich text editor along with any HTML pre processor to edit the contents of both PHP and ASP webpages. Through this cross browser rich text editor you can replace standard text area form tag and you have options to preview them on a popup window, to insert graphical smilies, to apply background colours etc.,
Tags: editor , text , online , website , browser , edit , form , replace , tag , background , area , texteditor , preview , insert , options , processor , richtext , standard , contents , graphical ,

 @lex Guestbook

This is a php program and a guestbook where webmasters can modify the postings made by the user on the website. Here webmaster can modify the appearance of the colors, the tables and the bills of character. Features like management of the censurable words, banishment of IP addresses and search engine. It also provides graphical interface very easily skeletal thanks to a system of skins and words too long half compartments. It supports multiple languages.
Tags: search , program , management , system , php , words , multiple , user , skins , interface , modify , addresses , bills , graphical ,

 All-Yours Greeting cards

This program lets the webmasters to allow their visitors to have a post card service by using the standard pictures given by All-Yours internet solutions. It also permits the visitors to upload their own images and music files in it and it has interface in more than 20 languages. Postcards can be corrected and previewed at several times. This system provides 150 music titles, 2000 pictures and 100 graphical backgrounds. Its powerful control panel lets the webmasters to alter the settings. Online verification of the postcards stats can be done easily.
Tags: internet , music , program , files , control , images , system , pictures , using , service , upload , 2000 , interface , stats , post , standard , powerful , graphical , verification ,


This is a program that comes with the ability to let the users to generate any diagram in data format in a database. It can be also used by the users in creating graphical counter. They can facilitate their pictures with contrast and bright options and can create thumbnail of the pictures straight from a database without using disk.
Tags: database , program , data , create , pictures , creating , format , using , thumbnail , generate , diagram , options , contrast , users , graphical , bright ,

 An Article Rating System With ASP

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to use ASP and a Microsoft Access database to create a basic content rating system. We will look at how to setup the database to accept ratings, how to add ratings to the database, how to stop users from rating once they have already done so, and finally how to accumulate the ratings for each piece of content and display them in a graphical format.
Tags: database , create , show , display , content , basic , stop , tutorial , for , rating , users , graphical ,

 Apex SQL Clean

Apex SQL Clean is an ASP based software which analyze the content of database, select the object which is not used and it will erase the content which is not used often. It has several features like providing interfaces to detect the objects that is used and objecfts that is not used, allowing graphical display for unused content, providing automatic drop statement, capablity to analyze all the files in the database and more.
Tags: software , database , files , automatic , erase , display , content , detect , analyze , object , drop , for , features , select , objects , graphical ,

 Thermometer,Goal Graph

Thermometer/Goal Graph is a PHP application that gives a note of the level of the fund raised in the form of a graphical format. This script requires access to a web server that supports PHP and that has the "GD" graphic library installed. This is very useful to Unions, Political parties which are raising funds for their welfare.
Tags: web , server , access , library , graphic , script , application , form , note , webserver , for , useful , graphical ,


This is an useful tool for the webmasters which reveals the expiration time of the site and it secures crippling downtime of the site. It protects obscene image from the site visitors. This tool will send an alert message to the users through email if the problem is found. This tool offers several enhanced features like, it monitors backend systems check, fast alert avoidence system, gives alert message through email, fax, pager etc., reports are displayed in graphical mode etc.,
Tags: email , image , tool , time , fast , site , message , send , reports , alert , problem , pager , for , features , mode , useful , users , systems , graphical ,

 Visitor Information Graphic

Visitor Information Graphic is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this tool you can view your website visitors computer name, IP address, proxy settings and browser name in a graphical display easily. This software is written in ASP.NET.
Tags: software , tool , website , browser , easy , computer , view , proxy , display , name , settings , graphical ,

 Generating graphical buttons on the fly

From this article you can learn the basics of developing navigation buttons for your website with the support of GD library. The author has given simple and easy to understand algorithm along with sample PHP source code to develop graphical buttons. Illustrations on how to use graphical buttons within HTML contents are also available in this article.
Tags: website , easy , code , learn , navigation , source , buttons , sourcecode , simple , support , author , sample , for , develop , contents , available , graphical , algorithm ,

 Creating Bar and Pie Charts in ASP.NET

This is an article that guides users to generate graphical charts in both bar and pie types. The author says that using classes from .NET framework makes it easier to create charts with several image formats, to substatiate this point here the author provides detailed instructions and sample codes to allow the users to create graphical charts by using .NET framework's drawing classes.
Tags: image , create , using , bar , generate , drawing , charts , author , pie , sample , framework , users , point , graphical , codes ,

 BFN Graphical Clocks

Add a graphical clock to any HTML document. Customizable time zone. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , time , clock , images , page , webpage , user , match , graphical ,

 BFN Counter & IP Logger

Add a graphical or text counter to any web page that logs visitor information such as IP address, time, location (country), host, browser, ISP, and OS. Double counting disabled, so only unique hits are added. Accepted user submitted images to match your web page seamlessly. No Ads.
Tags: web , text , images , information , page , webpage , user , counter , location , match , logs , counting , graphical , visitor ,

 Country Flag

Country Flag is a remotely hosted application to show your site visitors country flag in HTML document by detecting their IP address. The flag can be made interactive by making graphical animation to the HTML document. This tool runs without any ad.
Tags: tool , document , animation , site , application , show , interactive , detecting , country , graphical ,


Hyper Tracker is an online tracker which tracks the websites traffic and displays the track report statistically. This tool is generated by using ASP codes. The output of the report will be in graphical and in textual mode. It counts outgoing and incoming traffic of the website and also counts inside traffic of the website. Users can setup their own affiliate program.
Tags: tool , online , website , report , using , track , traffic , tracks , tracker , websites , graphical ,

 An ASP Disk Space Monitor

An ASP Disk Space Monitor is an easy to understand article where the author has given his ideas on how to develop an advanced disk space monitoring tool in ASP. You are provided with ASP codings that would display the server resource availability along with the drive letter, drive’s volume name, total disk space used on a drive etc., You will also come to know how to implement graphical interface for the result display.
Tags: tool , server , space , disk , easy , monitoring , drive , display , advanced , resource , volume , interface , author , for , diskspace , develop , ideas , graphical ,

 Third Menu Java Applet

Third Menu Java Applet is an online navigation menu creating utility that provides eye catching menu type solutions. Using this tool you can create your custom menu systems with diferent colours, fonts and configurations with graphical interface. Users are provided with options to create and store all their menus in GIF and JPEG files. Key features include target frame, customizable images and icons on the menu systems, ability to include status bar messages etc.,
Tags: utility , tool , create , online , menu , images , creating , icons , navigation , bar , store , menus , custom , messages , type , fonts , options , eye , navigationmenu , features , systems , graphical ,


This is a affiliate program where the merchants can market their products on websites. This program provide options for creating lists and can write reviews on the products. Features like monitoring users sites traffic with visitor tracking system, uploading graphical header, sharing users views with weblog, different color schemes and headers etc are available. This script provides way for configuring the looks of the website.
Tags: program , monitoring , write , color , creating , script , tracking , traffic , market , options , lists , for , sites , users , graphical , visitor ,


CB4 comes free of cost and its features include unlimited number of different advertiser programs, up to 16 different banner images per advertiser, optional automatic advertiser campaign activation date, impressions or click-through, optional sub-accounts, graphical statistics, view all of your banners in one page, etc.
Tags: images , automatic , view , number , cost , banner , features , banners , graphical ,

 Chad Edward's Calculation

Chad Edward's Calculation is an online card game. This java application is designed in such a way that the player has to arrange all the available card on the foundation pile in a specified order. You will be able to pickup and put down the cards in the desired piles through the right and left mouse clicks. There are four foundation piles along with several cards to choose from. This online game is object orientated with graphical user interface in java.
Tags: game , online , java , application , mouse , user , interface , object , available , userinterface , graphical ,


CBIRC is a powerful online cross platform IRC client available with intuitive graphical user interface. This program supports multiple server connections and Ident and allows users to have several emotion icons in their chats. The main highlight of this program is that users are facilitated with DCC chat with the features like DCC send, reversed send and get options. Some of the important features inlcude intrinsic web browser, buffers channel output, easy style and color messages, RFC 2812 extensions etc.,
Tags: web , program , online , server , easy , color , client , chat , icons , send , multiple , user , platform , style , features , users , available , powerful , extensions , channel , graphical ,

 Retrieving Data from a Database

Through this online tutorial the developers can learn about the usage of the Open method of the recordset object to open a recordset. The article explains about creating SQL Queries with the help of graphical tools. The author narrates about how to get back the multiple recordsets from a query. The main highlight is about setting options for a database query and their usages. The sample source code is available in this article.
Tags: database , online , help , code , creating , learn , source , query , multiple , open , sourcecode , tutorial , options , usage , object , author , sample , for , back , available , graphical , method ,


CNstats is a simple script built in PHP. The extra features is included in later version are, speed and reliability has been increased, last five minutes reports can be selected, IP address or network can be excluded from statistics, data following "?" in the URL can be ignored, number of hits/hosts today can be displayed by means of graphical counter. The statistics will be counted with help of PHP-include. You can add your own networks.
Tags: network , data , speed , help , script , address , statistics , reports , simple , number , version , features , reliability , graphical ,

 PRO FX+ ASP Chart Component

This is a program, by using which users can build charts dynamically to be used for statistical reports. Users can build charts with graphs to to display the statistical information. They can create line chart, pie chart, 2D and 3D bar chart, step chart and area chart by using this program. They can easily customize this component to suit all their demands in creating graphical charts.
Tags: create , component , creating , using , chart , bar , display , line , build , area , charts , customize , graphs , pie , for , users , graphical ,

 Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool

Synopsis is a visual programming tool that dramatically accelerates software development. By dragging and dropping icons and connecting them with graphical links, it is possible to assemble complex programs in literally seconds. Synopsis is not a computer language. Synopsis provides a methodology by which software components, that may possess any level of complexity, can be easily snapped together like puzzle pieces. There are only a few ways in which the colour-coded icons are visually combined and linked so that the learning curve is reduced to a matter of minutes. With Synopsis, you can quickly build software applications by dragging and dropping icons that represent software components. You connect these components with connection lines that define the order in which the software components are executed. Data used by the software components is entered visually through the Synopsis interface. The result is that even people who possess no programming experience whatsoever are able to produce complex software applications. All that is needed is an understanding of the application that one wants to build. Benefits of Synopsis: * Complete visual methodology for assembling software applications * No programming experience required * Ease of use translates into short learning ramp-up times: in a matter of minutes you will be creating programs * Make changes easily to your program without the need to rebuild low-level software components: this translates into much faster development cycles * Real-time programming: modify the behaviour of your program while it is running Runs on Windows 98/2000/2003/XP.
Tags: software , puzzle , tool , program , programs , development , computer , creating , application , visual , icons , programming , lines , learning , components , connection , build , into , applications , connect , faster , for , modify , curve , graphical , people , changes ,


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