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 123 Flash Chat server

This is a website which presents a chat program for the flash users on any website. 123 flash web chat is a Macromedia flash which comes with good loading speed and interface. It enables the users to use for eleven languages to suit their needs in handling powerful chat system. The webmasters can post their web chatrooms in others forums also. Installation is very simple for this program.
Tags: web , flash , program , website , speed , chat , simple , good , languages , post , for , users , powerful ,

 YAAB - Yet Another Address Book

In this yaab address book allows to setup all details for persons with the powerful mysql database. Here it is possible to add,change and delete users. Sending mails through this interface is very fast and easy to use which also has a good quality. Requires php4,mysql.
Tags: delete , easy , fast , book , address , mysql , addressbook , good , interface , for , powerful ,


This is a program that generates flex menus on the ASP.NET websites. This program allows webmasters to build highly expandable menus for site navigation. This C# based program allows visitors to view the menus with a highlighting effect for a good convenience. Webmasters can have the facility to customize the color and fonts at their own choice.
Tags: program , color , site , view , effect , menus , build , good , customize , fonts , highlighting , for ,

 Online Store

Need a place to sell your goods online? Rent a store from us and start loading your products immediately. Your pre built web store can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on your orders. The cost to rent the store is only $9.95 per month! Need a place to sell your arts and crafts but don't have the money to open a store? Do you have a store and need a way to supplement your newspaper ad with full color photos of your store's items? These are all good reasons to have an online store. Renting an online store from us is the easiest and cheapest way to get your online store up and running! Everything you need to get your online store up and running is included in your low monthly fee. 1) A searchable online catalog. 2) A built in program to upload photos from your computer to the catalog. 3) Build your front page by just filling in forms. 4) A place your customer can leave a message for you. 5) A hit counter so you know how many people visited your store. 6) Your customer can pay using credit cards. 7) Web space. 8) Use of a URL name. You can open an online store in minutes! The pre built web site can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on the orders. The store can be setup to use PayPal.
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 JWIRC applet

The applet is multi-channels programm which consequently allows you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you at number of channels. It is possible due to good optimization of memory usage . Users can send and recive files by DCC. Appearance of the java applet completely customized. Webmaster can change any colors, make menues, enter limitations on usage for some fields and commands, make a language pack for any countries, set up changing from words to an images (smile to image) and more.
Tags: files , images , java , make , memory , language , change , words , send , applet , number , optimization , setup , pack , set , good , usage , javaapplet , limit , for , changing , fields , conversation , irc ,

 UKWizz Branded Search

Adding a search engine to your website is very easy. Just install our script, fill out a few simple forms and you are good to go. If you own or administer a Uk orientated website then our branded search solution may be just what you are looking for.
Tags: search , website , forms , install , engine , simple , searchengine , good , solution , fill , out ,

 Amazia MarketPlace

This full featured remotely hosted online store application fulfills every aspect with powerful product and sales management by providing extremely flexible features. Affiliate links, password protected customer area, tell a friend, one click shoping, importing / exporting stored data, pop-up module, historical info about products, departments with nested facility, optional handling and shipping management, product entries with detailed description and images, customizable store appearance, promotion tools to upgrade productivity, online orders and still much more facilities enables you to earn good profit and customer satisfaction.
Tags: password , online , management , tools , application , sales , store , customer , good , click , promotion , profit , info , product , orders , entries , protected , powerful , upgrade ,


This program is completely coded in ASP scripting that allows you to plug a classified manager on your website to earn good profit through displayed ads. Users can respond to ads through email links and advertisers can add any number of ads with customizable picture options. Admin can create new categories for grouping ads and can customize them. Access database can be used to maintain content source.
Tags: email , database , picture , program , create , manager , website , links , content , ads , number , scripting , good , customize , profit , for , maintain , plug ,

The users can order professional templates to their taste after selecting from a vast collection of items. This template vendors are doing their best to suit all needs of the users in developing their websites. Users can get good support from them through phonelines, chat rooms and emails. They provide service with high quality and fast process. These templates are affordable too.
Tags: fast , chat , collection , service , best , templates , template , support , professional , good , quality , users , affordable ,

 "Good" ASP.NET Coding Practices

"Good" ASP.NET Coding Practices is a tutorial through which you can learn about some good methods to follow while writing applications in ASP.NET. The author clearly explains you how to, concatenate two strings in ASP.NET, Web.Config/ Machine.Config file is used to store data, find the errors using the ASP.NET's Trace feature etc., This tutorial is more informative to the readers.
Tags: file , find , using , learn , store , good , tutorial , errors , applications , writing , author , feature ,

 ASP Spellcheck

ASPSpellCheck is an international spell check dialog component for Microsoft® ASP web applications. ASPSpellCheck provides international spellchecking for your ASP applications. It is suitable for use with W3C HTML and XHTML applications, and has a good degree of accessibility. With no ActiveX controls Database or DLLs to install, you can be up and running in minutes. ASPSpellCheck even be used on virtual/shared hosting. We believe that ASPSpellCheck has amongst the highest compatibility of any commercial web spell checker. Compatibility with: AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox and Macintosh Browsers. International dictionaries for: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish Australian, Canadian, British and American English.
Tags: web , component , check , good , spellcheck , spell , controls , dialog , for , international , commercial ,

 Alternate Row Colors

Through this online article the webmasters can learn about presenting the database records in a colourful manner. The author shows how to change colours for each row in each record for good look and easier to read. Alternate colour display is very pleasant to look and easy to understand which is demonstrated with the sample source code.
Tags: database , online , easy , record , learn , change , source , display , good , author , colour , sample , for , records ,


This is a content management script which acts as a great WAP service for non professionals. This tool is suitable for the online sales management and workers online management. This utility is good for price lists and task lists. This script provide info that the companies can deploy their informations in wireless form without technical staff.
Tags: utility , tool , online , management , script , form , service , task , content , sales , good , info , wireless , technical , lists , for , contentmanagement ,

 AutoLinksPro Manager

This AutoLinksPro is a PHP script to increase your sites ranking and popularity. It gets popularity to your site by linking with related websites and increasing web traffic thereby increasing the search engine ranking. It has many enhanced features, handles unlimited number of links and link partners, good looking interface, manage and organize links, spiders the URL submitted by the user, email your link partners, unlimited categories can be added, for every new link you will be notified by an email. It has powerful admin control panel, it functions are, edit / add / delete categories, templates can be edit and email, add / edit /check the links from the directory and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: email , web , search , online , control , delete , edit , site , script , organize , directory , manage , demo , link , traffic , links , templates , admin , engine , number , searchengine , good , websites , for , sites , functions , increase , ranking , available , powerful ,


ProSupport is a powerful script that enables clients to help themselves. Clients can browse through your Knowledge Base articles, download helpful utilities and tools, view company announcements in real time, or submit a trouble ticket to your support team. ProSupport was built on several key features that are important to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. It is a tool to help you answer your clients' questions with ease and efficiency. Several important features such as email piping, complete ticket management, server scanning, per department registration requirements, template based design for easy customization, and an advanced activity alert program (ProAlert) are all included in the base package to enable you to serve your customers better and faster than ever before.
Tags: email , download , tool , program , server , utilities , design , easy , help , script , view , key , advanced , browse , template , alert , support , activity , good , package , submit , questions , real , faster , for , features , customers , base , registration , complete , ticket , powerful , clients ,

 XStandard - XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

This is a XHTML WYSIWYG editor which can be used for rich text content editing on web content. Users can have several options from the drop down menu to select styles. Users can easily create their projects or documents at their desired design with the help of CSS style sheets. Styles can be either categorized or combined using headers for a good convenience. It supports multilanguages such as russian, chinese etc., and structural elements as hyperlinks, tables, drag & drop of files, semantic markup, lists and images. This program has several enahanced features and comes as two editions one is Pro and another one is lite.
Tags: web , editor , program , create , text , menu , design , help , using , content , documents , chinese , editing , good , options , style , drop , lists , for , features , richtext , select , projects ,

 Deploying Web services with WSDL, Part 2: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

This tutorial is helpful for the programmers through which they can learn more about Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP) and about Web Service Description Language(WSDL). This article guides the users how and why should we use SOAP and WSDL with good examples. The author has given sample source code for each settings. The author discusses about the topics like SOAP request response mechanism, SOAP binding method with HTTP, SOAP client etc.,
Tags: code , client , learn , source , sourcecode , good , tutorial , author , sample , for , users , method ,

 kV Poll

This is a simple poll script, that has good features. Easy to use install script Add/Delete Polls Turn polls on or off Random Poll (Displays random poll, if the poll is turned on) and more.
Tags: install , simple , random , good ,

 .NET Interoperability with COM

.NET's interoperability with COM is the main theme discussed in this tutorial. The author describes how COM is good enough for component development. The difference between .NET and COM components are also discussed in this article.
Tags: component , components , theme , good , author , for , difference ,


Flashcentric helps web designers to add pre-built flash elements into their site. They provide built-in flash applications, flash XML menus, and contact forms etc. Users need not have good flash programming knowledge for using Flashcentric's services. They have expertise in providing flash files like flash menus, flash xml menus, flash contact forms, flash audio players, flash guestbooks, whoiscart, flash shopping cart etc.
Tags: web , audio , flash , files , xml , using , programming , forms , contact , into , good , shopping , shoppingcart , knowledge , for ,

 Blue Mentor ServerWatch

Blue Mentor ServerWatch is a remotely hosted system which is basically built in an ASP that helps webmasters to monitor their server and their website functions accurately and if any error or if the performance of the server and website functions are not so good it will deliver an email message to the specific person immediately. This program is simple to use and easy to install.
Tags: email , program , server , monitor , system , website , easy , message , performance , error , simple , good , functions ,

 Video Instant Messenger

This is a powerful online chat program which lets the webmasters to run an online chat program on their flash websites. It comes with live text chat, streaming audio video chat and more enhanced features. The webmasters can utilize this tool to create traffic and to gain good revenue. This program has familiar interface and usages for good convenience. It is easy to use and customize this program on any website.
Tags: video , tool , audio , flash , program , create , text , online , easy , chat , traffic , streaming , run , good , customize , live , interface , for , powerful , streamingaudio ,

 Buy Domain's Web Hosting

Buy Domain's Web Hosting provides web based developing tools for website creation. The programs that are offered are, guestbooks, counters, form processors, mails, redirection, postcard, random behaviour and more. All these scripts are spam protected and are ad free. You can add or upgrade all these scripts at any time. Free value added services and good support are provided.
Tags: web , website , programs , tools , spam , form , scripts , random , support , good , services , value , for , protected , webbased , upgrade ,

 What is new for security in .NET 2.0?

The new security components in .NET 2.0 can help you greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to make your applications secure. Security is difficult to get right, and it is a good strategy to leverage the code provided by Microsoft and other security vendors. To that end, .NET 2.0 provides numerous additional types that encapsulate functionality already provided in the base Windows OS., as well a new functionality only available in .NET 2.0. The improvements affect public key cryptography, Windows security, remoting, ASP.NET and Code Access Security. Even if you plan to stick with .NET 1.1 for a while and implement your own security classes, you might want to take inspiration from.NET 2.0 beta.
Tags: security , strategy , make , write , help , code , key , components , plan , good , applications , reduce , for , base , publickey , public , available ,'s E-Cards's E-Cards can be used by the webmasters to run an online ecard system on their website. It allows the webmasters to add their own text and HTML headers and footers in to it. This script also permits the webmasters to add their own images with sounds and music for cards. The titles and colors are customized. It notifies about the sent cards by email. Its features lets the webmasters to have a good postcard service on their website.
Tags: music , text , online , images , system , script , service , colors , run , good , for , sounds , features ,

 Reading the DB

The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the developers about the concept of reading the database. The author of this article explains the news reading process from the database with the help of ADO.NET. The example presented to demonstrate this concept is good and easy to understand.
Tags: database , online , easy , help , news , process , reading , good , tutorial , teach , author ,

 Storing Passwords - done right!

The author felt that saving the password and username in a ordinary text is not so good level of security. As a result, this article narrates the importance of safeguarding the username and password in a very highlevel. Salted hashes gives birth to the author's rennovative idea of storing password and username. Through this article, the webmasters now could protect their passwords from the unauthorised intruders.
Tags: password , text , protect , passwords , good , author , now ,

 UFOs and .NET, Constructing a Hand-Crafted Distributed Web Application

This article shows how to generate a web application without paper methods. The main task is to replace paper reports from different locations. The output of this is to give out location - specific reports and feedback or follow-ups to the agencies outside the location. NetUFO is installed to carry out this architecting solution, which could follow MVC structural design pattern. The presentation of this article is good along with its sample source code and pictorial description models.
Tags: web , design , code , application , presentation , task , source , generate , replace , sourcecode , reports , good , location , paper , sample , out ,

 verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, content management systems (CMS) or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. VerveJEdit has been extensively tested under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will work on any platform that supports java. VerveJEdit requires the java plugin version 1.4 or better. Key Features * Rich support of HTML 3.0, including images, tables, lists, and indents. * Easily integrated into any custom project. * Fast loading times (up to 4 times faster than the competition). * Saves to any web page via POST method for easy integration with database backends Intuitive, Attractive, WYSIWYG Interface VerveJEdit is built with an attractive, intuitive interface immediately recognizable to anybody who has worked with industry standard editors like Microsoft Word. VerveJEdit allows anybody to jump in and start creating or changing content, freeing the web developer from mundane site updates and empowering the users themselves to shape and contribute to the site content. The interface familiarity even extends to keyboard shortcuts. Familiar combinations like ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-x (cut), ctrl-v (paste), and ctrl-z (undo) are handled under Windows and Unix. For Mac OS, the shotcut keys use the standard command key combinations. Screenshots: Windows Mac OS X. Easy, Flexible Integration VerveJEdit is independant of any web scripting software. It can be integrated into a project built on any platform including ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, or even CGI scripts. VerveJEdit posts it's content to any form on any webpage. From there, the data is easily routed to whatever backend database is being used for the site. Being based on Java makes this WYSIWYG HTML editor platform/browser independant - freeing the web developer from having to worry about client compatibility and thus simplifying the developer's job. Rich HTML 3.0 Support Without any knowledge of HTML Programming, the user can create and edit content that includes: * Bulleted Lists * Images * Tables and nested tables * Indents * Links and anchors * Different fonts and font sizes Fast, Effective Support Codeverve offers 24 hr email support for any issues that crop up during integration of our product with your project. Your questions will be answered directly by one of our developers. Most importantly, for a very fair price, the product can be customized to your particular needs. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like to see. Distinguishing Features There are a few good browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editors available but we believe that we provide the best balance of features, capabilities, and price. Unlike all the active-x components and javascript scripts out there, verveJEdit will run on any client platform. All that is required is the java plugin. Unlike the ASP or PHP solutions, verveJEdit is not tied to any particular server platform. VerveJEdit has been heavily optimized for quick loading times - the applet is only 40 KB in size. Compare this to our java competitors who weigh in at over 150 KB. This makes a very noticeable difference in loading times - and nobody wants a page that takes 30 seconds to load. VerveJEdit is well priced and flexibly licensed. It can be integrated into your project for as little as $299 USD.
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 Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP)

Users can utilize this program as a tool to locate contacts details. It provides alphabatical listing for the stored contact details for good convenience. It comes with entire source code and lets users to adjust database to suit their needs in organising contacts.
Tags: database , tool , program , code , contacts , source , contact , sourcecode , good , for , locate , users , adjust , listing ,


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